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Alright, so I just got into pokemon recently, after X found out that I hadn't played it as a kid.  I played through HeartGold and heard about this Nuzlocke thing, so I decided to try it too.  Read if you want or don't, I just felt it should be documented in some way.

Here goes...


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This is not how it was supposed to be.

It was supposed to be fun...

It was supposed to be safe...



     My name is Nate. My parents took me to the pokemon festival that day, to get my first pokemon. I was so excited. The best trainers from around the region were there, and I wanted to be just like them. But then IT appeared. Even now I can't describe it, but I guess you can imagine the world is a flat sheet of paper, and on the other side is the vacuum of space. Then something starts tearing holes in the paper, allowing you to see the other side. That's similar to how it looked, then I was sucked into one of the holes.

     As I fell through the darkness, I caught a glimpse of a massive dragon with giant spheres instead of shoulders, and then I woke up in my bed at home. But it wasn't my home. It looked the same, and my family was there, but it all seemed a little off. Gradually I realized that I was in a different world, a reality similar to mine but not identical. And the biggest difference was the one that would destroy my only dream: in this dimension pokemon could kill each other. I couldn't do it, I couldn't face the possibility that I would make a friend only to have him die, or that I would have to watch him kill other kids friends.

     Then it got worse. I discovered that some of the trainers from the festival had fallen through with me, and the pokemon they brought with them from the old universe were still invincible. Of you could knock them out, but they could be revived with a visit to the nearest pokemon center. Rather than search for a way home, these trainers used their new-found power to take over the entire region, setting themselves up as gym leaders and champions. I also discovered that the pokemon I saw, the terrible dragon that stole me from my home, was a legend here. People actually believe that you can find this monster, and even capture it.

     Now a hero would see this as an oppourtunity. He would stand up to the gym leaders and fearlessly hunt down the legendary beast. A pokemon master would train up an elite team, fight his way to the top and capture the dragon, bending its power to his will.


But I'm not a hero. I'm not a pokemon master. I'm not even a trainer.

     I'm just a scared little kid who lost his dream. So for three years I did nothing. I thought I would live the rest of my life like this.









But fate had other plans...





Here's what's happening:

Nuzlocke (Pearl), serious AU with shades of Gurren Lagann.

Rules: 1. If a pokemon faints, it's dead, period.

2. I can only catch the first pokemon I encounter in an area (if it faints/escapes too bad).

            a. I can skip pokemon I have already caught.

            b. The Safari Zone may be an exception, I haven't decided.

            c. I must nickname all pokemon I catch (theme is Gurren Lagann but other animes may sneak in). 

3. I can use all items I find/buy except revives/max revives. 

4. The battle selection is "set", so i can't always have type advantage. 

5. TPK may not mean game over, it depends on the circumstances.

Updates: May be frequent or sporadic, depending on my schedule and mood that day. Hopefully you'll like it enough to stay with me.

Final Note: Please remember that I am inexperienced in both pokemon and story telling. Constructive criticism and advice are welcome. Also don't worry, Nate won't be a whiny bitch for too much longer.


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Hello Ninja! I have to say this is a nice surprise. To be honest, I'm really looking forward to seeing a Nuzlocke from the eyes of someone who, as you said, is inexperienced in Pokemon. I will definitely be following and commenting all the way.


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Thanks for the vote of confidence, I hope you won't be disappointed. :)



1: Chimchar, I choose you!


       It's been 3 years since I was brought here.  I've grown used to it.  I'm at home watching TV with my mom when the news comes on.  Seems that some people are getting all excited about a red gyarados sighting... ... ...  wait, isn't Lake Verity right up the road from here? oh- *SLAM* "Hey Nate, meet me in front of my house in 10 minutes! Don't be late!" *SLAM* -damn.

       For those of you in the dark about what just happened, that was Lewis, my best friend. Now don't misunderstand, I say that without any sarcasm. Lewis is fun to hang out with, and he was still willing to be my friend after the whole interdimensional thing made me a little crazy. However, he's also a hyperactive poke'maniac that doesn't consider other peoples opinions. Well I should probably go see what he wants.

       I walk over to Lewis' house and he's standing outside the front door. He immedietaly begins babbling about going to the lake to catch the red gyarados. "... I'll be waiting on Route 201, don't be late or it's a $1 million fine." And there he goes. He gets about 10 steps from his house before he's running back. "I forgot something. Give me a minute."

       I follow him into his house, and say hi to his mom. After 5 minutes Lewis runs past with a backpack on his back and his pokenoculars in his hand. I hear him yell, "$10 million dollar fine!", before he's out the door. Seriously? Maybe if you were Haruhi Suzumiya that would be endearing, but coming from you it's just annoying. As I walk out the door, his mom warns me not to go into the tall grass. I know that, my parents tell me all the time.

       I meet up with Lewis and we head down Route 201. The road starts out wide but turns into little more than an overgrown footpath before it deadends in a clearing on the shore of the lake. As we step out of the trees we see an older man and a girl standing in some tall grass on the lake shore. They seem to be discussing the sighting from the news as well. Then the old man sighs and starts walking back towards town. He brushes past us and I hear him mutter something about it all being a hoax after all. The girl apologizes with an "excuse me" before running after him.

       Lewis and I head out to the lake and stare at the water for a few minutes. "I don't think anything's going to happen", I say, "The old guy said something about it being a hoax. Besides even if we saw it, what were you going to do, you don't have any pokeballs." "What", Lewis replies, "oh I found something way better than that, man. Look!" I turn to see him staring into the tall grass. There, lying where the old man had stood earlier, was a shiny metal briefcase.

       Before I can say anything, he grabs my hand and drags me into the grass. We reach the briefcase and he pops it open, revealing 3 pokeballs inside. "We shouldn't be in tall grass Lewis, what if wild pokemon show up?", I whisper. "Don't worry!", he exclaims, I've been watching this patch for ages now, there aren't any pokemon here. Well, except the ones in these balls. Do you think they're rare? I'm pretty sure that was Professor Rowan from over in Sandgem town..."

       Suddenly a loud cry interupts Lewis' monologue. "You've got to be kidding me", he mutters, as two Starlys swoop down from the trees headed right for us. We dive into the grass, and the birds pass over our heads. "We have to fight them off", Lewis yells, "maybe we can use these pokemon!"

       I can't do this.

      That's all I can think as I glance at the labels pinned to the briefcase next to each ball. The Starlys are looping around for another attack.

       I'm not brave, I can't fight off wild animals.

       Wait, Chimchar? Aren't Chimchar supposed to be some of the most fearless pokemon? I grab the ball and throw it to the ground. Maybe he'll be brave enough for both of us. The Chimchar leaps out right as the Starlys reach us. He jumps up and swipes the one headed for me with his claws. It rams into him before flying up again. The next dive is its last,  Chimchar beheads it on the way down.

       I'm... alive. As I call Chimchar back to his ball, I see Lewis doing the same with a Piplup. He grins at me, "That was awesome!!" I'm about to retort when suddenly the girl from earlier runs up. "Oh no," she exclaims, "the briefcase! You didn't use those pokemon, did you? Oh! What's the professor going to say?" She grabs the briefcase and runs off, leaving us with the two pokeballs still in our hands.


       "Wait", Lewis says, "isn't she going to want these pokemon back?" I shrug, and we walk back down the path, only to find the girl and the old man waiting for us when we got out from under the trees. "You boys are the ones that took my pokemon?", he asks, looking at us sternly. "We had to", Lewis retorts, "a couple of Starlys attacked us as we were retrieving the briefcase. We were going to return them."

       I glance at Lewis in amazement, I never would have been able to attack back under the old man's intimdating gaze. "Ah, so that's how it is", the man replies. "Well we should get going Dawn, I have important research to perform."

       "What!" That's from all three of us. "I expect to see the two of you in my lab in Sandgem town tomorrow, there's something I need to talk to you about." The two of them walk off. The old man looks back over his shoulder. "By the way, I'm Proffessor Rowan."

       We stand in silence for a moment, then Lewis exclaims: "Wait, don't they want these pokemon back?!"




Pokemon "received":

Chimchar, level 5, Relaxed nature, Often lost in thought.


Note: I'm not planning on writing out all this dialouge all the time.  Just for conversations that are plot important or amusing.  Next update will have more talking at Rowan's Lab, but after that less talking and more battling.


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Dialogue is not necessarily a bad thing. I've written Nuzlocke narrations much like X's, in journal format, but I've also done some that read more like short stories. It really just depends on how much time and effort you want to put in it. But basically, do it your own way. Don't worry about boring us.

I just frontpaged this, by the way.


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Before I forget (again), I need to add a final rule to the list: I cannot run from battles (unless I have a pokemon with the run away ability).





       The next morning, I woke up to the sight of the pokeball sitting on my dresser. Huh, I guess I have a pokemon now. Well at least until I return him to Prof. Rowan. It's weird, yesterday was all kinds of terrifying and terrible, and yet I almost don't want to give him back. Oh well, it's not like I have a choice.

       I head downstairs and eat breakfast. Right as I'm about to leave, my mom reveals that she finally bought me a new pair of sneakers. Yes! I wasn't looking forward to walking all the way to Sandgem in my old steel-toed hiking boots. I mean they're great for helping my dad build the deck, but I can't run in them at all. I head over to Lewis' house only for his mom to inform me that he left for Sandgem an hour ago. Well at least he didn't feel the need to wake me up.

       I walk to route 201 and, taking a deep breath, plunge into the tall grass that covers the path about half of the time. I run into another Starly and this one is harder to defeat but my chimchar is tough. I talk to a few people on the road before entering the biggest patch of tall grass yet. I think the most unnerving thing about talking to trainers is how they seem to treat it all like one big game. Back in my home universe that made sense, where the worst that could happen is that you lose some cash and have to head to the nearest pokemon center. Here all your pokemon could be killed by a careless opponent, but people still have the same attitude.

       I've nearly reached a guy standing in the middle of the weeds when a Bidoof jumps out. My Chimchar attacks but the bucktoothed abomination holds its own. After 3 vicious tackles my Chimchar is almost dead, but a final swing of his claws silences the enemy forever. Ok, now I'm scared. He can't fight another pokemon like this; one good hit and my fears will be reality. Desperately, I try to think of a way out, then I remember the man I was about to talk to. I dash the last few feet to him, but before I can even ask for help he begins speaking.

       "Hey there boy, do you like potions? Every good trainer keeps a few on his person at all times. In fact, here have one on the house."  And he pushes one into my hands. I stare at it, awestruck, and by the time I think to thank him, he has already disappeared into the grass. I feed the potion to my chimchar and only then do I notice that he had leveled up at the end of the last fight. We walk the rest of the way through the grass encountering only one more pokemon (who still managed to get in what would have been a fatal hit), and then we're there: Sandgem Town, with the professors lab the first building we come to.

       That girl, Dawn I think her name was, is standing out front as I walk up. "There you are", she says. "The professor is waiting inside. Your friend has been here for a while now." Speaking of the devil, Lewis pops out the door right as we're about to enter, nearly running me over. "Oh, hey Nate. Turns out that old guy's not as scary as he looks, sure is weird though. And guess what: he said I could keep my Piplup. I guess he didn't want him back after all. See ya later." And there he goes.

       "Your friend sure is weird", Dawn remarks. No kidding I think, as I head inside. "Well, well, look who's here!", Professor Rowan booms. "Nate, wasn't it? Let me see your pokemon." I hand over my chimchar, and Rowan releases him from his ball and looks him over. "Well he seems very happy, alright I've decided to entrust this pokemon to you." "Really? Thanks", I say, before I can stop my self. Wait, didn't I decide to never train pokemon? That it wasn't worth the risk? But battling with him made me feel something that I haven't felt in a long time. Maybe this is what I'm supposed to do.

       The others seem to be ignoring my inner monologue. I wrap it up just in time to hear Dawn say: "I'm sure glad that you're kind toward Pokémon! If you weren't, I'd have to...Oh, I just can't say it..." Wait, what?! Did she just...? But before I can ask for some clarification Rowan addresses me again. "Now, would you like to give a nickname to your chimchar?" "Oh, that make sense", I reply, "He deserves a good name. Alright, I'll name him KAMINA." "That is a good name", the professor agrees.

       "Anyway, on to the main topic, I want you to do something for me."  Okaaay?  "As you know, I study pokemon. I want to know exactly which pokemon live in Sinnoh. To do that I need to collect data using the pokedex. I want you to take one and collect data on all the pokemon in this region. Will you do that for me?" "Um, well", I mutter, "That sounds like a lot of responibility..."

 "... ... ... ..."

        Oh Arceus, he's staring at me. "I'm a very patient man, Nate. I can stand here without speaking for hours. So I'll ask you again..." "Yes", I yelp, "I'll do it, sure, no problem, heh heh." His face breaks into a smile. "Excellent, well go on then, your Grand Adventure awaits!" And then I was outside again.

       "The first pokemon I ever used was a Turtwig" Seems like Dawn followed me out. "If you had chosen Turtwig at the lake, we'd have the same pokemon now. Not that it matters. Anyway, I also help the professor add pages to the Pokédex. So, in a sense, I'm just like you. I just got a little head start on you, that's all. I'll be happy to teach you things. Glad to meet you, Nate." She grinned at me. "Uh, yeah, glad to meet you too", I say. We shake hands. "OK, Nate, I'll act as your mentor. I've got a bit more experience than you as a Trainer and as the professor's assistant. OK, follow me!"

       And with that she shows me around town, making sure to point out the Pokemart and the Pokemon center. "Oh, Nate, I almost forgot", she gasps. "You should go let your family know that your going to be helping the Professor. You might need to go very far away, and you don't want them to worry. Just make sure you heal your pokemon at the center first, that will make the trip a lot less scary. Ok, bye now." She walks off towards Route 202.

       I shrug and go get KAMINA back to full health. Then I stop by the pokemart to pick up some potions, antidotes, and a few pokeballs. I'm determined to not get caught unprepared again, and so my first goal is to get a few more pokemon to back KAMINA up. There's only one problem: PETA. The Pokemon Ethical Treatment Association convinced the government to make a law that each trainer is only allowed to catch one pokemon per area, and if they try and fail then it still counts as their one pokemon for the region. They say it's to prevent pokemon from being hunted to extinction but I think they're just assholes. Regardless I head back to route 201 determined to catch the first pokemon I find.

       A Bidoof leaps out of the tall grass, and after KAMINA gives it a few scratches, I throw a pokeball. Success! I name him "Dayakka" and keep moving. KAMINA slays a Starly and progresses to level 7. Then I head back to Lake Verity. One swipe of KAMINA's claws lands me my third pokemon. I name the Starly "Kittan" and get ready for some serious training.

       After another visit to the pokemon center, I spend the rest of the morning leveling my pokemon. KAMINA finishes most of the fights, although Dayakka manages to solo a Starly after his critical tackle overode its growl. At about 1 I head home to get some lunch and tell Mom that I'll be out of town for a while. She takes it better than I expected. "Honestly, I thought you would never leave the house, you know most kids get their first pokemon at ten..." *Sigh* Before I leave she gives me a Journal and Lewis' mom arrives to see if he's here. She wanted to give him this parcel but it seems that he's already skipped town. I agree to deliver it for her.

       Back in Sandgem Town, I pick up a couple more pokeballs just in case and head out to Route 202. Dawn is waiting for me in the first patch of tall grass. "Hey Nate, I forgot to show you how to catch pokemon!" I was about to show her Dayakka and Kittan, but she seemed so excited to be able to teach someone that I ended up just shoving them deeper into my backpack. "Ok just watch me", she says, as a Bidoof jumps out of the grass. Her Turtwig roughs it up a little bit and then she captures it with a pokeball. "Giggle... See? Isn't it neat? Actually, it's better to lower your target's health more than I did. It's important to get it as low as possible. This is because a healthy Pokémon is very difficult to catch. Oh, Pokémon also get easier to catch if you make them sleep or something by using a Pokémon's move. OK, Nate, to get you started, I'll give you five Pokeballs." "Thanks", I mutter. Well I shouldn't run out of balls anytime soon. "If you have lots of Pokémon with you, it will be safer on long trips. It's also more fun that way. As the professor's assistant, you'll also be able to catch as many pokemon as you want. Just wait till he gets your paperwork updated, OK? Well, I need to get going. Bye, now!" She walks off toward Jubilife city.

       Alright, I can do this. By tonight, I should have a full party. I smile as I step further into the grass.



Pokemon Caught:

Dayakka (Bidoof): Level 2, Impish nature, Often scatters things.

Kittan (Starly): Level 3, Modest nature, Strong willed.



KAMINA: Level 9

Dayakka: Level 5

Kittan: Level 5

Note: These levels will be approximations until I can catch up to where I currently am in game.


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As unappreciated as Bidoofs are (and rightfully so, in most contexts), it's actually really handy to have one in a Nuzlocke, as it's one of the best HM slaves of all time.

Here's hoping you get a Shinx next Route!


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3: Route 202


       I smile as I walk up route 202, this is great. The pokemon here are no tougher than the ones back home, and my team has no problems as I wait for a pokemon I haven't caught before to show up.

       Finally, there is a rustle in the grass, and out jumps a Shinx. Awesome, I've always wanted to catch one of these. I send out Dayakka and laugh at how the Shinx glares at him. Dayakka headbutts her but she doesn't seem fazed. I call him back and send out Kamina, I don't want to put Dayakka in danger if it takes too long to capture her. Sure enough, KAMINA is able to weaken her with just one swipe of his claws. The Shinx still has some fight left though, and remembering Dawn's advice, I send out Dayakka again. Given how little damage he did last time, another tackle should leave the Shinx catchable but not endanger her.

       Dayakka leaps forward and my dreams of a full team come to a halt as I hear a wet crunch. I drop the pokeball I was already holding. I run over but the Shinx is dead by the time I arrive: Dayakka had crushed her rib cage. A terrible weight drops onto my shoulders. What am I doing? I trudge up the road, my head bowed. I'm killing pokemon. I have to concentrate as a kid challenges me to my first battle. My teams strength gets me through that one, and the next, and the next. But I'm not careful enough, I'm not good enough at controlling my own pokemon. I leave one kid cradling the body of his Starly on the side of the road. What am I doing?? I can't go through with this.

       I finally reach Jubilife City, and find Dawn waiting at the entrance. "Hi Nate, How many pokemon did you catch?", she asks. I gesture behind me, where KAMINA, Dayakka, and Kittan are walking. "Oh, only two then? Listen Nate, I know the professor hasn't put through your paperwork yet, but you should still try to get a full team as soon as possible." An image of the dead Shinx pops into my head, and I brush past her. "What was that?", she yells at my retreating back, "I was only trying to help!"

       I pace the city looking for something to cheer me up, but all the people seem to talk about is how great it is to have a full team, or how they have so many pokemon that they're willing to trade some with their friends. Eventually, I run into an old man, who points me in the direction of the Trainer's School. I guess that can't be any worse than the rest of this city. As I walk up, I see Lewis exitting the building.

       "Hey Nate! Did you come to study, too? I went ahead and memorized everything that was up on the blackboard. After all, it's the trainer's job to avoid having their precious Pokemon hurt in battle, right?" "Right", I mutter. "Hey, I bet my Piplup is way tougher than your Chimchar now. Don't feel bad though, it's only to be expected. After all, I'm on the way to becoming the greatest trainer of all time." "It probably is", I mutter. Lewis pauses and looks at me. "Wait, Nate, are you all right. You look kinda down." Great, now he decides to be perceptive. "I'm just tired", I reply, before moving towards the door of the school. "Ok, well, I'll be training over at Route 203, if you want to battle."

       I shut the door. Inside are a bunch of kids studying with books and computers. I walk up to the blackboard and see that it details the status ailments a pokemon can receive in battle. I try reading it but I can't. What good will it do to keep my pokemon healthy if that means another kid's friends have to die? I stumble to the back and run into two kids standing seperated from the others. "Hey, we taught are pokemon this cool move and we want to try it out", they say. "Will you battle us?"

       Something inside me breaks and I run out of the school. I don't stop until I reach the pokemon center. The lady inside takes my pokemon and tells me that I can grab a cot in the back. I'll just have to take them back. I'll go to Professor Rowan, and tell them the whole thing was a mistake and he should just take Kamina back. That's the last thought I have before falling asleep.




       "Nate, what the hell do you think your doing?" I look up. It's Kamina. "I'm sorry Kamina, I can't do this. I'm giving you back to the professor." *WHAM* He... he punched me! Kamina punched me in the face!

"You idiot. Isn't this your dream? Huh?!"

"But, I..."

"Are you just going to run away? AGAIN?"

"I can't do it. Even if I manage to keep all of you safe, that just means other people's pokemon have to die."

"Then don't let that happen!"


"Don't kill any pokemon. It's pretty simple."

"There's no way, even the most skilled trainer kills opponents pokemon sometimes!"

"Dumbass, kick logic to the curb and do the impossible! That's the way Team Gurren rolls!"

"Team what?"

"The team we're making. I made up the name just now. Listen Nate, you need to keep going. If your dream isn't worth fighting for, then it isn't really a dream at all. And we're your friends, we'll fight with you to the very end."

"But I can't just take you all into this much danger just because I want to train pokemon."

"That's not the reason at all, is it? You want to go home, right? Back to your world, where everything made sense."

"I... yes."

"That's worth it! The only way back is to capture Palkia, so that's what we're going to do. And while we're at it, we're gonna beat up those gym leader goons that came with you. We're not just going to get you back to your world, we're going to fix this one!"

"I don't think I can do all of that."

"Then don't believe in your self. Believe in me! Believe in the KAMINA who believes in you! YOURS ARE THE BALLS THAT WILL CAPTURE THE HEAVENS!!"

"I'm not so sure about that last bit."

"It did sound a little wierd, didn't it? But that's not the point. The point is: you can do anything, as long as you believe. And Team Gurren will be here to help!"

"I... thanks KAMINA, I really needed that."

"Hey, don't call me KAMINA, call me Bro."

... ... ...




And then I woke up. I sat up, and KAMINA was standing next to my bed. I looked over at him. "Will I really be able to do all of those things?" He just smiled at me. "Thanks... bro."



Team Gurren (levels approximated)

KAMINA: level 10

Dayakka: level 6

Kittan: Level 8


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...the balls that will capture the heavens. Never before has there been such a great and terrible line in a Nuzlocke.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Xelakian at July 15, 2012 at 11:29 PM

...the balls that will capture the heavens. Never before has there been such a great and terrible line in a Nuzlocke.

This. I petition to rename this Nuzlocke "The Balls That WIll Capture the Heavens."

I love how the story is coming along, by the way. This is the most different take on this I think I've ever read. Different and simultaneously good, I should say.


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4: Team Gurren


       I'm determined that today will be different. With that thought in mind, I get up, gather my team, and head for Route 204. It's time to expand my team. I skirt the small pond at the edge of the route and retrive an antidote some careless trainer must have dropped some time ago. Then I head back and walk up the main path.

       Suddenly, a girl up ahead calls out to me.

"Hey you! I only fight against weak trainers, and you seem to fit the bill. I challenge you!"

"You're probably ri..." Wait a minute! This is the kind of thing I have to stop doing. I pull my shoulders back, and lift my head. "Hold it right there. Who the hell do you think I am?!"


"I'm Nate, the trainer of Team Gurren, and I accept your challenge! Go, KAMINA!" KAMINA ends the battle swiftly; the girl only had one pokemon.

"Hey", I call out to her as I head into the grass. "If you only fight weak trainers, how is your pokemon ever supposed to become strong?" I continue through the grass, fighting off the occasional Bidoof and Starly, catching another one of those won't help the proffesor's research. The grass in front of me parts and this time a different pokemon leaps out. Perfect. It's a Budew.

       I've heard that these pokemon are very loyal, and actually become more powerful, the closer they and their trainer become. I'm extra careful this time, but it proves easy to catch. I name her Nia, and continue down the route. There are two other trainers on the route and they prove easy to defeat as well. Finally, I reach the midpoint where the route is split by the cave known as the Ravaged Path. However, the boy standing outside the cave is quick to inform me that because of a recent collapse, the cave is unpassable.

       Figures, the road system in this region is simply the worst. The gym leaders don't want to help clean up the routes either. I guess people are easier to control when they can't move about. Oh well, I should head to Oreburgh City then. I decide not to battle anymore today, so I head back to Jubilife to heal my pokemon. Yesterday was rough, not just for me, but for my team as well. I let them out of their balls after we leave the pokemon center.

       "Okay guys, we going to take the rest of the day off and just do some sightseeing." Almost immediately, we run into a guy who gives me a Poketch. Cool, it's a watch and a calculator. The man assures me it's much more than that. It turns out that he is the owner of the Poketch company, and after showing me the default applications, he takes me on a tour of his headquarters.

        Later in the day, I decide to see if I can catch a pokemon on Route 218. On the way there, I meet a fisherman who gives me his old fishing rod. I thank him but decide not to actually do any fishing today, I wouldn't actually catch anything good with this rod anyway. After lunch, I decide to check out the local condiminiums, because why not. Inside, I meet some fellow trainers and we talk about move sets and pokeball variations. Right before I leave, one of the girls offers me a quick claw, stating that her pokemon are fast enough without it. Sweet, more free stuff. The people in this city are so nice. I give it to Dayakka to hold.

       Then I head down to Sandgem town, managing to avoid most of the tall grass by strategic ledge jumping. We spend the evening at the beach, followed by dinner and bed. Before I fall asleep, I glance at the step counter on the poketch. Wow, we walked a lot today. It was worth it though. Back to serious training tomorrow.

       The next morning, I set out to train Nia up so she can be on par with the rest of the team. It turns out that her absorbing ability is too weak to safely train solo, even in route 201, but the rest of the team is happy to help. It seems they like her as much as I do.

       A few battles later, Nia levels up for the first time. But then she cries out, and her body begins to glow. "Nia!", I yell. What's happening to her? I'm about to panic when I realize that she's evolving. I decide to just stare in amazement instead. None of the reproductions or animated versions that I had watched as a kid came close to the real thing. The best illustration I can think of is a time lapse video of a kid growing up, except the changes are even more extreme. Nia was also emitting bursts of light throughout the process, increasing in frequency towards the end. When it was over Nia was no longer a Budew. She was a Roselia.

       We spent the rest of the morning training her and working our way back to Jubilife. After a break for some berries and trail mix, we continued onto route 204. It was then that I realized that I could still enter the Ravaged path, even if I couldn't pass through it yet. That means that I could catch a pokemon there right now. So I entered the cave. Inside it was dim but the opening was big enough to let enough light through to see by. A little further in were the obvious signs of the cave-in the boy had been talking about.

       My entrance woke up a Zubat, which swooped down to engage my team. She was easily caught and after naming her Kiyal, I exited the cave. I spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches on my team before returning to the city around sundown. There was one thing I still had to do, before I could consider moving on to route 203 and Oreburgh. I headed to the Trainers' School.

       The kids were still there and were quite happy that I had changed my mind. Each of them had an Abra, and I was expecting an easy fight, since the only move an Abra knows is teleport. However, a flash of light from each of them showed me the error of my ways. Thankfully my training had paid off and Team Gurren was quick to defeat the duo. Afterwards the kids revealed their secret: they had each taught their pokemon "Hidden Power" by the use of a Technical Machine. They gave me a copy and thanked me for the battle. I returned to the pokemon center for the night. What new surprises will tomorrow hold?


Pokemon Caught:

Nia (Budew): Level 4, Sassy Nature, A little quick tempered.

Kiyal (Zubat):  Level 4, Bold Nature, Scatters things often.


Team Gurren:

KAMINA: Level 11

Dayakka: Level 9

Kittan: Level 9

Nia: Level 9

Kiyal: Level 7


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I really like the style you're writing this in! I love the background story, and Nate's perspective is a really enjoyable read! Not to mention it's really making me want to watch Gurren Lagaan. Good luck with the Nuzlocke, I'll be sure to keep reading!


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Thanks :)



5: Rivalry



       The only way to progress further is to head to Oreburgh City. Roark is the gym leader there and he will award rock smash to whoever can best his pokemon in battle. I head out to route 203 and see Lewis standing in front of the first patch of tall grass. He runs up to me.

       "Hey Nate, I see you finally left Jubilife."

       "Yep", I reply, "Oh by the way, I have something for you." I hand him the parcel and he opens it quickly. "Hey it's a town map. Score! I wasn't sure how I was going to find my way around after Oreburgh. Wait a minute, why'd mom put 2 of them in here? I mean they're cool and all but I only need one. Nate, you take the other one."

       "Thanks, so have you been training here the whole time?"

       "Yep, haven't had much luck catching pokemon, but the ones I do have are totally awesome now. Hey, your pokemon must have gotten a little tougher, at least. You wanna battle?"

       "Sure", I reply. I knew I was going to run into him sooner or later, so I've been keeping Nia in the front of my party.

       "Hey, looks like you finally got some confidence back. All right lets do this!" I grin and throw out my first pokeball. KAMINA bursts out. "Wait, KAMINA, how'd you get out there?" But it's too late:

       "Go Starly!!", Lewis yells. *whew* If that had been his Piplup, I don't know what I would have done.

       "Alright you feathery asshole, I'm only going to say this once, so listen up. The reputation of Team Gurren echoes far and wide. When they talk about its badass leader - the man of indomitable spirit and masculinity - they're talking about me! The mighty Kamina!" At least that's what I imagine him saying, really KAMINA just jumped around making obscene gestures and screeching. It seemed to work on Lewis' Starly though, which charged right in without hesitation. KAMINA singed his wings with a shot of flame from his tail, and then knocked him out of the sky with a scratch.

       "Hey, don't get cocky Nate, this isn't over yet", Lewis exclaimed. "Your turn, Piplup!"

       "Alright bro, get back here." I managed to get KAMINA back into his ball and send out Nia. She easily weathers the jet of water meant for KAMINA. Lewis isn't stupid, however, and orders his Piplup to switch to pound attacks instead. Luckly, Nia's absorb restores her lost health while draining the energy from the enemy.

       "This could be closer than I thought", Lewis mutters. It wasn't. One more shot from Nia, and his Piplup passed out. "Wait, I lost? What do you mean I lost?! Well, that's it! That's the last time I'll ever lose! I'm going to be the world's toughest Trainer, and you know it! The first thing to do is take on the Oreburgh City Pokémon Gym! I'm gonna toughen up for that, totally!"

       And he runs off before I can say another word. Wow, he didn't have to take it that hard. Oh well, he always bounces back from these things quickly. "Nate!" He yells back over his shoulder, "you should be careful up ahead, I was beaten by this guy earlier. Said he was some kinda police officer. His team was even tougher than yours." What was that about? I shrug and head towards the tall grass, time to catch another team member.

       Hours pass. Is there anything here that I haven't already caught?! I've nearly reached the end of the route, and defeated all of the trainers in the area, but I can't find anything to catch. I was hoping for another chance at catching a Shinx, or even a Kricketot. I'm about to head to Oreburgh Gate in defeat, when something jumps out of the grass.

       It's... an Abra! Wow, these pokemon are rare and evolve into Kadabra, which kicks ass. They flee from battle, however, so I throw a pokeball as fast as I can. The Abra raises its hand, and the pokeball stops in mid air. A flick of the wrist and the pokeball splits in half and falls to the ground. The Abra raises it's middle finger into the air. It's body shrinks into a line centered on the digit and then vanishes. Did it just flip me off as it teleported? Oh well, it was far too cool to be upset about.

       With no other choice, I train up a bit, then head into Oreburgh Gate. I step inside and encounter a hiker who gives me an HM containing Rock Smash.

       "You'll have to take it to the gym leader to get it activated", he says.

       "Well, that's why I'm here", I reply. Further into the tunnel, I encounter a Geodude. I decide to catch it with the heal ball I bought in Jubilife. Success! I name her Darry. Darry gets a chance to prove herself almost immediately. She bests a trainer's Shinx and levels up. I train a little more and fight the final trainer before exiting the tunnel. Today I get my first gym badge.



Pokemon Caught:

Darry (Geodude): Level 6, Bashful Nature, Scatters things often.



Team Gurren:

Kamina: ~ Level 13

Nia: ~ Level 12

Dayakka: ~ Level 10

Kittan: ~ Level 10

Kiyal: ~ Level 10

Darry: ~ Level 10


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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I, too, got flipped off by an Abra there when I Nuzlocked Pearl.


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And I'm only slightly exaggerating about how little my pokeball worried him.  It had barely closed before he escaped it.


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6: Under the Blackened Sky



       Exiting the cave, I take a moment to look over Oreburgh City. The place is as bad as I've heard. Black smoke billows from countless smoke stacks and everything seems covered by a layer of grimy soot. I can see the mine itself in the distance, where people and pokemon work constantly to rip coal out of the earth to power the region. Roark, the gym leader, also runs the mine. He and his cronies make sure that there is never a pause in the supply of coal.

       As I make my way down the stairs, a young boy runs up to me.

       "You're here to battle Roark right?", he says. "It's the only reason for coming to this crummy town." He introduces himself as Naota and leads me to the gym, which, unsurprisingly, is the largest building in town. I see Lewis standing in front of the gym.

       "Nate, you finally got here! You're as slow as always."

       "It's nice to see you too."

       "Be careful when you battle Roark though. He's tough, Nate, like seriously serious. Makes me wonder how he compares to my dad. Anyway, after I fought him he headed down to the mine so if you wanna battle, you're going to have to hunt him down there."

       "I have a better idea", Naota interjects. He leads me around town. It turns out that most of the people living here resent Roark's heavyhanded rule and enjoy his status at the bottom of the Gym leader totem pole. They're more than willing to help me train up to fight him. I receive a heal ball, dusk ball, great ball and super potion from various townspeople. Along the way we run into a little girl who is looking to trade her Abra for a Machop.

       "Why would you want to do that?", I ask.

       "He's no good", she replies. "He's weak and he doesn't know any good moves. The other kids are always picking on me because I got such a useless pokemon."

       "That's no way to think", I exclaim. "He's your first pokemon right? That's a bond that can't be replaced, and should be treasured. Just because a pokemon is weak doesn't mean he should be thrown away! Besides, if you take good care of him, make him your friend, and raise him right, that Abra can become more powerful than your friends can imagine." I don't know if my message will stick, but I could tell that the girl was looking at her pokemon in a different light than when I arrived. Eventually we reach the mine entrance. I thank Naota for taking the time to show me around. He shrugs.

       "Gym battles are the only interesting things that happen here. You can train in the mine or down on Route 207." I choose the mine. It will allow me to see when Roark leaves. After a few hours fighting nothing but Geodudes and Zubats, I decide that I've made a mistake. I head out to Route 207, where hopefully the battles will be easier. Sadly, the road runs through a steep rocky valley, so the first two pokemon I encounter are more Geodudes.

       Finally, a Machop appears, but I decide to catch him instead of just using him for training. I name him Makken, and his pokeball disappears off to the storage facility. I've always wondered how that works. It's getting late so I head to the pokemon center, determined to battle Roark first thing in the morning.


       I wake up early the next morning and head to the gym. It's locked. Okay, maybe he hasn't woken up yet. I decide to wait. About an hour later, Lewis walks by on his way to the pokemon center.

       "What're you doing here Nate? Roark is still down in the mine." What?! All right, that does it. I'm done being polite. I head straight for the mine and descend into the depths. The place is huge, stretching out under the sea, but I figure that he'll be down where the mining is heaviest. I finally begin to see miners working in the tunnel edges, when I'm stopped by one of Roark's Overseers.

       "What do you think you're doing down here, kid?"

       "I'm here to challenge Roark, since he doesn't seem to have the time to visit his own gym", I snap back.

       "He's a busy man, but I'm feeling generous today", he sneered. "If you can beat me, I'll let you past."

       "Fine." I haven't been using Dayakka much, given his ineffectiveness against geodudes, so I decide to let him handle this asshole. The overseer sends out a Machop. Crap. I decide to keep Dayakka in since he can boost his defenses and he needs the experience. I order Dayakka to preform a defensive curl. The Machop hits him with a overhand chop that looks like it could shatter boulders. Dayakka is knocked out of his curl but doesn't seem to be hurt too badly. Alright, we can do this. I order Dayakka to tackle his foe. The Machop just stands there, his body beginning to glow as he focuses. Dayakka performs another tackle, and the Machop strikes.


       The sound echoes in the enclosed tunnel. Dayakka falls limply to the ground. The blow had broken his neck.

       "Ha, ha", the overseer cackles, "is that all you've got?!"

       "He was the first pokemon I ever caught. More importantly, He was my friend! KAMINA!" KAMINA lights his machop on fire. The man takes a step back.

       "Your pokemon will live", I snarl, "but only because Dayakka's death was caused by my carelessness. Now get out of my way." I walk into the darkness, finally spotting Roark at the end of one of the tunnels. Another overseer tries to stop me, but I take no chances with him, and his team is easily defeated. A Zubat swoops from the ceiling, and I see a unique oppourtunity. I send out KAMINA and after slaying the Zubat, he levels up. His body begins to glow. The flashes of light become almost blinding in the dim cavern. As he finishes evolving into a Monferno, I step up to Roark.

       "Now that I have your attention, get the FUCK back to your gym!"




Pokemon Caught:

Makken (Machop): Level 5, Rash Nature, Quick Tempered.


Team Gurren:

Kamina: Level 15

Nia: Level 14

Kittan: ~Level 11

Kiyal: ~Level 11

Darry: ~Level 12



Dayakka, Killed by Worker Mason's Machop, Level 2 - Level 11.


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7: One Down



       I may have finally got Roark back to his gym, but I couldn't face him just yet. First, I returned to the pokemon center. Once there, I released my team from their balls, and we shared a moment of silence before I placed Dayakka into the PC. He'll have to wait there until I can give him a proper burial. Then I withdraw Makken and we head for Oreburgh Gate.

       I will face Roark with a full team, even if it isn't the one I wanted. He can wait for me for a change. Makken quickly proves his worth, levelling up after soloing a Geodude three levels higher than him in his first battle. I battle at the gate for a little while, then move to the mine when I think Makken is ready.

       Then, a rumble shakes the ground and the floor bursts open, a giant head rising into the cave. It's an Onix! I pull Makken back, I want the beast alive. I send out Darry, as she should be able to match the Onix's toughness long enough to capture it. I was soon proven wrong. Between hardening itself and screeching Darry's defenses down, the Onix gained a steady advantage. Worse, it bound Darry with it's tail, so I couldn't call her back. I burnt a potion to give her extra time, but things were looking grim. Finally, Darry managed to break free long enough for me to call her back.

       I send out KAMINA, who is able to hold the monster off long enough for me to throw my great ball. It wasn't great enough. Damn she's stubborn. My dusk ball manages to seal the deal at last. I name the stone serpent Adiane, and send her to the PC. Not long afterwards, I'm finally ready, and after healing my team we approach the gym.

       Inside, it's like a cave, with a rocky pedestal in the center, and stone seats ringing the edge. The seats are full of townsfolk. It seems that anyone not currently at work is here. I spot the girl and her Abra, as well as Naota sandwiched between two older girls. Two trainers stand between me and the pedestal. I hold KAMINA and Nia in reserve, the rest of my team handling them easily. I climb the steps to the top of the pedestal where Roark waits for me. He grins as I approach.

        "Now I remember you. You're the boy that got brought to this wonderful place with us. Finally decided to man up and make something of yourself I see. You've got fire in your eyes now, I like that."

       "I wish I could say that you've improved too", I reply, "but you used to be a kind man and a caring trainer. Now, you're just a bully." The smile disappeared from Roark's face.

       "What I became was powerful. Here, my pokemon are immortal, and that makes me invicible. You'd best respect that."

        "It won't be that way for long. I'm going to find the pokemon that took us here, and before I go back to my world, I'm going to save this world from you and the league."

        "Well, it looks like I'm going to have to take this battle seriously then. Enough talk, send out the first victim." I send out KAMINA, his talents will be perfect for this opponent. Everyone knows Roark's style by now: he uses his Geodude or Onix to set up rocky traps that damage your pokemon when you try to switch them out, and then finishes you off with his mighty Cranidos. Sure enough, he summons his Geodude.

       KAMINA's taunt interrupts it in the middle of setting up its traps. Enraged, it trys to tackle him to death, but KAMINA's fists fly at mach speed. The Geodude faints. Then a roar fills the stadium, as an Onix encircles the Pedestal. KAMINA's insults silence its screeching and it charges up the pedestal in a blind fury. By the time it reaches the top, KAMINA is gone. Nia stands there waiting. Our training pays off, instead of merely absorbing the Onix's health, she drains it. The Onix falls in one blow.

       "Don't get cocky!", Roark shouts. "This is the end!" His Cranidos appears and charges Nia. She drains him but his attack still lands. I suddenly realize that I was too carefree, just because Nia has an advantage over rock pokemon. If it had gotten a critical hit, Nia would have died in one shot. Even without that, it could still finish her if her attack misses. But I can't risk any of my other pokemon either. I'll just have to trust her. Roark uses a potion, but it's not enough. Nia's attack lands and the Cranidos falls. The crowd cheers.

       "Fine", Roark mutters. "It doesn't matter anyway. The league is still out there, and they're more powerful than you can imagine." I took the badge and TM of Stealth Rock he offered.  One down, seven to go.

       At last, I can leave this dreary town behind. I stay only long enough for one last visit to the mine. It's the best training ground I've found so far. Kittan evolves, and not long after I finally head to the exit. Right as I'm about to enter the gate, I'm nearly run over by Lewis.

       "Whoops! Hey Nate! So you beat the gym? That means Eterna City's next. I tried Route 207 but it's impassable without a bike or something to make the jumps." I nodded, I had noticed that too.

       "I got the chance to toughen up my team though, so it wasn't a total waste. Well back to Jublife for me! Next stop, the Eterna Gym Badge! Ten seconds before I dash! Nine... Bah! Who's got time to count?!" And there he goes again. I smile to myself. Maybe one day, I'll have half as much energy as him.

       I enter the gate and notice a path leading further into the cave. I hand Makken the HM for Rock Smash and activate it. He stands stock still for a moment as light jumps from the disc into his eyes. Afterwards, he runs over to a boulder blocking the path and smashes it to rubble. Awesome. The path leads to the next floor of the cave, where I find a disc containing flash, and a bag of stardust. That's as far as I can go however, as the lower half of the floor is flooded.

       I make my way back up and out to Route 203. I take the easy path and avoid any pokemon encouters, arriving in Jubilife in less than an hour. But just as I arrive I hear the sounds of battle. A group of men in strange costumes are battling a man in a white hat and black/green jacket. Dawn and Professor Rowan stand off to the side. Little did I know that these goons were members of Team Galactic, and the strange man was a person I would encounter many times in my journey. A man know as Xerxes.



Pokemon Caught:

Adiane (Onix): Level 9, Naive Nature, Good Endurance.


Team Gurren:

KAMINA: Level 15

Nia: Level 14

Darry: Level 15

Kittan: Level 14

Kiyal: Level 14

Makken: Level 14


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Oh. Snap. No you didn't.

I got on to post on Day 6, so I'll start with that. I continue to love your style; the way you bring common sense to the in-game quandaries, such as the girl who wants to trade her Abra and Roark's flippant gym attendance. I will say, I, too, got a Machop in my Pearl, and I did make that trade, as I figured my Chimchar/eventual Infernape would handle all my Fighting needs. I don't know if I'd recommend it or not. The damn thing was constantly disobeying me, but whenever it was low-level enough, it was strong enough to single-handedly carry me. However, it's Quiet natured, which lowers its speed, and could be deadly against certain foes that it's supposed to be faster than. Also, its Hidden Power is Ice, which is quite useful indeed.

(RIP Dayakka. Fuck Worker Mason.)

And now... You're incorporating Xerxes. AWESOME. So this is what he meant when he said I'd hear from him sooner than I thought.

As if I weren't interested enough in this already, you've definitely got me now.


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- Interlude 1: None of the Luck -

 My name is Xerxes. I could tell you everything that's happened to me since I began my journey back in New Bark Town, but suffice it to say that I've had my fair share of time travel bullshit. As a result, when I was forced to deal with Team Rocket a fourth time, I decided to do the smart thing. Rather than waste my time battling them again, I told the International Police everything I knew about them. Their leader, their plans, everything. When my information led to the arrest of Giavonni at Celadon and caused the whole organization to collapse, they hired me to work as an agent of theirs. After a few years, they sent me to investigate a criminal organization in Sinnoh, Team Galactic.


I've spent the last few weeks gathering whatever clues I can and catching some new pokemon so as to better hide within this region. Somehow, I doubt using a Chickorita or Bulbasaur in Sinnoh would be conducive to keeping a low profile. I eventually came to the conclusion that I'll have to talk to the Gym Leaders to get any useful information on them. Unfortunately, they've been less than helpful in the past, especially if you lack their badge. I started with Roark, who's probably the most hard-headed gym leader I've ever dealt with. After defeating his team and getting the Coal Badge, I questioned him regarding Team Galactic. Luckily, it would seem that Oreburgh has been unaffected by them. I headed back to Jubilife, encountering a rather spastic trainer along the way. He challenged me to a battle, and proved little trouble. After the battle, I questioned him about Team Galactic, explaining that I'm working for the International Police and that any information leading to their arrest would prove helpful. He had no idea what I was talking about, and ran off toward Oreburgh. Without any leads, I decided to take a rest and spent the next few days wandering town, gathering what little information I could.


I soon found what I was looking for. A bunch of assholes dressed like they were in a sci-fi show were harassing Professor Rowan and a young girl who'd signed on as his assistant. These must be the Team Galactic I've been looking for. I challenge them to a battle, figuring that they'd prove easy to defeat. The first one sends out a Stunky. I send out Mari, my Zubat. After a few attacks, it looks like his Stunky is about to fall. He commanded it to use Fury Swipes. It had been Screeching the past few turns, so it shouldn't have surprised me when it tore Mari apart, her wings ripped off of her with ease. Enraged, I sent out Toji, my Machop, to finish the battle.


As they begin running off, some kid blocks their exit, shouting about Team Gurren or something, and how he won't suffer their brutality any longer. He enlists the girl to help him take out the last two members, using a Monferno. I arrest the defeated Galactic Grunts and bring them to my superior in Jubilife for processing as the Gurren Kid runs off. I resolve to bring him in later for questioning. Perhaps this Team Gurren is a rival gang, in which case the kid could prove useful in my investigation.


I follow him through the Ravaged Path, catching a Psyduck, Maya, along the way. I eventually catch up to the kid in Floaroama Town. I tell him that I'm taking him in for questioning regarding his involvement with Teams Galactic and Gurren. He begins balking at the claims that Gurren is a criminal orgainization. Typical. No criminal thinks of themselves as the bad guy. As I begin moving closer to make an arrest, he reaches for a Pokeball. I send out my Bidoof, Unit 00. He sends out his Monferno. I command 00 to Defense Curl in preparation for a Rollout, but his Monferno Taunts, distracting us from our goal. While we're distracted, it gets off a punch before we can react, knocking Unit 00 out. Knowing how hard Fire/Fighting types are to deal with, I send out Maya. Unfortunately, he decides to switch out for a Roselia who easily shrugs off a Water Gun. I switch to Asuka, my Luxio, who hates other female pokemon. I command her to Charge up energy. I know full well that Electric is not very effective to Grass, but that wasn't its purpose. His Roselia rains down Stun Spore and begins Mega Draining ineffectually due to all the static charge blocking the way. Asuka tries to tackle the Roselia, only to miss every time. Finally, Asuka is also knocked unconscious. I switch to Toji, my options limited. He performs a Karate Chop, but stabs himself on one of his Roselia's many poison thorns. What the hell is going on here? At a loss I send out Gendo, my Turtwig. He switches back to his Monferno, taking a Tackle with little difficulty. I switch back to Maya, who appears just as the monkey begins using Ember, burning Maya. I've barely scratched either of his Pokemon, and I'm quickly running out of options. I guess it was my luck then that a girl ran up to us at that moment, crying about how her daddy had been taken hostage by Team Galactic. Conceding defeat, I run off towards the Valley Windworks, the kid hot on my heels. Good. I may still be able to question him if this goes right...


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Did... did this just become... a collab Nuzlocke?

Ho-lee shit. Need moar naow.


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