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Hey guys, expect the last part of my RPG chapter tomorrow, since I'm off work.  I just wanted to also throw out there that I plan on doing a survival horror  level (based on the genre, not a game, so I'd like to know what you guys are afraid of and how I can transpose it to a survival horror setting), a Tales of Symphonia level (not sure whether or not it will be pre-world regeneration), eventually writing a Dating Sim level, and I've considered writing a tetris level.  lol


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Awesome, looking forward to reading it ^^

Biggest fear? Well, I have a reoccuring nightmare about swimming in dark water and feeling big things bump against me, but I can't tell what they are, but I'm pretty sure they can eat me. Also tornados, those always randomly show up in my dreams and kill me -.-

So are you not planning on Animal Crossing? If no one's doing that, I might write it. And on that topic, I'm probably not going to do a Pokemon chapter, so that's out there for anyone who wants it. For reference, I'd probably use mons from one of my Nuzlocke teams, and my Charizard Tamorro, because he is mah baby.


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B "Diddy" M
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I'll admit, in a non-macho way I am not afraid of many things but the one thing that gets me every time is... spiders. Yes, I know, why be afraid of them? Well let me tell you.

They ALWAYS see you before you see them. AND they're always ready to poison you in "self-defense" when all you're doing is walking down the road. GAH!

The Zelda chapter is.. being made. I can't say it's close to finishing however. I know this is supposed to be a fun thing, but I'm too much of a Zelda fanboy to alter the story too much and well.. Link is pretty much the story. I've got some stuff to make it work however (I think) so we'll see,

I'm sure someone will pick up the Pokemon story Tam and on that note, let me just say we must be mentally linked or something. I have a Charizard (named Zippo) who is my pride and joy. I use him for pretty much everything.


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Things I am scared of? Blood and copious amounts of it irl. Yes, blood does in fact scare me alongside causing me to pass out. Other than that, any of those "sudden" horrifying moments. Like when somebody suddenly reanimates as a Zombie? 

And then mirrors at night. Stupid yes but I can't help but be afraid of looking in a mirror and seeing someone besides myself looking back. (Or my face but all scary-fied.)

I was planning on doing the Animal Crossing one, but I will concede if you have a good idea for it Tam, I dunno if mine is good enough or not.

Amazingly enough I'm not thrilled to write the Pokemon one either, so maybe it will go unwritten? I don't think anyone would actually complain...


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Well, really, what's not scary about spiders? Especially the kind that can jump. AUGH I hate those things...

Charizard is just awesome like that, amiright? ^^

You know, CJ, mirrors at night actually freak me out, too. Or even just the idea of seeing a face in the dark where there shouldn't be one.

Oh, I'm not going to take Animal Crossing from you if you have an idea for it! It's all yours, dude. ^.^


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i'll do Pokemon if no one else will. i don't want to because Pokemon is all i've ever done here and i'm sure you're sick of hearing me tell it. but we can't just have it go totally ignored, can we?

Charizard was my very first Pokemon and i loved him to death too ^.^ i never gave him a nickname because this was when i didn't like to name stuff, but i too can join the club of 'Zard appreciation.

i don't really have any glaring, crippling fears... i used to be terrified of brown recluse spiders, until i actually got bitten by one and discovered that their poison has like no effect on me. idk, i'm just scared of scary stuff. put me down for whatever fits the story.


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Hey guys...I intended to get my chapter up today, but the day escaped from me.  And yes, I know I posted on here earlier today, but I was thinking then I had more time to wait, and I procrastinated it.  I don't go in till 5 I'll try to get it done then.  No promises this time so I don't feel as bad.

I'll supply a bonus material one-shot story tomorrow!


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B "Diddy" M
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The tone had become very clear to the adventurers by now. After having gone to multiple worlds, they all knew exactly what was happening: They were going to yet another world.


"Man, I'm and getting really tired of that Tetris theme." Nick said as the tone echoed throughout the void the group was traveling through.

"It's weird that you said that because I was just thinking about how awesome it is!" exclaimed CJ.

"Out of all the things you could talk about while TRAVELING TO ANOTHER WORLD, you pick the tone that's playing?" Del said in a disappointed tone.

"Good point Del. I think we should talk about how awesome I am as a mage. Anyone?" stated Diddy, obviously proud of his accomplishments in the previous worlds.

"That's not exactly what I meant--" Del began to say.

"You did great Diddy! We all did great. I don't know why we're here but I think it's safe to say we're doing a great job as a team!" Tamoria said.

The adventurers all nodded in agreement as a blinding light began to fill the void and blind them.

"HERE WE GO!" exclaimed Nick, the excitement apparent in his voice.



The light dispersed and the adventurers found themselves in a forest during the middle of what seemed to be a bad storm.

"What the hell... where are we?" asked Del.

"I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this before." CJ answered.

"Wherever we are, I can already tell I don't like it one bit." Nick said.

"Well, if it's like the other worlds we've gone through, then one of us must know where we're at and it's not me so it must be.." Tamoria stated.

"Oh... oh my god..." Diddy said in an obviously worried tone.

"Oh no. Diddy do NOT tell me you brought us into some twisted, demonic shit storm instead of Hyrule. I will kick your ass right here if---" Nick began saying but was cut off by Diddy.

"Everyone! We HAVE to get out of here. Stay close to me and don't stop running for anything!" exclaimed Diddy as he began running.


The group followed closely to Diddy as they ran through the woods. The world literally seemed to be falling apart from the seams. Tornadoes began touching down and ravaging the area as the sea began engulfing the shore. The group was caught in the middle of all of this commotion and relied on Diddy to get them through. They throught that it was odd that he knew his way through the storms and was avoiding it almost as if he had some knowledge of what was going to happen before it did but they put those thoughts aside.

There was a large crack of lightning across the sky that shook the land beneath the adventurers.

"CJ, look out!" exclaimed Del as he noticed a tree about to fall on his friend.

CJ nimbly dodged the following tree with a surprising burst of agility.

"I did not come all the way through the portals having the time of my life to be killed by some f'ing tree!" exclaimed CJ.


The group collected themselves and began running again. The storm grew more intense with every passing minute and there seemed to be no end in sight.

"Over here everyone!" Diddy yelled over the storm.

Diddy had found a small house that seemed to be a rather pathetic shelter.

"Diddy, how is that going to protect us from this? Tamoria questioned.

"I'm with Tam on this one." Del agreed.

"Trust me, this is the safest place for us now. Come on!" Diddy yelled as he herded the adventurers into the house.


"Ok. We're in the house that's apparently safe from these storms. Would you mind telling us where the hell we are now?" Nick asked, the aggravation apparent in his voice.

"Yeah, I almost got killed by a tree. I think I deserve a little explanation." CJ added.

"I... I can't be sure yet. It seems like something I know but... it's also different." Diddy said.

"That doesn't make much sense. You knew exactly where to run and what is safe. You know where were at. Spit it out." Del demanded.

"Honestly, this wasn't supposed to be here. If this is the place I know of, we should be in a town right now. This house has obviously been deserted for a long time and there's no sign of people anywhere." Diddy said, obviously worried.

"We that storm is pretty bad. Maybe you just got a little off track and ended up in a different place than you expected.. But where exaclty were you planning on taking us?" Tamoria said in an attempt to cheer Diddy up and get information.

"Ok... well... you guys are not going to like this one bit but.. we're in Kalimdor. Darkshore particularly. I thought I was leading us to Auberdine. I.. know someone there. What's worse is, we apparently got here just a little while before the Cataclysm." Diddy said.

"So... what does that mean? Are we screwed, is it safe here? And what is all of that 'Kalimdor', 'Darkshore', 'Cataclysm' stuff?" Nick asked.

"Ah! Sorry. I forgot you all don't know this place. Especially not you Nick!" Diddy said with a hint of laughter.

"Wait.. 'Especially not you Nick'... Diddy you're not saying...." CJ said as he began to figure out where we are.



"That's right CJ. We're in World of Warcraft."


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B "Diddy" M
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I decided that I wanted to post *something* so I made this story up! I'm working on my Zelda one but.. my fanboy nature for that game won't settle for less than perfect. So with this, I can get all of your critiques and still get in on the fun! Hope ya'll enjoy!


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Lol at WoW reference.  I just realized there are five of us, so I decided to add league of legends to my chapters being written.

Really good chapter Diddy, I am interested in seeing the rest of the adventure!


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Ah W.o.W. how I miss you. 

I know next to nothing about the new world after the Cataclysim though, so this should be an interesting read! o)


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Part 2 of 2!  Finally!  It took long enough!!

Once again, the world returned to normal, and I sighed.  "You know, I love turn-based games, but I never realized how impratical they are."  There was a murmur of assent from the rest of the group, but most of them were too busy checking out their new stats to really pay attention.  I sighed once again and rearranged my robes, which had become disheveled by the level up, which usually consisted of a huge rush of air around you.  I was beginning to find them very annoying, but no one else seemed to mind them much.

As I waited for everyone to retrun from the menu, I pulled out the journal I had started writing during battles when it wasn't my turn.  In it, I had stored the world map the knights had been carrying.  This map was pretty strange, as it was drawn on parchment, but there was a blinking red dot marking where I was in the world.  Also, a castle in the northwest corner had been circled, with the writing "She's here!!!" scribbled right outside.  If I focused on the castle for a few seconds, a label would appear under it, calling the castle the Dark Castle.

"Hey, Del, care to throw some Cures this way?"  Nick asked, and I looked up from the map, my expression one of boredom.

"Sure," I said, waving my arm in the group's direction as if I was throwing something, murmuring "Cure" as I did so.  CJ, Nick, and Diddy were all bathed in a white light, green numbers floating above their head, showing me how much I had healed them.

"Thanks," Nick said, "Everyone ready?"

"Yup!"  The group responded.

Despite how far the map had appeared to say the Castle was from the clearing we started in, it only took us a few minutes to walk there.  The land scape seemed to literally race past us with each step, as if it was late to some meeting.  It was rather freaky.  "At least we now walking everywhere makes more sense in RPGs," CJ had joked.

We all stood outside of the large, closed, Castle door.  "It can't be as simple as I think," CJ said.

"It probably is," came my responce.

"Just try to open the door.  If you blow up, Del knows Life."  Diddy offered.

"Well, thats good to know.  'You might be blown to pieces, CJ, but we can stitch you back.'"

CJ approached the door, and placed his hand on it.  As he did so, there was a sound as if the doors were opening, though they did not budge.  All that happened was the CJ faded from existance.  Diddy shrugged.  "At least he didn't blow up."  He approached the door, repeating CJ's motions, and also disappeared.  I looked at Nick.

"Makes sense," he said, "Old school RPGs never showed the door opening.  You just walked into it and went where you were going."

"True," I replied.  Nick and I approached the door at the same time, laying our hands on it.  The door opened, in a sense, as we faded away, and reappeared in a different place, alongside CJ and Diddy.  This place was dark, creepy, and bats seemed to fill the air above us.  Straight in front of us, down a long red carpet, was a knight in pitch black armor, with a girl bound up behind him.  In the darkness, I couldn't really make out any features of the knight or the girl, but regardless, I knew if we were to escape this world, we'd have to fight the knight.

As we drew the knight, I did recognize Tamoria behind Garland, tied to the throne that the knight stood in front of.  "Tamoria!"  CJ called out.

Before she could reply, the knight stepped forward, and roared, "WHO DARES TO APPROACH THE TRUE KING OF CORNELIA, AND ADDRESS HIS WIFE?"

I snickered at this point.  Nick beat me to a responce, though.

"We're here to kick your ass, Garland.  I assume your name is Garland.  I don't really care if it is."

Tamoria gave us a thumbs up, and Garland took several steps forward, yelling, "I WILL KNOCK YOU DOWN!!"

We all about fell over laughing at this.


I could describe the battle for you.  But I've learned one thing as we've been in this world, and no matter how you cut it, turn based battles cannot be epic.  There is no epic ending.  Just us, the PR members, taking turns to attack Garland, who couldn't do enough damage to us to matter.  Nick's idea to stick around the woods and grind for a while really payed off, no matter how annoying it was.  We destroyed Garland soon enough, and returned to the world, Garland gone forever.

"Finally," Tamoria said, smiling.

"Shut up," I replied, "You don't know half of what we had to put up with."

"Oh, please tell me, what could be worse then listening to Garland's every insecurity, hm?"

We all laughed,but Tamoria shook her head.  "No, seriously, next time, one of you guys can get kidnapped.  Especially if we ever get to a Mario world.  As much as I like helping people, there are only so many times I can hear, "I'm the only virgin knight" before I want to scream."

Our laughter was drowned about by the tetris theme, whcih signaled our teleportation to a different world.


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B "Diddy" M
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"WORLD OF WARCRAFT?!? Come on Diddy! Please say you're joking. You know how much I despise these MMO worlds! I don't even want to play the games, let alone have to be inside of one..." Nick said.
"Well.. that's where we are. I wish I could tell you something different. Trust me, Azeroth in the middle of the Cataclysm is the last place you want to be." Diddy stated.
"That does not make it any better. We're in a MMO and it's about to be blown up.. awesome"

Tamoria, Del, and CJ began discussing the situation they were in amongst themselves while their comrades argued about the world they were in.
"Does anyone else know anything about this world? We need a plan and Diddy is kind of tied up in trying to not be killed by Nick." Del said, returning the group to the task at hand.
"I know a little bit about this area but I don't know what's going to happen with the Cataclysm. I know a little about Azeroth but if it's changed like Diddy said, I don't even know where to begin." CJ answered.
"I've heard a little bit about this game, but I never got into it. Wait! Didn't Diddy say he thought he knew someone that was supposed to be in.. uh... what was it? Auberdine?" Tamoria questioned.
Tam's question seemed to jolt Diddy away from his argument with Nick. It was obvious Diddy was only paying half of his attention to Nick while listening to what everyone else thought.
"Oh! Yes, the person I 'know.' It depends on how the world here is set up. If it's just the World of Warcraft then he won't be here, but if it's MY World of Warcraft, I may know a mage that can help us out." Diddy stated.
"Your WoW?" CJ asked.
"He means that one version of the world may just be the NPCs from WoW and that his version would have his characters in addition to that so we could seek them out." Nick answered.
"So you HAVE been paying attention, haven't you Nick? Diddy said in a friendly, yet mocking way.
"Hmph. I may not like this place, but I sure as hell won't be getting killed here."

The group decided to rest in the house for the night before coming up with any big plans. They all seemed to fall asleep almost instantly and woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed.
"Wow. I slept really well. I'm sorry I ever doubted that house!" Tamoria said.
"Yeah.. I guess you were right about this one. I guess when you're not having a heartattack over being a mage, you're pretty smart!" Nick told Diddy in a friendly manner.
The group laughed mostly because it was friendly banter but also because it was true in a way. In the previous worlds, Diddy had a habit of blowing anything up that tried to come near the team.
"Ok, so what's the plan?" Del asked.
"Well, we have to try to find out if this is my WoW. The only way to do that is to go to Stormwind- The Human Capital city." Diddy answered.
"That sounds good but.. the last time I saw this place, the denizens of Stormwind didn't exactly wear T-shirts and jeans, did they?" CJ questioned.
"Good point. Luckily, I found some gear here in the house. It's not very good for fighting, but we can use it to walk around Stormwind without a problem." Diddy stated.
"How do we get to Stormwind?" Nick asked.
"Geez.. it's always twenty questions with you guys! This.. may work. Close your eyes and think 'Shift-B.' It should bring up an inventory. There, you will find a Hearthstone. All Humans that are transfered from another world to this one have their Hearthstone set to Stormwind."
The group all closed their eyes and opened their inventory to find their Hearthstone. For some reason, upon looking at the stone, it instantly teleported them all to Stormwind.

The group went through what seemed to be a brilliant green light and felt as if something was tugging on them. The light blinded them and all the twists and turns were starting to make the team feel sick. Finally, with a loud thud, they were in the second floor of the INN.
"Oh wow.. I think I'm going to be sick.." CJ said.
"Yeah. That was intense. I'm glad the world transfer isn't like that." Del added.
"Is this Stormwind because there is no way in hell I'm using that stone again." Nick complained.
"Yes. This is Stormwind. Once we get over the post-hearth sickness, we will need to head over to the Hall of Legends. My friend will be there for sure." Diddy stated.

The team took their time in the INN to feel better before heading out. When they left the INN, they were greeted by a beautiful sight. The city was brilliant. The buildings reached high and the sun reflected off the blue roofs in the area in an almost serene way. The sky was as clear as could be and there seemed to be no sign of trouble.
"By the looks of the blue buildings, I'd say we're in the Trade District. We have to go to Old Town to get to The Hall so stay close to me." Diddy said.
The walk across the Trade District was very enjoyable for the adventurers. Everywhere they turned they would see a hero or a tradesmen happily greeting everyone around them. There was no sign of anger or the Cataclysm. Everything was at peace. The adventurers crossed the bridge in the Canals to get to Old Town. The area here was more worn than the Trade District and with it came a little more apprehension. No one was outside. The area had an eerie feeling to it.
"I.. I don't like this area. We should move on as quick as possible." Del said.
The adventurers made there way to the far right side of Old Town to the Hall of Legends. This building seemed almost out of place here in Old Town because of it's grand design and almost calming presence.
"Here we go." Diddy exclaimed as he open the doors to The Hall.

The Hall was filled with people almost to the breaking point. Everyone was sitting around laughing and telling stories of battle that they had fought. The adventurers were overwhelmed at the sight of all these people. Not only were they 'Legends' but it was the first time they had seen members of the other races of the Alliance. The Gnomes, Dwarves, Worgen, Dranei, and Night Elfs that filled the area were foreign to the adventurers and they really wanted to learn more about the races.
"I know what we're all thinking, but we really should find Diddy's mage before we talk to anyone else." Tamoria said, breaking the adventurers of the trance they were in.
They scouted The Hall, not sure of what the mage would look like. Diddy just asured them that "He would know." They went through what seemed to be hundreds of people until CJ came upon one table in the corner of The Hall. There sat a human and a dwarf who were very different from the rest. They wore the armor of accomplished hereos and were exchanging stories of previous battles but they were not drinking or being as loud as the others. They were sitting calmy, laughing between the two of them.
"They seem like a good pair of people to ask." CJ called out.
Diddy turned to the table CJ mentioned and his jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. The human saw Diddy and the party. He motioned for his dwarf friend to look and the dwarf smiled with delight. Almost as if he knew the adventurers. They got up and came over to the adventurers.
"Well, well, well. About time you got here, lad!" The dwarf said. The group was mesmerized by the armor he was wearing. It was plated in what seemed to be a very strong bronze and had flames coming off of it. The shield he had on his back looked like the head of a dragon and his sword looked sharp enough to slice a person in half.
"B, they didn't know we were expecting them." The Human corrected. The group then took notice of the armor of the mage. He wore brilliant silver robes with shoulderpads that had spikes coming from them. His staff glowed a light green color and although his attire seemed plan, the adventurers could feel the power coming from the mage.
"Expecting us?" Nick asked.
"Aye. EXPECTING. YOU. ALL. We don't have time to play twenty questions!" exclaimed the dwarf.
"Hey I was just asking. No need to get all anal, bro." Nick said in retaliation.
"Oh! Big bad world traveler wants to tango with a Dwarf, eh? Come on buddy! I'll even tie a hand behind my back!" the Dwarf said, taking off his sword and shield.
"B! Thatis enough of that." the Human intervened. "Let's started this again. I'm Diddyii and this is my friend Bdiddy. I'm the mage you seek and, as you no doubt know Brian, Bdiddy is a paladin."
"Diddyii? Bdiddy? dang Diddy, way to be original." Del mumbled.
"Cut me some slack. I named them like 7 years ago." Diddy replied.
"Brian? Is that your real name? I was starting to think it was Diddy." Tamoria asked.
"Yeah it is. I'll actually probably have to go by that here too. Diddyii and Bdiddy are both called 'Diddy' by a lot of people." Brian answered.
"That's... a lot of Diddy's..." CJ said.
"We have a lot to discuss. Brian, it is time for you and your friends to take up arms against a threat that we must stop to get you out of here and save this world." Diddyii stated.
"What is this threat?" Nick asked.
Bdiddy seemed to lose his firey demeanor and suddenly seemed apprehensive.

"Lads. We have to kill Deathwing, the Aspect of Death,"


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B "Diddy" M
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Lol @ the epic turn based battle scene. I really like how you handled Tam being mentioned and the cliche'd knight with issues. Great chapter!


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Oh man, awesome chapters to both of you! First off, great ending to the Final Fantasy world. I liked all the details about an RPG, like the thing with the map and the door. And oh gosh, that last part was hilarious! XD I laughed so hard at the "virgin kinght" comment. Seroiusly, nice job!

And there's some more evidence that we must all be on the same wavelength. I was actually thinking about doing a Mario world next and being kidnapped again XP

And ah, World of Warcraft. I've actually played it a bit, but didn't get very far. I certainly don't know what's up with Cataclysim. Nice job on the descriptions, I could picture what you were saying. And the thing with the names made me laugh XD


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You don't play on an RP sever do you? xD
I ahve to agree with Tamoria and add that, knowing the WoW world has me even more interested in this because now I'm reading it from the Alliance perspective, which I don't do very often.

So true Del, Turn-based strategy just doesn't become really "epic" (At least until you get a summoner in which case every turn becomes "epic"). 

I'm with Tam again on that one, I was laughing really, really hard at the Virgin Knight bit! 

Great Job to both of you! This is such an awesome project!


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Thanks for the comments guys!

And Diddy, I lol'd at the name thing.  All I could think was a meme:

Diddys.  Diddys everywhere.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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sorry it took so long for me to get on and comment, but great work, both of you.

how did you know i hate MMOs, Diddy? because i totally do -.- fortunately, i hate playing them, not reading about them. Mitsuo's comment directly above this one summed up chapter 2 perfectly. i lol'd hard. but more seriously, the way you capture details regarding the setting is masterful.

and Mitsuo, the dialogue in your chapter was excellent. i love the exchanges, especially the ones where i'm a smartass XD

you really give it the feel of an old-school RPG, which is always a good thing. good work.


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(Everything seems a littl slow around here, So Have the First Chapter of Animal Crossing, earlier than I expected to release it!)


January 1st 2011: The Day We Moved In (And all our subsequent problems were unleashed)


My vision slowly faded in as the ringing in my ears faded out. I was face-to-face with a very disproportionate character, strapped to a bus-seat with the rest of the group in my peripheral vision. I tried to look and see who was to my left and right, but the creature struck up conversation with me first which locked my eyes onto his misshapen form.

He looked vaguely cat-like, possessing narrow irises and ears, but his head was easily twice his body’s size and he lacked a nose. The name tag “Rover” floated in a bubble box next to his head.

“Hi there! I don’t think I’ve seen you all before!” he said with a wide smile.

“What are your names?” he asked, cocking his head to the side with a little cartoon question mark appearing over his head.

I sighed as I put in my name, the letters each speaking to me as if it assumed I was a preschooler, this was Animal Crossing.



Rover’s face turned to that of surprise, creating a floating exclamation mark above his head.

“Oh I’m so nosey, I asked for your names and never told you mine! I’m Rover, the travelin’ Cat. You know…” he said sticking his paw in his mouth “You guys look like you are traveling too! You look like you are moving!”

Two options for dialogue appeared to the side of me “Yeah!” and “None of your business!”

Since it was Animal Crossing’s world I wouldn’t be able to talk until I was off the train and I had to put up with the 2 dialogue options till then.

“Yeah!” Del, Tamoria, Diddy and I shouted. Nick was the only one to utter “None of your business.”

Rover’s face contorted as he processed the different answers, the “computer” of this world was obviously having trouble finding dialogue for two different answers. Rover’s face stayed that way for a few moments longer and then reformed.

“I thought so! Getting out of the house all on your own. It must be so exciting!”

I guess he just choose the most popular answer.

“Say… if I might ask, where are you heading?” he asked paw to mouth again.

The second dialogue box appeared in front of me this time asking me to name the town I was going to. I had barely started typing the letter “S” when Tamoria’s high-pitched “girl” voice screamed; “YES!”

“YES! Town? Did I hear you correctly?” Rover asked. I didn’t blame him, what kind of town name was that?

“NO!” I replied but I was drowned out by Del, Diddy, Nick, and Tamoria answering “Yep!”

I would have to speak to them about their naming abilities later…

“Ah, YES! Town. I’ve been there; it’s a great place to live, such a wonderfully named town. YES! YES! YES! YES! Ohhh, I could say it all day!”

I scoffed to myself. Maybe Tamoria was a better name-maker than I thought.

“So, did you bring enough money?” Rover asked.

I began to zone out and started hitting answers randomly, speeding through his text. I was ready to get off the Train and talk to the PR group about getting out of Animal Crossing.

Which made me think… How does one beat Animal Crossing? It wasn’t like any “normal” game where there was a final boss to beat. You just continuously played it. I shuddered at the thought of being trapped there forever. Although I dearly loved the game, I could never play it for long periods of time because it lacked “action” and “story”, both things it didn’t really need but also kept me involved.

“YES! Town! YES! Town! Next stop YES! Town!” The Conductor called with, if the amount of exclamation marks was any indication, very excitedly.

“Ah, this is your stop! Good luck out there!” Rover said with a big grin.

Rover waved as I walked past him and exited the bus, eager to get away and talk with the group.

I exited the bus with a hop and looked myself over for the first time. Round, non-descript hands. I’m wearing an black shirt with the White Letters “BB” printed on it, and my hair seems to be similar to my own –that is, short with a bit of a cowlick in the front-.

The rest of the Party got off the boss.

Del was first. He had half-circle eyes that were solid black and looked like they were fixed on something behind him, not facing forward. He sported a Red Jersey with a small #1 printed in the upper left-hand corner.

Nick came off the bus next. His eyes were perfectly round and rather small (especially considering the head-to-body ratio). His tee was White and Navy blue and read “MVP”. How fitting.

Tamoria left the bus next, doing a happy-dance once her feet hit the floor. Her Pink-ponytail was the first thing I noticed about her character. Her eyes, although pinkish-red, were like Del’s in that they looked off behind her instead of straight ahead. Still she looked cute in her yellow and orange plaid dress.

Then finally there was Diddy. His eyes looked like standard Anime eyes, but they had some prominent bottom eyelashes. Of course, his eyes didn’t draw me in nearly as much as the shirt he was wearing. It was Black and etched in flames. It may have been the most bad-ass shirt I had ever seen in my life.

“I love this game!” Tamoria said dancing around the bus stop, oddly energetic. Usually she was much more reserved when we switched worlds.

The rest of us were silent however. The tacticians in us were fighting the idea of how to escape.

“Come on guys, let’s go move in!” Tamoria said, dashing off.



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Haha, love it! That "YES!" thing is totally something I would do, too. I once named Link's horse in Twilight Princess "my ass" for the lulz. It makes the opening conversation with that one guy really amusing ("You're going to have to ride my ass all the way to Hyrule tomorrow").

Anyway, I like everyone's descriptions, they all seem really fitting! And the Flame shirt is totally one of the most bad-ass shirts in existence.

Haha, that is exactly how I would react to ending up in Animal Crossing XD


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