Predictable Randomness

*The Predictable Randomness Nuzlocke Hall of Fame*

Any PR member who successfully completes a Nuzlocke run of any Pokémon game and shares a narration of any style in the forums will be given a place in this Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to all whose names have been recorded in this hallowed Hall, both man and 'mon alike.


Rules abided by in all runs, as per the Rules of Nuzlocke:

-Only the first Pokémon encountered per area may be attempted to be captured

-If a Pokémon faints, it is to be considered dead and must be released or permanently boxed

Crimson DESTR0YA (Hideki)

Version: LeafGreen

Stipulations: No healing items during the run, Held items may be used only while being held by the Pokemon, Items picked up during the journey can be used battling E4 excluding revives, Allowed one try per area in the Safari Zone, Play a tribute song when a Pokemon dies, Can trade for evolutionary purposes only

Final Team:

Helena (Gyarados) lv.52

Rochelle (Golem) lv.46

J-Dog (Jolteon) lv.51

Starwho? (Starmie) lv.51

SUCCESS (Zapdos) lv.50

Big Bird (Fearow) lv.40

RIP: Gerald (Venusaur), Ch'Ding (Farfetch'd), War Eagle (Pidgey), MouseHouse (Rattata), AnotherOne (Caterpie)

09NOV10 - 16NOV10

Cecil-Jacobs (Cecil)

Version: HeartGold

Stipulations: Played in Set mode, Allowed use of items picked up during journey

Final Team:

Leliana (Feraligatr) lv.82

Oghren (Golem) lv.82

Promise (Dragonite) lv.82

Piers (Armaldo) lv.82

Deadbeard (Lugia) lv.83

Felix (Tyranitar) lv.82

RIP: Sten (Drowzee), Zevran (Gastly), Morrigan (Ariados), Anora (Flaafy), Alistar (Umbreon), Felsi(Machamp), Wynne (Pigeot), Howe (Electorde), Cauthrien (Jynx), Issac (Vileplume), Saturos (Honchkrow)

SEP10 - NOV10

Crimson DESTR0YA (Harmony)

Version: Crystal

Stipulations: Same as Hideki's LeafGreen; No healing items were used during entire run, including E4 and Red

Final Team:

Rocky (Steelix) lv.60

Holly (Lapras) lv.61

Pete Wentz (Suicune) lv.61

Shadow (Espeon) lv.66

Zaprong (Electabuzz) lv.66

Luigi (Lugia) lv.61

RIP: Purdue OWL (Hoothoot), YelowDucky (Psyduck), u jelly? (Tentacruel), Krabtastic (Krabby), The Very Large Bear (Ursaring), Heath Bell (Weepinbell), Dwight (Drowzee)

24DEC10 - 06JAN11

B "Diddy" M (Diddy)

Version: Sapphire

Stipulations: Same as Hideki's LeafGreen

Final Team:

Sulfer (Camerupt) lv.50

Cataclysm (Kyogre) lv.55

Wobble (Exploud) lv.52

Borealis (Tentacruel) lv.50

Overpower (Sableye) lv.50

Tea Co. (Sceptile) lv.51

RIP: Niles (Cascoon), Felix (Swalot)

10JAN11 - 17JAN11

Crimson DESTR0YA (Harmony)

Version: Pearl

Stipulations: Same as Hideki's LeafGreen

Final Team:

Randy Moss (Infernape) lv.54

Lady Samantha (Mismagius) lv.58

Presea (Gyarados) lv.58

Buddy Bell (Bronzong) lv.50

Kazza (Alakazam) lv.62 *KIA*

Palkia lv.55

RIP: Derp (Bibarel), Kazza (Alakazam)

13JAN11 - 29JAN11 

Cecil-Jacobs (Jivide)

Version: Platinum

Stipulations: Only Pokeballs were allowed to be purchased at Marts, items picked up allowed throughout run

Final Team:

Neolithic (Mamoswine) lv.57

Theodore (Infernape) lv.58 *KIA*

Kennedy (Raichu) lv.58 *KIA*

Gargoyle (Giratina) lv.57 *KIA*

Marx (Snorlax) lv.57 *KIA*

Montblanc (Pelliper) *KIA*

RIP: Theodore (Infernape), Kennedy (Raichu), Gargoyle (Giratina), Marx (Snorlax), Montblanc (Pelliper), Powell (Onix), O'Connor (Shinx), Maathai (Silcoon), Wilson (Staravia), Arnold (Gible), and Regan (Golem)

11JAN11 - 20FEB11 

Crimson DESTR0YA (Hideki)

Version: Emerald

Stipulations: Same as Harmony's Crystal

Final Team:

Bushido Brown (Blaziken) lv.53

Jaffar (Ninjask) lv.46

Trolololo (Shedinja) lv.41

Wishbone (Manectric) lv.54

Poe (Dusclops) lv.48

Torvald (Rayquaza) lv.71

RIP: Sylvia (Beautifly), Mr. Sandbag (Wobbuffet)

22MAY11 - 14OCT11 

Xelakian (Adam)

Version: White

Stipulations: Can only use healing items in battle (except Elite Four, where heals are allowed freely), any first encounter with a Pokemon or evolutionary relative who had previously been captured could be skipped, no running from battles, no Repels except to fight and kill Thundurus, one Dream World encounter allowed per non-DW party member killed, and Dream World encounter must be something X has never trained before

Final Team:

Big Daddy (Emboar) lv.53

Caliborn/Calmasis (Cofagrigus) lv.54

Eridan (Swanna) lv.52 *KIA* 

Pyralspite (Haxorus) lv.54

The Miles (Seismitoad) lv.52 *KIA**

Inigo (Cobalion) lv.52 *KIA*

Yume (Zekrom) lv.50

RIP: Jaspers (Purrloin), SeedNoEvil (Pansage), Terezi (Sandile), DocScratch (Solosis), Aradia (Baltoy), Shameimaru (Tranquill), Zazzerpan (Tirtouga), Derse (Mawile), Jayne (Maractus), Coldstone (Vanillish), Eridan (Swanna), Inigo (Cobalion), The Miles (Seismitoad)

*The Miles survived the Final Battle, but was killed in the postgame wrap-up. 

30MAY12 - 08AUG12

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