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(Nick, please scrap The Warden's Six.  I've given up on it.  I'm still working on Adventures and the one-shot I promised ever so long ago.  I wanted to write, and this was the only thing on my mind, so I'll share it.)

Excitedly, the young Pidoves, Tepigs, Snivys, Oshawotts, Patrats, and Lillipups gathered around a post, which a large Serperior had coiled itself around.  The young Pokemon were all a-buzz, yelling, screaming, and playing amongst each other.  Tonight was the night the Storyteller, the Serperior wrapped around the post, would tell a new story.  Each monththe Serperior wrapped himself around the post, and each month he told a new story, and until a new story was told, the kids would have games and conversations plenty, each stemmed from the month's story.  Mayor Stoutland stepped forward, and cleared his throat loudly.  The young Pokemon immediately settled down, all sitting down and staring up at the Storyteller.

He lowered his head, staring into each young Pokemon's eyes before speaking.  "Today I tell a very personal story," he said, his voice smooth, deep, and entrancing, "A story that has been passed down through my family for generations.  I'm afraid today's story might not be as happy as my usual, because today's story is about a young Snivy named Smugleaf."

Out on Route 1, far enough away from Nuvema that they had full use of their abilities without fear of destroying anything, Smugleaf, a young Snivy practicing in the art of the Leaf Blade, was locked in battle with a salchop-wielding Oshawott, named Wyott, who was trying to find his own way of salchop battle.  The referee for the battle, a young Tepig named Darby, was deep asleep off to the side.

Smugleaf and Wyott gave one final charge at each other, leaf and salchop meeting in the center, stopping both combatants in their tracks.  They stood there, staring into each others eyes, their fierce competitive spirit shining through.  Neither would feel victory, as they stood there panting, knowing there was no way for them to push on.  Smugleaf smirked, taking a few steps back, retracting his Leaf Blade back into the leaves on his tail.  Wyott returned the salchop to the resting place on his chest.  "What are you happy about, Smug?"  he asked.

"I'm still better then you," Smugleaf replied.  Wyott simply laughed and fell backwards, resting on the grass.  "Sure you are," Wyott said, "thats why Darby is sound asleep after you asked him to focus on you."

"He would have done the same with you," Smugleaf answered, the disdain in his voice obvious.  Wyott chuckled.

"Whatever makes you feel superior, Smug."

Smugleaf extended a vine, and struck the sleeping Tepig as hard as he could.  Instantly, Darby jumped up, blowing fire through its nose.  Smugleaf barely had time to retract his vine before the fire appeared with such strength that it seemed to be the one thing keeping Darby in the air.

Darby landed with a thud, and looked around, bewildered.  " Foul," he cried, "Referee struck!"

"The battles over, nitwit."  Smugleaf said, turning and walking back towards Nuvema.  Darby's face fell at the comment, causing Wyott to sit up and shoot a dirty look at Smugleaf's back.  "I missed the fight?"  Darby asked, the sadness echoing throughout his voice.

"Don't worry about it, Darby, you didn't miss anything.  Let's head home, alright?"  Wyott was on his feet now, and Darby gave him a sad smile.  The two were just beginning to follow Smugleaf when Smugleaf's voice shouted out from the distance.


The two raced forward, spotting Smugleaf standing completely still, staring forward.  The two followed his line of sight, and immediately gasped.  It was Nuvema Town.  On fire.  Without words, the three dashed back home.

Mayor Stoutland, his hair greying from age, was amused by the children's comments.

"His story takes place in our home!"

"Do you think its real?"

"No, it can't be!"

"Well, in school, Grandpa Conkeldurr did say Nuvema burned down years ago..."

"No, it can't be a story about that."

"He did say it was going to be sad."

Mayor Stoutland shook his head to clear it, and sighed.  This story was going to be as hard to hear as it would be for the Storyteller to tell, he was sure.

The three ran into the town square, and was faced with the scariest scene they had ever seen.  Mayor Stoutland, his deep, full colored fur standing on end, hunched low and letting loose low by fierce growls at the trio that sat across from him.  At its head was a blue and black Emboar, whcih surprised Smugleaf, Wyott, and Darby, who had only seen orange and black Emboars before.  Behind the strangely colored Emboar was a deep black Umbreon, his yellow rings glowing in the fire-light, and a Beheeyem, floating around lazily.

The Emboar let out a loud, deep laugh.  "Aw, look at the cute wittle puppy, thinking he can stand up to the might of Dismemboar.  Nemlat, do your stuff.  Get this mutt out of my sight."  The Beheeyem simply raised his hand, and as he did so a surprised Mayor Stoutland rose with him.  WIth a flick of his wrist, the Mayor was sent flying away, crashing through several buildings.

"MAYOR!"  Darby shouted almost immediately, turning and rushing away to the last building they had seen the mayor crash into.  Dismemboar and his follower's gaze immediately turned upon Smuglead, Wyott, and the retreating Darby.

"Ooh, another 'pig.  Get him, Siege."  The Umbreon behind Dismemboar simply nodded, and faded into the blackness.  Shortly after Darby's scream rang out, loud and clear.

"DARBY!"  Wyott shouted, turning to run after Darby, but instead ran straight into a Light Screen, formed by the Beheeyem.  Smugleaf's gaze never left Dismemboar, however.  "Now's my chance!"  Smugleaf muttered, drawing his Leaf Blade, and starting towards the Dismemboar, who simply began to chuckle in delight.

"No, Smug!"  Wyott had recovered quickly jumping after Smugleaf and catching him by the arm.  "He'll kill you!"  Wyott cried, only to have Smugleaf's blade slash across his arm.  "Let go!"  Smugleaf yelled as he spun, his sudden attack surprising Wyott and causing him to release Smugleaf's arm.  Undaunted, Smugleaf continued his rush.

Dismemboar took two steps forward and ensured Smugleaf ran straight into his Mega Punch, which sent the young Snivy flying backwards, straight into the Light Screen that still sat behind Wyott.  Smugleaf slid down it, unconscious.  With Dismemboar bearing down on him, Wyott fell to his knees, holding his arm that Smugleaf has slashed.  It was over.


Smugleaf was unsure of how long he had been out, but as he came too, he became acutely aware of the pain the filled his head.  He sat up, and realized he had been laying on the ground.  The memories of the encounter with Dismemboar flooded back, and his head throbbed.


The voice was angry, which was strange for its owner.  Smugleaf opened his eyes and saw Wyott, his arm bandaged up, but otherwise fine.  "Where's Dismemboar?"  Smugleaf asked, rising to his feet.

"Funny that's the first ting you ask.  Nothing about your friends.  Or Nuvema."  Wyott replied.

"Fine, I'll ask something else," Smugleaf said, his head hurting too bad for him to bother to appease Wyott.  "Why did you try to stop me from attacking Dismemboar?  Had you not interfere---"

"HAD I NOT INTERFERED YOU WOULD HAVE DIED!"  Wyott screamed.  Smugleaf could tell that Wyott had expected that question from him, and obviously didn't like Smugleaf's reasons for asking.  However, the tone of voice was more disconcerting to him at the moment, as it made his head throb.

"Whatever," Smugleaf answered, "My head hurts.  I'm going to go find a quiet place to lay down."  Smugleaf walked by Wyott, looking amonst the buildings for one that was still mostly intact.

"That's it?"  Wyott called, turning after Smugleaf.  "Darby is missing, our Mayor is quite possibly dying, and all you are worried about is your head?"

Smugleaf sighed, resigning himself to the fact he was doomed to this argument with a headache.  He spun around and faced Wyott.  "What do you want me to do about Darby doing something stupid like he did?  Its done and over with.  And if you are just mad because of your arm, I'm sorry.  You should know better then to try to stop a warrior when he's going for the kill like that."

"More like going to be killed," Wyott replied.  "And you can start by helping me find Darby."

"Find Darby?  Where would you even begin looking?  And besides, you'd only get in my way, like you did with Dismemboar."

"I saved your life, Smugleaf."

"Whatever lets you feel superior, Wyott."

Wyott's chest puffed out, but he simply turned around and walked off.  "Where are you going?"  Smugleaf called after him.

Wyott stopped, then looked back, his face coiled with his anger.  "To do what any truely strong Pokemon would do, and going to save my friend.  That's what makes me feel superior, Smugleaf, knowing that I'm the only one out of us who is truely strong."

"Smugleaf spent the rest of the day thinking about those words Wyott left him with, and by the end of the day, he had decided that he would prove once and for all he was better then Wyott:  Not only would he go look for Darby, but he would find and save him first."

The Storyteller's eyes closed for a few seconds after saying these words, and when they reopened, they met with Mayor Stoutland's.  He simply nodded, showing in the simplest way he understood what the Storyteller was going through.  The Storyteller was a truely strong Pokemon, the Mayor thought.

"Mayor Stoutland, was that really you in the story?"  a young Lillipup asked, breaking the silence.  The Mayor only smiled.

((This is probably pretty rough.  Quite a few of the scenes at the end left me unhappy, but it was late and I wanted to go to bed.  Sorry guys, still, I hope you enjoyed it.

It should be noted that Smugleaf is my actual Serperior, and that Darby is my fiance's Emboar.  Wyott is just the name I would give to a Samurott if I had one.

Dismemboar is also not a real Pokemon, though I wish it was.  Siege is a play off of Ceej, which is the name of an Eevee I have that I intend to turn into an Umbreon.  Nemlat the Beheeyem is something I came up with when reading about Elgyems.  Mayor Stoutland is also just something I came up with.))


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Yes! I like this! Very, very entertaining, even if Smugleaf is a bit of a Grasshole. 


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This is a nice story! I really like the names, too. Especially Dismemboar; I love me some puns.


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I'm glad you enjoyed it, Tamoria, since it was you who (inadvertantly) gave me the idea for talking Pokemon!


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Oh, really? I'm glad I could provide some inspiration, then! You did a great job with the personalities, by the way! ^.^  I really like the interactions between the three starters.


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Well, then, I'll try to work more on those.  I didn't really give Darby a chance to show who he is, but I'll find a way.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i love Dismemboar, because you could actually name an Emboar that since it's 10 characters long.

this is really well thought-out, i can tell, and the story is deep. plus the way the story itself is a story adds intrigue to it. please keep writing this.


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I have moved this chapter to DA.  My DA name is Kath-Inuri.  I will probably post any future writings there, but as I said earlier, I am still in no real mood to write.  It should be noted that A Serperior Tale has been edited, and there are a few differences.

Also, it seems as if no one else has noticed, but Beware Tall Grass' latest chapter has surfaced, and its a good one.


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The second chapter has been posted on DA.


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