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Vesicant Lemur
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Nobody's perfect. We all sometimes need something to prop ourselves up or maybe enjoy things that aren't generally accepted. So I ask you:

What are some of your vices or guilty pleasures?

A potentially touchy topic, so I'm not asking for anything that might not be completely in line with what certain authorities tell us we're not supposed to do. Wouldn't want to be taken down after all. Also, nothing too personal unless you're completely okay with others knowing.

As for me, I'm a half-pack a day smoker.

Started off just smoking one hand-rolled cigarette a week.

Then a pack of Djarum Blacks a month.

Then, after a certain 48-hour period of nothing but alcohol, cigarettes and partying known as Chapel Walk, I was officially a smoker. I've tried to quit 6 times and the longest I've gone without is 5 days. I used to think of smokers as weak-willed, but it really is just that hard to quit.

I've been through numerous brands, but I'm going back to rollies. Nothing can beat what you make for yourself. Probably going to cut them with Passion Flower (a completely unscheduled and legal plant) for taste.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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My vice is sloth. This may sound strange at first, considering inactivity as a guilty pleasure, but for me, there are times where I enjoy nothing more than doing nothing at all. My life has been severely hindered at times due to a true inability to motivate myself to do simple things to improve it. I have been better lately, but at heart I truly am a lazy bastard.


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^This. Truth be told, all my problems can be derived from this. Throughout school, I maintained barely passing grades because I could not see any point in doing the work. I knew all the answers, learned quickly and did well on tests. I figured I'd make it to college on intellect alone, always saying that I'd work hard when the stuff actually mattered. Then in my senior year I found myself half a year away from graduating with no scholarships lined up and no college offering to pay my way. I had seen my dad deal with student loan debt most of my teenage life, and did not want to deal with that. My only other real option was joining the Navy. And it's pretty much the same story with almost everyone else in my field, although most failed out of college or ran out of money rather than joining straight out of high school.


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