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You are a young trainer, a young trainer who has only just started a challenge. That Challenge is to conquer the Pokemon League of Johto with your trusty sidekicks, Pokemon.

People in your world use Pokemon for many things, really they are quite useful.

But you, you use Pokemon for battling.

One day, after wrestling two Farfetch'd for an unworthy trainer in the Ilex Forest, you hear the sounds of a Pokemon. A mysterious cry beckons you further into the forest. 

The cry sounds like this.

Following the faint cry of the unknown Pokemon, you delve deeper and deeper into the Forest dodging a tangle of branches and leaves to push further inside.

Just when you are about to give up the chase you come into a clearing in the forest. There are no braches here, it is a cool green meadow that rises barely above your ankle.

In the center of this meadow you find a box. It is solid black and unassuming . You hesitantly walk up to it.

The box awakens with a low whirring noise but it does not cause you fear. In fact it makes you all the more curious. 

You creep up to the box until you are hunched over it just inches away. As if your presence brough it to life, the box begins to light up with strange glowing blue symbols. Try as you might, these symbols make no sense to you for you have never seen anything like it before. Still, the box and it's mysterious symbols amazes you and you can't help but whisper "How interesting."

The symbols fade upon your utterance and the box ceases to glow. You frown in dismay, had you broken the box just by speaking?

The box lies dormant again and, thinking it was broken for good, you stand up to leave, but something catches you eye.

The top of the box begins to glow again with new symbols, symbols you can read. 

You eyes grow wide and you hunch back over the box and study the words. You have to re-read the sentence several times before it really sinks in.

"Urgent Message from the Past."

Your mouth goes dry. What had you gotten yourself into? A message from the Past? Is that even possible? Still, the curiosity draws you to the box preventing you from leaving it alone. Hesistantly you reach out and lay a single finger on the box. 

A tingling sensation shoots up your finger and throughout your body and into your brain. Although it feels like something is reading your thoughts you can't draw your finger away. It just feels so caming.

The sensation fades from your body and flows back into the box. It whirrs slightly louder for a moment before shooting out a beam of pure light in front of you. Bending upon itself the beam of light begins to form a shape of a bipedal creature roughly your height. It doesn't look like any Pokemon you've ever seen before. In fact, you think the creature before you looks more human than Pokemon. Yet it is distinctly different from human as well. You don't get to study the creature for too long however, because it begins to move... and talk.

"Greetings from the Past." the light creature says.

"If you are seeing this message then my worst fear has been realized and the Universe as I know it has been destoyed."

"This message is for you, creature of the future, in hopes that the same devastation that has affected me and all the intelligent creatures of the Universe can be avoided for you. Within this Capsule you will find detailed information on *bzzt* and how to stop it, as well as my personal journal and any and all information I cound find that will help you fight it when it comes again. For believe me, they will come again and continue the cycle. I just hope this finds you in time to be of use."

Dumbstruck you stare at the creature of light. Monsters of the past, intelligent creatures of the universe, time capsules? Your mind reels trying to process this wealth of new information. Unrelenting, the creature continues on giving you little time to think on what is happening.

"I have encoded my intelligence into this capsule which responds to voice cues. Ask it any question you can think of and it will try it's best to answer."

You lick your lips in a feeble attempt to wet your mouth and speak.

What do you say?


(Hey guys, so I decided to go fro something different and see how it worked out. This is to be an interactive Nuzlocke, where the story is told to you as you ask for it. Of course, it seems to hologram has become a little corrupted after spending so much time in Ilex Forest, so it may not be able to answer all your questions right away. 

The idea is to have a multi-media Nuzlocke here. If this proves popular you should be able to request several things from the VI Hologram including; pictures, sounds, and text that help tell the story and fill the world of this alien of the past.

For now I'm going to give you predetermined questions to choose from since I have no idea how well or poorly this will go. Once I have a good understanding of how this Nuzlocke is going to progress I'll let you ask your own questions to the VI Hologram so they story can get as detailed or as straightforward as you want it.

Sound good?

Questions you can ask right now are:

"Who are you?" "What destroyed the universe?" "Start at the beginning, how did this happen?" "What were those symbols?" and "How did you get here?"

Alright guys, I'm counting on you!)


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Ah, well this looks interesting! Alright, I would think the best question to start with would be "Who are you?" We should get a feeling for what we're dealing with here.


July 28, 2012 at 4:25 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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The hologram figure flickers slightly, but the pause is only momentairy.

"My name is Captain William Fredrick Andrews of the Johto Defense Federation, First Division. I was born into a rural Johto town and, at the age of 12, set off to conquer something we called the Pokemon League Challenge. While taking that challenge, which involved traveling to various towns in the country of Johto and defeating the most powerful trainers, I witnessed the beginnings of the *bzzt* attack. I quickly joined the Johto Defense Federation in hopes of defeating the invaiders."

(Same questions + "What is the Johto Defense Federation?" )


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"I'm happy to report that my inner child is still ageless". James Broughton

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Hold on shiny hologram guy.  What is this Johto Defense Federation you keep talking about?


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