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"You're a plucky one, trainer. Braving the dark of my gym, besting all my junior trainers, impressive."

"Whatever. It was pretty easy."

"Is that so? Do you plan on getting past ME that 'easily?'"

"Yep. I'm gonna squash you with a bug."

"Confidence! Wait... 'with' a bug?"

"That's what I said," fearing nothing from this guy, I went ahead and brought out Sylvia. I didn't care if he knew how I'd beat him or not. Not like he could stop it anyway.

Brawly looked at my Beautifly for several seconds, stunned. The silence was finally broken by a fit of hysterical laughter.

"Trainer! If you didn't look so serious, I'd think you were joking! But I take it you honestly mean to insult me by bringing this into my gym?"

"You're not too smart, are you?" Ah. There we go. I could tell by his change in expression I'd found his weak spot. "Let me break it down for you. Bug resists fighting. Flying resists fighting. A flying bug really, REALLY resists fighting," I said in the most condescending tone possible.


"Enough! Machop!"

The not-at-all-intimidating Machop flexed its, um... 'muscles' with confidence.

"Watch this, one shot. Sylvia, love, use Gust."

Sylvia fluttered up a good three or four feet in front of the Machop and began beating her wings rapidly. Much like a hummingbird, her wings weren't even visible as she seemingly floated in midair.

Unlike most Pokemon's Gusts, Sylvia's wasn't even visible. However, the effect of the attack was obvious, as large gashes began popping up all over the Machop's body.

"Machop, return!" Brawly said at the first sight of blood. Well that was odd. If the attack had persisted a few more seconds, it would've probably killed it, true, but it didn't even look fainted yet to me.

"Go, Meditite! Focus Punch!"


"Focus Punch?" I repeated before roaring with laughter, finally remembering I did need to hurry up with the move. "Sylvia, bat your wings once in Meditite's direction."

Sylvia did so, and a tiny breeze blew over the foe, deep in concentration. The Meditite's eyes opened instantly upon noticing the whisper, and then did nothing else.

"What!? Meditite! FOCUS PUNCH!"

I resumed my laughter. Brawly looked at me, pure frustration in his eyes.

"I get it now. You were one of those kids in school who pumped iron all day to make up for the fact that you couldn't understand basic algebra, weren't you?"

Brawly's frustration turned to rage.

"Focus Punch only works if you have one full turn, untouched, to pull it off. But I bet you didn't check that part out, did you? Nah, probably saw that base 150 power, and well, you at least know enough about numbers to know that's a BIG number, so you used the TM without any more thought. Am I close?"

"Meditite, return..." he said through gritted teeth as he recalled his Pokemon.

"What? Oh come on, I haven't even hit it yet. I haven't even made eye contact with it yet. Unless Focus Punch is ALL it knows."

His silence and ever-reddening face told me that was exactly the case.


"How did you even become a gym leader? Are they THAT desperate for talent here in Hoenn? I mean, I have to give them credit starting with Wattson, but you and Roxanne are just fucking pathetic."


Oh this should be good.


Brawly released his ultimate arbiter of destruction, and announced his attack with booming force. "VITAL THROW!"

Sylvia didn't need a command to dodge. In fact, she didn't have to do anything at all. His chubby Pokemon couldn't even reach her. I lost it at that point; as much as trolling this guy was part of my strategy, I didn't mean to laugh has hard as I did.

"You wanna see something funny?? MAKUHITA! USE VITAL THROW ON THE CHALLENGER!!!"

The Makuhita winced before it reluctantly ran after me. Again, I didn't even have to give a command. Sylvia dove head-first into it before it even reached me. Both hit the wall with a force that made the Makuhita slow to get up. But Sylvia wasn't done. Having now cornered it, she now started another Gust, beating her wings twice as fast as she had even against the Machop, fueled by rage and a desire to protect her trainer. Fighting for victory meant a lot to her. Apparently... fighting for me meant something else entirely.


It became obvious to me the amount of mercy she'd shown to Brawly's Machop as she showed none of it to Makuhita. Slicing gusts of wind from her furious wings yielded cuts on its skin; cuts grew to slashes, and slashes into full-on lacerations. By the time she was done, the poor Makuhita had lost far too much blood.

Brawly stood silent, fixated on his strongest battler, now dead for his temper.

"You son of a bitch... I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF!!!"

Acting on her own again as Brawly began to charge after me, Sylvia flew up to him with alarming speed and wrapped her proboscis around Brawly's neck and held him dangling in the air, effectively hanging him. I approached the scene calmly.

"You tell the others about me," I ordered, "you tell them what happened here. Wattson especially. Tell them I'm coming. You understand that?"

Brawly offered no response at all; I doubt he could. I stood and watched as he continued to hang in the air, flailing in vain at first until he finally stopped moving. The moment he lost consciousness, Sylvia set him down. I reached a hand down under his neck to make sure I hadn't just killed a man. I hadn't. He'd come to in a little bit, but not before I'd taken my badge and TM from him and left this island for good.



Last Save: Dewford Town

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Gabby lv.12

Sylvia lv.19

Astaroth lv.12

Dr. Scholl lv.10

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I have to be honest, your updates aren't holding my attention very well.
I think you are trying to use violence as a attention grabber, and while I am not opposed to violence in ANY way, it doesn't feel justified enough to me (as the reader) and I'm just not into it.
I mean I know what happened to Hideki in his last run. I know that, but it just doesn't reasonate with me enough to justify what you are trying to do.
I also must say I think you went to far with Brawley telling his Pokemon to Attack Hideki. Its just not part of the Pokemon world. Only in the most extreame of cases should something so drastic be used and it doesn't feel justified in my eyes.

These are just my personal feelings about the story you are trying to provide. If you like it go ahead, I just can't promised I will continue to follow you.


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B "Diddy" M
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I'm kinda in the middle here. I do find each update to be interesting since it shows, deep down, Hideki's feelings towards Hoenn and his attitude but the violence does seem abundant. Again, I'm in the middle with the pokemon attacking because it shows Brawly's rage but that's just not supposed to happen.. but this isn't canon so you're not restricted by the 'Pokemon World's' rules.

My best way to sum it up is that with this story, I think you're going to have a big divide- people who really enjoy and people who don't. Not really much middle ground. I personally enjoy it because of the storyline of Hideki, which I was drawn in to from aPokelypse, but I can see how to violence will offset some people.

Either way, I think a lot of people do want to see what happens to Hideki with this run but people are just uncomfortable with the abundance of violence in the Pokemon setting. I'll read either way out of interest but those are just a few of my thoughts.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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first of all, the slaying of pokemon was something i always assumed to be inherent in every nuzlocke. i interpreted that "fainting" was for the most part to be replaced with death, and i assumed it counted both ways. in a nuzlocke, they're trying to kill you and you're trying to kill them. it doesn't make sense that you'd go through the whole region with every single battle against an opponent trying to rob your pokemon of their very lives, and in turn not try to do the same yourself. whether that's right or not is debatable but that should be taken up with Nuzlocke himself i suppose, not those following the example he set forth. that brutality was meant to be implied to be the reason that Harmony got sick of the challenge so early into her career; Hideki is more ready to do what is needed to accomplish the goal.

another assumption i sense being made here is that revenge is Hideki's primary motivation in this story. it's a simple one to make, but moreso (i realize i may not have foreshadowed this heavily enough yet, although i'd like to point out i'm barely through 5 updates, intro excluded) he's trying to overthrow a corrupt and cruel system in the Hoenn region. i operated under the assumption that the inference would be made that this same brutality was displayed to Hideki in his first run three years prior; this culture is one he's trying to overthrow. and while it's true he's committing the same crimes as those he's fighting against, well, that's just war. Hitler murdered millions of people, so the Allies' response was to murder millions to stop him. we bombed the innocent, we sent our own men over there to die in the process. was that wrong? Hideki would say no. it's the concept of the ends justifying the means, and it all ties into his willingness to do what has to be done for the ultimate good.

regarding Brawly's attack, my best defense is the point Diddy made; i'm not tying myself down to the rules of the established "Pokemon World." if we're staying loyal to that canon, does the concept of a nuzlocke even make sense? does a story about a zombie apocalypse in said world make sense either? i presumed nuzlocke to be a more "adult" way of viewing the world of pokemon, and that assumption is a cornerstone of this narration and that scene especially. Hideki spent the whole battle trollin' Brawly, and i painted him as a hot-headed yet dim jock. it seemed like the best conclusion to the battle at the time and i stand by it now.

in a nutshell, if you don't like it, no disrespect intended, it's probably best you don't keep reading. these elements, not the brutality itself, but the ideology for which the brutality exists, are what drives the story. this is the direction i chose to go with the narration. and if those ideals turned you off so quickly, then the meaning of the whole story will probably be lost on you even moreso as the story ties together. again, i'm not asking anyone who reads this to stand by the ideals or even acknowledge them as being "correct," just to understand them enough to recognize their place in the story and the literary value of the overall work.

ultimately, it's my fault for trying to do too damn much with a nuzlocke narration that ~3 people care about. i really need to be pouring this energy into an original storyline i can actually claim as my own intellectual property someday.


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Very well said Hideki.
Anyhow, I would like to see an original narration from you, that would be the bee's knees!

If this is how your story wants to go, I may stray then. I just wanted you to know that it isn't me being against you, your writing style, or content, but rather my intrest not being able to cope. 
That said, I'll be sure to give more chapters a read. As you said you only have 5 so far, it is hard to judge too much.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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not so sure about the future of this narration. i really am starting to think this is a waste of my time. the actual run is already several gameplay hours ahead of what i've written so far, and the interest in my vision seems to be nonexistent. not that it would mean much more if people DID like it, what with a maximum of 3 readers and all.

definitely going to finish the nuzlocke (i'm actually kind of having fun with it this time, believe it or not) and i may continue writing just because i was kind of having fun with that too, but i doubt i'll keep publishing. i need to focus this creative energy into aPokelypse or perhaps another project independent of pokemon entirely.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i've spent a good chunk of the last two days trying to polish up the parts i'd worked on to publishable standards, and accomplished nothing as it felt like i was wading through muck the whole time. i simply have no more motivation to write this and i'm not convinced anyone will miss it anyway.

the nuzlocke itself is still going strong, however. i can continue to do light updates if you want me to, a la all my pre-Pearl runs, otherwise i'll just let you know when i win or fail.


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You can give us some light updates. I am still interested to hear how it goes.


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Wow, missed so much on this thread, so I guess I'll throw my comments in general here:

I am with CJ on how I view this story, however, its very well written.  I almost find myself wanting to read it just because Hideki (and maybe ever your's) view on how a Nuzlocke run's violence should be used is so foreign to mine, it makes it interesting, even if a little off putting.

On that note, I would like to see the story continue as is.  I've always enjoyed your writing, and I would be sad to see you reduce the amount of work or quality just because people are off-put by the violence.  I mean, I know now 2 out of your 3 readers have said they don't like the story basically for its fundamental values, but I still want to see more.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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that's the kind of reaction i was HOPING for. you're not supposed to agree with Hideki and his methods, but i didn't think it'd be too much to ask to be able to understand it enough to at least stay with the story and see what it has to offer, agree or disagree.

the off-putting nature of it was something i was going for as well. all good stories invoke emotional response, positive or negative, and mine just happened to be negative. i think it's obvious it's a dark story, hell, the title gives that away. but it's also important to remember, up to the last update he's got 2 of 8 badges. he's got a long way to go and it's to be expected he'll change along the way. i wanted readers to understand how dark Hideki got after his last attempt, but i know better than to dwell there forever.

even though your post gave me hope, Del, i still feel like my effort is wasted with this story and i have no desire to continue publishing it as of now. but i'll also refrain from making watered-down updates to avoid spoilers just in case i change my mind later on, maybe if we get some more activity here soon.

and thank you as well for saying you enjoy my writing. that means a lot.


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Well, I'm saddened about this no longer continuing as of now, but maybe that means you will pick up another narration?  Pokemon related or no, it would be fun.

Also, L4D narration?


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like bananas."

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i really don't know what i'll do next. if this is dropped, my next thing will be Harmony in Stadium 2, or possibly my "magnum opus" if i can ever get that developed enough to share it... but whatever it is, i can't really give an estimate on a time. i can see myself taking several weeks off, and i can see myself posting something tomorrow.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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The trip to Slateport was much smoother than the last ride, something I attribute fully to Briney running out of Jose Cuervo. This town always perplexed me though. It's one of the biggest cities in Hoenn but it has no gym. They didn't think that might be a good investment? The city itself is pretty enough but the pirate convention kind of ruins it...

Hold on.

I recognized the pirates as being more from the group that those two that stole the Goods belonged to. Apparently they were on a field trip to the Slateport Museum. I decided to go see what kind of trouble they were causing, but apparently they'd been briefed on me after my encounter with the last two. The group standing in line literally parted so I could enter the museum. The receptionist lady, however, wasn't so easily intimidated and I had to pay 50 cents to get inside.

As much as I resented paying the toll, it turned out to be worthwhile because this was where Capt. Stern was. Package delivered, I headed north to make some progress on my quest.


Or so I would have written it, anyway. But no. I got stopped by a few pirate thugs who tried to take the package away from me for some odd reason. Must be drugs. Don't know, don't wanna know. I rolled them and THEN made my way north to actually accomplish something.


On Route 110, I found an Electrike. Finally, a good pull. It didn't go easily, so I finally had to tap into my reserve of Great Balls I'd gotten from Gabby and as my payment from Devon Corp for doing all their legwork. I named him Wishbone and brought him with me as I made my way north along the route.

It was a peaceful place, a winding trail surrounded by the sea. I enjoyed the scenery until I was stopped by the last person I expected to see here.


"Wait, how... I don't-"

May chuckled, obviously pleased with herself. "How'd I get so far ahead of you? I don't know, you tell me, slowpoke."

"Did you even challenge the Dewford Gym?"

"Yeah, but that was all I did there. That place was boring."

"I see... yeah, I got... sidetracked. I've kind of been Devon Corp's errand boy lately..."

May laughed. "It's kind of hard to imagine you being goaded into delivering mail for Devon Corp," she shifted to a comically low voice obviously meant to mock my own, though it sounded nothing like me. "What? Hell no, get that package out of my face. Do I look like the Ponyta Express to you? Get lost old man, I'm busy."

I sighed. All things considered, that wasn't a terrible impression.


"So, how do you like your chances against me now, Hideki? You know, since I kind of left you in my dust. Think you're in my league?" May spoke smugly but obviously light-heartedly.

"May, come on, let's not do this... nothing good can come of these pointless battles..."

"Sorry Hideki, but it's my job to push you," she said, pulling a ball off her belt. "It's too late to refuse my challenge now."

May stepped back a few paces and released her Pokemon on the spot where she once stood. She now had a Lombre, interestingly enough.

*sigh* "Come on, Sylvia. Gust."

I released my Beautifly, who beat her wings in a rapid, violent motion, sending razor-sharp gales at May's Lombre.

"Lombre, hang in there!"

But the super-effective strike was just too much for the Lombre, and I called off the onslaught before its relatively small cuts grew to lethal levels.

"Taken out in one shot by a bug... are you trying to insult me, Hideki?"

"You brought this fight on yourself, May."

"Heh," she brought a finger to her nose and smiled broadly. "Let's see your Beautifly handle this! Slugma! Use Ember!"

"Sylvia, good job," I said recalling my Beautifly and sending in Bushido Brown in her place. The Embers collided with my Combusken, who shrugged them off as if he had just been sneezed on.

"Double Kick."

Bushido Brown rushed after the fire slug and punted it into the air, with the same form he used against Roxanne's first Geodude. I gave another command as he leapt into the air to deliver the finishing blow.

"Don't kill it!"

Obviously disappointed, Bushido Brown spun once and gave the Slugma a gentle love tap, so that gravity did most of the work in knocking out the creature. In one sturdy leap he came back to my side, obviously unwilling to battle any longer against a foe he couldn't go all-out on.

"Damn... I didn't think you'd still be this strong, Hideki. I'll admit, I got a little complacent on you after seeing you lag behind." She drew another ball off her belt and kissed it. "But of course, you know I still have one more left. And I don't think Bushido Brown OR your Beautifly can take him."


May's Marshtomp let out a deceptively vicious roar upon its release, obviously prepared to take on anything I could give it. I gave it my Beautifly, what I thought would be the safest move.

"Sylvia! Absorb!"

Sylvia latched onto the Marshtomp's back and plunged its proboscis into the top of its head. Something was wrong, though. The grass-type move wasn't draining the water/ground-type Marshtomp nearly like I thought it would.

"Marshtomp! Shake it off and blast it with Water Gun!"

Marshtomp grabbed Sylvia by the only wing he could reach and flung her off his head. Before she could recover, a stream of water knocked her back to the ground.

"Sylvia, get up! Once more with Absorb should-"

"Marshtomp! Stop holding back! Hit it again with everything you've got!"

It was no good. Sylvia was stuck in a puddle caused by the last Water Gun, and her wings were too heavy for her to get airborne again. Marshtomp's second spray knocked her back into the puddle, unrelenting for several seconds.


"M-Marshtomp! Stop!"

The Marshtomp finally cut off the attack, or ran out of energy, one. It looked completely exhausted by the time it was done with the Water Gun. I ran over to the now sizable puddle; Sylvia wasn't there. I got on my hands and knees and frantically felt around underwater for her, finally locating her far too late. I picked up her small body, and the first thing I noticed was how heavy she now was. Water poured off her wings in streams, and out of her mouth after I turned her on her stomach.

"Hideki! Hideki, what happened?!"

I said nothing. I just knelt there, my pants and sleeves now drenched in water, holding Sylvia's body. Above all else I wanted to make sure not to set her back in the puddle, or to let any more water get on her. It seemed... wrong, somehow.

Bushido Brown was still out of his ball, and looking up at him I remembered I was in the middle of a battle.

"Hideki, you were right," May said in a frightened voice, "this is dumb, I- I don't think we should continue."

I stood up, still holding Sylvia, and refused to take my eyes off of May. Bushido Brown waited in his ready stance for my next command, one he didn't have to wait long for.

"Double Kick."

The instant the words left my mouth, Bushido Brown flew to the enemy and delivered once swift, resounding kick, both knocking the creature out and knocking it back several yards behind May. I promised May I'd never go for a killshot on her, so this time I decided to leave it up to Bushido Brown's discretion. I already knew what his answer would be though. No sooner had the Marshtomp stopped skidding on the ground than Bushido Brown leapt high into the air, ready to shatter the skull of the Marshtomp who had slain his friend with the same excessive onslaught he, too, was about to feel.

"NO!!!" May ran straight to her Pokemon and threw herself over him, shielding him from the oncoming attack.


But he refused to listen. He barely knew May and cared even less about her life. After what he'd witnessed, destroying her alongside her Marshtomp probably seemed like appropriate judgment.

"RETURN!!!" I yelled as I pointed Bushido's ball at him, the red beam hitting him just before he was able to finish the job.


May stayed frozen on top of her fainted Marshtomp for several seconds; gentle sobs were the only sounds I heard from her. The fact still remained that she was in my way. Without another word I walked past her, content enough to leave her there on the ground. I didn't get far past her though before I got what I knew was coming. May flung herself into my back as her crying began to intensify.

"I'm sorry Hideki! I didn't mean to kill her! Marshtomp got carried away, I-"

I cut her off with a forearm to the chest, shoving her off me with enough force to make her stumble back a comfortable distance from me.

"Get away from me, May."

May approached me again and made the mistake of touching me a second time.

"Hideki, please don't-"

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME." I yelled with enough intensity to scare her into retreating a few paces. Her eyes stayed fixated on mine though, a look of fear on her face.

"You didn't mean to kill her!? 'Stop holding back, Marshtomp!' 'Give it all you got, Marshtomp!' And after I TOLD you how I was doing this, after I held back from killing one of YOURS?! Did you SEE Bushido Brown use that move, and on a Geodude?! He turned it into fucking dust, May, and you wonder why it didn't kill your little slug? Did THAT ever cross your mind??"

May tried to stammer out some sort of response, but I wasn't about to let her.

"It was because I TOLD HIM to lay off. Because I promised I wouldn't play that game with you. STUPID! Why did I think you were any different? You're just like them. All you Hoenn fucks are the same. You all get off on using Pokemon as your own little gladiators, 'fight to the death so I can get on TV, so I can get all the fame, while you sit in a ball and PRAY TO GOD YOU DON'T DIE TODAY!' Well fine, fuck you then! Fuck you all! I'll break every last one of you before I leave. I'll break this goddamned system if it kills me."

By now May had learned that her best move was to stay quiet and wait until I was done.

"Go home, May," I said, slightly calmer. "Go home and never let me run into you again."

I didn't want to stay around any longer, to give her a chance to explain herself. In that moment, I was so far beyond caring that anything she would have said might've made me completely lose it. But as I walked away, I could've sworn I heard her whispering the rebuttal she didn't dare say out loud.


"But I could never hurt you, not on purpose..."


Tribute Song: Someone Saved My Life Tonight - Elton John


Mauville City was just a short walk away from where the battle took place, and it didn't take me long to find the cemetery. Almost every city in this region had one, and they were all packed to the brim.

Sylvia's plot cost quite a bit of money, as did the headstone. Not that I cared. Being a relatively small Pokemon, she got a relatively small plot, stuck in between a Swalot named Felix and a Zigzagoon named Gibson. Both victims of Wattson's, I presume. I bet he's proud of that.

I hadn't lost a Pokemon since the last time I was here, and I'd forgotten what it felt like. Losing her wasn't quite as bad as that was; then again, I'm not sure any loss ever will be. It hurt the most thinking back to how close Sylvia came to safety. In all likelihood, that battle would have been her last even if she had lived. I wouldn't have brought her to the Mauville or Lavaridge gyms, and looking ahead to what little I knew about the rest of this region, I doubted she'd see the outside of my box for the rest of the time here. If I'd been a little more careful, if May had been a little more careful, she'd still be here. But maybe she's better off not having to deal with a trainer like me, on a mission like mine. I knew this wouldn't be pretty and I knew sacrifices would have to be made. And I wish it hadn't happened the way it did, but at least she wasn't stuck here anymore, having to worry about all the things I burdened her with before. I thought the words of Elton John and Bernie Taupin captured that best, the words I had put on her headstone, the last words I read before gathering my things and leaving without another glance back.


"You're a butterfly

And butterflies are free to fly

Fly away, high away





Last Save: Mauville City

Bushido Brown lv.25

Gabby lv.13

Lindsey lv.12

Astaroth lv.13

Wishbone lv.12

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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After healing up at the Pokemon Center, I brought out my entire team and addressed everyone as a group.

"I know you all know by now what happened to Sylvia," I began, "and I hate to say it, but... it couldn't be helped. It was the right call, leaving her in. Without the critical hit, she would have lived, easily. Probably would have lived another hit too thanks to Absorb recovery. If I could go back, I wouldn't do anything differently. I managed the battle correctly. Sylvia fought her hardest," I paused and looked at everyone for emphasis, "No matter how good I get or how strong you get... there is always a chance that what happened to Sylvia could happen to any one of you at any time. You know this is about more than just my own glory. But at the same time, I can't in good conscience force any of you to do this. If you want to leave, if you don't want to put your life at risk to help me end this broken system, step forward and I'll release you right now with my blessing."

I can't say I was surprised, but still somewhat relieved, that no one took my offer. Pokemon are generally loyal, and my cause was one they could stand for. Still, considering the danger they were all in in volunteering themselves, it meant a lot.

"In that case, I offer you all the only thing I can, and that is my very best. So, prepare to train like you've never trained before."


And so we trained as if our lives depended on it. What am I saying... they did depend on it. After what happened last time, I was going to make sure we were at our very pinnacle of power before trying to jump the hurdle I stumbled over last time.

I took advantage of every trainer I could find in the area, and even out of it. Every patch of grass, and yes, even the daycare. The Exp. Share got a good bit of usage too.

I evolved Gabby and Lindsey into Linoone and Mightyena, respectively. I got Astaroth, Wishbone, and Dr. Scholl all past lv.20, and I raised both Magikarp I caught into Gyarados on top of all that; one physically-oriented, one special. And Bushido Brown... do I even need to say? Since watching Sylvia die, he fought like a man on fire. I had to struggle to keep him from going too far a couple of times.

Something strange happened while I was training Jaffar, though. When he hit lv.20, he didn't evolve like every other Pokemon I'd seen evolve previously. His skin split in a small hole on the back, and out crawled his new form, Ninjask. Good attack, access to STAB Bug now and STAB Flying later, plus the ability to boost his own speed automatically and attack with Swords Dance later on meant I had a nice tool to use, granted I was careful.


"Nurse, would you heal my Pokemon?" I asked the Pokemon Center attendant, handing her my five Pokeballs.

"Certainly... oh? You don't want to heal your sixth, too?"

"Sixth? Oh, no, I only have those five on me now."

"No, sir, I'm certain you have one more on your belt..."

I looked down and sure enough, she was right. Only I couldn't imagine who it could be; everyone I could think of was accounted for, either boxed away or in Nurse Joy's hands. I opened the ball and was shocked to see Jaffar's old skin floating in the air above me. Joy jumped back a good ten feet, by estimate.

"What in..." I pointed my Pokedex at it just for curiosity's sake, and was again surprised when it displayed an entirely new reading for a Pokemon called Shedinja. I saw it's a Ghost/Bug type, and then read its ability... and a plot began to form in my mind.


Wattson laughed heartily when he saw me enter the stadium.

"Hideki! I never thought I'd see YOU here again!"

I scowled. He was the first one in the region so far that recognized me. I assumed the others were thrown off by my hair, or the three years, or the fact that our battles just weren't that memorable. This one was different though.

I was at the height of my game when Wattson sent me crashing down last time; this was before I handed the Indigo League title to Mitsuo, before I unwittingly robbed Harmony of all those years she wasted on me. As much as these people love crushing young trainers here, I bet Wattson got the thrill of a lifetime out of our battle. I shouldn't have been so surprised at his memory.

Battle Music: Handful of Redemption - BoySetsFire


"I was... made aware you were back in the region, so I invited WHBC over to broadcast this match," he said, motioning towards the television cameras lined up along the far wall of the gym, "I hope you don't mind."

"Just send out your Pokemon, Wattson."

Wattson led with a Voltorb, I led with Bushido Brown.

"I see you chose Torchic again! I can only hope you raised this one better."

Not that I'd give him the satisfaction of knowing it, but that was exactly the case. Bushido Brown was already significantly stronger than Turducken was last time. He was strong enough as it was, but Wattson had gotten lucky. The Hoenn ParaFusion master thrived on that. This time though, I did my level best to make sure the difference in skill would make up for any more hax.

"Double Ki-"


To my surprise, his Voltorb was still more agile than Bushido. It charged itself up before slinging itself into my Combusken, sending a powerful bolt through him. The attack had brought the Voltorb in dangerously close though, and one resounding kick sent the mechanical Pokemon flying into a back wall, shattering in the process. Not that I was anywhere near done. Voltorb is entirely inorganic; rebuilding it would be no more than a weekend project for a skilled electrician like Wattson. I hadn't even begun to repay my debts yet.

Wattson's Electrike was next, and I was in the driver's seat for this one. I knew Bushido Brown would outspeed this one, and I knew I could kill it in one fell blow. But something strange happened to me as I imagined the Pokemon's spine shattering against the wall into as many pieces as the Voltorb before it. Those images were quickly replaced by images of the waterfall pouring out of Sylvia's mouth. Of my very first partner bleeding to death in Victory Road. I heard May's sobs as I walked away from her not even 24 hours ago. I heard Harmony crying over the phone, asking me why Jelly had to go like that.

"Use Double Kick, Bushido... but lay off the second kick."

Bushido Brown simply turned his head and looked at me.

"You heard me. Kick it once, no more."

Bushido held his glare for about a second longer before speeding to the Electrike and kicking the shit out of it. It was only one kick but it was fueled by more power than I'd ever seen from him previously. Bushido Brown's bloodlust apparently hadn't been satiated as mine had. The Electrike flew violently into the wall, and staggered a few times before finally collapsing.

Wattson only replied with more laughter.

"You've won nothing yet, son... you've only equalled your accomplishment from last time. And I'm afraid this is as far as you'll get now, too."

Next came Wattson's Magneton, and I have to admit even I began to feel a little sick upon seeing it. That's right, it was the Magneton that ruined me last time, as I'm sure Wattson hadn't forgotten.

"Use Ember, but..."

My hesitation gave Wattson time to give his command ahead of me. "Thunder Wave!"

A thin, blue wave of electricity collided with Bushido Brown's body, instantly sending him tumbling awkwardly to the ground.

"Bushido! Remember your berry!"

I'd given him a Cheri Berry before the fight, in anticipation of just this sort of thing. As soon as he popped the fruit into his mouth, he sprang back up, ready to go.


Bushido Brown let out a steady stream of fire onto the steel-type, but it was able to resist long enough to get a second Thunder Wave off and again cripple my Combusken.

The Rules allowed my Pokemon to use any item they can hold, but after burning off the one berry, I was now stuck. Bushido Brown would have to defeat the Magneton in his current state.

Or so I thought.

"Magneton, use Supersonic!"

The three bodies that composed the Magneton all ground together, creating an awful metal scraping sound that pierced Bushido Brown's ears, confusing him.


Bushido Brown stumbled around for a bit, obviously dazed, but fighting hard to resist the confusion and paralysis.



"Don't let Sylvia down, either..."

At these words, Bushido Brown let out a primal yell of his own before shooting a red-hot wave of fire directly at the Magneton, an unrelenting wave that persisted for far too long.


I ran up to my Pokemon and held him firmly, pulling him back as if this would get him to cease somehow. He finally ran out of breath, and when this happened, I noticed a new, shining, silver pool of liquid where the Magneton once was. There would be no repairing that.

Again, to my amazement and slight horror, Watton's response was a hearty laugh.

"You got lucky with your starter this time, kid! That Combusken has unreal talent... too bad it's all about to be wasted. Just like last time. You're done, kid."

Wattson called forth his most powerful Pokemon, his Manectric, to finish me off. What he didn't realize was that I had already won. This time, I was the one to greet his selection with a laugh.

"No, old man," I said as I recalled Bushido and brought out another Pokeball, "I'm far from done. I'd love to see you hax your way out of this one though."


"Wha- What is that thing?!" Wattson said, pointing at my Shedinja floating before him.

"It's a shell. A carcass. It has one hit point. If you can knock it out, you're right, you've beaten me. I'm done."

Wattson's look of confusion gave way to another laugh, this one not quite as hearty as the others.

"The rumors were true! I really did turn you mental. If you think a strategy like this will work against me-"

"Call an attack, then."

Wattson just stood there, studying my Shedinja. It was obvious he could sense the trap; not that I cared. I wasn't bluffing, I had already won. There was nothing he could do to stop me now.

"No? Alright then, use Screech."

A horrifying, otherworldly sound emanated from my Shedinja, lowering the defenses of Wattson's Manectric.

"Keep it up, Shedinja. Keep going until he can't take it anymore."


The Manectric howled as it unleashed a powerful blast of electricity that headed right at my Shedinja with alarming speed and accuracy. It struck him directly, though Shedinja offered nothing in the way of a reaction. It was as though he hadn't even been attacked.

"What is the meaning of this?! Shock Wave never misses!"

"It didn't miss," I explained, "Shedinja's just not affected. It's called Wonder Guard. Try reading a Pokedex sometime."

Wattson cycled through the rest of Manectric's moveset, but to no avail. Nothing worked. Meanwhile, I was steadily chipping away with Fury Cutter and lowering his defenses with Screech.

"Enough! Manectric, return. I... concede."

Wattson withdrew his Pokemon early, likely fearing it would meet the same fate as Roxanne's and Brawly's Pokemon otherwise.


Wattson approached me after the battle but refused to look me in the eyes. He handed me the Dynamo Badge and the Shock Wave TM.

"Hideki..." he said to me, but likely for the cameras, "you've grown exponentially as a trainer since our last meeting. You trained your Combusken well, and you showed me something I had never seen before in that Shedinja of yours. You deserve the win."

I stared at the man for a long period of time before finally walking away. After what that man did to me three years ago, his congratulations disgusted me. I showed him a mercy during that battle that he'd failed to show me last time, even though I wanted to tear him apart like the others. Even more than the others. It didn't feel fair now that Roxanne and Brawly paid the price they did and Wattson got off with only one casualty, an unintentional one at that. It may have been the Pokemon that took the lives of six of mine before, but it still didn't feel balanced out in my mind.

Wattson called my name one more time before I walked out of the gym.

"I know you held back, Hideki. Just answer me one thing. Why didn't you get your revenge? Isn't that why you came back?"

I stopped briefly as I considered an answer, but then decided it best to ignore his question and move on with my life.


To my surprise, the man from the cemetery greeted me upon my exit from the Mauville Gym.

"Excuse me, Hideki? I have something for you..."

He presented me with a plush Beautifly, a sight that brought a wave of emotions over me.

"Where... what is this?"

"It was on your Pokemon's grave. Someone must have put it there today. It's pretty common for people to leave such things on the graves of their loved ones' Pokemon... but pragmatically speaking, it's kind of a silly practice. I have to go around picking all this stuff up or it'll sit outside and ruin. So I try to give it to the Pokemon's owner when I can."

"Thanks..." I said, waving him off.

I noticed a card was tied to the doll's neck; the front of it simply read "Sylvia" in beautiful calligraphy; someone had obviously taken a long time with this. Not that I had any doubt as to who it was. I opened the card and read the message inside:


Dear Hideki,

At the rate you move, I'm not sure this will reach you but all I can do is hope. I wanted to do something to pay my respects to Sylvia. I didn't get to see much of her but she seemed like an amazing Pokemon to me. I know you loved her a lot, just like you love all your Pokemon.

That's why it made me so sad, what happened to her. You were right, I did tell Marshtomp to give it his all. But that's not what I meant at all. I was embarrassed because you were beating me, soundly, and I felt so weak battling you. I wanted to light a fire in Marshtomp and inspire him to come back and win. But not like that. I didn't want to kill anyone. My pride got the best of me and it cost me my very best friend, and the only person I love in the whole entire world. For that, I will always be sorry, to you and to Sylvia.

You're right, Hideki, about the people in Hoenn, and I hope it makes you feel at least a little better knowing that I'm going to continue fighting for your cause. I wanted to quit after our battle, but now I know I have to fight for the same thing you're fighting for. Even though you never want to see me again, that's okay, I promise I won't get in your way again. But we are going to break this system, Hideki. Even if we don't do it together.

I know you're probably going to spend the rest of your life hating me for what I did. I just wanted you to know that I will spend the rest of my life regretting it.


Sincerely yours, forever and always,

May Birch


Halfway through my second re-read of the note, my phone began to vibrate in my pocket. In spite of myself, a chill of anticipation traveled down my spine as I took the call.



Last Save: Mauville City

Bushido Brown lv.29

Gabby lv.20

Jaffar lv.24

Dr. Scholl lv.26

Wishbone lv.21

Trolololo (Shedinja) lv.21

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I'm not sure if you decided to finish this or not, but I'm really enjoying reading it. I have to agree that at first, the violence was a bit much for me, but I still thought it was a really interesting take on a Nuzlocke, and pretty accurate considering the rules. I really like that Hideki has a cause, a reason for fighting. It makes me really hope that he wins.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes, if you do continue it! It's really well-written, and I have seriously gotten chills at some points while reading it.

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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thank you for the kind words, Tam. i'm glad you like it and that you're able to get something like that out of it.

i made the mistake of getting WAY too far ahead of this point in the actual gameplay, but i think it's safe to say the narration is back on for now. i have yet to decide where to go with the Stadium 2 idea and i'm not quite ready to return to aPokelypse Now! (my other story, you should read it too if you ever get bored) so i may as well stick to writing this.


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See these chapters, these two chapters really all bring it together for me. They are... superb, really. I can actually get behind Hideki I get REAL feeling out of them. They were a pleasure to read and I would love to see more, like for Reelz.


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"May? How did you..."

"What? No, Hideki, it's me... Who's May...?"

After hearing more of her voice, I silently chastised myself for my mistake.

"I'm sorry, Harmony, for a minute there I thought it was someone else..."

"Um, okay... are you alright?"

"I'm fine, sorry, I wasn't expecting to hear from you..."

"Okay, it's just, I watched your match on TV and you seemed really intense then, and then the whole 'May' thing... you still haven't told me who this person is..."

I could tell by Harmony's tone that she wasn't happy I was expecting a call from someone named May.

"She's just a junior trainer here, from Littleroot Town... she's my 'rival,' I guess you'd say. And I guess I am a little... emotional right now. I'm sorry, Harm."

"Okay, I'll call you some other time then... Sorry I got you at a bad time..."

"No, it's okay... it's never a bad time, with you."

I could hear her laugh softly over the phone.

"Anyway, your Combusken was super impressive, Hideki. You've trained him really well. And nice work on that Shedinja, too, I like that. And Hideki, getting over that hurdle... I'm so proud of you. You deserve this."

"Thank you, Harmony... I can't tell you what it means to hear you say that."

"I know I wasn't entirely enthusiastic about you leaving again, but... I'm glad you're doing this. It felt so good to watch you battle again."

I smiled. She'd single-handedly brought up my mood.

"You're the best, Harmony. I need to get moving, though. Thank you for the pick-me-up. I'll call you soon, okay?"

"Please do! Bye, Hideki."


I should've figured she'd find some way to watch my battle. She probably bought some special TV package just to be able to watch WHBC in Unova. Now that I'd beaten Wattson, I expected to pick up a lot more media attention. It meant my mission would finally be shown to people, but perhaps as importantly, it meant Harmony was watching... giving me just that much more motivation to do my best.

And, sure enough, waiting for me on Route 111 was a female reporter and her cameraman, wanting to record me battling for TV. I actually went extremely light on them, to make sure they'd air the video and to make myself seem more likable for the viewers. The more people I could get on my side, the better, even if they didn't fully comprehend what it was they were supporting.

After the battle, I was asked to give a few words. I kept my answer short and sweet:


"I've arrived."




I'm not sure why I couldn't stop crying after hanging up the phone. I felt kind of sick, and I kept wishing I'd gone with him. I would have posed as his rival if he'd needed me to. No... that doesn't make sense. He would have done anything to prevent me from going over there. I'd heard enough from Hideki to know I didn't want to see what it's like there. They treat battling differently, he said. They treat lives differently.


I brought Shadow out of his Pokeball and hugged him tightly.

"Do you think there's something I don't know about this May girl?"

I often went to Shadow for comfort. As an Espeon, he could understand my worries even better than my words described; it made me feel better to ask him aloud but really I didn't need to. He could hear the thoughts before they even left my head.

Shadow nuzzled my cheek once, then hopped off the bed and ran to the top of my dresser. He grabbed a picture frame and brought it back to me.

It was Hideki's trainer card, the one he signed and gave to me when we first met. It had been in that frame ever since I got home with it; it was still my most cherished possession, even though I knew him closely enough now that I could get a thousand autographs from him if I asked.

"If he says she's just his rival... I should probably believe him, shouldn't I?"

I picked Shadow up in my arms and walked over to my window. I had the perfect view in my apartment above the Pokemon Center. I could see a mixture of the manmade wonder that was Castelia City and ocean port that it sat on. This was what I usually did when I thought about things I didn't actually want to think about. The beauty of this sight would help make up for the ugliness of whatever was in my head.


My jealousy was unfounded; I knew that. So he was expecting a call from someone. And she was a girl. Big deal. It didn't mean anything. Besides, so what if it did? He's... he's free to do that. It's not like we're together or anything... I don't have any right to be upset. I should just stop being crazy and clingy and stupid right now.


*Sigh* Who am I kidding...


I lied before. I wasn't happy he was in Hoenn. I was scared for him, and my anxiety over this new issue didn't help things. I wanted more than anything for him to just quit this crazy dream and enjoy himself for once. And... on a selfish level, I missed him. I had ever since I left Johto. I decided if he came home in one piece that I'd just move right then and there. I'd rent a place in Viridian City, or maybe even see what's available right there in Pallet Town. And I'd just make him be happy, and that would be the end of it, and we'd finally relax and just enjoy everything we'd worked so hard to be able to enjoy.


I could feel Shadow's gaze, and it pulled me back into reality. He'd read that train of thought and he was telling me nicely what an idiot I was for thinking it. It's not that simple; it never will be.

I rubbed Shadow's head in a playful manner and sighed.

"I know, Shadow... but a girl can dream, right?"




The desert on Route 111 intrigued me, but I found it impossible to pass because of the violent sandstorm that battered the area. I took about three steps in before nearly drowning in sand, so I decided to check out Route 112. According to my map, that's the way to Lavaridge anyway and my fourth badge.

There were two ways to go... one was the Fiery Path, which looped up to Fallarbor Town and back around to the north end of Rustboro. Didn't want that. No, I wanted to take the gondola up to Mt. Chimney; from there I could climb back down the mountain and get to Lavaridge Town. Why they never got around to making an actual ROAD to such an important town, I'll never know.


"Hey, ninja guy, out of the way."

"I am NOT a ninja! I am a member of Team-"

"Look, I don't care if you're a member of Team Edward, you're blocking the gondola. Move."

"Can't do that. I'm on orders from the great Maxie himself."

"Well isn't that special. Seriously. MOVE."

"Sorry trainer. I ain't budgin'."

"I get it, I guess I have to defeat your underleveled and likely unevolved team of Pokemon before you step aside, right?"

"I don't- I mean I'll battle you if you want kid but I don't care if you sweep me, I can't let you pass. What kind of bitchass criminal organization do I look like I work for, Team Rocket or somethin'? Lettin' you pass because I lost at Pokemon... heh..."

Damn. Well it worked in Kanto, anyway.

"Fine. Where's this 'Maxie' chick at?"

The fire-ninja-guy looked at me like I'd just said the stupidest and most offensive thing he'd ever heard. "You know Maxie's a dude, right?"

"Sounds like a girl's name to me... I don't care, fine, where is HE?"

"Can't tell you that neither. He's undergoing top-secret Team Magma business at an undisclosed location in Meteor Falls."

Unsure if he had intentionally told me EXACTLY where to go or not, I decided it best to just leave to hurry and find the guy.


Well Meteor Falls sure was an inconveniently long way away from where I SHOULD be going. I basically had to walk (well, ride my bike) all the way through northern Hoenn. And there's not even a gym here.

At least it gave me time to level up my Pokemon. I gave most of my attention to Wishbone and Dr. Scholl, who evolved into Manectric and Tentacruel. Scholl would carry me through the next gym and Wishbone would do the same with the flying gym. That was the plan, anyway.

I also caught this interesting flying-type called a Swablu. I imagined Harmony would have gone crazy for it instantly; it's a little blue bird with clouds for wings; frankly, it's adorable. What's more is I hear it evolves into a dragon-type later on. Definitely something to stuff in the daycare for later.

Speaking of dragons, I made sure to use Repels the whole way through the falls, as I heard there are dragons in the deeper parts of it, too. Probably won't get one but I decided it was best to go ahead and save that for later anyway. Who knows.


Inside Meteor Falls, I found the man I presumed to be Maxie hassling a scientist-guy over a meteorite.

*sigh* "Alright, what kind of sideplot bullshit have we got over here..."

"That evil man is stealing my precious meteorite!" the scientist frantically proclaimed.

"Man, what're you gonna do with a meteorite? Is it worth anything?"

"That is none of your concern, runt."

I'd had enough. I really just wanted to get to Lavaridge Town.

"Alright, look, I don't care. I won't stop you from taking the meteorite if you'll just tell your minions to stop blocking the gondola up Mt. Chimney. Alright? I really just need to get through."


"Fine, on one condition. You must promise not to interfere with any of Team Magma's future endeavors."

"Sure, whatever, just as long as I get to Lavaridge Town I do not care."

"Very well then," Maxie said as he pulled out an Escape Rope, "by the time you return to Mt. Chimney, you'll find your path is clear."

I shrugged at the flabbergasted scientist as I pulled out my own Escape Rope and left the cave.

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this was an interesting chapter for me. it made a quick transition from the emotional first half to the lulzy second half. that's my attempt at a way to make this part of the game interesting, as in my opinion, this whole part just drags on and is really a waste of time. i feel like much of the Hoenn games are like that, and it makes it very hard to write.

oh, and, don't be offended by Hideki's lack of caring about Team Magma's nefarious plot or the scientist's stolen meteorite. he'll correct his laziness in the next update :) seriously, just for teh lulz, people.


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I agree completely, that part is the worst in the game right up with when you leave Lilycove and go on your "Magical Sea-faring Adventure Ooooooohhh"

Very lulzy. I laughed my favorite part being "I've Arrived" 


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