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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Up until last summer, when I started that random LeafGreen Nuzlocke that I didn't tell anyone about for a long time, all of my Pokémon adventures by the Rules of Nuzlocke were imagined to occur in one continuous canon. I didn't know this until Shattered Emerald, but a few nights of imagination led me to realize I have a four-volume saga to share with you.

This saga focuses on exploring the lives of the two protagonists of my aPokélypse Now!, who prior to that story had been the heroes of my Nuzlockes: Hideki and Harmony. The four volumes, in chronological order, are Hideki's LeafGreen, Harmony's Crystal, Harmony's Pearl, and Hideki's Emerald. There's also a failed attempt at Emerald on Hideki's part that occurs between LeafGreen and Crystal that is very important to the plot, but won't get its own narration; its story has pretty much already been told in Shattered Emerald actually, though more about it may come up in Harmony's volumes.

All four of these stories will be based on actual Nuzlocke playthroughs done by me between the years 2010-2011. All of them had threads on this site, but none til Shattered Emerald had an "actual" narration. Hideki's LeafGreen and Harmony's Crystal had threads basically composed of what amounted to Facebook status updates by me each day I played the run. Harmony's Pearl had a half-assed attempt at a narration before I knew Nuzlocke narrations were actually a thing people did; it had a nice intro and the ending was surprisingly artful and well-written, but the body was garbage and hardly counted as anything resembling a "story."

I plan to first and foremost finish Shattered Emerald completely, and then give all three of my prior runs rewrites of the same quality as Shattered Emerald. I don't know what order to go in, though I feel once I finish Emerald I should just start at the start and do LeafGreen. The thing is, two years ago, at the same time I was doing Shattered Emerald, I did write LeafGreen up through the fight with Brock. I would just copy and paste those chapters now, but I fear seeing that would get me sidetracked and make me want to write more of that now; I REALLY want to completely finish Emerald first. Once I do, I see LeafGreen as my next project.

After that will come Harmony's stories. Dating back to when I first started writing aPokélypse, Harmony was my favorite character to write. Of all of my characters ever, Harmony is the one I feel I have the best grasp of who she is and how she thinks; so I want to do something a little more special with her.

For Harmony's Crystal, I have an idea that incorporates more of my current interests: classic literature, particularly Romantic style and Existentialist philosophy. It's obscure, complex, and probably a bit more than I can chew, but I want to do it more than anything. I want to drop everything and do it now. But I know the story will be better if I finish what I've already got now, and have that as a foundation to support it.

As for Harmony's Pearl, I'll either write it much in the style of Shattered Emerald, with mood music and the whole bit, or I'll keep a bit of the style of the old days and write it as a series of Harmony's journal entries. I like the latter idea more; I may try to emulate SE more in LG, plugging the music into that one. I do love the additional emotional inflection the right song can bring to a battle scene.

Finally, regarding aPokélypse Now!. It's something I like to think of as "anti-canon;" its setting and characters are completely dependant upon the aforementioned Nuzlocke storyline I established, but its events have no bearing on it. It's an alternate universe, if you want to call it that. I wanted to do it that way for my zombie apocalypse story so I had the freedom to kill off whoever I wanted, whoever the story demanded. Whatever happens there happens nowhere else. It is its own thing.

However, it's also by far the most beloved thing I have ever written. That project got out of hand in a hurry. It's my fault and mine alone, but I turned it into WAY more than I had gone into it planning to. And in spite of myself, it turned out to be very good. I'm going to finish it right. I have the story 90% figured out, and I'm close enough to getting my "voice" back that I could resume writing it anytime I felt like and be able to reasonably trust the quality.

"Blahblahblah, when are you going to resume it??"

I don't know. I have no plans to at this point; I feel the Nuzlocke canon rewrites are more important, and I feel that in rewriting them I can become the best I can be to finish that story so many people seemed to love.

So, let me know what you think of this plan, and any feedback or tips for continuing/starting any of the projects I mentioned. The only thing I can confirm is that I will NOT be starting anyting new. Someday I plan to write about things other than Pokémon, but I've had these ideas in my head too long to just give up on them for the sake of diversity.


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I look forward to you sharing the world of Hideki and Harmony with us. It's been some time since a legitimate Nuzlocke story was posted, the continuation of your Shattered Emerald notwithstanding.

However, due to my job, after next week I will be almost entirely unable to access this site until December. It sucks, and I fear that without my presence, all activity on the site may cease once more. I will continue to post updates to From the Dark, Light and The Past is Dead until I must leave. After that, you'll just have to wait until Xmas.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Man, that hurts. Not that I'm blaming, I knew this was just a reality ever since you had to tragically truncate your first piece of brilliance back in '11. But... damn.

I will try to keep posting. I'd love to promise that very thing right now, but I recognize that I may feel very differently when September rolls around and I'm looking at a thread full of posts by one person. It feels weird to talk to a brick wall. It feels like a flat out violation to share your art with one.

I guess I'll redouble my efforts to reach out to former members... we're going to need them now. And of course, I'll be eagerly waiting December.

And thank you, truly, for all your continued efforts.


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