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B "Diddy" M
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I was wondering how many people here play League of Legends. In the past two years or so, I have become extremely into MOBA games - particularly League of Legends.

For those of you that don't know, a MOBA game is a Massively Online Battle Arena game in which teams are pitted against each other in arena like combat (5v5, 3v3, etc etc). I'll be using League as my examples of MOBA from here on out. In League, you pick from one of over 100+ champions that are capable of preforming a variety of worlds. For example, my favorite champion Kha'Zix fills the roll of an Attack Damage, Jungle or "Stealth" champion. Given that there are over 100 champions, there is an extreme variety to the rolls including Support, Ability Power (think Magic), Tank, and Bruiser (and that doesn't even include hybrid builds!) For anyone who is interested in a competitive, arena style game I would highly reccommend this.

Now for the "shameless plug" part; I have a friend that is trying to make a lot of youtube videos (right now it's just LoL and World of Warcraft, but he is taking reccomendations) and would appreciate all the help he could get. Whether that is through video views or subscribers isn't all that important although subscribing is always encouraged! He is just a guy trying to post some cool videos for people's enjoyment and have some fun. So, if you're interested, please go support him and everything he is trying to do!

And if any of you happen to have something you need support in, we will gladly return the favor :)


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Hey, I remember this kid! I've never gotten into this genre, sadly... Games that social never much appeal to me. I prefer the type of thing I can play with a small group of friends (see L4D) or by myself (see everything Nintendo has ever made) than with the whole wide world. Regardless, I'll still follow and support Nathanial's channel! I don't have a presence on YouTube any longer (my battle vids are now on my girlfriend's account...), but I did just bookmark his channel, so I'll at least contribute my views!


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B "Diddy" M
Posts: 295

Thanks so much! I'm sure he appreciates it a lot; as do I!


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