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 2000 Pageview Short Story!



Featuring: Buddy the Bulbasaur, Aveline the Rattata, and Admiral the Pidgey!


Also featuring: Muu the Squirtle and Regal the Nidoran (Female)!


(It is worth noting that, since this story is entirely composed of Pokemon I will be translating their speech for you.)


This story takes place in the evening after the events of the Pewter Gym battles.



"Are you awake?" Buddy asked, nudging the sleeping Pidgey. He didn't actually care if Admiral was awake or not, he needed to talk to him.

The Pidgey pulled its head out from under its wing and blinked at the Bulbasaur.

"What is it?" he snapped.

"Don't be that way. I need to talk to you. About today." Buddy said sounding concerned.

"Ugh." Admiral sighed "What is it about this face that makes everypokemon want to confess their deepest, darkest secrets to?"

Buddy let out a low growl, keeping it soft enough that it wouldn't wake Jivide.

"That isn't funny. We just lost Sniper to that today to Brock’s Onix! Have some respect."

"So sure of that are you? How do you know it wasn't Jivide's fault? He is a bad trainer, he nearly killed me!" The Pidgey said, pointing to his mangled beak.

Buddy let out a gasp. "Jivide would never harm us intentionally!"

"Says you! He's always careful not to let you have any of the difficult fights..." Admiral snorted, getting angry.

"Arceus above ya' two! Some of us are tryin' tah sleep here." Piped the Rattata.

Buddy and Admiral looked over at Aveline who was curled up at Jivide's feet, one eye open and fixed on them.

"Here Aveline, you know Jivide! He would never hurt us intentionally right?" Buddy asked.

"Uhh.. " the Rattata paused rolling her eyes "Beggin' your pardon but I don't want tah be involved in this, I just want ya'll tah shut your Trapinch's."

"It isn't like she has been with us very long anyway." Admiral chimed in. "I just caught her today."

Aveline sat up "I'm sorry, what? You didn't catch nuthin'."

"Pfft, come on. I know you were so mesmerized by my acrobatics that you forgot to fight back when the Pokeball fell on you. I was the one who really caught you." Admiral gloated, putting a wing to his chest and pretending to swoon. "Ohh Admiral... your daring dives, your masterfull Quick Attacks."

Aveline stood up and angrily walked over to Admiral, giving him a push.

"Alright 'fancy boy' I'll show ya a 'darin' dive', straight into the ground!"

Now it was Buddy's turn to interrupt, "Guys! If you don't keep it down Jivide will wake up. He just finally got to sleep. Let's continue this outside." he said, pointing with his vines to the door of the Pokemon Center.

Aveline defiantly stuck her tail in the air and stormed out.

Buddy moved to leave, but when he looked over at Admiral he saw that the Pidgey had his feet firmly planted in the ground.

"Come on, some Moonlight will do you some good."

Admiral crossed his arms and shook his head no.

Buddy rolled his eyes but did not push Admiral any more. Instead he walked outside the Pokemon Center knowing that the Stubborn bird would follow him soon enough.

"What is his problem anyway?" Aveline asked Buddy once the door closed.

Buddy sighed. "He isn't usually this sour. I think being cooped up in the Pokeball has tempered his nerves a little."

"I wasn't talkin' about that. I mean about him bein' a braggart. " Aveline corrected.

"Oh that?" Buddy said laughing. "He's always been like that. Ever since Jivide first caught him."

"Hmp." Aveline snorted. "I'm surprised he hasn't been boxed or released yet or somethin'."

"He grows on you." Buddy said, trying to be diplomatic.

"I'm sure." Aveline said unconvinced.

As if on cue, Admiral stepped out of the Pokemon Center still looking perturbed.

Saying nothing, Admiral rose up through the sticky air and flitted about trying to relieve some of his stress.

"Anyway," Buddy started, but Admiral cut him off.

"I'll admit, I am worried for your safety. After what happened to Sniper, that is."

Admiral looked down on them from the branch he was perched on. "After all, you guys can't fly when the times get tough."

Buddy knew that Admiral was just as concerned for himself, even if he didn't admit it.

"What happened to Sniper was an accident, I'm sure of it. Jivide wouldn't just sacrifice us like that, something must have happened." Buddy said trying just as much to convince Admiral as himself.

"I think you are too soft, there are better trainers out there." Admiral quipped back.

"Alright ya'll. I've had enough of your bickerin'. Why don't we go back in n' sleep?" Aveline chided.

The Pokemon didn't get a chance to even move, however. Suddenly nets shot out and enveloped each of them with a black veil that not only blocked their movement, but their vision too.

Each of the Pokemon cried and struck out trying to break free, but they were all caught securely.

"Very good Boss!" a low voice called out.

"Hush Rogan!" another voice hissed. "You'll wake up the trainers inside!"

"Oh.. right." The first voice said. "Sorry." it whispered.

"Just urry' it up and get'em outta here!" A third voice said. "We gotta get'em back ta base pronto, and dares a lotta cave we gotta go thra."

The Pokemon felt themselves get hoisted up inside their nets and tugged along.

"What happened? Where are you guys? What's going oooon!" Admiral squawked sounding very distraught.

"I don't know Admiral. Don't Panic." Buddy said, trying to be soothing.

"Shut them Pokemon up!" said the hissing voice. The Pokemon felt themselves shaken inside their dark bags.

"Just stay quiet." Aveline advised. "They're bound to set us down at some point, and then we can strike."

"Shh little Pokemon." The slow voice said. "We'll get to the cave really soon."

So the Pokemon waited, hoping that soon they would have a chance to escape.


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Buddy was suddenly aware of his net tipping and he found himself tumbling out of the bag and onto the ground. He quickly righted himself and looked about, trying to seize any attempt he could to escape. Unfortunately he had been tossed into a large steel cage along with several other Pokemon and the Pokenappers had already shut the door.

They were in a poorly lit cave with barely any furnishings; just a couple of chairs, some lanterns, and 3 cots in the corner.

“Buddy?” A voice called out behind him.

Buddy looked behind him and saw a crowd of 8 or so Pokemon, including the one who called his name: It was Cecil’s Squirtle!

“Muu? What are you doing here?” Buddy asked, astonished.

The Squirtle walked up apprehensively to Buddy. “We got captured, that is, Regal and I got captured.” Muu pointed back to the Nidoran female at his heels.

“We were just taking a midnight stroll.” Regal said frowning.

“That’s right!” Buddy exclaimed, remembering the others. “Aveline, Admiral, where are you?” He said looking fervently around.

“I’m here Bud.” Aveline said, walking out of the crowd.

“But where is Admiral?” Buddy asked, looking around.

“He-here!” he squeaked. Buddy looked between the bars of his cage and saw Admiral in his own little birdcage only about a foot away.

“I was too awesome for that cage, so they put me in here.” He said still able to joke.

“Or, maybe they wanted to spare you from a sharp swat to tha head.” Aveline grunted.

“Hey! Quiet there runts!” a particularly gruff Rattata said. The Rattata was on the outside and, by the looks of him, he worked with their captors.

Buddy glared at the Rattata, but kept silent. He looked about at the other Pokemon in the cage with him. Two Caterpie were clinging to each other, positively terrified. He also spied a Sandshrew, a Growlithe, a Oddish, and a Koffing; each of them looking just as frightened as he felt.

“Don’t fret now.” He said quietly. “What are your names? Mine is Buddy.”

The Growlithe was first. “My names is Loyal.” He said stoutly.

“I… I’m… my name is… Gaia.” Said the Oddish shyly.

“My name is Brandon.” The Sandshrew said pointing to himself. “And those two there are Pip and Squeak. We’re from the same trainer.”

Pip and Squeak were only barley able to stop shivering long enough to wave Buddy’s way.

“And what is your name?” Buddy asked the Koffing who was still silent.

“Uh… Gassy.” He said looking down sullenly.

Each of the Pokemon in the room cringed. They knew all too well the stories of trainers with terrible naming abilities.

“But.. uh.. I would prefer it if you called me Koffing.”

Buddy nodded and gave the Koffing a weak smile.

“I’m Muu, if you didn’t catch that. And this here…” The Squirtle started, but Regal interrupted.

“I’m Regal.” She said proudly pointing to her chest.

“Wha.. what are wi gonna do? I miss Momma!” one of the Caterpie said, starting to cry.

“Shhh.” Cooed the Oddish walking over to them. She gently placed her leaves on his antenna and embraced him in a comforting hug.

“What did aye say about bein’ quiet?” The Guard Rattata yelled, sending both of the Caterpie into the Oddish’s embrace.

“Hey you!” Muu said puffing himself up. “Lay off! What are you anyway, keeping your fellow Pokemon caged like this?”

“I’m a real Pokemon, unlike your Tenderhearts.” He boasted. “I do what my trainer says, and he says to keep you lot quiet till he comes back!”

As if on cue the captors entered in the cave. They were all dressed in the same black uniform with a large red “R” emblazoned on their chests. They were goons from Team Rocket.

Each of them looked unshaven and disorganized, and they all smelled like they hadn’t bathed in days.

“SHUT YOUR TRAP MOUSER.” The lankiest, and grossest, Rocket yelled at his Rattata. “Honestly what did I say about making a ruckus?!”

The Rattata shrank away from his master looking hurt.

“Oh don’t get that way with me! I’ll beat you.” The Rocket threatened.

The Rattata shrank even further away from his master’s wrath looking very scared.

“You’re lucky I’m so tired. Pokenapping is hard work!” he hissed.

The largest of the Rockets slapped him on the back playfully.

“And what a catch we got!” he said, laughing in the direction of the captured Pokemon. “One, two, three, four, five, six, eight… why we got thirteen of them in all!”

The third Rocket slapped the big one across the head. “We ave’ eleven Rogan ya dolt! What did ah tell ya about thinkin’?”

“Sorry Boss. “ Rogan said, massaging his head.

“Ya better be sorry! Now let ye Pokemon out tah guard so we can get some shut-eye.”

“Seems even when we do good Regi, Boss’ll angry with us.” Rogan whispered to his lanky partner.

Regi only grunted.

The big Rocket, Rogan, took out his Pokeball and let out a Grimer next to the guard Rattata.

Regi extended his finger and gestured for Mouser to come closer.

“You keep this lot quiet now, you hear? And I expect you to be quiet too or else there will be some pain involved. Do I make myself clear?”

Mouser nodded quickly, eager to appease his master.

“Good!” The Rocket said smiling.

“Same goes to you Egrim.” Rogan said to his Grimer as he settled into his sleeping bag.

The Grimer nodded but didn’t say anything.

The Rattata and the Grimer approached the captured Pokemon menacingly.

Buddy paid them no heed however, and instead used his vines to silently turn the group away from their gaze. He would keep them quiet till the Rockets fell asleep and then formulate a plan.


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“So do you have a plan?” Muu asked Buddy as quietly as he could.

Despite spending nearly an hour in their cell, Buddy still wasn’t sure what to do. All the Pokemon in the cage with him were just as low-level as he was, so none of them had a strong attack to break the bars. Even if he did manage to get the Pokemon outside, he still had to deal with the Guard Pokemon, and quickly, or else their masters would wake up and then they would be in REAL trouble.

“I’m still thinking.” He whispered.

“Well I’m tired of sitting around. It’ll be morning in a few hours and Regal and I need to get back to Cecil! He’d be worried sick without us.” Muu said.

Buddy was also eager to get out and get back to Jivide, but he knew better than to brashly forgo planning and risk rousing the Rockets.

“Let me see what our options are.” He said trying to pacify the eager Squirtle.

Buddy looked across at the Pokemon in the cell.

“Does anyone have any useful moves?” He asked the crowd. “What about you Loyal? Do you know any fire moves that could melt these bars?”

The Growlithe’s head perked up when he heard his name, but feel sullenly. “No, I’m too low level. I don’t even know Ember yet.”

“Anyone else?” Buddy asked, trying to hide his disappointment. “I imagine you don’t know Dig yet do you Brandon?”

The Sandshrew glared angrily at him. “We wouldn’t be sitting here if I did.”

“I could help” Gas… err Koffing interjected.

Buddy cocked his head. “How?”

“Well,” Koffing said. “I know SelfDestruct. I could blow our way out of here as long as you guys could keep safe from the blast.”

Buddy shook his head. “No that won’t work. We’re all packed too close in here. Besides, you would faint yourself. I want to try and get us all out.”

“Come on Bud, admit it. Ya ain’t got no plan.” Aveline said.

“I…I… might have something.” Gaia said, unfurling her leaves from the two Caterpie.

All the Pokemon trained their eyes on the little Oddish.

“I know Sleep Powder.” She said meekly.

“Well why didn’t you say that before?” Muu said sounding annoyed.

“You see…uhh… I didn’t think it would be useful.” She said shyly.

“It would be useful.” Buddy said quickly before Muu blew a gasket. “All you’ll need to do is put the Rockets and Guards to sleep. Then Your Caterpie friends could run and get the keys before they wake up.”

The Oddish hung her head. “I… well… I only have 1 PP left.”

“Oh.” Muu and Buddy said simultaneously.

“Yeah… sorry. It isn’t much of an option.”

“Now hold on just a darn minute. That could still work!” Aveline chimed in. “I bet a Sleep Powder would put them Rocket fellows into such deep sleep that we could battle with their Guards! It would be as simple as harvestin’ grass-seeds.”

The other Pokemon all expressed their agreement.

“Oh no. I couldn’t do that!” said Gaia. “I would be attacking a Trainer, that isn’t right.”

Buddy walked over to the timid little Oddish. “It may be our only option. Think of the Caterpie here.” He said gesturing to Pip and Squeak. “You want to see them grow up into strong Butterfree right? That may not happen if we get stuck here with these Rockets. You’ve seen how they treat their own.”

“I…” the Oddish started, but Buddy could see the wheels turning in her head. “I suppose I’m not hurting them right? Just putting them to sleep.”

“Right!” Muu said smiling. “So do we have a plan now? I am eager to get out.” He added impatiently.

“What about me? Sure, you guys can get out but who is going to come get me up in this cage?” Admiral chimed in, sounding flustered.

“I guess one of the Caterpie will have to let you out. They are the only ones who can climb. My vines can’t work a lock.” Buddy said frowning.

Finally one of the Caterpie spoke, although no Pokemon was sure who it was.

“This sounds so scwary… I dunno if we can do wit.”

“You have to boys.” The Sandshrew answered. “Don’t you want to get back to Maria?”

The Caterpie nodded.

“Well you two are the only ones who can slip between these bars. You have to be brave, for Maria’s sake.”

“Look, I don’t care who it is just someone get me down and fast. I can’t stand being cooped up in here any longer.” Admiral whined.

Buddy frowned. The plan wasn’t very stable, but the Guard Pokemon were showing an increased amout of interest in their little gathering and all the Pokemon were so very restless.

“Alright guys. Gaia will Sleep Powder the Rockets. Pip and Squeak, you both will go get the keys. One of you will unlock the cage we are in, the other needs to climb up and open Admiral’s cage.”

Gaia and the Caterpie nodded.

“Everyone else, we have to take out the Guards as quietly as possible. Sleep Powder will only work a few turns, after that we risk waking up the Rockets again.”

The other Pokemon nodded. It was time, for better or worse.

Buddy signaled with his eyes for Gaia and the Caterpie to take their positions on the far side of the cage, closest to the sleeping Rockets.

All the other Pokemon walked forward towards Mouser and Egrim.

“Hey, Pipsqueak, Ugly, come here.” Muu goaded.

The Rattata glared at Muu but did not move. “What is it trash?”

Muu began to make up a story. “My friend, Regal here, she’s sick. It’s probably the Koffing’s fault! Can’t you move him out or something?”

Buddy was surprised about how convincing Muu sounded. Regal, promptly fainted and groaned “Oh yes, my stomach it hurts!”

“Keep it quiet!” The Rattata hissed. “You’ll wake up my Masters.” He sighed and looked over at his Grimer friend.

“Go see what they are whining about.” He ordered.

The Grimer grimaced but obeyed, melting into a puddle and re-appearing in the midst of the Pokemon.

“H’what be ail’en ya?” it said in a very stylized, and oddly feminine, voice.

“Her head.” Muu said quickly.

“Ooh, my head yes… my stomach and my head.” Regal said trying to correct him.

The Grimer glared at Muu but leaned over the Nidoran.

“I see no evil spirits infectin’ this one.” She said warily.

“Um… Guys?” Gaia said, poking her way into the crowd. “They’re asleep.”

“Wha-?” The Grimer started, but never got to finish.

The cave broke out into chaos as each of the Pokemon began to attack Egrim with their weak attacks.

“Escape attempt!” Mouser shouted at the top of his lungs. “Master, Master! They are trying to break out!”

But the Rockets did no wake, thankfully.

“Ha!” Muu boasted. “Now let’s see how you handle a Water Gun!”

Muu let out a torrent of water at the Rattata that blew him into the rock wall, catching him completely unaware.

Although chaotic, the plan was working. Already one of the Caterpie was unlocking the large cage door and the other was climbing up to rescue Admiral.

Buddy lurched at the Grimer with a fierce tackle, but she had already recovered from the initial onslaught and dodged it adroitly.

“You know not what you have wrought!” She shouted, disappearing into a puddle of Goo and appearing outside the cage.

The Grimer waved it’s hands in the air and electricity began to crackle at the tips.

“Watch out!” Koffing shouted. “That Grimer has been taught Thunderbolt!”

Each of the Pokemon ducked down as Lightening struck the cave just above their heads.

“Squeak!” Gaia shouted.

Buddy opened his eyes to see the Caterpie that was unlocking his cave fall to the ground.

“Oh no!” he mouthed. Squeak had gotten hit by that attack!

The next few seconds were a blur to the Bulbsaur. Gaia ran forward to the edge of the bars and pushed trying to reach the falling Caterpie but the key wasn’t fully turned and the gate did not budge. That’s when Regal stepped in and delivered a fierce kick to the bars which jostled the lock so much that is unlocked.

The Pokemon burst out of the cage, many of them at the Grimer.

Aveline reached her first and smashed into her with a Quick Attack that blew away part of the Sludge, monster. Loyal and Brandon quickly followed with a tackle and a scratch that tore away the rest of the Pokemon.

Buddy and Gaia rushed to the Caterpie.

“Wake up Squeak! We need to go!” Gaia said shaking him.

Squeak, however, didn’t move.

“WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!” a Rocket shouted. Uh-oh, the Sleep Powder wore off.

Aveline was immediately at Buddy’s side. “Come on ya’ll, we gotta go now!

“Oh please, please wake up Squeak.” Gaia cried.

Buddy looked about the room. Loyal, Brandon, Regal, and Muu were already heading out of the cave, with Admiral carrying the other Caterpie not far behind.

“Come on!” Koffing shouted.

Aveline gave Buddy a sympathetic frown before turning around and following the others.

Buddy brought out his vines and wrapped them around Gaia and Squeak. He lifted the Pokemon up and then, he too, ran for the exit with a Rocket hot on his tail.

“Hurry, Hurry!” Koffing urged.

As Buddy ran under Koffing.

“See ya later!” Kofgin gloated as he let out a thick black smoke covering their exit.

“Where’d they go?” one of the Rockets shouted while coughing.

The Pokemon didn’t stay around long enough to hear anything else however; they ran as fast as they could out of Mt. Moon.


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Buddy didn’t stop running until he was past the Pokemon Center and in a glade of Tall Grass, far away from the entrance to Mt. Moon.

“Bowuther?” Pip was the first to speak. Buddy laid Squeak and Gaia down on the ground. The Oddish didn’t even wait until she was on the ground to run to the injured Caterpie’s side.

“What happened?” Muu asked leaning over Squeak.

“He took a Thunderbolt while trying to open our cage.” Buddy said morosely.

“Oh Squeak!” Gaia sobbed.

Aveline walked over and sniffed the Caterpie.

After a second she spoke. “Hold on a sec now ya’ll, he ain’t dead.”

Pip and Gaia looked up from their crying astounded.

“Well he sure looks dead.” Admiral chimed in.

Aveline glared at Admiral. “Well he ain’t. He IS paralyzed though. It used to happen to my pups all the time. They were always gnawing on strange things.”

All the Pokemon looked at Aveline as if she was speaking a foreign language.

“Just, gimme a sec alright?” she said, grumbling. Aveline put her nose to the ground and scurried off through the grass.

After a couple of tense minutes she scurried back with a strange looking fruit in her mouth.

“There.” She said, spitting it out in front of Gaia. “Feed him some of that.”

Gaia got busy following Aveline’s orders.

“What is it though Aveline?” Muu asked.

“Cheri berry. They grow all about the place.”

“Pip? Gaia?” the bewildered Caterpie whispered.

“Oh bowuther!” Pip shouted nuzzling Squeak. “Ye’re not dead!”

“Told ya’ so.” Aveline said grinning.

All the Pokemon let out a sigh of relief so thankful that they had all made it out alive from the clutches of the Rockets.

“Man that sure was awesome!” Muu said with a wide grin. “Did you guys see how Regal kicked those bars? Or, or how Koffing was all “You shall not pass!” and then blew out all that smoke?!”

The other Pokemon allowed themselves a nervous giggle at Muu’s excitement.

“Aye son.” Loyal said chuckling.

“Shouldn’t we all get going?” Brandon asked, looking at the sky. “I wouldn’t mind getting home before sunup.”

The Pokemon all let out a collective agreement.

“Would you come back wiff us Gaia?” Pip asked the kindly Oddish.

“Yeah! Come wiff us!” Squeak added.

“Oh... I don’t know.” Gaia mused. “I don’t know if your trainer would want me.”

“Nonsense.” Brandon interjected. “Maria is a good girl. She’d love to have you. We’d love to have you.”

“Well.. okay.” Gaia said smiling.

“I should get going too.” Loyal added. “I can’t stand being away from my little Josef very long.”

“I guess... I should too.” Koffing added.

“Okay guys, Goodbye!” Muu said beaming.

“Ya, be careful out there.” Aveline added.

The Pokemon all trotted off towards Pewter until it was only Muu, Regal, Buddy, Admiral, and Aveline left.

“Why are you still here?” Admiral asked Muu with a hint of hostility.

“I wanted to apologize to you, while I had the chance.” Muu said with genuine concern in his voice.

“I never meant to hurt you. It was a complete accident and it has been eating away at my insides ever since. “

“Well…” Admiral said, at a loss for words. “I can’t blame you for following your trainer’s orders.”

“Exactly!” Muu said gleefully. His smile quickly faded. “I know Cecil and Jivide have a strained relationship, but I wanted you to understand that we still don’t have to be enemies.”

“You’re right Muu.” Buddy said smiling. “All the same, we need to try and be more careful. I’m going to keep getting stronger, for Jivide’s sake. You better make sure you do too.”

“Of course! Right Regal?”

“Right. Cecil is getting tougher and we will too.” Regal added.

“Come on ya’ll. Enough gabbin’. The Sun will be comin’ up soon and I’m sure these two want tah get back before Cecil wakes up.” Aveline added with a yawn.

Muu and Regal said their goodbyes and then hurried back to Pewter City.

Buddy, Aveline, and Admiral turned and began walking back to the Pokemon Center.

“You know…I wanted to apologize too.” Admiral piped in.

“About what?” Buddy asked.

“Well… Before we got into that mess we were arguing about Jivide.”

“Oh.” Buddy remembered. He never did convince Admiral that Jivide was a good trainer.

“I don’t say this often but, I was wrong. I don’t think Jivide would have let Sniper die. I was just all torn up inside about nearly dying myself and then when she…”

“It’s okay.” Buddy interrupted.

“There really are rotten trainers out there. Like those Team Rockets.”

“Yeah, that poor Rattata.” Aveline chimed in.

“Mm.” Buddy nodded.

“Yeah. I can’t imagine how he must live like that.” Admiral added.

“Come on guys, let’s not dwell on that anymore. Jivide will wake up soon, let’s be sure to be at our best.” Buddy said, ever the mediator.

The Three Pokemon walked back in through the Pokemon Center and settled down at their Master’s side, each of them Happy to be alive and well.


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I wrote this as a present to my DA fans for getting me 2000 Pageviews last week!

Of course, I had to share it with PR too. 

This was my attempt at a One-shot fiction. I wrote this all in one part, but I had to break it up so PR's character limit wouldn't complain. So it is split into four parts.


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Bump? o'(


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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interesting piece, CJ. i'm normally not big on "talking pokemon" stories but this was good. maybe a little abrupt if anything, but i realize you wanted to make this one quick.


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Yeah it is only about 4,500 words so it isn't very long. 

Thank you for reading!


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