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No live commentary on this one; in fact, the only sounds are the in-game sounds sped up 250%. If you find the high-speed game sounds amusing like I do, have at it, otherwise you won't miss anything by just muting the video. Below are all the key parts I think are worth noting. Enjoy the match, and I hope you're able to learn from it!

0:01 - Please take a moment to look at the two preview teams before starting the video; in 5th Gen, your opponent's team is revealed to you before the start of the game, so as a viewer, you'll want to know both teams beforehand so you can get in the same mindset as we were in during the battle. I gave you about ten seconds here, but you can pause the video if you need to. My team is the one on the bottom, Tam's is the top.

0:16 - Tam picked a good lead, as my walling core is slightly weak to Bug. I certainly don't want Uxie to take a U-Turn, or let the Scizor set up a Swords Dance, so I switch to my Scarfed Chandelure who I know will take a hit and scare it off with a fire move.

0:26 - I have Energy Ball and I doubt Tam suspects it, but knowing what I know about the rest of her team, after killing the Swampert, I'll be in a bit of a bind if I lock myself into a grass move now. So, rather than take a free kill now, I go into a counter that's almost as good. I know Scald is coming, but I don't fear the burn because I have Uxie who can Heal Bell it away. As long as he's around, I really am not concerned about any status ailment on a wall.

0:47 - Fire Blast is too obvious, so I suspect Tam will think I want to switch to Chandelure to activate a Flash Fire boost. Instead, I switch to Uxie to avoid a ground-type move that would have nerfed Chandelure, who despite his appearance, does not Levitate.

1:02 - I love how, thanks to Rocky Helmet, that Pursuit hurt her more than it hurt me XD But since Uxie is full utility, I have no reason to fear it dark-type moves, nor do I even fear Toxic thanks to Heal Bell. So I'm just gonna sit in here for a few turns and do what Uxie does best: Troll.

1:20 - Now that I have her Umbreon asleep, and I have her in a situation where I don't think she'll switch out, I decide to take the opportunity to try and set up a sweep with my Bulk Up Conkeldurr.

2:02 - With three Bulk Ups under my belt and still not threatened, I'm in good shape. I'm EV trained significantly in Special Defense and I'm actually welcoming Scald, since a burn here would activate my Guts. It's still going to hurt, but I get it all back by OHKOing the Swampert with a +3 Drain Punch. Bulk Up Conkeldurr is the epitome of a tankmonster.

2:39 - Huge mistake here. Instead of trying to get to +6, I need to just start Punching the damn thing. I'm basically completely immune to physical moves at this point, I can't be statused, and all of her special attackers are now gone. Just Punch and win, man. Instead, I leave the door open for a critical hit to ruin me, and it does just that. Still, with 268 HP, I'm a little surprised that finished me. I'd love to calc and see how close that was!

3:12 - I keep Uxie in just enough to lull her into a false sense of security before going to my Chandelure when I feel confident she's going to go for some Spikes. I know she'll switch, but I have to try to Fire Blast it. Fortunately, the raw power of Chandelure's STAB Fire Blast is able to 2HKO an Umbreon, even without a Life Orb or Specs boost!

3:45 - Considering Donphan's low Special Defense, I can probably kill it with a Fire Blast too, but the consequences of a miss are disastrous, plus I'm running low on PP for the move. So I switch back to Uxie who eats a Stone Edge like it's Cocoa Pebbles and try to Yawn something to sleep.

4:00 - Double Yawn because I knew she'd switch there. Thanks to Yawn's mechanics, you can always use it twice in a row without fearing breaking Sleep Clause, and is often a great and unforeseen play.

4:12 - Now that I have the Ferro asleep, I want to bring in Starmie and Spin away the Rocks, since they'll drain Chandelure in a hurry. While getting Special damage on Ferro would be very nice, I know I can't kill from this range, so I decide to try and use Umbreon to Wish Uxie back up to health to keep my walling core intact.

4:44 - However, once I see Scizor, my plan changes and I decide to give the Wish to Chandelure to put her on the run again.

4:58 - Again, turns out I could kill the Donphan here, but my Fire Blast PP is just too low and I don't want to reveal Energy Ball only to have it wasted on a Ferrothorn switch. Her using Rapid Spin on the switch though tells me that she's convinced herself I don't have Energy Ball, so I know next time this matchup appears, I'm free to fire it off on her. So instead, seeing how Uxie took that Stone Edge last time, I decide to once again try to Wish him back up. I succeed when I go to him on a turn she Stealth Rocked; I'm sure she thought I'd keep Lundqvist in and Protect, but he's not low enough to worry about that just yet.

5:25 - Should have used Knock Off there. Yawning things to sleep is useless at that point, since Scizor can both attack AND avoid it with U-Turn, and it would have been much more useful to remove its suspected Choice Band. Instead, I have to let my own Ferro eat a powerful U-Turn.

5:53 - Knowing she can't do much to me here, I suspect she'll try to Thunder Wave me, which I'm fine with since I can Synchronize it back. As walls, neither Ferrothorn nor Umbreon care much about paralysis, but it can only be good for me since I can still Heal Bell mine away while she can't. So I'm fine with just letting it happen as I just heal myself up.

6:22 - Thanks to what I mentioned in 4:58, I know I've successfully bluffed her into thinking I don't have Energy Ball, so I use it now to shatter her walling core and get that Donphan out of the way. Turns out to be not such a great thing for me though, since I lose my Chandelure to a Pursuit immediately after. I probably should have just taken the chance on Fire Blast, but at 85% accuracy and having already hit 2, there's no telling if I would have missed one of the three I'd have needed to win anyway, and since I haven't PP Maxed him, three is all I had left. So not a perfect play by me, but not terrible either.

6:36 - Starmie is my only remaining hope at his point, since he's the only semi-offensive Poke I have left. If he can't take both Scizor and Ferro, this match is about to get real long and real stally, probably ending in PP drain.

6:43 - The only two bits of hax for me all game, and they both came back-to-back. I needed both that Scald crit and the paralysis to kick in to end the match as quickly as it did. The fact that Starmie was faster than Scizor sealed the deal, and it ends as a hard-fought victory for me! Tamoria played great for her first serious 5th Gen match, but it was only my third as well! Great game, love!

Let me know what you thought of this style of commentary; unless everyone universally hates it, I'll probably do this again, at least some of the time.

Posted by Crimson DESTR0YA on March 24, 2012 at 8:18 PM 974 Views

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Reply Crimson DESTR0YA
9:22 PM on March 24, 2012 
Tamoria says...
Captain, you are an awesome person for knowing that name. Just an incredibly awesome person is you. Btw, every time he throws out spikes, I consider it as lobbing law bombs.
And yep, I enjoyed this match! I think I came out of it most proud of Bob Loblaw, actually. It's definitely going to take me a lot more matches before I'm even close to having the hang of 5th gen, though. And great game to you too, Nick!

It's way different from 4th, that's for sure, but I think we both played very well ^.^ I can't wait to get some more of these in soon.
On my end, I think I was most proud of Uxie and Sturroidz, even though I screwed up his sweep by being stupid. It does not take much time at all before Bulk Up Conkeldurr becomes absolutely terrifying. But man, do I love that Uxie set. Great walling chemistry with Lundqvist, too.
Reply Captain F. Magic
9:20 PM on March 24, 2012 
Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb!

: D
Reply Tamoria
9:10 PM on March 24, 2012 
Captain, you are an awesome person for knowing that name. Just an incredibly awesome person is you. Btw, every time he throws out spikes, I consider it as lobbing law bombs.
And yep, I enjoyed this match! I think I came out of it most proud of Bob Loblaw, actually. It's definitely going to take me a lot more matches before I'm even close to having the hang of 5th gen, though. And great game to you too, Nick!
Reply Captain F. Magic
8:44 PM on March 24, 2012 
Bob Loblaw.
Can' an idiot.

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