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Vesicant Lemur
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Being a long-time Halo fanboy, I bought Halo 4 and finished the campaign in a single 5 hour sitting. I posted about it on Google+ and inadvertently wrote a review. So, I decided to clean it up and share my thoughts here.


---CAMPAIGN--- *no spoilers


I thought the campaign was fantastic and felt somewhat reminiscent of Halo:CE in the way some levels force you to stop and just stare at the beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery. I don't think it'll keep me coming back like the original did, however.


One of the reasons being that fighting the Prometheans feels more like a chore than fun. They've definitely upped the difficulty level in this one. "Normal is the new Heroic" is what I've been hearing and that was certainly my experience. There were several sections that required many retries before luck finally smiled on me. You will run out of ammo and you will be promptly swarmed. Learn to become comfortable with weapons you hate.


The positive side to this is that, in my opinion, the struggle is totally worth it to make it to the next piece of dialog or cutscene. They've really focused on developing Cortana's character (as well as her thighs... goddamn) and even the Chief gets a little characterization.


For people who haven't been keeping up with the books or expanded universe material, some things in the story might not make too much sense. They don't do a very good job at all of actually introducing certain characters. They just kind of slap you in the face all like "Here's the Big Bad, now go do your thing" and never really slow down to explain just what the hell is going on.




The weapons, especially for the UNSC, feel a lot heftier and more powerful and have good design. In my experience thus-far, however, there isn't a lot of variety in their performance.


The Battle Rifle, Covenant Carbine and Light Rifle all feel very alike. Even the DMR (which always felt like a COD cash-in to me) feels like just a longer range BR. Having such effective medium-long range weapons available for starting loadouts is incredibly annoying, for my playstyle at least. I've always been more of an Assault rifle kinda guy (Oh how I lamented the loss of my favorite weapon in Halo 2) and my aim sucks, so with the focus of most maps (in my experience so far) being on medium-long range, I get massacred. But in the short range maps, I will shove a grenade up your ass and make you my bitch.


As for the other weapons, you're not going to see much of them unfortunately. The number of loose weapons across the maps has been dramatically reduced, and everyone starts off with a BR or DMR anyway, so unless it's a Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle or Incineration Cannon (which is terribly OP btw), don't expect to see much of it. This is quite disappointing, since one of my favorite things about Halo was that there was a variety of human and alien weaponry to spice things up. Now everything is UNSC focused.


They're still trying to force the Spartan Laser down everyone's throats, even though it was shit when they introduced it and it's still shit today. The new Railgun seems to fulfill its role much better and is better fitting with UNSC lore.




How big is your XBox's hard-drive? Because to play online, you're going to need ~4GB of free space to install multiplayer. No, it doesn't just work off the disk, you have to install it seperately. And if you're one of those people that has only a 2GB hard-drive, you better start searching for a spare flash drive. Make sure it's one you won't be using for anything else either, because Microsoft doesn't play nice. You have to format your drive, deleting all of its previous contents, in order to use it as a storage device with your XBox.


Oh, and if you're NAT isn't set to Open, good luck spending the next hour or so fiddling around in your router settings, after you've figured out how to even get there in the first place (Hint: Open the command prompt, type 'ipconfig' and type your Default Gateway in your browser. The rest is up to you.)


In all, I spent 3 hours dealing with stupid bullshit before I could even get online and play with a friend. That is unacceptable. I've rarely had as much trouble with even the most uncooperative of PC games. A console game should never have so many usability issues, especially one as high of breed as Halo.


The new Infection mode is pretty cool, it's about time they got around to including flood models. Regicide is really fun (especially in the small maps where I dominate >:D) as is King of the Hill, but there always seem to be a lot of people who are only playing the gametype to farm headshots and have no interest whatsoever in actually helping their team win. I'll be derided for having a -20 K/D spread, to which I reply by pointing out that I had more time in the hill then everyone else in the game combined and my team won. They still don't get it. Basically, there are idiots who play Halo. What else is new?




Despite all my bitching, I love this game. The story is great, the multiplayer is fun and the Spartan Ops (which I didn't talk about because I'm lazy) are an intriguing and promising concept.


Also, I'm a loyal Halo fanboy and have been since the original released. In fact, Bungie studios was the inspiration that originally drove me to persure Computer Science in college with the dream of becoming a game programmer (Though that eventually fell through because of reasons (Curse you 4chan!!!))


Life is Absurd. Chill out. Don't give a fuck.

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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An excellent review, Lemur. The initial post convinced me to purchase my copy; it may be arriving later today.

The whole emphasis on medium-long ranges may suit my playstyle perfectly, actually (note my fondness of Hunting/Sniper Rifles in L4D2). I have lots of HD space, I just hope my router plays nicely...


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B "Diddy" M
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Halo 4, as Lemur pointed out in this excellent review, really is worth everyone's time. I loved the brief amount of time I have spent on the multiplayer and, while I  haven't spent much time on the single player, I watched my bro play it... one word: Incredible. The graphics are great, the gameplay is what you would expect in Halo, and the story, in my opinion, is fantastic. This is definitely a "must have" for this season of gaming imo


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