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I actually read something intelligent on Yahoo! today. I thought the day might never come.

Ridding America of antiquated systems designed on political fallacies and upheld by greed and cronyism is one of the few things I can still get mad about. And this article actually offered a solution. A solution that can't possibly take hold for another several decades; widespread change in social opinion simply doesn't take hold that quickly, or, as I prefer to put it, it takes awhile to move that many sheep. See the length of the civil rights movement and the fact that half the nation still opposes gay marriage.

Still, it's refreshing to see such effort. This woman is too good to work for those yahoos.

(See what I did there?)


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(Had to search it up manually, as they organize their articles by a numerical system vice titles)

This. This basically sums up why I joined the Navy in the first place. Coming out of High School, I found no scholarships forthcoming, job prospects were nil and I had no real marketable skills. However, I had scored extremely well on the ASVAB, allowing me to join the Navy as basically anything I wanted to, where they would train me, giving me a useful skill as well as experience in using it. Looking at it objectively, at the end of my first enlistment my job prospects for the civilian world are significantly better than 90% of my friends who spent their time in college trying to get a degree. The other thing this article reminds me of is how in most other countries, after a certain point in school you are either sent to a trade school (something which really should start being a thing over here) or can continue learning more advanced stuff until you can become a doctor or something. This strikes me as a much more useful system, where people aren't forced to enter the workforce as unskilled laborers or spend four years going into debt to earn a piece of paper, which may or may not be completely useless depending on where it's from and/or the subject matter studied. What I'd like to see college do is act as a font of knowledge for those already a part of the workforce, to become more familiar with aspects of their own job, to learn new skills or simply to broaden their own horizons. As it is now, it's an overpriced high school expansion pack with little actual purpose other than prevent accessing certain areas unless you've bought it.


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