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X is Looker now, the Chinese wonder? 

I'm actually welcoming this change. Surely you'll be more interesting and smarter than that Hack.

Anyway, caught up on this Nuz. Next I'll read X's, Tam's, and then I'll start my own. Good going guys, eager to see more!


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8: Wind and Flowers



       Team Galactic again? What's their deal? That Xerxes guy immediately calls off the fight and runs toward the Valley Windworks. Two grunts are standing guard outside the building. We challenge them and they each send out a Glameow. I decide to let Kittan handle this fight. It was a good choice. A swipe of his wing smashes the cat pokemon into the wall.

       The grunts abandon their pokemon and lock themselves into the Powerplant, but not before dropping the location of the other key: Floaroma Meadow. I'm about to order Makken to break in; if he can shatter boulders he should be able to handle a door, but Xerxes stops me.

       "We shouldn't damage the property more than we have to. I'll stand guard while you get the key from Floaroma Meadow. They aren't going anywhere." I run back to town and head north. I exit the trees and stand for a second in shock. I didn't think there could be anywhere with more flowers than Floaroma town. I recover quickly, however, as I see two grunts harassing an old man. I run up and choose Kittan again. The first grunt sends out a Wurmple and then a Silcoon, but the bugs prove no match for Kittan. Then it's the second grunts turn.

       "Ha, I waited to strike second so your team would be weak", he boasts. He is swiftly proven incorrect as Kittan KO's his Zubat with ease.

       "Now give me the key", I demand. They hand it over and go running out of the meadow.

       "Thank you", says the old man they were harrasing. "They were trying to take my honey. My sweet, sweet honey. Here, have some as a reward."

       "Um, thanks."

       "In addition to its deliciousness, my honey can be used on certain trees to attract pokemon. Just spread it on the trunk and after a few hours, a pokemon will be attracted by it's sweet, sweet scent." I really need to get back to the Windworks.

       "A tree like that one?", I ask. He nods. I throw the jar at the trunk.

       "My sweet, sweet honey!"

       "I'll be back in a few hours", I yell over my shoulder as I run back into the forest. By the time I make it back to the Powerplant, I'm out of breath. Seriously, I've been doing far too much running because of these Galactic assholes. Xerxes is waiting there. It seems he had time to heal the pokemon my team burned and poisoned, as well as capture the two grunts I beat as they tried to get back to their group.

       I unlock the door, and we're face to face with the grunts that locked it earlier. They run off raising the alarm. A large group of grunts emerges from a side door.

       "I've got these ones", Xerxes states. "You keep going, plenty for everyone." I head further in. It seems most of the grunts are fighting Xerxes, I only encounter two before I reach the control room. There stands a red-haired woman that seems to be in charge. She strides towards me.

       "I am Mars, one of Team Galactic's three Commanders. We've been trying to create a new world that's better than this one... But people have shown little understanding about what we do. You don't understand either, do you? It's a little saddening... So, let's have a battle to decide what we should do next. If I win, you leave. If you win, we, Team Galactic, will leave!"

       "Just what I was thinking", I reply. "Go get her KAMINA!" She sends out a Zubat. It spews poison at KAMINA, but he dodges to the side, sending a blast of fire at it. It dives in for a bite, but another blast of fire knocks it out of the sky.

       "What do you think you're doing to my pokemon?", she shrieks. Next up is a Purugly, and it lives up to its name. It strikes surprisingly quickly for something so fat, boxing KAMINA's ears. KAMINA stumbles, and it rakes him with it's claws. He recovers and fires off a punch. The cat stumbles back and he hits it again. It passes out.

       "What? I lost? You uppity brat!", Mars shouts. She takes a breath and suddenly her expression changes. "Oops, I messed that one up! That's all right, though. I quite enjoyed our battle. I guess it's time to say good-bye and leave for the time being!" Wow, is she bipolar or something? As I try to figure out how to respond to her emotional 180, I fail to notice a grunt sneaking up behind me. He shoves me into KAMINA and runs off with MARS. I run down the hall, but I only arrive in time to see Xerxes picking him self off the floor.

       "How did you let her escape?!", he yells. "That was one of their leaders." And he runs after them. I decide to let him chase them, I don't think I could run much farther, and he'd probably just try to arrest me again once it was all over. The owner of the Windworks approaches me and thanks me for saving him. His little girl runs in the door soon after. I'm about to leave when he calls me over to his computer. It seems Team Galactic left a message for us.

       "The bringer of wars... Your target is the energy of the power plant.

       The bringer of contentment... Your target is the Pokémon statue of Eterna City.

       The bringer of aging... Your target is the Pokémon that sleeps on today.

       The dream energy.

       Team Galactic." Well that's ominous.

       "I'm glad they're gone", the little girl says. "Maybe now the balloon pokemon will come back." This sounds interesting. I question them and it seems a strange pokemon appears here every Friday. Tomorrow's friday! I head back to Floaroma town determined to return the next day.


Team Gurren:

KAMINA: Level 16

Nia: Level 15

Darry: Level 15

Kittan: Level 15

Kiyal: Level 15

Makken: Level 14


That's going to be the last post until we can get internet at the new place.  Hopefully it shouldn't take too long.  And yes, X is Looker now. He's doing Platinum so this run is sorta a fusion of Pearl and Platinum.


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Aw man, this is looking interesting! I love joint runs!

By the way, I really like how you're handling gym leaders and the towns under their control. And Xerxes being Looker is a nice touch!


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9: Ghost in the Shellos



       I return to town and spend the rest of the afternoon exploring. It didn't take me long to realize that there are 3 things that matter in Floaroma Town: flowers, berries, and honey, or sweet, sweet honey as the locals insist on calling it. I get a few free berries from the townsfolk in exchange for the promise to plant them. Some of these actually seem useful. I also discover that you can trade berries for accesories in the Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop.

       I had heard all about accesories in Jubilife after defeating those two Galactic grunts. I obtained the Fashion Case and entered the Jubilife TV Station to learn more. Inside I battled a reporter and cameraman who also happened to be trainers. Their water pokemon were tough, but Nia was able to handle them. There I discovered how lacking my choices for accesories were. I wasn't worried though, it seemed like a pretty dumb activity anyway.

       The only thing that stuck with me was the image of KAMINA wearing pointy sunglasses and a cape for some reason. And now in Floaroma town, it seemed like I could actually make it happen. However I soon discovered how they can afford to give out free berries and spray cans. All their accesories cost ridiculos amounts of berries, and not the common ones they give out for free. Oh well.

       Later on a girl gives me a TM for the move "Pluck" which can be used to steal an opponents berry. That could be useful. I decide to head out to Route 205 and try to catch another teammate. I head north where the road branches and soon find a large patch of tall grass. Perfect. I enter the weeds and soon come face to face with a new type of Pokemon. It's a Shellos. I send out Kiyal to wear it down nice and slow. After a little work the Shellos is caught. I name her Kiyoh and send her to the PC. I train for a while and battle a couple of trainers that are also hanging around the field.

       "It's probably been long enough", I think to myself, so I head to Floaroma Meadow. Sure enough, the tree is shaking as a pokemon feasts on the sweet, sweet honey left on the bark. ... Damn it, now they've got me saying it. I run over and the pokemon flies off the tree to attack. It's no match for my team however and is soon caught. It's a Combee, a male Combee. *Sigh* I name him Attenborough and he's off to the box.

       It's getting late so I decide to head back to the Pokemon center and get some sleep. There's one thing I don't understand. Berries seem useful and honey... maybe could be useful, but why the obsession with flowers? On the way back I run into a girl wandering the flower field on the edge of town.

       "I love it here", she says. "The atmosphere is so uplifting. You came here to get emotionally healed too, didn't you?" ...I ...well I guess the flowers aren't bad either. I head to the pokemon center and turn in for the night.

       The next morning I eat a quick breakfast and then head back to Route 205. I don't know how tough this "balloon pokemon" is going to be so I decide to do some more training before heading to the Windworks to capture it. I head North and encounter more Shellos and trainers. After several battles I make it to the edge of Eterna Forest. Turning back, I spend the rest of the morning attempting to knock the entire pokemon population of Route 205 unconcious.

       I finally decide that we're ready. I walk to the Valley Windworks and spot the mystery pokemon floating in the middle of the path between the windmills. I try to identify it.  Who's that Pokemon?? It's Drifloon! I need to capture it. I send out Nia, and the battle is on. She shoots seeds into the Drifloon and begins draining its health. It attacks back and hits Nia hard. I order Nia to shoot out paralyzing spores.

       But then I'm left in a difficult position. The Balloon pokemon's attacks are powerful and somehow I can tell that if Nia attacks, it will just make the return strike worse. So I switch to Darry instead. She should be able to stand against the Drifloon's strikes, and it's wind-based attack won't be very effective against her rocky shell.

       She hardens her shell and then I throw a pokeball. I need to catch the ghost before Nia's seeds leech it's life away. It breaks free. I try again. Once again, the Drifloon is too strong. Darry's health is getting low, but so is the Drifloon's. I'm afraid that if I switch or use a potion, the ghost will faint, and I'll lose my chance to catch it. But if it breaks free, it could kill Darry.

       I'll have to chance it. I throw another pokeball. It shakes once, twice, three times, and then... it stays shut. I let out a breath I hadn't realized I was holding, and then a huge smile breaks out on my face. I did it. I name the creepy inflatible pokemon Leeron and decide to get in a little more training. Tomorrow, I'll face Eterna Forest and prepare to fight Gardenia, the gym leader in Eterna City.



Pokemon Caught:

Kiyoh (Shellos): Level 8, Gentle Nature, Mischievous.

Attenborough (Combee): Level 10, Jolly Nature, Likes to thrash about.

Leeron (Drifloon): Level 22, Rash Nature, Mischievous.



Team Gurren:

KAMINA: Level 18

Nia: Level 18

Kittan: Level 17

Kiyal: Level 17

Darry: Level 17

Makken: Level 17


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Wow that was a lucky catch. That's one of the toughest decisions because either way you risk a Pokemon. 

Also did I mention that I love Gurren Lagann and this makes me really happy to read? There is nothing I love more than Kamina.


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Thanks CJ.  It's always good to hear that people are enjoying my story.  :)


10: Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double.


       Before I leave, I make sure to collect as many berries as I can. I reach the entrance to the forest without incident. I step inside and have to pause to let my eyes adjust. The trees cast a cool green shadow over the ground. My eyes recover from the Sun's glare just in time to see a girl walking up to me. Her long hair was in a ponytail and her clothes match its color: green.

       "Hello, I'm Cheryl. What's your name?"

       "I'm Nate", I reply. She smiles.

       "Nice to meet you." Then her face becomes more serious.

       "Nate, may I ask a big favor of you? I want to get through this forest, but I'm afraid of doing it alone. I've heard that there is a sinister group of people called Team Galactic about. I think there'd be safety in numbers. Please, may I go through with you?" I figure that that Xerxes guy would have chased them off, but what kind of guy would I be if I refused her offer? And you can never be too careful. She sighs in relief when I agree.  

       "Thank goodness. I'm training to be a healer, so I can keep your pokemon healthy as we travel." We set out, and soon encounter a Wurmple and a Cascoon.

       "Oh!" Cheryl exclaims. "It's startling to see two wild pokemon together." That's what happened in my first battle ever, but it's still a rare occurence, so I agree. We knock the Wurmple out but I catch the Cascoon, naming her Leite. As we continue on, we encounter several more wild pokemon pairs. Must be a trait of bug pokemon or something. Cheryl turns out to be pretty excitable, insisting that we investigate every time she caught a glimpse of something. I can't complain though, since I got 3 pokeballs out of the deal. I also found an antidote, which I gave to a kid whose pokemon had gotten stung by a Wurmple.

       About halfway through the forest we found a large, moss covered rock that seemed to give off a kind of energy. Nia seemed refreshed and invigorated just being in its presence. I'll have to remember to mention it to Professor Rowan next time I see him. We met several other people in the forest, and all of them seemed to be travelling in pairs as well. With Cheryl healing my pokemon none of them presented a problem. It was almost too easy. Pretty soon we reached the edge of the forest.

       "Oh! There's the exit! I'm so relieved... We finally got here. I would've never been able to get through this by myself. Thank you so much, Nate. I'm sure we'll meet again somewhere! Bye for now!" And she left the forest. I stay a little longer, to try to get into the Old Chateau. Several of the trainers we met said they felt a strange presence coming from there. The house is blocked off, however, I'll need to hack my way in. I guess I'll try my luck after I fight Gardenia.

       I exit the Trees and find myself back on Route 205. I cross a bridge, filled with fisherman and pass by a patch of fresh soil where I plant a few berries. The walk is short and soon I find myself in Eterna City. The city is a strange mixture, historic structures centuries old competing for space with new highrises. The town has a more cheerful look than Oreburgh, but I can feel the tension filling the people I walk by. What's going on here? It doesn't take me long to figure out the problem.

       Team Galactic is here! Not only are they present, they're walking down the street like they own the place. The tallest building in town turns out to be their headquarters. How is Gardenia letting this happen? And then it got worse, I saw Cheryl running towards me.

       "Nate! They took her! Team Galactic took my Chansey!"

       "What? How do they expect to get away with that?"

       "Nobody here can stand up to them, since Gardenia is protecting them. They said they're conducting research. I don't want them to experiment on my Chansey." She started crying.

       "I guess we can't look the other way anymore." I look up at the sound of another voice, and my breath catches in my throat. It's her, the League Champion, Cynthia!

       "I try to let my gym leaders run their cities in peace, but I'll make an exception here. What's your name dear?"

       *Sniff* "Cheryl."

       "Well Cheryl, your pokemon will be returned soon enough. And who might you be?"

       "I... I'm Nate."

       "Nate... Oh, I remember you! You're that boy from 3 years ago, interesting. So, what did they take from you?" "Me? Nothing. I just got here." Actually a grunt had approached me earlier, but KAMINA scared him off.

       "I see. Cheryl, why don't you head over to the center. We'll handle it from here." Cheryl nodded and ran off."

       "Nate, Roark told we how you beat him in Oreburgh. Oh don't look so surprised. I like to keep track of my fellow otherworlders. It seems you've toughened up since we last met. Maybe you can help me out. I want proof of Gardenia's crimes. If you challenge her, you should be able to get her to tell you their whole plan. She never could keep her mouth shut during a fight. Once we take her down, Team Galactic will follow." I want to refuse, but I'll need her help if Gardenia's as wrapped up in this as she claims. I agree to her plan.

       "Excellent. Here, you'll need this to enter Galactic's headquarters, since Gardenia's planted special trees to block the entrance." She gives me an HM containing "Cut". I set my battle for tomorrow afternoon, and head to the pokemon center.


Pokemon Caught:

Leite (Cascoon): Level 10, Timid Nature, Somewhat of a clown.


Team Gurren:

KAMINA: Level 20

Nia: Level 19

Kittan: Level 19

Makken: Level 19

Darry: Level 19

Kiyal: Level 18


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11: Crime and Punishment



       It will be hard to fight Gardenia and Team Galactic, so I decide to train up some of my recent catches to keep my options open. At the Pokemon Center, I heal my team and then switch them out for the new recruits: Kiyoh, Leite, Adiane, and Attenborough. I leave KAMINA and Nia in for backup. I head out to Eterna Forest and buckle down for a long afternoon.

        At first I'm not sure why I even brought Attenborough along, but he proves to be surprisingly useful. His wind-based attacks do serious damage to the many insects in the forest and he can cover for Adiane and Kiyoh when a Budew pops up. I bait and switch Leite for the first few battles. My efforts are rewarded as her shell cracks open in a flash of light. Leite evolved into a Dustox. Sadly, she evolved a level to late, so she lacked the signature psychic attack that most Dustoxs have. I guess it's back to bait and switch for a few more levels.

       After running through the grass for an hour or so, I'm beginning to wear out. I've heard that you can use a Combee's spores to attract wild pokemon, so I decide to try that instead. I call Attenborough out of his ball. Now how does this work exactly? Maybe I can just sort of reach over and... *Foomph* A pink cloud shoots out of Attenborough's body when I squeeze him. AHH-CHOOO!! My eyes water up and I start coughing.

       I don't have any time to recover as several pokemon jump out of the grass right towards us. Luckly, I'm able to get Adiane and Kiyoh out and together they beat back the swarm. I'm reluctant to try that again, but it's very effecient. We train for a few more hours and the group is meshing together well. Leite and Attenborough are able to take on any Budews and Adiane keeps the occasional Buneary from causing trouble. The only problem is the Budew's insistance on shooting out paralysing spores in nearly every battle. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to breath clearly again.

       I decide to call it a day and head back to town. I also want to see if there are any supplies I can gather before the fight. I find a super potion behind the gym and a woman gives me a copy of the TM "Recycle". I also discover a bicycle shop but the boy inside tells me that the owner went to the Team Galactic building and hasn't returned. That's very suspicous. Oh well, a bike wouldn't have been much use in battle anyway.

       Soon after, however, I make the most promising find of the day: The Underground Man's house. The Underground Man is the foremost authority on the web of tunnels that strecth under most of the Region. I'm not disappointed. He gives me an Explorer's Kit and spends about an hour spinning tales of the wonderous treasures that can be found in the tunnels. I'll have to try that out tomorrow after I finish training. I head back to the center for the night.

       In the morning I head back to the forest and grind out a few more hours of nasal torture. It's worth it though, as my team is ready with time to spare. I decide to enter the underground and see if I can find anything useful. Maybe I'll dig up a box of tissues. The Explorer's Kit contains a hammer and pick for digging up treasure and a small device that uses radar pulses to find objects under the surface. It also contains a map of the trap doors scattered around Sinnoh that are used to access the tunnels. It looks like there's one on the Far edge of town. I remember some of the townsfolk mentioned a statue on that side of town. It supposedly represents two legendary pokemon.

       It comes slowly into view between the buildings. The Pokemon nearest me is pretty badass looking, covered in spines and protrusions. And behind him... Wait, is that..? I break into a run. It is! That's the beast that took me from my home three years ago. The statue isn't a perfect replica but to me it's unmistakable. I quickly find the inscription on the base, but sadly it's too faded to read. I can just make out enough to confirm that these pokemon had something to do with space and time. Then a galactic grunt walks up to me.

       "Hey clear out of here. This statue is off limits until Team Galactic has finished it's research into these legendary pokemon." I run off in the direction of the trap door. This is bad, if Team Galactic gains control over these pokemon, they could change the universe. With new resolve, I descend into the underground.

       After only an hour, I find a strange fossil. Sweet, I met a man in Oreburgh who said that DNA can be extracted from these fossils to revive ancient species of pokemon. Sadly that is the most useful thing I dig up. The rest of the time is spent sifting through dirt and these colored spheres that are disturbingly common down here. Unfortunately, they're only valuble to collectors, and from what I've heard they won't trade anything useful for them. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

       Back on the surface, I arrange my team and finally head for the gym. The front door leads into a small entrance room. Standing on the other side of the room is Gardenia herself. Excellent, this might be easier than I thought.

       "Welcome, Nate. Raork told me you'd be coming." She flashed me an evil grin.

       "Sadly, you can't fight me until you've beaten all my trainers. Good luck with that." And she disappeared deeper into the gym. Well damn. I open the next door. Before me is an enormous room with a high domed ceiling. Filling the room are trees and plants of all sizes. A small path winds into the underbrush. The floor is actually dirt. Wow, this must cost a fortune to maintain. I guess I'll have to search out the trainers before I can fight them, before I can fight Gardenia. *Sigh*

       Well, at least the townspeople will get a good show. There are no stands here but I can just make out the shapes of video cameras dotting the ceiling. I wander almost completely around the room before I locate the first trainer. Her pokemon are no match for my team's aerial assault. Thankfully, she gives me a hint for the next trainers location.

       It seems each trainer will only enter the room after I've beaten the previous one. Gardenia seems determined to make this as hard as possible. At least her trainers are willing to help me out. I guess even her underlings hate her. Finally, I beat the last trainer and Gardenia rises into the room on a platform. I approach her.

       "Well, it looks like you might put up a fight after all", she says.

       "Why are you doing this, Gardenia? What could you possibly gain from helping Team Galactic?"

       "They're going to remake the universe", she stated, "and I want in on it. It turns out that power is an addicting thing. Coming here gave me a taste, but I want more. I'm tired of Cynthia and her cronies. In this new world, I'll be the one in charge."

       "I won't let that happen", I reply.

       "Ha, try and stop me." She sent out her Cherubi.

       "Go Attenborough!" She stared at him for a minute, and then her face got red.

       "Is that a Combee? A MALE Combee? Are you trying to insult me?!" I smile back at her.

       "Well, you are basically the worst."

       "Shut up and battle." Despite her accusations, Attenborough turned out to be also perfect for this fight. Her Cherubi's grass based attacks did hardly any damage and Attenborough's gust were wearing it down. Finally Gardenia did the smart thing and ordered her pokemon to use leech seed. My Combee's health began to drop as it was constantly drained away. It was too late however, to save her first pokemon; a final blow from Attenborough knocked it out.

       I switched to Leite soon after her Turtwig joined the fight. Leite finished it off without too much trouble.

       "This isn't over yet", Gardenia snarled. "Take them out, Roserade!" Her most powerful pokemon emerged. Leite tried her best but the enemy paralyzed her and she was taking too much damage. At least Gardenia had already used two super potions (one on her Cherubi and one on her Turtwig), so I doubt she has any more tricks up her sleeve. I decide to switch to Leeron. Gardenia's face turns white and she backs up.

       "Is that... a ghost?"

       "Well, yeah. I..."

       "Kill it, Roserade!  Oh God, Kill it!!" And her pokemon tried, even paralyzing him like Leite. But it wasn't enough. I gave Leeron a super potion and he managed to get off enough attacks to end the battle. Gardenia just sat there while I grabbed the Forest badge and a TM of "Grass Knot". She only recovered after I called Leeron back into his ball.

       "Last chance Gardenia. Throw Team Galactic out before you lose everything."

       "What are you saying? You think you have me cornered? You may have won today but I'm still the Gym Leader! I own this town!"

       "Not anymore." We both turn as another person emerges from the shadows.

       "Cy-cy-cy-cynthia!", Gardenia sputtered.

       "It's over, Gardenia. You've betrayed us and now you must pay the price."

       "No, wait!"

       "In the name of the Sinnoh League, I, Cynthia, the Champion, strip you of your position and title. You are no longer worthy to be a trainer. Hand over your pokemon."

       "No, you can't do this. I-I won't let you have them." Cynthia smiled, and I felt chills run up my spine. She reached for her belt and threw down a pokeball. A swirling vortex of eyes and darkness rose from the ground and started moving toward Gardenia. I decided to leave when she started screaming.

       I returned to the Pokemon center and adjusted my team. Attenborough and Leite deserve a break. I teach Leeron Cut and he clears the way to the Galactic Headquarters. I feel a grin of my own beginning to form. Now that Leeron's gotten me through the trees, I think I know just the pokemon for the door.



Team Gurren:

KAMINA: Level 20

Nia: Level 19

Leeron: Level 23

Kiyal: Level 19

Adiane: Level 19

Kiyoh: Level 19


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- Interlude 2: All According to Plan  -

After chasing Mars through Eterna Forest, I found myself in Eterna City. I had lost track of Mars, but after a little investigation it became clear she had holed up in the Galactic Building. I decided to follow a grunt back into the base. After he cut down the tree, I had Ramiel, my newly captured Bronzor, hypnotize him, putting him into a deep sleep. I hide his unconscious form in some nearby bushes, taking his uniform so that I can better disguise myself.

Inside, I learn that Team Galactic is planning to use the powers of some legendary pokemon to recreate the universe, and that Gardenia, the local gym leader, is helping fund them. Interesting. I also find out about their leaders, Mars, whose job was to steal energy, Jupiter, the local boss, whose job is to research the legendary pokemon, Saturn, whose job is to capture some other legendary pokemon and Cyrus, the head of Team Galactic. I decide to spend a few days preparing, figuring out how best to topple the organization and arrest Jupiter and Mars here.

The few days pass, and my plan is ready. It'll be difficult, but if everything works perfectly, it should go off without a hitch.

...what's that sound? I look towards the door to see a large silhoette coming towards the building. It looks like an...

The glass front of the building shatters as a 28 foot stone snake bursts in. On its head, not him.

"Hey! Hey hey hey hey! You got guts walkin' around this city like you own it.  Ya know that?  You and this big, ugly building of yours. Well that ends here. I won't stand for any more of your shenanigans!"

A grunt strides forward, an incredulous look on his face. "Wha? Who the hell are you?"

"I'm gonna tell you something important so you'd better dig the wax out of those huge ears of yours and pay attention! The repution of Team Gurren echoes far and wide! When they talk about its badass trainer, a man of unparalleled skill and bravery, they're talking about me, Nate of Twinleaf Town! I won't tolerate any further lawlessness in this city!"

Oh no. No, not now. God dammit. I try to sneak my way away from the crowd.

"Hey, you! Xerxes!  What are you doing with Team Galactic!  What happened to all that talk of justice and toppling their evil empire?"

God fucking dammit. He's recognized me and blown my cover. So much for my great plan. The rest of the grunts look at me, finally noticing that my hair isn't dyed bluish-green. I remove my jacket and ready my Pokemon. They swarm me and Nate. Luckily, their pokemon are all fairly weak compared to our parties. We eventually make our way to the top floor, where Mars and Jupiter are waiting for us. Mars sends out her Purugly and Jupiter sends out her Skuntank. Knowing Skuntanks to be dangerous, I send out Asuka to handle it, leaving Nate to deal with Mars' pokemon. Asuka hits the Skuntank a few times with Spark, paralyzing it, but its Night Slashes are quite powerful. I switch to Toji, my Machop, who at the very least is resistant to its Dark moves. After a few Karate Chops and Low Kicks, he's also low on health, so I switch once more, this time to Gaghiel, my Shellos. I know for a fact that this things only weakness is Ground so I have Gaghiel use Mud Bomb.

It misses.

Skuntank Night Slashes once more, tearing right through Gaghiels squishy body. I send out my newly evolved Grotle, Gendo, to finish it off. Around this time I see that Nate has successfully dealt with Mars as well. As I step forward to arrest them, they run off towards a door, opening it to reveal a firepole. We rush over and see that it leads...all the way into the Underground. Clever girls. We head down after them, quickly losing track of them in the maze-like tunnels. On the plus side, now I can deal with Nate and his Team Gurren nonsense...


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My God I love this collab. It was great when it was just Ninja, but X as Looker adds another dimension to it. Whatever you do, please don't stop writing this, both of you.


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- Interlude 3: Crushing Defeat -

I let Nate get ahead of me as I pull the handcuffs from my belt. I manage to get one of the cuffs on him before he notices, pulling away and taking a few steps away from me.

"Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?!?"

"I'm placing you under arrest for suspected involvement in a criminal organization, interfering in an official police investigation, resisting arrest and generally being an asshat. You will also be questioned regarding Team Galactic. If you choose to resist arrest further, I'd be more than happy to levy additional charges."

He pulled out a pokeball, as I knew he would. They never choose to go easily, do they. He sends out his Monferno, just like last time. I send out Toji, my Machop. He used Taunt, just like last time. Toji takes Revenge on his Monferno from our last battle, hitting pretty hard. He responds with an Ember, letting Toji hit hard enough to knock Monferno out. That's obstacle number one out of the way.

He panics momentarily before switching to a Drifloon. A ghost/flying is probably the worst thing possible for Toji to face, so I switch him out for my Luxio, Asuka, who arrives just in time to have a gust of wind ruffle her mane. Nate switches to an Onix, making Asuka's Spark useless. He starts a Sandstorm only for Asuka to Roar, forcing Nate's Shellos into the battle. Asuka lets loose another Spark, this one surging through his Shellos' body, leaving it unconscious. That's two.

He switches back to his Onix. I switch to Toji. The serpent coils around Toji, only for Nate to realize the huge disadvantage he's at. I have Toji use a Low Kick, hoping to topple the Onix, only for Nate to switch to a Golbat, which had evolved while we were fighting off Team Galactic. I switch to Ramiel, a Bronzor. As the Golbat's Wing Attack fails to even scratch Ramiel's mirrored surface, Nate commands it to use Confuse Ray. In response, I have Ramiel Imprison it, preventing it from using another one. Out of options, his Golbat attempts to Bite the steel surface, failing to do any significant damage. Ramiel breaks out of confusion and inflicts a Confuse Ray of its own on his bat. He switches to Drifloon again. They exchange Payback and Extrasensory a number of times until they're both near exhaustion. Finally, knowing that Ramiel can take one last shot before unconsciousness, I have him perform the final Extrasensory, knocking the Drifloon out. Three.

We both switch, Nate to his Golbat, me to Asuka. Seeing what he's up against, he switches to his Onix again, a move I anticipated, allowing Asuka to find purchase with her Bite. Knowing that it's stupid to keep her out against it though, I switch to my Grotle, Gendo. His Onix attempts to Bind Gendo, but fails to get a hold. I have Gendo use Razor Leaf as Nate switches to his Golbat. He uses Confuse Ray. Gendo proceeds to Bite the Golbat, ignoring the confusion this turn. I decide to do the safe thing and switch to Yui, my Gastly. I've barely used her in battle, so this is as good an opportunity as any to test her out. She's released into a Wing Attack, which ends up blowing away most of the gas that her body is made up of. I've only got one shot with her, so I decide to make it count by using Sucker Punch as the Golbat Bites Yui. Yui falls into unconsciousness, but took Golbat down a notch.

I send Asuka in. Nate switches to Roselia who finds herself on the wrong end of a Spark. It hits her hard enough to paralyze her, but Asuka once again stuck herself on a thorn. Asuka decides to fight through the pain though, delivering one last Bite as Roselia's Mega Drain and Poison take Asuka out.

Knowing that his Roselia is severely disadvantaged and slowed down significantly by paralysis, I send the exhausted Ramiel in to do one last job. Seeing this, Nate switches to his Golbat, who takes the full brunt of Ramiel's Extrasensory. Unfortunately, it's not enough, and one more Bite from the Golbat is enough to finish my Bronzor.

My options now are limited. I decide to take a gamble, sending out Arael, my Beautifly. He takes a Wing Attack that nearly KOs him, but responds with a Stun Spore. Now to play the mind games.

"Your Golbat's going to die if you don't switch. It's too slow and too weak to survive another turn. You're going to lose."

"Quit bringing your battle-analyzing bullshit into this! To go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That's the Team Gurren way!" The kid was cocky as hell, I'll give him that, but I could tell he was shaken and beginning to panic. He switches to his Onix, just as planned, allowing Arael enough time to heal with Morning Sun. As the Onix begins throwing rocks, I switch to Gendo who is relatively unaffected by them. Nate switches back to Golbat, who once again gets Razor Leafed. Knowing that it's now slow enough that I don't have to worry about a counterattack, I have Gendo finish it off with a Bite, knocking it out. Four.

Nate is visibly panicked now. He sends his Roselia out, still very much paralyzed, hurt and with no advantage. I wait, letting Gendo perform Curses whilst Roselia helplessly lies in front of him, paralysis in full effect. After the sixth curse, Gendo is officially slower than the Roselia, and so fails to dodge the Stun Spore it releases as Gendo Bites it. Five.

Nate's last pokemon is his Onix. He doesn't stand a chance against my cursed Grotle. Without any options left, he does the sensible thing. He runs.

I chase him through the tunnels, eventually finding a trapdoor that leads back into Eterna City. I climb the ladder, only to find the door weighed down, probably with his fucking 460 pound rock snake. I mutter under my breath as I check my map for another exit. The nearest one comes out about a mile out of town. Looks like I'll probably lose him again.

I get back to town about sunset, only to see Cynthia, the Sinnoh Champion, waiting by the Pokemon Center.

"Excuse me, ma'am, have you seen a boy around here with an Onix?"

"Oh, you're looking for Nate, are you? Whatever for?"

"Suspected criminal activity. I believe him to be involved in a criminal organization with either similar goals to or in direct conflict with Team Galactic. Any information you could provide would be helpful."

"Ah, well, last I saw he was heading south on a bicycle. However, it would seem our goals may be similar, that is to say stopping him from reaching Palkia."

"What is Palkia?"

"Palkia is one of the three beings responsible for this universe. Palkia controls space and Dialga controls time." At the mention of Dialga, my interest suddenly shifted. Dialga must have been the one responsible for my time travel. If I could control Dialga, I could fix everything.

If Nate could control Palkia, he could destroy everything.

I turn back to Cynthia. "I need to stop him. Will you help me?" She smiles, reaches into a backpack and hands me an egg.

"My Togekiss recently laid this. They're a little hard to train at first, but very powerful later on." I had trained a Togetic in my original journey through Johto, and ended up boxing it shortly after it evolved, unimpressed with it when compared to Remilia, my Crobat. However, only a fool looks a gift horse in the mouth, especially from the Champion.

"I also know of something else which might interest you. I discovered it many years ago." She leads me to the south end of town, where we descend a series of cliffs into a valley beneath the Cycling Bridge. After pushing past a huge amount of underbrush, we eventually reach a cave, hidden away from plain sight.

"In there you'll find a Pokemon that will prove invaluable in defeating Nate next time you meet." I grin as I head into the darkness, and the darkness grins back.


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And I'm back!  Sorry about the long pause.  The story should start updating frequently again.



12: Fears and Hopes



       I take a deep breath, and lean back on Adiane's tail.  I can hear Xerxes pounding on the trap door below her.  My heart's pounding and I can feel my bravado slipping away.  He almost had me that time.  I'm beginning to realize just how lucky I was the first time we met.  This guy is an experienced trainer and pokemon battler.  The pounding on the door ceases and I stand up.  No time to rest now.  Hopefully I'll have enough time to escape while Xerxes finds another exit from the Underground.

       I call Adiane back into her pokeball and dash towards the Pokemon Center.  While my pokemon are healing I weigh my options.  The fastest way out of town is the Cycling road, but for that I'll need a bike.  I head down the street and enter Rad Rickshaw's bicycle shop.  Mr. Rad is happy to see me and offers me a free bike in thanks for freeing him and his Clefairy from Team Galactic.  I accept and he instructs me on how to use it.  It seems this bike has two gear settings, one for precision steering and one for pure speed.  I know which one I'll be getting the most use out of.  On my way out of town I return Cheryl's Chansey (which I'd found in one of Team Galactic's Laboratories).

       "Oh, Nate. Thank you so much!" she exclaims. Just then I spot Xerxes rounding one of the buildings down the road.

       "Well got to go. Later Cheryl!" And I hop on my bike and race out of town.

       The wind is the first thing I notice.  It whips my clothing and stings my eyes as it blows up the road.  I shield my eyes and then notice the view.  Wow.  You can't tell while you're there but Eterna City is pretty high in the mountains.  Here it's obvious.  A sheer cliff drops to the valley below, with the Cycling Road shooting downhill like a silver ribbon.  In the distance, you can see the smoke rising from Oreburgh.  

       I can't enjoy the view for too long though.  It seems the time I took to heal my pokemon wasn't wasted, as I encounter several trainers on bikes that insist on duking it out in the middle of the road.  Thankfully, Xerxes seems to have given up the chase.  I finally make it to the bottom of the mountain.  Now that I have some breathing room, I decide to see if I can find any new pokemon.  The valley underneath Cycling road is full of tall grass, and before too long I encounter a pokemon. 

       It's a Ponyta.  Well, I don't really need another Fire type, but I catch it anyway.  I name the fiery steed Zorthy and send him to the box.  I work my way back to the cliff and encounter a hiker near the entrance to a cave.  After I best him in combat, he agrees to tell me about it.

       "Wayward Cave is a labyrinth, filled with bats, and terrible rock monsters.  It's also the darkest cave in Sinnoh."  I thought all caves were dark.

       "Does it lead anywhere?" I ask.

       "Nope", He grins.

       "Any reason at all to go in?"

      "The thrill of a challenge, besting the horror of the unknown."

      "Ok."  I turn around and leave.

       "You're not going in?" He asks, an expression of shock on his face.

      "Nope", I call out over my shoulder.  No thanks, I have better things to do, and I bet his "rock monsters" are just a bunch of Geodudes and Onix anyway.  I make my way back to the end of Cycling Road and head down to where Route 206 turns into 207.  I spot Dawn walking up from Oreburgh.

       "Oh, hi Nate!" she calls out.

       "How's your pokedex coming along?"  I let her take a look.

       "That's not bad at all."

       "What about yours", I ask.

       "Um", she glances to the side, "mine's somewhere between great... and terrible."  She smiles ruefully.  "Turns out you can't find many new types of pokemon without beating the gym leaders so you can travel everywhere.  In fact, I'm on my way to Eterna City right now to fight Gardenia."

       "She's not the gym leader anymore", I state.  "She got kicked out for helping Team Galactic."

       "What?  I miss all the excitement.  Oh well, I'm glad I ran into you at least.  The professor wanted me to give you something.  Here, pick a hand."  She reaches into her backpack and then holds out her hands.  I point to the one on the right. 

       "Here you go.  This is the Vs Seeker.  It's a special machine that connects you to a web of other trainers so that you can set up rematches.  Just enter their name here and they'll let you know if they want to fight."  She holds up her other hand.

       "Here you can have this too.  You deserve it after all your hard work."  She hands me a poketch app.

       "Thanks", I say, feeling my cheeks heat slightly from all the praise.  She doesn't seem to notice. 

       "That's the Dowsing Machine, it allows you to find objects hidden in the area.  Well, I should get going, don't want you getting too far ahead of me."  She grins and runs off towards Eterna.  I use the Dowsing Machine to quickly find a great ball buried a few inches under the ground.  I wander along the rest of the route, finding a few more items and battling the trainers in the area.  Sadly, I don't find anything to remove the handcuffs on my left wrist.  At least Dawn didn't ask about it.  

       I also find a tunnel that leads under Mt. Coronet, the largest mountain in Sinnoh.  I know that I have to go through there to get to the next gym in Hearthome City, but that's probably where Xerxes will look for me next.  I decide to go to Oreburgh instead.  I remember a man at the museum there who knew how to extract DNA from Pokemon fossils like the ones I found underground.  He agrees to revive one fossil in return for the others I collected and a small fee.  It will take a day or two for the process to finish, so I decide to head back through Floaroma Town and Eterna Forest, collecting some of the berries I planted on my first time through.

       The trees of Eterna Forest cast a cool shadow on the ground below as I stand in front of the Old Chateau.  I had almost forgotten about this place.  The house still radiates a sense of unease, but it seems diminished since I was here last. Leeron cuts through the choking undergrowth and I walk up to the door.  Inside is a large room with a balcony.  A couple of potted plants stand dead and dried up in the corners.  A layer of dust covers everything.  In the back is a strange statue that glares menacingly at me as I walk toward the stairs.

       As I climb the air seems to take on a purple hue, and my throat starts to constrict.  I begin coughing.  Can't breathe!  I hurl myself backwards down the stairs.  Eyes watering, I look up to see a purple cloud coalesce above me.  It's a Ghastly!  I manage to throw out a pokeball before it can charge.  KAMINA pops out and together we subdue the ghost pokemon.  I finally contain it in a pokeball of its own.  After naming it Lordgenome, I continue through the house, more cautious than before. 

       The doors on the left and right of the balcony lead to rooms filled with books.  In the first I find an old gateau (a pokemon medicine from the days before potions), and in the next I find a notebook lying on the floor.  There's something written in it: "Som...hing so pecu...r shou... make off ...ith the mot..."  Weird.  I flip through the book, but the rest of the pages are blank.  The final door leads from the center of the balcony to a large hallway.  Five doors open to reveal small rooms.

       The leftmost room contains nothing special but in the next I find an old television set.  The screen is broken, like someone punched it, and it seems to radiate a faint aura similar to the one pervading the house.  The next room appears to be the master bedroom and the following one is decorated like a little girl's room.  As I turn to leave a red light appears in the corner of my eye.  I spin around but it's gone.  I turn again and the light returns.  It seems to be eminating from the eyes of the painting hanging on the far wall.

       Now thoroughly unnerved, I turn to leave, only to catch a glimpse of a small girl walking past the doorway.  I run out into the hall and see the child disappear into the final room.  I follow her but the room is empty.  What's going on!?  The only thing in this room is a small disc.  I pick it up.  It's a TM for a move called Substitute.  I head back into the main room and descend the stairs.  The atmosphere of this place is getting to me and the occasional Ghastly attack isn't helping.  I walk past the statue and into a large dining hall.

       Standing on the far side of the long table is an old man in a grey suit.  He locks eyes with me and suddenly I can't move.  I try to scream but no sound comes out.  The only part of my body not paralyzed are my eyes, allowing me to watch the old man turn and walk towards a door at the end of the room.  As he passes the table, I can clearly see that he is floating a few inched off the ground.  Once he exits the room, I can move again.  I run.  And I don't stop until I've slammed the front door behind me.  I understand Gardenia's fear of ghosts now; she must have planted the trees that block off this place.

       As my fear subsides, I realize that hope is not lost for this place. The frightening presence pushing at my mind seems just a little weaker than before. Maybe those people will find rest someday. They're probably just like me: trapped in a sad world, but looking for a better one.


Pokemon Caught:

Zorthy (Ponyta): Level 14, Careful Nature, Good Perseverance.

Lordgenome (Ghastly): Level 13, Jolly Nature, Highly Curious.


Team Gurren:

KAMINA: ~Level 23

Nia: ~level 23

Leeron: ~level 22

Kiyal: Level 22

Adiane: ~Level 22

Kiyoh: ~Level 22


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Another excellent pair of updates. I hate to even call them "updates," these are chapters. Brilliant work, you guys. Damn you're setting the bar high for me to go back to creativity.


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I miss the shit out of this.


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I am ashamed of myself.  I should never have left the story for this long.  I hate it when other authors leave a story I enjoy hanging, and then I neglect mine for almost 2 months.  And why?  Because I'm lazy.  I apologize guys.  I hope that this next post can make up for a small part of the wait I put you through.


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13: Say the Magic Word


       Seven Days. It’s been seven days since I left the Old Chateau. It feels more like seven weeks. I can't stand it anymore. I don't care if Xerxes is waiting right around the corner; I'm getting my pokemon and continuing my journey. I head down to Oreburgh and the Mining Museum.

       "Welcome back", says the man behind the counter, "the extraction went great. Here. It's called a Shieldon."

       "Cool, I remember reading about these in school. I'll name him Lagann." I walk outside and notice a crowd gathered outside the gym. I wonder what's going on.

       "A girl went missing a couple of days ago", a woman in the crowd explains. "She went to route 206 to catch some pokemon. And Roark is refusing to go look for her, says it's out of his 'jurisdiction'. No one else has tough enough pokemon, and Eterna City is too busy appointing a new gym leader." ...well that last one is kinda my fault.

       "I can look for her. My team is pretty tough."

       "Oh, thank you. She has long pink hair and fights with a Kadabra." A Kadabra, sweet, at least she'll be well protected. I head out of town and back up Route 207. I guess this would be a good time to try Lagann out. I call him out and we head into the tall grass. After an hour, I have deduced two things:

1. Lagann is going to need a lot of work. His only method of attack is to hurl himself at the enemy, which often hurts him as well as his opponent.

2. The missing girl isn't here anymore. I haven't been able to find any clues about where she could have gone either. Then I remember the old hiker I met outside that cave a week ago. Maybe he saw her. But there's no way he would still be... he's still there. Creepy. I walk up to him.

       "Um... hi"

       "Hello! Say I remember you. Changed your mind huh? Couldn't resist the lure of exploration?"

       "Actually, I'm here looking for a girl. Long pink hair. She went missing about 2 days ago."

       "Ah! I know her. Delightful lass. Her Kadabra bested me easily, so I rewarded her with information about the cave." Oh no. I don't like where this is going. "She, having a good deal more spunk than you, I must say, immediately set out to conquer the unknown. Hmm... Now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing her leave. She must have gotten caught up in a lark of some sort and lost track of time."

       Damn it! Well, it looks like I don't have a choice. I thank the delusional man and head into the cave. Wow, it really is dark in here. The walls seem to absorb the light and the tunnel twists away from the cave mouth, leaving only the faintest echoes of sunlight. Thankfully I came prepared. My trusty flashlight has gotten me through every cave so far. I pull it out of my pack and flip the ON switch. A beam of light shines out, holds for a few seconds, falters, and then blinks out. What?! I flip the switch back and forth. Nothing. Crap, the batteries must have died. Now what? I think for a few minutes. Then it hits me. Flash! I grab the TM and release Leeron from his poke ball. After the light from the machine fades, I tell Leeron to use his new move. A white flash blinds me. Ow! Shit! I should have seen that coming. Bright afterimages play across my vision, but eventually I can see again. Leeron is floating above me giving out a soft glow from inside his balloon-like body. That's more like it. I head deeper into the cave.

       Well I am officially lost. I've been wandering down here for 2 hours already. At least I know what pokemon are found here: Zubats, Geodudes, and Onix, just as suspected. Thankfully, between Makken and Darry, my team is holding up well. I round a corner, which incidentally looks like every other corner in this place, just in time to see a small disc rise from the floor. Sensing my presence it whips around and attacks. It's a Bronzor! That's more like it! The steel pokemon is no pushover, but its attacks are pretty weak and before long I've captured him. I name the levitator Guame and send it off to the PC.

       Time passes. My team is beginning to wear out. I feel like I must have traversed the entire cave but I haven't seen the girl or found my way back to the entrance. I'm starting to panic when I hear a sound echoing softly through the cave. Is that crying? It seems to be coming from a side tunnel up ahead. I follow the tunnel until it dead ends in a small open area. In the center is a small girl with long pink hair. That must be her. Wait a minute, I know that hairstyle... it's the girl that tried to get me to trade for her Abra. Mira, that's what her name was.

       "Mira", I call out to her.

       "Huh? *sniff* Who's there? Hey, you're that kid from before. The one with the Chimchar."

       "Nate",  I nod. "What are you doing here?"

       "I was trying to catch pokemon, but I got lost. I'm scared." *Sniff*

       "Hey, don't be scared. I'm here to help, and you've still got your pokemon with you right?"

       "Yeah, but he's all worn out. He can't even make light anymore." Thankfully I have a few ethers in my pack for her Kadabra, as well as some granola bars for her. In return she shares her rather ridiculous store of potions. With our teams revitalized we head out in search of the exit. On the way, she tells me her story.

       "After you left, I decided to stop trying to trade Kazza, that's my Abra, away and instead I started training with him. And you were right, after a little while he evolved into a Kadabra, and now he's very strong. A little too strong, actually. I decided to catch some friends for him but he keeps defeating them before I even send out a poke ball. So when I heard about this cave I had to go in. But I got lost after Kazza knocked out the Zubat I was trying to catch."

       The wild pokemon in the cave began to appear in groups, but they were no match for Kazza and Team Gurren. Mira's pokemon battered the enemy with psychic blasts and bolts of lightning, but it seems she prefers gentler methods.

       "My favorite kinds of moves are helpful ones like growl and minimize. That's why I taught Kazza to use his telekinesis to distract the opponent." As we continued down the tunnel, we ran into other people. Trainers, collectors, spelunkers and the like. Sadly none of them knew the way out.

       "It's so easy to get confused in here. Do you know where we are Nate?" Mira asked.

       "No, but I have an idea that should help." I move to address the whole group. "Everyone I think I have a plan that can get us out of here."

       "Hold on", said a large man in the back. "You're just kids. Why should we follow you?"

       "Yeah", agreed a skinny bespectacled man. "I collect only the finest pokemon. I won't listen to you unless you can defeat my team."

       Mira and I glanced at each other and smiled.

       "Go Kazza!"

       "Alright, KAMINA! Show them how Team Gurren rolls."

       30 seconds later, I explained my plan. It wasn't complicated; we just scratch marks into the tunnel walls whenever we come to an intersection, that way we always know where we've been. It's still hard work but after another hour or so, the group rounds a corner and suddenly discovers the blinding light of the sun.

       "We made it!" Everyone yells.

       "There's the exit! Thank you so much Nate!" As the group runs for the exit, I hold Mira back.

       "You still want to catch a pokemon right?"

       "But, I already tried to catch a pokemon here. I'm not supposed to try again."

       "Yeah", I agree, and then I wink and hold a finger up to my lips. "But, I won't tell if you don't." Then I point to a corner where a wild Sandshrew is watching the others leave.

       "It's adorable!" Mira starts to move towards it, but hesitates. "But Kazza will just knock it out like all the others."

       "Let me handle that." I call out Darry, who had evolved into a Graveler from all the fighting. She dropped small rocks onto the Sandshrews head until Mira was able to capture him.

       "I'm gonna name him Napster", Mira grinned.

       "One more thing", I say as we leave the cave. "Do you know how to evolve Kazza to his final form?"

       "Yeah, I have to let another trainer take care of him. But I don't know if I can do that."

       "Why don't you let me take him? You can train Darry for me. She needs the same treatment to evolve into a Golem."

       "Really? Thanks Nate! I'll take good care of her, I promise." We head back to Oreburgh to make the trade official at the Pokemon Center. Well, it looks like I can't leave just yet. One more day shouldn't kill me.

       The next morning I head north to Eterna City to explore Route 211. I had ignored this route before because it ran through Mt. Coronet and I didn't want to go that way. But since I can't leave yet, it seems like the perfect place to train Kazza. It also contains a few types of pokemon that I haven't seen before. Not long after entering the tall grass, I run into a Hoothoot settling in to sleep until sunset. I capture him quickly and send him off to the box after naming him 'Gimmy'. Also on the route were Meditites and what my Pokedex identified as Chinglings. In the north-west corner of the large grassy patch, I discovered an odd pile of dirt. What is it? Some kind of Pokemon burrow? I nudge it with my toe. The pile explodes upward, shooting dirt into my face.

       "So you've discovered my hiding place!" Wha?! The dust clears, revealing a small boy wearing a black suit and a large red headband. Does he think he's a ninja or something?

       "Now I must defeat you to keep my location secret." He grabs an object off his belt. Is that a Shuriken? Before I can react he throws the object into my chest. Skreee!! It's a Zubat! This kid just threw a pokemon at me. I stumble to my feet just in time to be knocked down by another well thrown bat.

       "That's it. Kazza!!" I throw out Mira's Kadabra and quickly end this ridiculous battle. The rest of the day is spent battling wild pokemon, as well as two more conventional trainers that I found on the other side of a bridge.

       That evening I returned met up with Mira and we traded our pokemon back. Kazza evolved into an Alakazam and Darry changed into a Golem. I decided not to wait any longer and left for Mt. Coronet after grabbing a quick dinner. Hopefully I can make it to Hearthome City before it gets too late. I head down Route 207 and reach the cave mouth before the sun sets. Thankfully, the tunnel through Mt. Coronet is much better lit than the Wayward Cave, even at dusk. Furthermore, I have new batteries for my flashlight. The tunnel is full of wild pokemon, and after some tough battling, Nia defeats a Meditite that I name Cybela.

       "Alright Nia, way to go!" Before I can call Nia back into her ball a man walks out of the shadows.

       "What a disgusting display of emotion", he announces, walking up to me.

       "Who are you?"

       "I am a man who seeks to create a perfect world. A world free of the corrupting power of emotions. A world like this one was, before humans despoiled it."

       "What's wrong with emotions? What's wrong with loving your friends and hating evil?"

       "What's wrong with emotions?" He echoes sarcastically. "They are illogical, irrational, a vast spiraling collection of energy used only to create strife and suffering. They are the products of the weak and lacking human heart. I will purge this detritus. I am the leader of Team Galactic, and you are the scum that has been delaying our plans. Well no more!"

       He throws a poke ball at Nia, but it isn't a regular poke ball. This one is black, with red lines forming a disturbing pattern. It lands and I watch in horror as Nia's body dissolves into pixels and is drawn into the ball. The man picks it up and turns to leave.

       "No! Nia!" I grab the rest of my poke balls and release my whole team. "Give her back!" He turns and looks down his nose at me. Suddenly a huge flying serpent separates us, all jaws and scales. I didn't even see him throw out a poke ball. I ready my team but the beast rushes forward, sending all of us flying. My world goes black momentarily, before the pain jolts me back to consciousness. I struggle to my knees only to see my team unconscious around me and the man striding away again.

       "If you want to keep your pokemon alive, stay out of our way."

       "No... Nia... Nia!" The man fades back into the shadows.



Pokemon Revived:

Lagann (Shieldon): Level 20, Quirky Nature, Alert to Sounds.


Pokemon Caught:

Guame (Bronzor): Level 15, Docile Nature, Likes to Thrash About.

Gimmy (Hoothoot): Level 14, Quirky Nature, Likes to Fight.


Team Gurren:

KAMINA: Level 25

Kittan: Level 20

Kiyal: Level 22

Leeron: Level 25

Lagann: Level 21


Pokemon Lost:

Nia, Kidnapped by Team Galactic, Level 4 - Level 25


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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This is such a great read. I'm glad you're back, and I really can't say a word about your absence. I have a story that people are STILL waiting for, and it's been dormant for over a year now...

Shieldon is extremely hard to raise, both for its utter lack of offensive capabilities and the fact that it actually requires more experience points to level up than most other Pokemon. However, if he makes it to Bastiodon, as long as you keep him away from Fighting, Ground, and Water, he's virtually invincible. Props to you if you're able to make him work; I couldn't in my run.

Also, it's nice to see a run of Wayward Cave mentioned; rarely is it attempted in a Nuzlocke for anything other than trying to catch Gible, just cause it's too risky. It took balls to go through the whole thing.

And now you have Cyrus stealing Pokemon? This is so refreshing, the liberties you're taking don't stretch it too far, just enough so that it's still Pokemon, but I've definitely never read anything like this.

You are not allowed to stop being interested in Pokemon, Ninja. I need your perspective.


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