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"You are a JELLYFISH. She is a TURTLE." XD I lol'd. And I''m going to agree with CJ that that Mood Music was perfect.

The meeting with May was really powerful. Though as much as I'm hoping for a happy ending with her, I'm feeling really bad for poor Harmony at this point...

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i'm not being too mean to her, am i?

also, i just realized i've been forgetting my standard end-of-chapter team updates lately, so i edited that into the latest chapter.


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i doubt i'll have anything ready tonight, but i hope this new picture makes up for it. i managed to make something of that Hideki/May picture i mentioned earlier, and in fact, i think it came out quite well. colored, again... i almost never color, i hope i don't make this a habit... regardless, it's quite good, for me anyway. enjoy!

EDIT: this may just be me, but i've noticed the pictures have been refusing to load a lot lately. if this happens to you, just try again in like 5 minutes; every time it's happened to me, it's fixed itself after a few tries.


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Nah, you're not being too mean. Everyone is acting like they would, realistically, but it's still kind of sad.

I like the pic, it's pretty fitting for the story.

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ok, good... that's what i'm going for. i feel kind of bad for putting her into this spot but at the same time, it's easy to sympathize with May too. i wanted that to be a key... far too many times in "love triangle" plots the problem is there's a clear favorite for who the "right" choice is, like one person will be clearly better than the other in some way. but i think Harmony and May are both good girls who care about Hideki a lot and have known him for about as long. there is no right answer here, and as difficult as that makes it for me to write, i think it's made up for by the fact that it's a better, more believable story.


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I walked back into the waiting room with a bottle of Fresh Water and handed it to May; I'd left her in here for a minute to calm down while I healed my Pokemon.

"Thank you... I was getting pretty thirsty."

I offered no response. I was only half-paying attention anyway; I had found my father's online profile and was studying it over on my phone. Now more than at any point during my journey so far, I had to make absolutely certain I knew what I was doing.

"I'm glad... that you got my gift, Hideki."

"I'm glad too, May... those things you said, they meant a lot to me."

"How so?"

"Well... I guess I had forgotten what it meant to lose a friend until what happened to Sylvia. It hurt, a lot... and your tribute kind of helped me come to grips with it, in a way. Also, I'd... kind of taken you for granted. I didn't know our friendship still meant so much to you, after all this time."

May let out a dry laugh and looked steadily down at the floor. She was blushing, and it looked like she wanted to say something. Instead she just took a long sip from her bottle of water.

"So..." she finally asked, "what now?"

"I was hoping you'd go with me to Petalburg City."

"You mean... your father's gym..."

May was the only person I'd told that Norman of Petalburg City is my father. Three years ago I used to go on and on about how I couldn't wait to beat him, and show him up close just what kind of trainer I'd become without any help from him. Of course, that was then. Now I just wanted to leave this region with as much sanity as I had going in.

"Are you sure you want me to go with you, Hideki? I don't want you to drag me along just because you feel like you have to or anything..."

"I don't feel like I have to at all. I missed you, May. Plus, I'm... not exactly looking forward to taking this gym on alone..."

May made a fist and held it in the air in front of me, a determined look on her face.

"Then I'll just make sure you don't have to."

I just smiled, made my own fist, and bumped it against hers.


We arrived in Petalburg City to find an absolute mob scene. There must've been at least three times the actual population of the city gathered around the gym alone.

"This can't be good..." I took May and we discreetly slipped into the Pokemon Center to see if we could find someone to tell us what was going on. It didn't take us long; right there in the lobby, we were greeted by a large, brightly-colored poster:





A father-son matchup for the ages!

See if timeless Normal-type master Norman can hold off the up-and-coming rebel Hideki, his very own son!

7:00 HST, Friday, June 3, LIVE from Petalburg Gym

Hoenn Broadcasting Corporation Pay-Per-View



"What the hell is this..."

"It looks like Norman predicted your challenge... and the League has decided to capitalize on it..."

"Fuck them," I loudly proclaimed, "Come on May, we're leaving."

"But Hideki, we're stuck! We can't go anywhere else without Surf..."

"I don't care, so we've got some time to kill. We'll go relax in Fallarbor Town, or-"


I turned around just in time to see a horde of reporters swarm us. One with a large television camera nearly knocked May to the ground as he rushed toward me. Each one had at least three questions for me, but I couldn't make out a single one. Like I even wanted to. I pulled my best Kenny Rogers* impression on the cameraman who had shoved May, accomplishing two things. The first was that the reporters parted like the Red Sea so that May and I could make our way out of here; the other was that the Hoenn battle media was no longer on my side, if they were to being with. Go after one of them, no matter the circumstances, and they all jump on you like a pack of hyenas, only twice as ruthless and three times as annoying. This was a lesson I learned on my own to an extent, but more so from watching Harmony try to please them after her championships. They loved her at first, until the stress started mounting and she stopped talking to them. Then all of a sudden, she's the aloof, underaged champion who won on a fluke chance, was having boy problems, and had been probed by aliens. I couldn't make this shit up.

This was how I wanted it, though. I wasn't comfortable as anything less than the bad guy. I operated best under the "man vs the world" mentality. Fine, they'd have their primetime overpriced spectacle. I'd play their game. The difference between me and Harmony is that I just don't care what they think. I'd go so far as to say I prefer to be booed than cheered, except by a select few, of course. I knew who was on my side and their approval was all I needed.

"Hideki, I thought you said we were leaving..."

I looked up; lost in my own thoughts, I hadn't even noticed I'd walked right up to the Petalburg Gym.

"Are you sure you're ready..."

I gave May a look that made her flinch. I wasn't trying to scare her; I was just in lock-down mode. 'The Zone,' some might call it. May apparently understood this and returned a fiery gaze as she swung the door open for me.

"I got your back."



*The pitcher, not the country singer. Take a quick peek at his wiki page and you'll get the reference.

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I raced back home and turned on the TV just in time to see the tail end of the pre-battle commentary. Friday night was always mine and Bianca's girl's night out, and I felt kind of bad cutting this one so short but I didn't know Hideki was battling tonight. He must've just forgotten to tell me... he gets in 'The Zone' sometimes before a big battle. Or maybe they sprung this on him and he didn't have time. I could tell by the way they were promoting it that WHBC was making a pretty big deal out of this.


One of the headlines caught my eye: "Leader Norman vs. Challenger Hideki; A father-son matchup for the ages." So this must be that good-for nothing father of his who left he and his mother behind to go be a gym leader. Through process of elimination based on my knowledge of the other regions, I knew he must be in Hoenn, but Hideki had never told me who exactly it was. I wonder why...


They had to shut the talking heads up early to catch the combatants' walk onto the field. Hideki came out first, and- wait.... there was someone else walking with him...

She was about his height, with a bright orange jumpsuit and brown hair that stuck out beneath the sides of her green bandana. I couldn't help but notice that her boobs were at least twice as big as mine would ever be. Surely that's not why he likes her, is it? He can't be that shallow... I couldn't have misjudged him that badly...


Battle Music: Approach the Bench - The Audition


The girl I presumed to be May stayed behind the back line of the arena; Hideki walked forward confidently into the trainer's box. He had a fire in his eyes I hadn't seen since Kanto.

"I've been waiting for this battle, Hideki," Norman said as he, too, walked into his box.

Hideki said nothing, much to the chagrin of the people at WHBC, I'm sure. They made him wear a mic, just like everyone who battles on televised league battles. But I was wrong earlier, when I said I hadn't seen this intensity since Kanto. In truth, I hadn't seen this intensity from him in Kanto either. I hadn't seen this intensity from him anywhere.


"Go, Bushido Brown!"

Hideki brought out his starter, a Blaziken. The crowd roared with excitement at seeing it had evolved; I have to admit, I sat up in my chair a little too.

"Go Spinda!"

"Double Kick."

Norman's Spinda didn't stand a chance as Hideki's Blaziken ran forward and gave it a single mighty kick, despite his command for two. I remembered hearing him ask Bushido to give only one kick to Wattson's Electrike too... maybe this was some agreement they had now?

Norman's Vigoroth and Linoone went down in similar fashion, not even able to withstand one kick from Hideki's Blaziken. The battle was seemingly over before it had begun, until Norman brought out his last.

"Slaking!" A look of confidence was written across his face as he called out his strongest Pokemon.

"Bushido Brown, use-"


Norman's loud command drowned out the rest of Hideki's. The camera shifted to Hideki, who smiled, displaying emotion for the first time all battle.

Bushido Brown let out a roar and flexed its muscles, boosting its own power; Hideki had called for a Bulk Up. Ready to use Counter on the predicted Double Kick, Norman's Slaking stayed in an alert stance for several seconds before finally growing bored of battling and laying down on the ground.

Hideki began to laugh loudly in a way that sent chills down my spine.

"HOW!? How did you know I'd do that!?"

"I looked you up, Norman. I knew your Slaking could take a Double Kick, and I knew you'd try to demoralize me by killing my starter. That's just how you people work over here."

Hideki's smile vanished instantly as he gave his next command.

"Full on, Bushido. Double Kick."

The now powered-up Blaziken leapt high in the air and slammed both feet down hard on the loafing Slaking's head; it didn't even make an effort to defend itself. To my amazement, and seemingly to everyone else's but Hideki's, the Slaking survived the blow. Unfortunately for Norman, Slaking had taken the turn off and was unable to retaliate.


"Norman!" Hideki yelled across the gym at his stunned father, "You're a disgrace as a gym leader, even in a league as corrupt as this one. You knew you had no chance to beat me, but you were content to kill one of mine in the process. Play the game. Play to win. That move is an insult to me and everyone else who raises Pokemon."

A smirk crept across Hideki's face.

"Double Kick, one more time, Bushido."


Before Norman could issue a pointless command, Hideki's Blakizen had driven a leg into the Slaking's chest, sending it flying back several feet and knocking it out. Even with a blow as violent as this one, I could tell he was holding back. Even with all the hate in Hideki's speech, he still showed mercy on his father.


The crowd let out one final resounding roar as the referee raised the green flag in Hideki's direction. May jumped on him almost instantly, and Hideki just smiled and returned the embrace. I couldn't stop the tears from welling up as I felt a fire build inside me.

"It's only a hug," I kept thinking to myself, "It doesn't mean a thing."

I turned off the TV. I knew he was probably going to give a post-battle interview and I felt bad for not watching it, but I just couldn't take any more of this. I ran sobbing into my bedroom, turned off all the lights, and just laid down in my bed and didn't move until the next morning.




I finally got her off me after about 10 seconds too long. It was a sweet gesture and I was happy to have May there to support me, but she just went a little overboard with it.

I took the long walk to the center of the arena to meet Norman. In one hand he held the Balance Badge case; he extended the other to me as I got near him.

"You battled well, Hideki. I think... it's fair to say that you've surpassed me as a-"

I cut him off as I reached not for his extended hand, but for the other one. The one with the badge case.

"Give me my goddamn badge," I commanded in a stern but calm voice, "and get out of my life for good."

Norman slowly let go of the badge case, never taking his eyes off of mine. He had a look that symbolized almost nothing at all, but there was still something there. I wasn't interested in finding out what that was though.


"Hey May? Here..." I handed here my six Pokeballs, "Would you do me a favor and have these guys healed for me? There's one more thing I wanna do here, and I want to get moving as soon as possible."

May smiled. "Sure! No problem. Just meet me outside the gym, okay?"

"Will do."

I waited until May had left the building before summoning the nearest journalist I could find.

"Hey you, come here. And you better still be recording."

The cameraman flinched, no doubt the direct result of my earlier 'assault' on the last camera-weilding individual I'd met. "Just get over here..."

The man slowly inched his way forward a few steps, then finally realized I really wasn't trying to assault him and got close enough to record my last words.

"Harmony... I know you're watching. This is a big win for me and even though you're not in Hoenn with me, there's no way I'd be standing here right now if not for you. Thank you, Harmony."

I flashed a smile and a peace sign at the camera, just for her.


Last Save: Petalburg City

Bushido Brown lv.37

Gabby lv.20

Jaffar lv.26

Dr. Scholl lv.31

Astaroth lv.32

Wishbone lv.26

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Nice battle music. Sorry I didn't get around to saying anything sooner. You are doing a great job! I thought the emotional irony was funny (if a bit sad too)

I also thought to let you know that I have begun watching The Boondocks. I specifically even know who Bushido Brown is (Which makes your Blazekin so much more awesome)!


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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which irony was funny? there were a few moments like that, i thought.

finally someone gets the reference! i do love The Boondocks though; so well done, such a powerful message behind each episode, yet it's still hilarious. i do hate how Huey's attempts to make change are always shot down, but then again, that's how it works IRL too. a couple of the episodes frustrate the hell out of me because they're so accurate yet depressing. like the one where he goes on hunger strike to shut down BET.


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I have only begun to watch the Boondocks. I have no idea what you are talking about. xD

Although I did just watch an episode that categorized Drug Dealing an Gang Wars well (And all the negative repercussions) only under the guise of Candy Bar sales.


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B "Diddy" M
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*clears throat*

These chapters have been awesome, bro. I've missed a lot of the in between in stories so I won't recap all of my individual feelings on this but, it's aweomsesauce. Everything is just pro here.. sorry I'm not being more specific but.. MOAR MOAR MOAR PLZ.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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hah XD i love that episode. season 3 was some of their best work. i do recommend you go back and watch some of the old episodes though. The Passion of Rev. Ruckus, in particular, was amazing.

and Diddy, i'm glad you like it! i should have another chapter ready today sometime.


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Such is a small sample of our trek through Route 119. Alright, look, I forgot to check the weather before we left, okay? And I wasn't about to let some rain clouds stop me from taking on Fortree Gym. So it was just me and a soaked, complaining May taking on the longest Route in Hoenn in the middle of a deluge.

Other trainers had actually camped out here, only they had prepared for the elements.

"Look, Hideki!" May marveled as we rested under the cover of some extremely tall grass, "See that girl over there? See that thing she's holding? That's called an 'umbrella.' People use that when they know they're walking through RAIN! It keeps them DRY!"

"What's your point?"


"Come on, May. Men don't use umbrellas."

"UGH! I don't care if YOU have one! You should have brought one for ME! That'd be the chivalrous thing to do, anyway."

I sighed, took off my jacket, and handed it to her. "Here, makeshift umbrella. Best I've got."


Despite her bitching, May draped my jacket over her head the rest of the way through. I was forced to participate in a wave of battles almost as relentless as the rain; without the ability to use items, I had to manage every move with utmost care, a challenge considering all the distractions I had at the moment. Thankfully, no one got poisoned or seriously hurt, as all my overleveling had paid off. My entire team was now in the low 30s, with Bushido Brown sitting pretty at lv.37.


"Look, Hideki, look! It's a building!" May laughed in jubilation as she sprinted toward the large, concrete structure.

"May, come on," I called out in vain, "you don't even know what-"

Without even knocking, she threw the door open and bolted inside.

"Excuse us!" I yelled as I followed her inside. "We're just passing through and we need a rest from-"

My introduction was cut short by a sharp, high-pitched squeal. I rushed into the room I thought I'd heard the sound come from just in time to see May flop down delightedly on a large bed.

"Look Hideki! A bed! And a PC and a healing machine! God must've put this place here for us, Hideki! It's perfect!"

"You realize it doesn't get much ruder than lying down in someone else's bed while soaking wet, right?"

"Oh come on, there's no one here! We can hang out here until the storm subsides!"

As if on cue, we jumped as we heard a crash directly above our heads. It wasn't lighting; no, something was happening on the floor above us. I wasn't sure if it was a human or a Pokemon, but we weren't alone.

*sigh* "Wait here May... I'll go check it out..."



"What would Team Aqua want with a Castform? We're here to seize control of the Weather Institute!"

Upstairs I found the source of the noise. Apparently this place was far from abandoned, and it looked like we had come in just behind Team Aqua.

"Oh hell, what are you up to NOW?"

"Ah, Hideki! We haven't had the pleasure of meeting. I am one of Team Aqua's executives!" he said with way too much pride. "Archie wanted me to tell you your services at Mt. Chimney were greatly appreciated."

*sigh* "For the last time, I am NOT on your team, nor am I on Team Magma. I do not care what you people are fighting about. Although you both sure do seem to get in my way a lot. I should probably just squish you now just to be rid of you for good."

"My, aren't you confident," the admin said with a smirk, "you'd be a perfect Team Aqua executive."

"I don't even- I mean, I JUST said I'm not interested. I don't even know what you're trying to do here."

"We're here to take over the Weather Institute and control the weather itself! Soon, all of Hoenn shall be covered in water!"

"First of all, YOU are a fucking moron. Second," I turned to the meteorologist that Team Aqua had been hassling, "come on, do you guys REALLY control the weather here?"

"No! That's impossible! That's what I was trying to tell the pirate men! We just STUDY the weather here!"

"LIAR!" the admin screamed, "I watch the weather on television! You say it's going to rain tomorrow, then BAM, it rains! You even summoned the beautiful storm taking place right now! You have somehow harnessed the power of weather at this facility, and Team Aqua plans to take that power for ourselves."

I stood, staring at the Aqua admin, dumbfounded. "Wait... you're serious, aren't you..."

"S-so you're not with them?" the meteorologist asked timidly, "You've got to help me! I mean, sure, these men are complete idiots, but there's no telling what kind of damage they could do to the equipment!"

"Relax," I replied, summoning Wishbone, "all I have to do is beat these guys at some Pokemon battles and they'll leave."

Which is exactly what happened. Before they left though, the man who worked here briefly explained the science of meteorology to Team Aqua, seemingly assuring them that the Weather Institute was not, in fact, responsible for the weather.


"Thank you, trainer! H-here," the man said, handing me a Pokeball, "this is my way of saying thanks. It's a Castform!"

"Um... you know what, this is nuts but my entire PC is full!" I lied. "What can I say, I got a little Zigzagoon-happy on Route 103..."

"But... But it changes with the weather..."

"Look, all I really want is for you to allow me and my friend to stay here for a bit until the storm subsides. And, um, if you have a clothesdryer, that'd be great too."

And so for the next two hours we stayed in the institute as we waited for the storm to pass. Thankfully, the institute did have a dryer, along with other household amenities; apparently the meteorologist from upstairs lived here.


May and I stayed in separate rooms while we dried our clothes, despite her insistence that she wouldn't be uncomfortable otherwise. She had packed a swimsuit that she changed into (don't ask me why she brought it), and I had always been in the habit of wearing gym shorts under my pants. So she said it was just like we were at the beach, nothing weird about it. Although this still didn't sit well with me. I knew how she felt; I had known since shortly after we met for the first time years ago, she even SAID she loved me in that letter she attached to the Beautifly doll. I should have probably been grateful to have the affections of such a kind, beautiful girl, and part of me wanted to just give in and go with it. But the bigger part, the part in control, felt sick even considering it. Was it still leftover resentment from Sylvia, or even what happened three years ago? Or was it something else...




"Hello..." I answered, groggily.

"Harmony? Were you asleep?"

"Wha- Hideki? What time is it..."

"It's like one o'clock, Harm. Are you alright?"

One o'clock? Had I really slept that late?

"I'm fine, Hideki... I just... took a nap," I lied, "I couldn't really get to sleep last night, and I felt really tired when I got up..."

"Well, go back to bed," he said reassuringly, "I'm sorry I disturbed you."

"No, it's okay... what's up?"

"Nothing much, that's why I'm calling... I'm in a weather station on Route 119 now, waiting for a storm to pass. This is the longest Route in the region and I happened to come out here in the middle of a downpour."

I laughed. "Well that was silly of you. I hope you brought an umbrella, at least."

"What is it with you girls and umbrellas? No, men don't use umbrellas, Harm."

'You girls?' So I wasn't the first girl to bring up umbrellas with him. So she must still be traveling with him.

"Did you watch my battle last night?"

"Hm? Oh, y-yeah, I did! Your Blaziken was awesome, Hideki. So were you."

"So did you catch that little message I sent you at the end?"

"Um..." I wanted to lie, but I was afraid the message might require some response that would trap me in my fib. I felt horrible now for giving up on him. "No, I- at least, I don't remember a message..."

"Oh... they must not have aired it then. Figures. I just said that you're the reason I am where I am now, and I wanted to thank you for that, Harmony."

Just pour on the guilt, why don't you. I had to act as touched as I could be, and while I really was incredibly touched by what he said, more so in this moment I hated myself for not staying to hear it live.

"Oh, Hideki... you're too sweet. You're giving me way too much credit though... YOU are really the reason you're doing so well now."


An awkward silence followed; apparently Hideki didn't know how to respond to that. The silence made me stew, though. I was feeling all kinds of things on every end of the spectrum now, and the silence and confusion were making me bold. I needed some answers. It was time to finally call out the elephant in the room.

"So... how's May?"

"Hm? Oh... she's... she's good. I think she's kind of mad at me right now though, for bringing her out in the storm."

"So she's traveling with you, then? I thought you were rivals..."

"We are. I mean, we were... I don't know what we are now. I mean- *sigh* alright, we're not 'together' or anything, that's not what I meant by that. Wow, I made this way more awkward than it needed to be..."

"I just asked, Hideki-"

"I know. Just... okay. We started as rivals. But now, I've kind of recruited her to my cause. She's helping me bring down Hoenn. She's a good trainer and a great support. She's a great friend."

I noticed he put a little too much emphasis on the word 'friend.' Intentional or not, it made me smile. Hideki's a good liar. He's never this awkward when he lies. He was telling me the truth.

"Anyway, Fortree City is just a short ways away. I should be having my next gym battle soon."

"I'll be home all day, I'll keep an eye out for it! Good luck, Hideki!"

"Thanks, Harm. Thanks for cheering me on. You're the best."





Last Save: Route 119

Bushido Brown lv.37

Gabby lv.20

Jaffar lv.31

Dr. Scholl lv.31

Astaroth lv.34

Wishbone lv.32

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Oh man that was funny. The banter throughtout the weather was great!

Of course, the Team Aqua guy who believed the weather was controlled by the insitute was my favorite.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i'm glad you liked my little liberties. i kind of had to use my imagination to make this part of the story worth writing about.


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B "Diddy" M
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I too enjoyed the water insitute. Good job turning a randomly placed side quest into your story nicely! I'm glad May has been axed out of Harmony's mind.. jealousy's a [email protected]#$%


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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would anyone be horribly opposed to me just skipping right past the Keckleon shit and straight to the Winona battle? a.) i can't come up with a way to make it funny or interesting and b.) i kinda don't want Steven to randomly pop up here. my Steven wouldn't do that.


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Sorry I've been gone for these last parts, they were a joy to read! I'm agreeing with everyone that the Admin at the Weather Institute was hilarious. I'm glad to see Harmony is in a better place now, too. I was worried for her.

No opposition here to skipping those bits. Though I've got to say, I'm never underestimating Kecleon again after mine practically swept the E4 on my own Emerald Nuzlocke run. It was seriously beastly with Skill Swap.

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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quite alright, though i'm glad to see you back! you were missed.

huh, i knew kecleon had good sp.def, but that's about it... did you do a narration/journal thing of that run, Tam? i'd like to see that.

and i'm sorry i haven't had anything in like 3 days now... the next update has a good bit of progress already but every time i've sat down to finish it, someone has interrupted me -.- should be able to get it up sometime today though.

believe it or not, i'm still a good 3-4 updates away from catching up with my actual place in the game... i haven't played in like a week because of that >.<


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Aw, thanks!

Yeah, it turns out if a Kecleon has Slash, Brick Break, and AncientPower, and you have good timing for when you use Skill Swap, there's not much anyone on the E4 can do about it. It was a good way to troll them. Ironically, another one of my sweepers for the E4 was a Beautifly named Sylvia. That's why I was so upset when you lost yours; those things are total badasses in disguise. It was my first Nuzlocke, and more of an experiment than anything else, so I didn't do a narration of it, but now and then I've been termpted to go back and write something from it.

It's all good, interruptions happen. Looking forward to the next update, though! Man, Winona can be one tough cookie, especially with that Altaria of hers. I'd wish you luck if you hadn't already faced her in-game.

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