pics I found to cool and/or epic pics I found to cool and/or epic FEAR THE META KNIGHT 113399380 113399381 Zelda, as drawn by the Scott Pilgrim artist 113399382 Luminous Arc 2. Mucho fun 113399383 Zero Kirby! 113399384 Need I say more? 113399385 Nephenee, from Fire Emblem, Path of Radiance. Definitely my video game girl crush. 113399386 ^Actually a Wallpaper 113399387 113399388 I'm all about the alt art 113399389 A nice little drawing from what I believe to be the best Mario game to have ever been made, 113399390 ^My current wallpaper 113399391 What can I say? I'm a KH fanboy 113399392 I really like the colors in this one 113399393 Big-O! One of the only decently dubbed animes ever. It's like Batman... with MECHS. 113399394 no comment 113399395 You will never look at Smithy the same way again 113399396 I still need to play Dark Dawn. Heard it's great. 113399397 You know arch enemies are epic 113399398 Got a cannon arm for ya'll, to keep your mouth shut 113399399 Old school Fire Emblem 113399400 Sheva was best summon in game 113399401 The 1000 Heartless battle is forever etched in my memory as one of the moments I felt like a true badass 113399402 113399403 Best. Mario. Character. Ever. 113399404 Fierce Deity protects me in my dreams 113399405 I declare Batman to be the best super hero of all time 113399406 113399407 113399408 113399409 113399410 113399411 113399412 Sad Cardboard is sad 113399413 113399414 113399415 113399416 113399417 113399418 113400387 113400388 In all his glory 113400389 113400390 Best Tales game ever 113400391 Tales of Vesperia's Hero and Heroine 113400392 Spear-wielding hottie of Vesperia, and best character, Judith. I have a thing for girls with spears. >.> 113400393 Don't act like you don't love it 113400394 Get along, little Yoshi 113400395