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I wanted to get these up now before X leaves, as I think this will be what I devote most of my time to next. It makes little sense to end my Nuzlocke saga before I write the older installments, even with all the momentum I had going for Shattered Emerald with my most recent update. So, this is now my main focus, with aPokélypse getting a serious revisionary look as well.


"Hideki? I was looking you for- looking for you. Where have you been?"

I sighed. I really didn't know why this surprised me anymore.

"School, Mom. Like I do every day."

"I thought you graduated..." she said, sleepily.

"Maybe in one of your drunken delusions, Mom. Not here in the real world."

"Don't you shpeak to me like that, young man..."

"Or what, you'll puke on me?"

My mother staggered forward and hiccuped loudly, and for a moment I feared she'd follow through with my proposed threat. Instead she just sighed loudly and collapsed back on the couch behind her.


Just about every day was like this now. Hell, it had been for the last five years; I was just too naive to notice it until recently. Or maybe she'd just recently gotten this out of control.

She'd taken the news of my father's decision pretty hard. Or maybe not so much the decision as the delivery. Like living in Hoenn for a month before telling either of us. Or the unannounced divorce filing. Or how he'd cleaned out all the bank accounts she'd been too stupid to take his name off of. Yeah... if my spouse had done that to me, I'd probably down two bottles of Hennessy a day, too. How she managed to afford it all on welfare, I'll never know.

I refused to get a job to support her habit. I spited her and myself both by willingly continuing to live this life. I figured by now I would have sent the message that if she wanted things to be better, SHE would have to get off her ass and do something about it, too. Not that I could afford the time away from school anyway... Any thoughts of my graduation were about to be totally confined to my mother's dreams. I was failing; totally belying the "genius" label I'd been pegged with as a kid. I'm not sure if they were wrong then or if they're wrong now, but the real answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. At any rate, she resented me for failing to live up to those expectations, and I in turn resented her for her weakness following my father's exodus.


Fortunately, I lived in Kanto. And that meant I still had one socially acceptable path out of this nightmare. The path I'd avoided until the point of desperation. I'd been too proud to follow in my father's footsteps until now.

I went to my room and unceremoniously dumped all my school shit out of my backpack. I wouldn't be needing it anymore. I threw in everything I had that I thought I'd want to keep; it wasn't much. All the clothes and my DS didn't even fill up half of the bag's capacity. The last thing I grabbed before leaving that place for good was my favorite hat. My school had a ridiculous, outdated, and frankly oppressive policy against hats, among other things, but if I wasn't in that dump, that hat was on my head. It was a baseball cap, navy blue with an interlocking N and Y logo on the front, the legendary number 4 embroidered on the back. I put it on and threw my hood up over it as I walked out the door.

I looked back one last time at the couch on which my mother slept. For a moment, I considered waking her up and telling her I'm leaving, or maybe leaving a note explaining where I'd gone. I'd just about guilted myself into saying something when I heard my ride pull up outside the apartment building.


"I appreciate you doing this for me, man," I said as we pulled into Pallet Town.

"No problem," Cole replied, "though it sucks I won't get to see you so much after this..."

Cole was a member of a highly exclusive club called "my friends." He was pretty much the only person I talked to at school, a bond we'd built on the baseball team. I caught, he pitched; he was the only one of our starters who'd earned my respect because he was the only one who gave a damn. Sure, our team chemistry was almost nonexistent except when Cole pitched, but we usually won when he did.

I asked him to drive me to Pallet Town to start my new life; I'd never gotten a license because even if I did, I knew there was no way I'd ever afford a car. Didn't really need one anyway, living in Saffron. I needed a car for this, though.

"I wish I had some way to repay you for all this, bro..." I said, exchanging one last brofist with him.

Cole withdrew his fist, making a thumbs-up out of it.

"Just kick ass, bro. That's payment enough."


"Excuse me, Professor Oak?" I called out into the cavernous lab. For a moment I wasn't sure if there was anyone here, until an old man in a white coat stepped out from behind one of the many bookshelves.

"Ah, so you must be Mitsuo," he said cheerily, "Are you ready to start your journey?"

"Um, actually, my name is Hideki. I kind of just showed up... but I am here to start my own Pokemon League challenge as well."

"Oh, very well then. I have the starter Pokemon already prepared."

Oak led me to the back of the lab, where three Pokeballs sat neatly in a row on the table.

"Mitsuo was supposed to show up a half-hour ago..." he said, irritated. "So, I'll let you have first pick. Maybe it'll teach him a valuable lesson in punctuality before it really matters..."

I thought about protesting to be polite, but then I remembered how important this selection was. I stepped forward to the table and read the labels in front of each ball, looking for the name I wanted.

"Take your time, young man, no need to rush. Perhaps you want Squirtle, the dependable water-type! Or-"

"I want Bulbasaur," I said abruptly.

"I would encourage you to consider your decision a little harder," Oak said patiently; a little too patiently. "Bulbasaur is a fine choice, but your first Pokemon is a partner you'll cherish-"

"Bulbasaur has at least partial type resistance to the first four gyms, and should flat-out carry me through the first two. He evolves quickly and supports the team with moves like Leech Seed and Sleep Powder. He's the one I want."

Oak blinked a few times before finally shaking his head.

"Young man... never have I seen a rookie trainer think so far ahead with his choice. Lots of kids pick Bulbasaur because of the advantage against the first gym, but no one's mentioned the path all the way up to Erika! Not to mention your already acute understanding of the elements of battle!" He let out a jolly laugh. "Very well then! Bulbasaur is the one for you!"

I picked Bulbasaur's ball off the table and looked at it for a long time. "Professor... would you mind if I released him for a minute?"

"Certainly not! By all means, get acquainted with your new friend!"

"Alright," I said, steeling myself up. Even though this wasn't a battle, this would be the first time I'd ever release a Pokemon from a Pokeball. MY Pokemon, from MY Pokeball. I threw the ball in the air with way too much gusto.

"Go... Bulbasaur!"

The ball opened and a red light shot out, light that quickly materialized into a small, teal creature with a green, leafy bulb on its back.

"Bulba! Bulbasaur!" it called out excitedly. It seemed to be thrilled to be chosen for a journey, and first pick at that.

"Would you like to give a nickname to your new friend?" the Professor asked.

Frig. I hadn't even thought about nicknaming him. I knew some people liked to nickname their Pokemon, but my father had never nicknamed his. Said he didn't see a point. I had kind of kept that mentality myself for whatever reason, but now, looking at the little guy staring up at me intently, eagerly awaiting my next words to it, I couldn't help but want to name it.

"That Bulbasaur is a boy, by the way," Oak chimed in.

"Okay... um... how do you tell?"

"Well, some Pokemon have physical gender differences. But the most reliable way... is THIS!" Oak brandished a small red rectangle from his pocket. "This is a Pokedex, my very own invention! It's yours to keep, it will help you greatly on your journey. You seem to already know quite a lot about Pokemon, so you may not need the encyclopedia function as much as others, BUT..." he handed me the device, "It is still invaluable for other reasons! Point the blue sphere there at the top toward Bulbasaur, and then press... that button."

I followed his command, and smiled as the Pokedex's screen was filled with such information as Bulbasaur's name, gender, health meter and experience meter, level, condition, nature, statistics... Just like in the games.

"That device will perform the same function for any Pokemon you encounter, although it won't show you everything on opposing Pokemon until you catch them, such as the nature and exact health calculations. But it's a must-have if for nothing else than its aid in your keeping track of your own Pokemon's condition!"

"It sure looks that way... thank you so much, Professor."

"Not at all! Every young trainer needs a Pokedex! Now, about that nickname..."

I was still debating whether or not to actually name my Bulbasaur, but Oak seemed insistent on it and so did the little Pokemon. I squatted down in a catcher's stance inches in front of the Bulbasaur and stared into his eyes for a long time.

"Gerald," I finally said. "Your name is Gerald."

"Bulba!" Gerald chimed in approval of his new name. "A fine name!" Oak said happily, "It suits him well."

To be honest, "Gerald" was the first name that popped into my head that seemed to fit him. The squatting and staring bit was just to make me look better. But I still think it fits him perfectly.

Oak and I both started as we heard the doors to the lab fly open.

"Yo Gramps!" a voice shouted, "I'm here!"

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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"Ah, Mitsuo... I'm glad to see you could make it..."

"Sorry I'm late, Gramps," Mitsuo said cooly, offering no explanation as to why in fact he was so late. "But I'm ready to get this show on the road!"

"Very well then..." Oak replied, his annoyance evident to me but likely not to Mitsuo. He seemed somewhat blinded by his own ego at the moment. "The starters are back here."

"Sweet! Alright, just fetch me Bulbasaur's Pokeball and I'm good to go!"

"I'm sorry Mitsuo, but Bulbasaur has already been chosen. You'll have to take Squirtle or Charmander."

"WHAT!? HOW!?" Mitsuo yelled, indignant. I was sure a speech was about to follow about his prestigious heritage or something, but it was then that he finally noticed me. "Who the hell is this guy? And... WHAT IS HE DOING WITH MY BULBASAUR!?"

Gerald growled at all the noise, and at the same time scooted closer to my leg. He seemed grateful that I had chosen him rather than a trainer as... outspoken... as Mitsuo.

"Hideki showed up before you did," Oak lectured, "so he got to choose first. And he wanted Bulbasaur as well."

"What!? That's messed up old man, we had a deal! I bet he didn't even tell you he was coming first, did he?"

"No, he didn't," Oak explained calmly, "but part of OUR deal was that you would arrive here at three o'clock." Oak consulted his clock on the wall. "Forty... three minutes later, I had another young trainer wishing to start his journey, and you were nowhere to be seen. I think it's only fair to assume that if you wanted a particular Pokemon so badly, you would have simply shown up when you said you would so as to make certain you got that Pokemon."

"WhatEVER. Gimme Squirtle then, he's still good against Brock."

I scoffed at his reasoning, as a reflex.


"What's so funny?" Mitsuo asked defensively.

"Nothing, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have laughed. There's nothing funny about ignorance."

"WHAT did you say!?"

I shrugged. "Picking your starter just because of a type advantage against the easiest gym in the region is kind of dumb, don't you think? Especially factoring in the abundance of good water-types in the region."

"Look who's talking! You picked Bulbasaur, the ultimate noob Pokemon! You only got him because he's good against Brock too!"

What he said was ironic considering Bulbasaur was HIS first choice, but I decided to let that one go for now.

"Well, I thought a little further ahead than that. But no, I picked Gerald because he's the best option. Not because he's a quick fix." I looked down at my new Pokemon, who was absolutely beaming at the compliment I'd just given him. Mitsuo, meanwhile, seemed to be on the verge of eruption.


"Fine! You know what, screw you! I'll show you! Professor, I changed my mind. Give me Charmander. I wanna teach this punk a lesson."

I laughed much harder than I had the first time.

"Wow, now you're picking your starter for a type advantage against ME? That's even stupider than your first choice. Of course, there's nothing wrong with Charmander himself, but if THAT'S your reason... pathetic. I don't think you're ready for this."

Mitsuo scowled, and furiously threw Charmander's Pokeball on the ground between himself and me. The fire-lizard yawned before turning to face its new trainer.

"Charmander! Char! Char!" he cooed excitedly.

"What the hell are you doing!?" he yelled, "We're in the middle of a battle here! Go, use Flamethrower on that Bulbasaur!"

The Charmander flinched, probably hurt that the first words from his new partner were so harsh. I honestly felt bad for the thing. Not wanting to disappoint, Charmander took a deep breath and made his best attempt at a Flamethrower.

"Char... CHAR!" it yelled, blowing with all its might in Gerald's direction. No flames came out, however. As a matter of fact, nothing happened at all.

"WHAT WAS THAT, CHARMANDER!? I'll tell you. Pathetic, that's what! What kind of Charmander can't use Flamethrower!?"

"A level 5 Charmander, for one thing," I explained. "Maybe if you'd been more polite to the Professor, he would have given you one of these." I pulled out my Pokedex and used it to retrieve Gerald's moveset. "Let's see... Gerald, use Tackle on Charmander. Because, y'know, you actually KNOW that move."

Gerald looked up at me, hesitating.

"Oh, I see... you don't want to attack your friend, is that it?"

Gerald looked down, ashamed.

"It's alright, Gerald... but we are in a battle now. We can't exactly just play pacifist all day long. Just give him a few quick Tackles and knock him out. He won't get hurt, I promise."

I shot an encouraging look at Gerald, who returned the expression and charged after Mitsuo's Charmander.


The attack connected, sending Charmander flying back a couple of feet. It had done a lot more damage than I was expecting. The Pokedex's screen read "A critical hit!" as it calc'd the damage. A crit with my first ever attack as a Pokemon trainer? This was going well already.

"Come on, Charmander! You can't lose to a Bulbasaur! Use Fire Spin!"

The Charmander, Oak, and myself all facepalmed at the same time. "For Mew's sake, here..." Oak said, handing Mitsuo his own Pokedex.

"Scratch and Growl? That's it? Grr... alright, use Scratch, I guess."

The Charmander slumped as if to say 'thanks for the enthusiasm,' but quickly rushed towards Gerald and gave him a light Scratch. My Bulbasaur winced, but seemed to be alright.

"Go, Gerald, use Tackle again!"

Gerald cried out his name one more time before again charging for the Charmander, sending him flying into Mitsuo, knocking him down as well. "A critical hit!" the Dex read again. Fortunately, based on the amount of health it had calculated for the Charmander before the hit, I was pretty sure I hadn't killed it.

"Stupid useless... Professor! This Charmander is broken. I want to exchange him for Squirtle."

Oak scowled. "I can't let you do that, Mitsuo. You made your choice, you can't back out now because you lost one battle against a frankly better opponent. Go and train with Charmander, and come by your strength honorably. I would suggest you do a LOT of training."

Insulted, Mitsuo withdrew his Charmander and speed-walked out of the lab without another word.

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I stepped outside the lab and was greeted by a surprisingly cool blast of wind. I shivered and drew my hood back over my head; it was late fall, so this kind of weather wasn't surprising. Still, I didn't remember it being this cool out before I got here. I looked to the south and for the first time noticed that Pallet Town touched the ocean. That would explain the temperature drop; we didn't get much in the way of seaside breezes in downtown Saffron. The tall buildings blocked just about any kind of breeze, for that matter.

This was a strange climate, yet at the same time, supremely serene. Trees lined the edges of the town to the east and west, with a short cliff overlooking the ocean to the south, and a vast plain breaking out in the north. I saw "for sale" signs littered all around town, and I couldn't imagine why; I guess Oak's lab was all the town had in the way of economy. I didn't see any shops or anything here. It looked more like a place to retire than a place to raise a family. Still, the scenery and the secluded atmosphere fit my personality perfectly, and while I knew it was way too early to think of my next home, I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to possibly live out here someday.


"Alright Gerald, come on out!"

My Bulbasaur, too, shivered upon his release from his ball.

"Do you know where we are?"

Gerald took a moment to study the area, then looked up at me and shook his head.

"Oak didn't take you out much, did he? This is Route 1... this is where we're going to make our first new friend."

An excited look took over Gerald's face as he yelled out in jubilation and ran for the first grassy patch he could see.

"Hold on, Gerald! Don't just rush into-"


Gerald came darting out of the grass and straight towards me, a wild Pidgey hot on his, um, bulb.

"Well, I guess there's our first encounter..." I said with a sigh. "Gerald, give it one Tackle and then I'll try to catch it."

As lost as he looked on his own against the Pidgey, the mere utterance of a command from me seemed to fill Gerald with confidence as he leapt into the air and slammed hard into the Pidgey. Pidgey fell to the ground and stumbled around for a bit, trying to regain its bearings.

"Damn, nice hit Gerald. Alright... now to catch it!"

I readied one of the spare Pokeballs I'd gotten from Professor Oak and with my best Randy Johnson impression, launched it at the weakened Pokemon. Upon impact, the ball opened and the Pidgey was turned into a bright red light that seemed to get sucked into the open Pokeball. The ball then closed in midair and fell to the ground, wiggling exactly three times before locking shut.

"So... that's it then? I got him?"

I picked up the Pokeball in which my very first capture resided, then called Gerald back and released the Pidgey.

"You ready for some training... War Eagle?"

The Pidgey cocked his head to the side and gave me a blank, birdy look. I laughed.

"Yeah, I know you're not much of an 'Eagle' now, but I know you'll get stronger. In a few levels, you'll be rockin' that nickname like nobody's business."

War Eagle cooed excitedly, seemingly motivated by my words. His celebration was short-lived, however, as he quickly stumbled over in pain, still woozy from that last Tackle. I picked the little guy up and tapped his Pokeball against his forehead, withdrawing him for now.

"Rest up in there, War Eagle. I think it's time to head to the Pokemon Center."


Route 1 was almost disappointingly short, as Viridian City turned out to be just a very leisurely walk away from Pallet Town. Right there in the very front of the town was a building with a red roof called a Pokemon Center. I still remember the ruckus these things caused a few years back. Socialized healthcare for Pokemon had finally passed after years of political debate by the powers that be in the Kanto region. As it turned out, none of the problems that the system was supposed to cause ever actually came to fruition. People abused the system to heal mildly injured Pokemon, sure, but it just didn't matter because healing them is such a quick process and costs almost nothing. Now if only they could perfect that Healing Machine for humans...


"Hi! Welcome to the Pokemon Center," the nurse said happily as I walked up to the counter. "We heal your Pokemon to perfect health! Would you like to heal your Pokemon?"

"Yes, two, please."

"Okay, I'll take your Pokemon for a few seconds," she said, grabbing my two Pokeballs from the counter I'd laid them on and putting them in appropriate slots on the machine behind the counter. The nurse pressed a button on the device, and the machine chimed a cheery tone while flashing to the rhythm. Before I knew it the nurse was already handing my Pokemon back to me with a smile on her face.

"Thank you for waiting. Your Pokemon are fighting fit!" She bowed, even though I'd done nothing to warrant it. "We hope to see you again!"

I took my Pokeballs and started to walk away, until I realized something she'd said had struck a nerve.

"Wait... did you just say you hope to see me again?"

"Um... yes, sir..."

"You realize this is the equivalent of a Pokemon emergency room, right? So you 'hope' my Pokemon get injured again, so I have to take them here again, is that right?"

The nurse slumped a little bit, and then beckoned me over behind the counter. When I got close enough that she was confident no one else in the room could hear her, she whispered something in my ear.

"I know it's stupid, I don't know why they make me say that part."

"Make you say-"

"Shhh!" The nurse grabbed my shoulders and pushed me beneath the counter, looked around, and ducked under to continue the conversation.

"I'm sorry I offended you! But I can't let them hear me deviate from the script..."


The nurse pointed a finger to the backside of the counter, where several sheets of paper were taped up, each reading, verbatim, what she had just said to me.

"The Joy in Vermillion City got fired a few months back for forgetting to tell a trainer his Pokemon were 'fighting fit,'" she explained, peeking up again as if expecting someone from the League to catch her. "She said they were 'good to go' instead! Can you imagine? God, Joy..."

I slowly began to scoot my way back around the counter. Suddenly, I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable with all this.

"Um, look, I didn't know. I'm sorry I made such a big deal out of it, alright?"

The nurse looked at me with sad eyes as I stood, seemingly crushed that her first real, unscripted conversation in a very long time was about to end.

"I hope to see you again..." she beckoned meekly as I backed out of the Center, apparently the only goodbye she knew how to say anymore.

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Viridian City offered me a few options from here. North was where I ultimately needed to go, but with only two very young Pokemon at my disposal, I wanted to get a little more training in first. There were two areas available to me: Route 1, where I had caught War Eagle, and Route 22, where I could catch something new. I called War Eagle out to get his opinion.

My Pidgey stretched and yawned loudly after being released from the Pokeball. Freshly healed, he looked much more chipper than before.

"Alright War Eagle, it's time to do that training we talked about. Now, we can train on Route 1, where you're familiar, or we can go to Route 22 over there and try and make another new friend. It's up to you what we do, buddy."

The Pidgey tilted his head first in the direction of his home Route, then towards the west at Route 22. His bird brain seemed to be having a difficult time reaching a decision.

I sighed. "Do you even care which way we go?"

War Eagle looked at me blankly.

"Do you even care which way we go?" I repeated, but this time in a voice and tone that sounded more like I was complimenting the bird. This time, War Eagle cooed its name and flew up to my shoulder. It seemed he didn't understand me as well as Gerald did... I guess Pokemon are different in more ways than just types and abilities.

At any rate, I decided to go right to Route 22 since War Eagle didn't care, and I knew that would be what Gerald would want after seeing his reaction to making a new friend last time.


"What do you mean I can't enter the Pokemon League!? Do you KNOW who I am!?"

The voice was far off, but I'd recognize that ego from a mile away.

"Ah hell, get down, War Eagle..."

I grabbed my Pidgey and ducked down into the tall grass, hoping Mitsuo wouldn't notice me, but still wanting to hear what he was yelling about.

"Look, kid," the man I presumed to be the League's gate guard said, "I already told you, you need all eight Gym Badges to get to the Indigo Plateau. And you haven't even got the first one yet."

"True, but it's blatantly obvious that such regulations are only in place to weed out the inferior trainers. We can't have just anyone waltzing on up here, wasting the honorable Elite Four's time, now, can we? But I think it's obvious that a trainer with Pokemon as strong as mine are up to the task, badges or no badges."

"'Pokemon as strong as' ... You mean that Charmander and that Pidgey?" The guard suddenly broke into laughter.

"How DARE you!?" Mistuo said, incredulously. "We trained for at least an hour!"

Mitsuo stormed off as the guard's laughter became so intense, I honestly feared for his health for a second.

Mitsuo stormed off in my direction, and I was worried he might stumble over me in the tall grass, but instead he opted to take the short way back and hopped down the bluff back to town.


It was just now that I noticed something tugging hard on my shoe.

"For the love of Mew, War Eagle, what is it?"

I snapped my head back to discover not War Eagle, but a wild Rattata chewing on my shoelaces.

No, wait, let me try that again.

I snapped my head back to discover not War Eagle, but a wild Rattata chewing on the laces of my ¥15000, limited-edition, broken in to the perfect level of comfort yet still maintaining enough luster to keep up the required level of swag, LeBron James signature series basketball shoes.

"Aw, hell naw," I said, jumping to my feet and kicking the rat off in one solid motion. I then quickly knelt back down to make sure no irreversible damage had been done to the shoes. Only after I had discovered only a minor fray in the laces did I remember the importance of that Rattata.

"Wait... That's my first encounter here! War Eagle, Tackle it!"

My Pidgey did so, as the rat retaliated with a swift Tackle of its own.

"Not bad little guy, you're pretty fast..." I said as I readied an empty ball. "But if you think you're going to almost ruin my LeBrons and get away with it..."

I threw the ball at the Rattata and it went in without much of a struggle. Maybe it was just these first few Routes, but it almost seemed like these wild Pokemon WANTED to be caught. Maybe they did... At least, if I were a Pokemon, I wouldn't want to stay level 2 my whole life.

"Come on out, MouseHouse!"

I released my new friend, who gave an exasperated look upon hearing his new name.

"Hey, shut up, I killed HOURS with that game... It's a good name."

MouseHouse sunk his head, seemingly accepting his name, but still not too thrilled with it.

"Alright, you ready for some training?"

I walked off, leading the way back to Route 1 where the weaker Pokemon resided. A few steps down the path, though, I looked back and noticed I couldn't see MouseHouse anywhere.

"MouseHouse? Ah where'd the little... OH HELL NO."

Sure enough, he'd worked his way back to the top of my left shoe, the one I'd spent a whole summer paying for a couple years ago.

"MOUSEHOUSE. BALL. NOW." I commanded as I withdrew the little punk back inside his Pokeball.

"We do NOT. Chew. The shoes," I said sternly, pointing a finger at the ball with each word for emphasis. Quickly realizing how ridiculous I must look, I checked my surroundings to make sure no one was watching before placing MouseHouse's Pokeball back on my belt and making my way to the Pokemon Center.


After another awkward encounter with Nurse Joy, I was finally ready to make my way back to Route 1 for my first hardcore training session. I was aiming for level 10 for my entire team; I wanted to be prepared for the upcoming forest, and besides, Gerald was almost there already.

I pulled all three Pokeballs from my belt and held them out in front of me.

"Now, which one of you guys should I-"

I cut myself off after almost walking into a particularly nasty Rattata. With my free hand, I quickly pulled out my Pokedex, which showed the creature at a skill level of 5. A little too strong for MouseHouse or War Eagle to take alone, but maybe I could make this into a team effort.

"Let's go, War Eagle!"

My Pidgey cooed confidently after seeing its foe. I wonder if he knew how outmatched he was, too.

"Give it a Tackle!"

War Eagle slammed hard into the Rattata, but according to the Dex it didn't do much damage. This thing was strong. Fortunately though, its counterattack wasn't doing lethal damage to War Eagle either.

Another two rounds of back-and-forth left us in a tight spot. War Eagle was exhausted, but I had been following his damage obsessively thanks to Dex's calcs. The rat still had a lot of fight left in him, and I knew War Eagle couldn't finish this on his own. Still, he had 5 hit points remaining, and Rattata's last attack had taken away 3. I thought about switching right then and there, but... the best way to get stronger is to go to your limits, right?

"War Eagle, Tackle!"

War Eagle readied himself for his move, but the Rattata was on him before he could react. I heard my Pidgey give out one last cry, cut short by the rat's teeth. Three words kept running through my head. I didn't even have to look at the Pokedex to know. Call it trainer's instinct, but I recognized my mistake immediately.

I'd forgotten to account for "A critical hit!"


The right move here was to respect the superior foe by sending out my own superior Pokemon. But that's not what I did.

"Finish this... MouseHouse!"

My own Rattata seemed horrified at the sight of his dead friend next to him in the field. After a few brief moments of shock though, he seemed inspired by it. Now I just had to make sure it made up for a level difference of nearly double.

"MouseHouse, Tackle!"

MouseHouse ran hard, determined to avenge his friend and defend my honor, but maybe he was a little overzealous. The wild Rattata dodged easily and retaliated with a bone-shattering hit of his own.

A few turns and inopportune misses later, I was left in the same difficult spot. I was certain one more attack would finish the now critically-injured beast, but MouseHouse was hurting as well. Again, according to the Dex, MouseHouse could survive another hit. Just like last time.


Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice...


"MouseHouse, end this with a Tackle!"

Just like last time, I saw a slight gleam in its eye as it used its superior athleticism to move before MouseHouse could. Just like last time, my Pokemon let out a short scream of pain before all was silent again.


I brought Gerald out after that, and the thing went down to a simple Vine Whip. I didn't think it was dead, but to my surprise, I didn't care. I didn't feel worthy of revenge. I took a statistically sound chance, twice, but that wasn't the point. I'd gambled with my friends' lives, and while the fact remained that both bets were supposed to be good ones for me, their blood was still on my hands.

Gerald tapped my shoulder with one of his vines in an effort to console me. I expected him to look disgusted or disappointed, but he seemed just as sad as I was. I gave him a somber grin before returning him to his Pokeball. I tried MouseHouse and War Eagle too, and to my surprise, they went back inside, although the button on the front glowed with a black light and wouldn't seem to open after that.


"Excuse me, Nurse?"

"Hi! Welcome to the Pokemon Center!" she said with even more gusto than before. She obviously recognized me and was thrilled to see me, but still had to regurgitate her lines. "We heal your Pokemon to perfect health-"

"Then heal these," I said in a flatline voice as I laid my fallen friend's Pokeballs on the countertop.

"Oh, Hideki... um... Right, I see you've lost a couple of Pokemon, sir. I shall take care of them immediately."

"Really? You mean you can fix them!?"

"N-no... I'm sorry, that's another of their stupid lines..." she said, not seeming to care so much about the script all of a sudden, "It simply means I'll... I'll dispose of them for you."

I let my shoulders sink just a little. This was what I'd expected, but not what I was hoping for.

"And how... do you do that?" I asked, unsure if I really wanted to know.

"When a Pokemon is placed in the PC Storage System, it is temporarily converted into digital data... Th-this feature is only available on balls with black lights, which in turn is only available when the ball contains a dead Pokemon... but... all I have to do is delete the digital data, and..."

"And that's it..."


Both Joy and I stood in silence as we watched the screen. "FILES SUCCESSFULLY DELETED."

"I've had to do this countless times, but... I never get used to it..." She turned to me and gave me one lengthy bow. "I am so very sorry for your loss, Hideki."

"YO, Joy!" an unmistakable voice proclaimed, "I'm back for some more healing! Hey! It's Hideki! You, me, battle, now!"

I walked toward the door Mitsuo was standing in front of and shoved him aside.

"Woah, you did NOT just touch me. And HEY! I challenged you to a battle! You can't ignore a challenge-"

I turned around and grabbed him by the shirt, pinning him to the wall next to the automatic door.

"I just did," I said with a look that seemed to make him shut the hell up for once. I set him down, then turned and bowed to Nurse Joy.

"I'm sorry for making a scene. Thank you for your help, Joy."

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"Another contusion, my funeral jag

Here's my resignation, I'll serve it in drag

You've got front row seats to the Penitence Ball

When I grow up I want to be nothing at all

I said yeah-"


Gerald tapped me with his vine again, interrupting my song and ruining the moment. Which I guess wasn't such a bad thing... War Eagle and MouseHouse had been gone for over an hour. Nothing would bring them back now. Still, just the way they went... Everything about it was abrupt. The critical hits that never should have been, and then the way Nurse Joy just 'disposed' of them... When someone or something I'd known in the past had died, at least I knew in the back of my mind they were there in the ground somewhere, under a grave with a headstone for remembrance. But to think that my two fallen Pokemon quite literally did not exist anymore by any definition was just a little hard to come to grips with.

They may have died needlessly, but they didn't die in vain. I learned a valuable lesson from that Rattata. This journey wasn't simply about winning; it was about survival. And while in the past, in sports, in the games, I had always won with offense... I knew in order to survive, I'd need to play defense.

For starters, this meant many more trips to the Pokemon Center to heal even the mildest injuries. It also meant keeping a much sharper eye on the Dex; that would be the last time I would ever take a chance on avoiding a critical hit. From now on, I only take the risks I'm forced to take.

Gerald tapped my shoulder harder, almost whipping me even, as I started drifting back into my musings again. I slid my headphones down off my ears and around my neck, and squatted down to Gerald's level, scratching him on the head.

"You're right, buddy. I'm sorry. You ready to go?"

"Bulba!" Gerald shouted encouragingly as he ran off toward Route 2.

"Wait for- Jackdammit, Gerald..." I called out in vain as I grudgingly ran after him.


The gate to the foreboding Viridian Forest loomed, but so did the thought that Gerald was still as of now my only Pokemon. As awesome as he was, I knew he wouldn't be able to handle everything I would encounter along my way all by himself. So my first order of business was to get right back on the horse that bucked me and catch a new friend.

I knew full well how useful Pidgey were, so I was hoping to replace War Eagle as soon as I could. Instead, I met a common Caterpie in Route 2, outside the Forest. He may not have been what I was looking for, but I wasn't exactly disappointed. I knew Caterpie evolved fast and became a nice utility piece in Butterfree. Long-term, it would serve about the same role as Gerald as a Sleep Powder-user, so I knew he wasn't long bound for my team, but honestly any breathing, moving Pokemon was an asset considering the state I was in.

"I'll work with you a little later... Butterz," I said as I picked up the ball I'd just caught him in, naming him in anticipation of his evolution.


Really, catching that Caterpie didn't bother me. The next one was a different story, though. As soon as I set foot out of the gate, I'm greeted by another Caterpie. One Butterfree is cool. I have no use for two.

This was especially a letdown considering what else was in this forest. I could've caught a Pikachu; Viridian Forest is the only place left in Kanto where Pikachu live in the wild. After that region-wide outbreak of Mad Chu Disease in the cheese a few years back, it seemed like all the survivors took refuge here and started over. Technically, this area is protected by Kanto law, but the little guys are so marketable and good for the Viridian economy, it's never enforced. As such, trainers come from all over the place to see if they can find the rare electric mouse.

But no, I would have no such luck. Still, remembering that this one capture would increase my team's size by 50%, I pulled out a ball and caught the little runt.

I sighed as I stooped to pick up his ball.

"Welcome aboard, AnotherOne." I knew the nickname sucked, but I couldn't bother myself to come up with two good Caterpie names. I didn't figure AnotherOne would see the outside of the box in another capture or two anyway.


As for the Forest itself, well, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Poison is the main enemy in there, but Gerald's immunity gave me total control of the situation. I let him battle everything we came across, and we never had to turn back once to heal.

It took a good few hours to get clear of everything, but Gerald emerged much stronger than when he'd entered. He was ready for Brock. More than ready, factoring in the type advantage. So I took a few hours after arriving in Pewter City to train Butterz on the north end of Route 2. The training was slow and meticulous; I wasn't kidding when I said "no risks." As a result, it took much longer for him to gain experience than normal, but when I was done, he had already spun himself a cocoon and evolved into his Metapod stage.


The large stone doors eventually swung open after a good deal of effort on my part. The message Brock was trying to send was not a subtle one.

I wasn't sure what kind of message he was trying to send with the interior though, because I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. The only light in the entire gym was that which slipped through the crack in the doorway.

"Hello...?" I called out tentatively. "Brock? I'm here for a-"

"YO! CHAMP IN THE MAKING!" a voice called out from the darkness before a blinding flash lit the area.

"Hwa... Are... Are you Brock...?"

"No! I'm... Well, my name's not important. What IS important is that I'm your number one fan! The leader of your fan club! Here to cheer you on through thick and thin!"

I merely blinked at the glasses-clad young man, at a total loss for words.

"How do you... even know who I am..."

"I DON'T!" he yelled excitedly.

"So... You just... cheer for everybody-"

"YES!" I was starting to wonder what this guy was on. Either he'd found some strong-ass Oddish leaf somewhere, or the doctors had missed the ADHD diagnosis growing up.

"I'm... Hideki," I said, accepting the fact that I'd likely soon regret it. "And this is my first gym battle so if you have any advice-"


"Um... o...kay... I have a Bulbasaur, so that should work out-"


Again, I just stared.

"Brock is right up this way, past the boulders," the man said in an immediate change of tone, but still happy to assist me.

"Um, right. Thanks, I'll just..."



"So, you're here for a battle then? Right, challenger, send out your first Pokemon!"

I gave Brock a look of confidence. I was ready for this and I wanted him to know it.

"Go, Gerald!"

Brock sighed loudly.

"So I see you have a Bulbasaur... How original. Look, you just want me to give you your badge and be done with it? I don't want to have to go to the Pokemon Center again today... Besides, that Joy has three restraining orders already..."

"Wha..." I couldn't believe it. Had a gym leader really just offered to simply hand my first badge over to me?

"Seriously, just take it. It really isn't worth either of our time."

"No way! I'm not going to just have my first badge handed to me. I've spent all day grinding with wild forest Pokemon in preparation for this. I demand an honest gym battle."

"Great, you're one of THOSE... Alright, fine, the League does dictate that I have to battle you..." Brock threw a ball half-heartedly and released a Geodude. "Just tell your Bulbasaur to go easy on the Vine Whip, okay? I promise you one is enough, even a weak one."

"What? One shot? But your Pokemon looks solid as a rock..."

Brock collapsed in exasperation, and I, too, facepalmed, realizing I had just inadvertently made a pun worthy of a certain top hat-wearing girl I know.

"Okay, I really didn't mean that as- You know what I mean though, I don't think one of anything will take that out..."

"Just do it already... Geodude, just brace yourself. I'm sorry buddy, you know the rules though..."

"Dude..." the Geodude said with as much enthusiasm as his trainer, and braced itself for the oncoming hit.

"Um... Alright Gerald, just... tap it with your vine."

Gerald shrugged and extended one vine towards the rock-type, giving it one soft whip. As soon as contact was made, the Geodude howled in pain, fainting instantly.



"Told you. Come on Onix, your turn..."

Brock released his second and final Pokemon, the gargantuan rock-snake, Onix. The beast let loose a mighty roar, one that quickly became an agitated groan after laying eyes on Gerald.

"Okay then Gerald, give it another Vine... Nudge."

Gerald did just that, and just like last time, despite the Onix being at least five times the Geodude's size, the beast roared in pain upon the slightest touch from Gerald's vine and fainted. Just like that, I had won my first gym battle.

"All my life as a trainer, I've never understood rock-ground typing..." Brock mumbled as he pulled out my Boulder Badge. "Seems like it just exists to make my life more miserable..."

"Um, sorry..." was all I could think to say.

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Sorry I haven't posted on here yet. I've been preoccupied with work and such. Overall, a fantastic story. I find it interesting that you used Mitsuo as your rival. I'm disappointed that I'll miss much of it. By all means, continue posting, and at some point I shall archive trawl and revivify the thread as I have a tendency to do.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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When we were in Japanese class in high school together, Del declared himself my rival. He chose the name Mitsuo for himself, and I chose Hideki. I carried these names into my first Nuzlocke, having no idea what it would all turn into. And for the purposes of this story (and this whole canon, for that matter), "Mitsuo" may as well be read as "Gary." That is to say the character represents my friend Mitsuo in name only, or, more to the point, I am in no way trying to paint the real Mitsuo to be this big of an assface. I very much like him, in fact.

I am still writing and I will continue posting, X, don't worry about missing a thing. It'll all still be here when you return. Now it's up to me to give you something worth returning to.

Thanks again for your time and efforts here.


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I thought about mentioning how very different Mitsuo is from Del, but decided against it. Also, I may be able to convince somebody else to join...


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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That would be amazing if you could! I'll do my best to keep them entertained. I know Diddy has talked recently about wanting to come back, not with narrations like this per se, but content nonetheless. Tam had also expressed interest in a new narration, but she'll have to be AFK for another week or two... just on my end though, I've been building up a major head of steam for both this and aPokélypse. I can't bring myself to get too far into the latter without you here, though... there are big things ahead for Xerxes in that story.


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Ooh! My interest. It is piqued.

On a related note, I feel like one of these days I should try to retell Xerxes' saga much as you are doing with Hideki and Harmony. The problem is that many parts of it were unfinished, so I'd basically be telling a bunch of it from scratch. I have a headcanon for it, but it spans all the gens, repeating first and second due to time shenanigans. Also, I kinda wish Ninja would finish the story we had going. But he's lazy as all hell.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Damn, I wish he would too. That was one of the best runs I've ever read. Of course, I can hardly criticize, considering the state of my works...

I'd love to hear Xerxes' backstory, too. I think knowing so little about him is what gave me so much hesitation in writing him into a bigger role in aPokélypse up until now. I didn't want to create any canon for you, if that makes sense. I'm sorry he's thus far been more of a background piece than Brock in the anime, but I do hope to make it up to you with what I have planned.


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Well, I mean I've fleshed him out significantly more since my first Nuzlocke, mostly as a side character. Probably the most interesting thing I've done with him is replaced Looker with him, making him more unique than just another world-weary trainer.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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On a related note, I had Xerxes catch a Golduck in Seafoam Islands, if you recall. What would you like its name to be? You can pick the gender too. And assuming Xerxes were able to access his PC storage at some point, who would he pull to replace his last slot?


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Nitori. Female. And I would probably have him pull Ramiel, the Bronzong from Ninja's run. Has fireproof, unfortunately, meaning that it's possible that it could suffer the same fate as Gamzee. However, being special based, with ridiculous defenses and steel typing that would make it invulnerable to the virus (potentially), it seems like the best choice.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Yeah, I imagine Bronzong as a "carrier;" techincally infected by it but with no symptoms. Thanks, glad I got to ask you that before you left.

Stay safe out there.


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"Hi! I like shorts!"

"Shorts are comfy and easy to wear!"



So went my initial trek on Route 3. Some sort of cult had gathered here, apparently, and its members were none too pleased with my blue jeans or my Bulbasaur.

"Nidoran! Smite the non-believer!"

"Gerald, just… yeah."

My weariness of the eclectic figures that filled this Route aside, I was pleased at the amount of progress Gerald and I had already made together. Despite my lack of a formal command, Gerald did exactly as I wanted him to, knocking out the last cultist's Nidoran with a swift Tackle, and even Vine Whipping away a sneaky kid who tried to take a pair of scissors to my pants.

"Good going buddy. The coast looks clear for now, get a nice… rest..."

But something strange happened as I extended Gerald's ball to recall him. An odd blue light began radiating from his entire body, eventually engulfing him entirely so that I was left staring at a completely blue outline of a Bulbasaur. I tried to watch through the whole thing - I knew what was happening, but I'd never seen it before - but the light finally became so overwhelming I had to look away. When I could finally see again, Gerald sat calmly before me, but he seemed to have grown a bit more stout, physically. His legs had gotten longer and he stood more upright now; his new physique definitely seemed like it could provide a boost in speed and strength. The bulb on his back had opened up, and now revealed a small pink bud, no doubt increasing his ability as a Grass-type to take in light and therefore energy. My Pokédex confirmed my suspicions; I'd just witnessed my first evolution. Gerald had reached his second stage: Ivysaur.

I smiled. "I knew you were getting stronger, bud, but-" I chuckled at the irony of my calling him "bud" before regaining focus. "*Sigh* Come on, Gerald."


Shortly after my starter's evolution (and after I was confident I'd successfully evaded all the, um, shorts-worshippers) I found myself in a nice patch of tall grass. Pleased as I was with Gerald's new form and the added strength that no doubt came with it, the fact remained that on my side in the quest for the next seven badges of Kanto was just him and a couple of worms. Caterpillars, I guess.

"Still, I'm gonna need a little more help than… ah-HAH!"

Pulling aside a few particularly tall blades of grass, I revealed a bird's nest, being watched by a very fat Pidgey.

"Naturally… Come on, Gerald!"

I sent out my Ivysaur to help me catch the thing, and he was almost instantly greeted by a very hearty Gust. I referenced my Pokédex; relative to the other Pokémon in the area, this portly Pidgey was pretty high-leveled. And that Gust HURT. I didn't care if it couldn't fly; I wanted it.

And, thankfully, my wish was granted. As I'd expected, the fat little thing didn't seem to have much stamina, and despite the type disadvantage, Gerald was able to outlast it fairly easily.

"Hopefully I can help train you into a little better shape… Pudge."


Route 4 was, scenically, very similar to Route 3, but thankfully lacked the cult of short fanatics of the prior Route. I wanted to search for more help for the team, but it was late, Gerald and Pudge were pooped, and I was pretty sure I just saw a random, out of place Pokémon Center against the wall of the mountain? Sure enough, the Kanto PokéMedical Association decided one should go here. It made no sense, but I was grateful.

Stepping inside, the place seemed about as lively as I'd expected a Center to be here. Just the Joy and a couple of Hikers passing through Mt. Moon. Well, that wasn't absolutely everyone. As I finally let myself relax in a cozy armchair while Joy healed my partners, I didn't notice the old fisherman until he'd already started his sales pitch.

"You there, young trainer! You look in need of a powerful Dragon Pokémon!"

I just looked at him. "You're telling me you have Dratini in that case?"

"Well, no. Technically speaking… I'm not selling 'Dragon' Pokémon." He said the word "dragon" in such a way that made it suddenly sound like they didn't even exist at all. "No, what I have… are descendants of Dragons!"


"Oh, you're selling Magikarp, then."

"I- huh?"

"I might be green for a trainer, but I wasn't born yesterday. And anybody with a fishing rod and the time to kill can fish up as many Magikarp as they can afford Balls for. I'll pass, thanks."

The old fisherman stopped for a moment. I'm guessing that was a response he wasn't used to.

"But… But mine are no ordinary Magikarp, my friend! I mean, okay, the Magikarp are pretty ordinary… But perhaps… THIS will catch your eye!"

As he spoke, the man reached into his case and pulled out a golden PokéBall. I'd never seen anything like it before.

"Not so ordinary, is it? A Magikarp inside a solid gold PokéBall!"

"Solid gold? Let me see that…" I reached for the Ball, he hurriedly pulled it back.

"Did I say… solid gold? I- I meant to say it was gold-plated…"

Gold spray-painted was more likely. Regardless, my team was kind of still in tatters, and while what I'd said about Magikarps earlier was true, I failed to meet one of my own qualifiers: I definitely did not have a fishing rod. Plus, I had to admit… Spray paint or no, that ball looked AWESOME. Especially as I considered throwing it out to release Magikarp's evolved form…

"500 PokéYen," I said. The old fisherman's eyes lit up. Jackdammit. I'd bid too high.

"Sold! Enjoy your mighty son of the Dragons of old! Erm… Daughter, actually, I believe she's a she."

I groaned slightly, but paid up and took my newest teammate. 500P really wasn't that big of a hit, though it did seem silly to pay that much for something that goes for half that at the market, gutted and descaled. This one wasn't going into any California rolls, though. It'd take some effort, but I saw big things for…

"Helena," I decided.


After buying my Magikarp (who am I kidding, I was suckered in by the shiny Ball), I still thankfully had everything I needed for my trek through the mountain path of Mt. Moon; enough PokéBalls to snare a rugged Geodude should I be lucky enough to run into one, and a pair of Escape Ropes for emergencies. Man, that was one technology that amazed me, the Escape Rope. I'm to understand people throw these things in the air when lost in caves, and they're instantly teleported outside? Part of me wanted to get lost just so I could see what kind of black magic was behind this.

Fortunately, the greater part in me just wanted to make it to Cerulean City. Even with the addition of Helena, my team still effectively only consisted of two fighters: Gerald and Pudge. I'd have to be slow and methodical, and likely use the first room or two of the mountain cave for training. Considering this, I knew I wasn't going to make it through Mt. Moon in one trip, so I decided to head on in and see if I could at least catch a Pokémon to make my trip a little easier.


The cave was surprisingly well-lit; it seems this passage was used quasi-regularly for travelers between Pewter and Cerulean, so the Kanto Transportation Department had installed a string of small, unintrusive lights so as to strike a fine balance between walkability and maintaining the natural habitat of the cave Pokémon.

Speaking of those cave Pokémon, I very much wanted one, particularly Geodude. I knew they disguised themselves as boulders along mountain paths such as this one, so I had Gerald carefully prod each sizable rock we came across with his vine. None of the rocks we found turned out to be Geodude, but we did manage to disturb a Zubat nest. Figures, I guess… Zubat are far more common. Unfortunately, Gerald got spooked and Tackled the only Zubat that stuck around to face us way too hard. No bat for me.

I took the rest of the hike slowly and methodically as I'd planned, but found myself and my team in relatively little trouble the whole way, and all in all the hike left me feeling invigorated. It was true I still only really had two battlers, but as a team they served as a perfect combo to face the dangers of this cave. Gerald handled the Rock-type threats in here as easily as he'd handled Brock's gym, and Pudge was more than capable of outlasting all the Zubats and the rare Paras or two we came across. There were a few trainers in here, most of whom had gotten tired halfway through and decided to camp for the night, but most of their teams fit the same mold as the wild cave Pokémon; Hikers with Rock-types, Lasses and Picnickers with Grass- or weak Normal-types. As I got further along the path, every now and then I'd notice a guy in a black jumpsuit. Anyone in a black jumpsuit has to be bad news, but I was able to just walk past them without incident, not knowing or caring what they were up to.


Towards the very end of the path though, I found someone… different. There were large but neat holes all over the walls here, like an excavation had taken place in this part. I didn't understand until I got a little further along and saw a man sleeping in the middle of the path, his arms wrapped tightly around two oddly-shaped rocks.

Now, normally I'd treat this like I treated the shady guys in the jumpsuits: don't know, don't care. I try not to judge, I really do. But this guy could not possibly have been more in the way. I had to get around somehow, so I tried to just calmly and quietly tiptoe around…


The guy yelled so loudly I nearly jumped out of my skin. He now sat up, covering his precious stones and fishing out a PokéBall to battle me with. Jackdammit, that was the last thing I needed. Gerald and Pudge had been great, but they were just about worn out by this cave.

"Thief? No, man, look, you were in the way, I just want through… No one's gonna hurt you, or… or your rocks…"

"ROCKS??" he replied, incredulously. Now I'd done goofed.

Furiously, the guy threw down a Ball, revealing a small purple blobby Pokémon. Grimer.

"These are priceless fossils of Pokémon from an earlier age! I've been digging for WEEKS to find such specimens!"

Great, now instead of fending off a would-be robber, now this guy thought he was defending the honor of the Mesozoic Era. I wouldn't be getting out of this one. I didn't know much about Grimer, but I knew they were Poison, so I knew I needed Gerald.

"Tackle it, buddy."

The Grimer didn't respond after the swift hit. Damn, Gerald must have wanted to get out of here as badly as I did…

"Go, Voltorb! Sonicboom!"

"Tackle again!"

I nearly gasped when I saw Gerald's HP go down on the PokéDex screen. 20 HP?! His response was enough to take the thing out, but he was dangerously weak at this point. Whatever this fool had left, I'd need Pudge to take it. I switched accordingly.


Great, another Poison-type. I thrived on Gerald's immunity to the secondary effects of these pesky Pokémon's moves, I had to gamble Pudge's life and I did not like that one bit.

"Try to hold your breath when you're near it, and pound it with some Quick Attacks!"

Thanks largely to training against some tricky-fast Zubats in this very cave, my fat little Pidgey had developed a deceptive quickness. His Quick Attacks hurt; meanwhile, the Koffing's attempts to poison Pudge thankfully didn't land throughout the barrage. For the first time since I'd left Pallet Town, I'd gotten just a little bit lucky.

"One more, Pudge!"

The thing was nothing if not sturdy, but one more strike was indeed enough to seal the deal. The Koffing hit the ground and the fossil guy slumped in defeat.

"Alright, maybe I was in the way… Go on through…"

I sighed and took one step forward before stopping.

"No. You know what? No." I turned around and confronted the guy again. "You block my way, you assault me when I try to politely slip by, and only now that I BEAT you, now it's okay that I 'go on through' on this PUBLIC ROAD? Nuh-uh. You? You're an asshole. I'm taking this." I grabbed one of his fossils without even looking at it. It felt peculiarly smooth, like some sort of dome. The guy just nodded and held on tighter to the one he still had.

"And for the love of Mew, sleep somewhere else. ANYwhere else." With that, I turned and walked away, and didn't stop til I saw moonlight again.

Is this good? Man, I can't tell. Recovering this Hideki's voice was much harder than Emerald Hideki's voice. On top of that, so much weird stuff happens in this part of the game, but it's all parodied in such a cliche way... It'll get better, immediately. Promise.

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I'd say you recovered Hideki's voice exceptionally well, I would have sworn this was an old chapter except that I knew I wasn't recognizing it! Speaking of old chapters real fast, I had clear forgotten about the couple of nods this contains to my own run, and again I am very touched to see them! But yes, swtiching focus back on to this one, it was a blast to read! It's always fun to joke about how weird the people are on Route 3, and the narration for Mt. Moon is really interesting! I like the idea of poking around for a specific Pokemon like that, and for real, screw that fossil dude. Excited to see this up and running!


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