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"Hey, Harm."

"*gasps* Hideki! I don't- how are you calling me? Are you in the region?"

"Heh... no, I'm at home. The guy who invented the Poketransfer... his technology apparently helped expand the phone systems' ranges too. We can talk whenever we want now, no matter where we're at."

"That's... that's so great! Oh... I've missed you, Hideki..."

"Don't have to any more."

"I guess that's right!"

"Yeah... how's stuff going in Unova for you?"

"Really great! I love it here... I got an apartment above the Pokemon Center in Castelia City. Not a whole lot of room but it's not like I need a lot anyway. Soon I think I'll be ready to take on the Elite Four again and go for the Championship!"

"I know you'll destroy it. You've demolished every other obstacle in your way so far."

"Heh... thanks, Hideki..."

"How are Helena and Starwho and the others?"

"Oh man... they're super!"


"*giggle* Yeah... I've used a few of them in battle here already... they're so strong! And Helena... my God, Hideki..."

"*laughs* Now you understand why I won Kanto? How could I lose with a Pokemon that strong on my team?"

"You sound a lot more perky than usual. Any reason for that?"

"Would you believe it's because I'm talking to you?"

"*giggle* No... I think there's something else."

"How'd you know?"

"I can just tell. You can't hide anything from me, Hideki."

"I guess not... I'm leaving for Hoenn soon."




"You don't seem-"

"No! It's great, really! I just... this is really unexpected... are you sure you're ready?"

"I've had a long time to think about this. I'm ready."

"You don't have to do this you know..."

"Aren't you the one who's been pushing me to get back on this for over a year now?"

"I want what makes you happy, Hideki... but... I gave up the challenge after Sinnoh, and I honestly don't miss it. I don't think I could ever go back there again. I don't... I just don't wanna lose you again..."

"I'm stronger than I was before, Harmony."

"But if it goes the same as last time-"



"I can't even think about that possibility, Harm. If I'm going to win this, I need to be fully mentally committed. I can't consider failure."

"Hideki, please..."

"I'll promise you one thing though. What you're scared of... I'm not going to do that again. I will not put you through that again."

"Okay, Hideki... I... I'll always support you in whatever you want to do."

"I know. I'm counting on that."


I didn't even give it another thought. It was about 10:00 at night here but I was gone. I laced up my boots and threw on a band jacket I hadn't worn in years; not since happier times. It was a green army-style jacket with a logo on the back: a large set of lips proudly exhibiting its tongue in a "fuck you, world" kind of way. Fans who saw the jacket thought it was the coolest piece of Stones gear ever created; myself included. I'd stopped wearing it because it made me think too much of my father. I put it on now for the same reason.

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Badass Hideki is BADASS.

Super-stoked for this!


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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this one is gonna be a little different than my other nuzlockes. i know the style already looks a lot like aPokelypse, but i'm aiming for something a little different than that, even.

for starters, one new thing i'm introducing is "Mood Music." at the start of important updates (and every gym battle) i'll post a song, and a link to a youtube video containing that song. the idea is for you to listen to that song either before reading the update or as you read the update, as it sets the tone of the chapter.

i'll continue to post the date and my current team as always, except this time the team will always be at the end of the update, to avoid spoilers. and, as always, this narration is based on the real-life events of a serious attempt to nuzlocke pokemon emerald version, and is subject to end abruptly should my challenge end abruptly.

i'll post the second half of the introduction tomorrow, the real updates start after that. enjoy, and as always, your comments and support are what give me the strength to carry on this grueling task in my least favorite region in the series.


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I'll keep up with this Nuzlocke, it may or may not convince me to do my own.  I'm strongly considering trying to Nuzlocke Black/White, but since I haven't even beaten my copy yet (grinding got me bored of the game pretty fast, though I still have fun when I pick it up) I think Nuzlocke might be what it takes...but it also might scare me away from playing.


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Mood Music: Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones


I drew a few strange looks from the airport security for sure, as I looked like something between an underage Vietnam vet and a domestic terrorist in my getup. But thankfully, the new airport system meant I didn't have to take the damn boat to Hoenn again. Not that I have any problem with boats, it's just much faster to fly. I was apprehensive at first, having never flown on anything but the back of a Pokemon before, but I'd heard good things about the service and I found my flight to be just as smooth as I could have expected.

The truck ride to Littleroot Town, however, not so much. No taxi service would go that far, and I wasn't about to go on foot with no Pokemon on hand, so I had to get a ride in the back of a moving truck. Some poor nub about to discover the cruelties of this region for the first time, no doubt.


It felt weird coming back to this place again. It'd been three years but nothing looked any different at all. The new family was unloading all their stuff into the same house I'd rented out for about a week and a half the last time I was here all those years ago. It was like an out-of-body experience I was having, almost... inside, I thought that none of that person who failed here before was still alive, but everything around me remained exactly the same as it was during that time. It was as if someone had taken a photo of that time and 'shopped me in after the fact.

I felt a chill travel down my spine as I walked into Professor Birch's lab to start my new journey. Birch recognized me, but pretended he didn't. I told him I was a rookie trainer wanting to start my own adventure and he just went along with it. I chose Torchic, just like before. I named him Bushido Brown, after the greatest black karate man who ever lived. "Bushido" is all that fits on his license, but he shall henceforth be known by his full name.

Honestly... that was the part I was dreading the most about coming back here, having to look Birch in the eye and tell him I needed a fresh start. They may not raise them, but all the Professors in the various regions hatch the starters they give away themselves. I'm sure it hurt him almost as much as it hurt me when he heard Turducken died, and I'm equally sure a part of him was hesitant to give me another Torchic to go get slaughtered. I thanked the man awkwardly and quietly before slinking my way out the door; I never heard a response back. I silently chastised myself for my apprehension, and swore an oath not to hold back on anyone else I'd encounter in this region. They gave me their all last time and rolled me, and I planned on returning the favor this time.

Besides, Birch was the only one I was ashamed to meet again, and only because his Torchic had paid for my weakness last time. I hadn't planned on granting the same courtesy to anyone else here anyway. Only... I forgot someone.


I heard a voice accompanied by running footsteps from behind me just as I stepped out to route 101 to start my journey.


Her attempt at a hug came out as more of a tackle, and she and I both hit the ground hard.

*sigh* "Hi, May..."

May smiled. "I knew you'd come back."

"No you didn't. I didn't even know myself until I got here."

Neither of us spoke as we both studied how we'd changed in the three years since we last saw each other. I could tell her eyes were focused on my hair, hair I hadn't had cut since the last time she'd seen me. Meanwhile, I hoped she couldn't tell my eyes were focused on her breasts. They had grown exponentially in three years' time. Had I just not noticed before? Was she maybe... padding them to impress me? Or maybe... no... would they even perform that kind of surgery on someone her age? As I pondered these and... other... questions, May spoke again.

"I missed you, Hideki... I like what you've done with this, by the way," she said as she reached out and grabbed a long lock of hair from the back of my head.

"Thanks..." I offered weakly. The truth was, I missed her, too. May Birch and I had gotten pretty close as we both went through our first Hoenn adventure together. She was significantly younger than me, but that didn't keep her from harboring a shallowly-hidden crush on me. I suppose I'd have to call her my first real crush, too.

I left as soon as my battle with Wattson had ended; I never said goodbye to her or to anyone else. Not that I particularly cared for anyone else in this godforsaken region. But to me, May was just another part of the Hoenn nightmare I'd fought so hard to repress. My feelings for her died along with the rest of me on that day in the Mauville Gym. For a fraction of a second I wondered if those feelings might ever return before I was hit with a flood of memories of the one person who'd been my sole unwavering companion for the last three years.

"I hope you don't mind, I picked Mudkip again..." she said, interrupting my musings. "I can't make things too easy on you, you know," she added with a wink.

"That's okay... I'd heard somewhere that you like Mudkips."

May shot a look of disappointment at me for making that pun, then smiled and laughed to herself.

"I'm glad to see you've maintained your old sense of humor, Hideki."

I shifted my glance away from her and down on the ground. She had no idea that this was all a show, nor did she know how hard I had to work to get back to the point where I could even put on shows for people anymore. Not to mention the sacrifices of that person I didn't dare bring up in May's presence.

"May... I don't want you to do this."

May blinked, confused. I gave her a stone cold look and based on her reaction, for a second I swear she caught a glimpse of the true darkness in my eyes.

"How far did you get last time, May?"

May's eyes widened suddenly, as if she were coming to from a terrible daydream. "Um... I never even challenged Wattson, Hideki. When I heard what happened to you, I... I went home. That's why I was so glad you came back to try again... Now we get to have another adventure together!"

"Listen to me, May. We're not kids anymore. I'm here to win. I'm here to destroy. If you get in my way... I'll have to destroy you, too."

"Hideki, no..."

"You need to... find someone else to have your big adventure with. This will not be fun for me, and if you come, it could be even less fun for you."

"What do you mean-"

"You don't want to know what I mean." I gave her a look that hopefully made her understand just how much she really didn't want to know.

"What happened to you, Hideki... When we battled before, it was always lighthearted and fun... it was wonderful... you're such a good trainer. I learned so much from you... and now you're... you're talking about 'destroying' me?" She moved in close, uncomfortably close, a look of fear on her face as she searched my eyes for the answer she was looking for. "Where did you go, Hideki?"

We looked at each other for several seconds before I pulled away from her.

"There's a new kid moving in," I said, "go with him. Have your adventure. It's... what I want you to do."

May smiled, noticing my slight hesitation.

"If that's what you want so bad, then... why don't you make me!" she said as she tossed her Mudkip's Pokeball on the ground in front of me.


"You're every bit as good as I'd remembered, Hideki," May said as she scooped her fainted Mudkip into her arms. "You weren't going easy on me, were you?"

"Of course I was. If I wasn't, he'd be dead."

May gave me a long and uncomfortable look.

"You're... not kidding, are you-"


A long silence followed.

"I need to go back to Dad's lab and heal this guy... How long do you think you'll be in Petalburg?"

"I'm not stopping anywhere. I'm only staying in each place as long as it takes me to catch one Pokemon."

"Maybe I'll catch up to you in Rustboro then..."

"Damn it May, if you knew what was good for you you wouldn't follow me at all. You'd stay home. Watch some TV. Enjoy, oh, not having your friends slaughtered before your eyes."

"Just because it happened to you doesn't mean it'll happen to me, too..."

"You're the only person in this whole region I'd go easy on. And believe me," I said as I started to walk away, "I'm the only person in this whole region who'll go easy on you. These people are killers, May."

"And why are you going so easy on me?"

I stopped walking, but didn't turn around.

"Because, maybe, I sorta like you a little bit. Is that good enough for you?"

"It's like you never even left, Hideki," she said warmly.

I couldn't have agreed less with her statement, and I didn't want to think too hard about what she meant by it anyway, so I decided to end the conversation and get started already.

"I can't stop you from following me, May. But I'm gonna tell you one last time you shouldn't do this."

"I know. And it's sweet of you to try and keep me from that. But you're right. You can't stop me."

I shot a thumbs-up as I kept walking.

"Just... don't go too fast, okay!? Give me a chance to catch up at least!!!" May yelled at me from afar. I pretended I couldn't hear her.

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This is going to be an interesting read.


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"Here you go, Hideki, your Pokemon are fighting fit... again."

"Thanks, Joy," I said in a disinterested voice as I took my three Pokeballs back from the nurse for the sixth time in less than an hour. I'd rededicated myself to training early on in hopes of guaranteeing I wouldn't see a repeat of last time. I hadn't shared this plan with the nurse at the Pokemon Center however, so she had gotten other ideas about the reasoning behind my repeat visits.

"If you're just looking for an excuse to see me, I get off at 6, you know..."

Just like me to get all the luck with women when I don't want it. Fuckin' hax, man.

"I'll keep that in mind," I lied as I took my Pokeballs and left.


The first thing I ran into on Route 101 was a young Poochyena. She was timid by nature and didn't give Bushido Brown much of a fight before I caught her; still, she'd done better under my command. I named her Lindsey, I feel that name suits her somehow.

On Route 103, I met a Zigzagoon. This one was a little more assertive than Lindsey was. I could tell we'd get along as soon as I saw her glare fearlessly into the obviously much more powerful Bushido Brown's eyes. I named her Gabby; her adamant nature and Pickup ability should come in handy, at least for the early part of my journey.


I'd gotten in a fair bit of training with all three of my new companions before heading west to the dreaded Route 102. Here I got nervous just like I got nervous last time because I knew something lurked in the bushes that could change this quest in an instant: The elusive Ralts. Grab a Ralts, and Brawly's a joke. Grab a Ralts, and you have a reliable special attacker from the word "Confusion." I knew how this game worked. I knew how many kids spent hours on end in the grass looking for these things. Unfortunately for me, I only got one shot. I called out Gabby, dove into the grass and ran into... I couldn't believe it.

Another Poochyena.


Oh well. Not that I was expecting anything different. I didn't let that dampen my spirits though. Some fodder would be nice, and it's not like I was realistically missing out on- SHIT!


I sat up quickly after gathering my surroundings. I'd tripped over something. Something small and green, and dome-shaped. No, wait, that's just its head...

Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me.

There it was. Before I could even leave the patch of grass I was in, I'd found the little bastard. Right there he stood, looking up at me with those sleepy, half-shut eyes. One of the best finds in the whole region, mere seconds after I used my Ball on my second Poochyena.

"You know what? Just... Bushido Brown... get this out of here."

On the bright side, Bushido Brown learned Ember with the exp. he gained from the Ralts. Still, we're not even to Petalburg yet and I could already tell this was gonna be a long journey...


I planned on getting the hell out of Petalburg about twice as quickly as I had come. I made one quick stop at the Pokemart to grab a handful of Pokeballs and one Escape Rope. I couldn't help but notice I hadn't seen a trace of May yet, even considering all the time I'd spent training. Maybe she'd taken my advice and stayed home after all. Or maybe she was taking this as seriously as I was. After pondering this for way too long, I realized I didn't care and walked back out of the Mart, only to be greeted by a weird, lanky, green-haired kid and his Poochyena.

"Excuse me, kid..." I muttered as I tried to walk around him. Instead he shifted positions to continue to block my path.

"Mister, will you help me catch a Pokemon?"

"What? Who do I look like, Earl? No, move it, I'm busy."

"But... I'm moving away soon and I want to catch a Pokemon before I go so I can have a-"

"Look, kid, I don't care. See that big building over there?" I pointed to the gym, "Go in there and ask the man inside to help you."

"I already did. He told me to ask you."

A dead weight filled the inside of my chest. He'd seen me. He knew I was here. Even if you are the gym leader, you don't lead children to random strangers, you don't delegate your responsibilities to Joe Blow off the street. What's more, he knew what this would make me think. He probably knew exactly how I'd respond, too.

*sigh* "You got a Pokeball, kid?"

"Uh, yeah..."

"Great. Go out to the field and walk in the grass until you see a Pokemon. Have Poochyena Tackle it twice then throw the ball at it. It's really not that hard."

"I-I was hoping you'd-"

"I told you what to do, now go do it. I'm not gonna go hold your hand while you do something as simple as catching a Pokemon..."

I finally walked away, not caring if the kid caught a Ralts or got eaten by a pack of Poochyena. I also didn't care that my father was watching the whole exchange, studying my response. Let him gawk. He'd be getting a better look in just a few badges.




Last Save: Petalburg City

Bushido Brown (Torchic) lv.10

Lindsey (Poochyena) lv.6

Gabby (Zigzagoon) lv.7

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Hideki is so brrody and determined. I'd be afraid to look him in the eyes. 
I think the music thing is a nice touch. I kinda missed not having it for the second chapter here. I ended up listening to WTF collective which I am sure has nothing to do with the chapter.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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interesting take... does anyone else think i should do Mood Music for every update? i didn't wanna overdo it, but if you guys don't think it'll be overkill by all means i'll plug it in.


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I'm reading the chapters, but I personally am ignoring the mood music.

I like the story a lot, its nice to have a trainer who cares about Pokemon, but isn't exactly nice.


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I couldn't help but feel at least a little optimistic as I stepped out of Petalburg City and felt the calming breeze of the sea on Route 104. Looking up at the sky I saw a whole flock of Wingull, just waiting to be captured. I pulled Gabby's ball off my belt and ran out toward the ocean, eager to make one of those birds my next-


"I really need to start looking where I'm going..." I'd tripped again. I looked down at my feet to find the source of the collision and...


There, under my ankles, sat yet another Poochyena. This one was by far the happiest looking of the THREE I'd encountered so far.

*sigh* "Do I look like a dog person to you?"

The damn mutt just sat there, a blank look on its face, panting and wagging its tail.

"You realize I've gotta fight you now, right?" The thing continued to stare blankly at me. I sighed. "I guess more death fodder never hurts..."

Except, well, he was used a little earlier than I'd anticipated. Gabby got another critical hit and killed it in two Tackles. No fodder for me.


Before I entered the Petalburg Woods, I noticed some small, colorful trees on the outskirts of the forest. Fruit-bearing trees. I remembered Harmony telling me all about giving these to her Pokemon to recover in a pinch, providing healing when needed and without using up a precious turn in battle. I decided to keep an eye out for all these trees that I could from now on. I also remembered I should probably call her soon...


It took several minutes of wandering around in the forest before my first wild encounter. I'd battled a few bug trainers, squashed some guy in a pirate suit, but I was almost out and I hadn't found anything to catch.

"Zig! Zagoon!"

Gabby had found something. Oddly enough though, it didn't look like any item I had seen before. It looked like just a big, white blob of HOLY SHIT IT JUST OPENED ITS EYE oh sweet Jesus it's a Silcoon. Wait...

"Gabby...." I groaned.

This meant my first encounter in this forest was a Silcoon. I was getting a cocoon, after running into three Poochyena and a Zigzagoon to start this adventure. This wouldn't be happening to Harmony...

Then I reconsidered.

"I can work with this," I said to Gabby, "Sure, it'll take some grinding and it'll be useless for the upcoming gym. But maybe it'll pay off in the end."

I named her Sylvia in anticipation of her evolution into a more elegant form.

I entered Rustboro City and immediately left. All I cared about in this area was my encounter in Route 116. Expecting another Poochyena or an Abra I can't catch or hell, even a redundant Whismur like last time, my expectations were far from high this time around. So of course, I got the best thing I could possibly get here.

A Nincada introduced himself to me, who I promptly caught and planned great things for. In just a few levels, he'd be an unbeatably-fast force of nature and maybe even support the team. I named him Jaffar and put him in the back of my party. He wouldn't be used now, but I had big plans for him later on.


After another hour of training, May still hadn't made it to Rustboro yet. I decided she must've thought it over and had chosen to stay home. I was happy for her, but at the same time I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. The truth is, we did have fun last time, fun while it lasted anyway. I guess those times are over now.

At any rate, my tedious training had resulted in evolutions for both Bushido Brown and Sylvia. But I remembered this gym from last time, and knew that even with Absorb, Sylvia wouldn't be necessary. I only needed the help of one Pokemon for this one.

"ROXANNE!" I called out as I swung open the doors to the gym. "You have a challenger."



Last Save: Rustboro CIty

Bushido Brown lv.18

Lindsey lv.7

Gabby lv.10

Sylvia (Beautifly) lv.12

Jaffar (Nincada) lv.6

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DUDE. Gimme Shelter is one of my all time favorite songs. I listened to it for every chapter update. I'm liking the story here and am glad you're running this again! Good luck, bro!


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Battle Music: All Caps - Madvillain


"Very well, challenger. This will be a three-on-three battle-"

"Three-on-one," I corrected.

"Three-on...? You're permitted up to three Pokemon, trainer-"

"I only need one."

Roxanne seemed amused by my confidence. "Very well, let's see your Treecko then. Or perhaps you picked Mudkip, hm?"

Without a response I released Bushido Brown.

"Ah, your confidence betrays your Pokemon selection. You were wise to evolve your Torchic, but my rock-hard defenses won't be so easy to break!" she boasted as she released her Geodude onto the stage.

I tried hard to suppress a smug grin.

"Double Kick."

With blinding speed, Bushido Brown rushed for the Geodude, kicking it once like a punter kicks a football, sending it flying straight up into the air. My Combusken shot up like a rocket after it, spinning mid-air once he'd caught up to it and giving it a second resounding kick, sending it crashing to the ground with enough force to shatter the Pokemon into a scattering of gravel that coated Roxanne's half of the battlefield.


Roxanne seemed unamused by my display of excessive violence, but said nothing as she angrily sent out her second Geodude.

"Another one? Tch... Double Kick."

Bushido Brown did me one better though. He calmly strode over to his new foe and slowly (relative to his last attack, anyway) raised one leg over it, maintaining perfect posture the whole way. Before the Geodude could react, his leg came crashing down directly on the center-point of its head before he leapt back to my side. The Geodude remained in this position, frozen for several seconds before I noticed an ever-increasing fissure forming down its face.


The Geodude split in two, perfectly down the middle, like a pat of butter cut by a hot knife.


Suddenly, Roxanne's stone-cold exterior began to crumble like her insultingly weak Pokemon before her.

"N-Nosepass! Don't give in!"

'Don't give in.' How's that for a rally cry?

I didn't have to give my command a third time. I just nodded and Bushido Brown again leapt into action. Nosepass was a little sturdier than his comrades, though. Bushido Brown gave it both his Double Kicks at once, sending it flying into the wall, but to my amazement it stood back up, albeit slowly and shakily.

"Hold on! I-I'm using a Potion!" Roxanne called out in a trembling voice, as she reached for a Potion from her bag and threw it at her Pokemon.

"Intercept that shit."

Bushido Brown lunged for the Nosepass, stopping along the way to release a swift kick at the flying potion, shattering the bottle and making the medicine rain down across the gym.

"Come on, sugar. If I can't use those, I don't think you should either." I raised my gaze so that I now stared dead into her eyes, hoping to turn this into a moment she'd never forget. Maybe she'd go warn the others. Maybe she'd warn my father about me.

"I only give as good as I get."

"Nosepass, ROCK TOMB!!!"

Bushido Brown jumped high over the Nosepass, swatting the Rock Tomb away with a leg at the apex of his jump. Finally, mercifully, he plunged his other leg into the Nosepass, sending its magnetically-attached appendages flying across the room. The magnetic field that held them together no longer pulled. The lifeless, limbless shell lay there as cold and broken as the other two hearts in the room.


Roxanne said nothing as I walked over to her to accept my reward; I'm not even sure she noticed me at first. She seemed lost, crying softly to herself, her mind obviously no longer in the building.

"My badge?"

Roxanne fumbled around in her bag before pulling out a small, metal token: The Stone Badge. She threw the badge at my feet and sank back into her misery.

I have to admit, I felt a fair amount of remorse over crushing this young gym leader. Our first battle was fairly clean; I harbored none of the resentment for her I harbored for the others. She was still green, and most likely no more than a cog in the machine. Whether that fact absolved her of any sin was not for me to know, I decided.

For a moment I considered showing her a gesture that would prove I wasn't the monster she thought I was, one that would tell her I did understand exactly what she was feeling. Maybe wipe the tears from her face, give her a hug... for a split second I even considered an apology. But no. I needed her to be an example. I wanted the others to know that they could expect similar treatment. And mercy appeared nowhere in that equation.


The clapping of a single pair of hands from the doors of the gym startled the both of us. May stood in the doorway, waiting her turn for a battle. I was to assume she'd seen the whole thing. She approached me, still applauding.

"Nice work, Hideki... I'm proud of you."

In spite of myself, I drew May into a deep hug. I needed to prove to myself more than to anyone else that I hadn't truly grown that heartless. That my rage was directed at a real enemy; that I could still feel SOMETHING. May smiled and blushed slightly as I pulled back, likely drawing a completely different interpretation from the gesture. I regretted it almost immediately.

"I- I wasn't sure you'd be so happy to see I decided to come along..."

"I still think you shouldn't have," I said more gently, now resolved to the fact that I wasn't going to get rid of her.

May just smiled. "Excuse me, ma'am? I'm here for a gym battle."

Roxanne stood, slowly.

"Of course. I'll just need some time to prepare the gym first," she said without any emotion at all. "You'll be battling a backup team, I hope that is alright with you."

"It... is... um, here." May pulled out her cell phone and exchanged information with Roxanne. "Just let me know when you're ready. And," the kinder May said, putting a hand on Roxanne's shoulder, "don't rush. Take as long as you need."


"So, Hideki..." May said as she slyly hooked her arm around my elbow, "Whatcha wanna do while we wait for Roxanne to get ready, hm?"

"What do you mean, 'we?' I have my badge, I'm ready to leave."

"Oh come on, you know we'll have more fun if we travel together... why do you have to be so stubborn all the time..."


May and I turned just in time to see two men run out of the Devon Corp building. Both were dressed like pirates, like that one guy I beat in the forest. One of them seemed to be holding some sort of package.

"'Pirate men?' Seriously? We are elite members of the great Team Aqua, ingrate! Oww! Goddammit Greg..."

His friend, er, Greg, gave him a solid thwap on the head.

"Idiot! Just run! Fucking retard..."


"You two! You look like capable trainers!"

The same man who was apparently robbed by the pirates now frantically scuttled toward us. "I don't have any Pokemon of my own to fight them... b-but you! You can chase after those thieves and get those Goods back!"

"That... really sounds more like May's thing," I said, finally pulling my arm out from her grasp and distancing myself from her.

"What?! Come on, Hideki, there's two of them, there's two of us. Don't make me go by myself..."

"You look strong. I'm sure you can handle it."

"Please," the man begged, "those goods are very valuable... if you were to retrieve them, I'm sure the company's president would be willing to reward you both generously..."

All of a sudden, the man started speaking my language.

"Free shit? Why didn't you say that the first time? Come on, May," I said, grabbing her hand and pulling her along with me out to Route 116.



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Lol. This is a rather dark side path to the whole Nuzlocke experience. You've been reading the last chapter of my Platinum lately haven't you? xD

Overall a good chapter. 
Unrelated to Pokemon but, that artist for you battle music... is he the rapper who joins with Gorrilaz on some of their songs?


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"Madvillain" was a collaboration project between MF DOOM (hence "All Caps") and Madlib. MF DOOM is the one you're thinking of, and yes, according to his Wiki page he made a cameo appearance in November Has Come by Gorillaz.


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Very nice chapter.  I'm not so sure I like the brutatlity Hideki is displaying, but of course, it is definately a nice change to characters avoiding killing anything.


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Hideki has a reason for his brutality. it might seem a little excessive now but the next few updates should tie some things together.


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I agree with Mitsuo. The violence isn't necessarily a positive for me but it is a fresh change. It does fit is character and his emotions regarding Hoenn but... damn. Poor Roxanne.


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I looked at the strange device Mr. Stone had given me and May for rounding up the pirates and getting his Goods back. It was easy enough; the dumbasses ran into a dead-end cave and immediately pussied out when cornered. Not that I was about to volunteer this, or any other information that might jeopardize my reward.

"That's right! It's the latest in communication technology!"

"Oh really now... what's it do?"

"What DOESN'T it do is more like it! Why, it has a map of the region,"

Just like my Town Map.

"it lets you check the condition of all your Pokemon,"

Just like... well... LOOKING at them.

"AND it lets you send and receive calls to anyone whose number you know!"

Just like my cell phone. Perfect.

"Thanks, now if you'll excuse us, May has a gym battle and I have to... cheer... for her. Yeah."

"Wait just a moment..." the Mr. Stone said, fumbling through his desk, "the next gym is in Dewford Town. I trust one of you is going there soon?"

"Hideki is!" May volunteered cheerfully. I scowled at her, she just winked and stuck her tongue out playfully.

"Excellent! Young man, could I get you to deliver this letter to my son? His name is Steven, he's supposed to be examining the depths of the Granite Cave in Dewford. I'm sure it'll be no trouble at all to find him, since you're going there anyway?"

"Um, I'm kind of in a hurr-"

"It won't take long, I assure you!" Mr. Stone said as he stuffed the letter in one of my jacket pockets.

"But I'm taking the gym challenge-"

"Yes, and it's right there with your next gym! How convenient!" He said as he motioned for his assistant to start 'guiding' May and me to the door.

"But... I'm afraid of the dark?"


The door closed along with my opportunity to get out of doing more bitchwork.


May shrugged at me as she came back out of the gym.

"Still not ready yet?"

"Uh-uh. They're talking about bringing in a substitute gym leader. I heard the words 'psychological breakdown' used a couple of times..."

"Well, good luck May. This whole gym should be pretty easy, considering your Mudkip and all."

May gave me a dejected look. "You're not waiting on me, are you?"

I shook my head. "Come on, I have postal work to do now, remember?"

May chuckled softly. "I guess you're right."

I turned to leave.



"Why... why did you battle Roxanne... the way you did?"

I took a deep breath before walking back to her and placing a hand on her shoulder. I knew she probably wouldn't get it, but at the same time, I wanted her to learn the same lesson I had last time without having to pay the same price I paid for it.

"Because, May... that's the way she would've handled me, too, assuming she wasn't so weak."

May only tilted her head.

"It's just the culture here, May. It's not like this in the other regions. Your father is a key component in the Pokemon League, and at the base level they've probably kept him in the dark. In turn, I imagine he's kept you in the dark too."

"I don't understand..."

"All you need to know is that these people will destroy you. Unless you destroy them first. That's why I go all-out, and that's why I hope you do the same."

"Except... with me, right?"

I smiled at her. "Except with you."

May again wrapped me up in a tight hug that awkwardly pushed her large breasts against me.

"Be careful, okay, Hideki?"

"I will if you will."


I knocked on the door of the seaside cabin several times and got no response.

"HELLO? Mr. Briney? I need a ferry to Dewford Town."

Reaching down for the doorknob, I quickly realized he'd left it unlocked. I took one step inside, still knocking on the door as I went.

"Mr. Briney?"

There he was, passed out on the table. He had a mostly-empty bottle of what looked like very cheap tequila in his hand. I walked over and shook him a few times.

"Mr. Briney!" I yelled in his ear, "I need a ferry!"


I instinctively jumped away and landed hard on my ass after Briney's sudden outburst. Briney opened his eyes and looked equally surprised to see me.

"Um, hi. I need a ride to Dewford Town. Are you still ferrying people?"

Briney mumbled something about not getting paid enough before downing the rest of the bottle and stumbling off to his boat.


After a short but violent boat ride that resulted in multiple crashes, I miraculously walked off the Dewford Pier alive.

"I'm gonna need a ride to Slateport too, later. Try and sober up by then, okay?"

I turned and saw Briney fast asleep on the wheel. My new plan was to deliver the letter and beat the gym here, all before Briney had a chance to run back to the package store and grab a refill.


I met a guy giving away Old Rods, so I grabbed one and did some fishing. As it turns out, there are actually three different "areas" accessible from the island. So, I caught one thing each from Routes 106 and 107, along with Dewford Town itself. My efforts were rewarded with two Magikarp and a Tentacool.At least now I have some water-type options. Again, though, none of those would be helpful to me now, so they went in the box.

Remembering that in the lower levels of the cave lived some ghost-type Pokemon, I decided to make my delivery run before challenging the gym. So I loaded up on Repels and inched my way down to the lowest level before moving the lv.12 Gabby to the lead so I could encounter something. I was hoping for a Sableye, I got an Aron, which was quite possibly the better find, long-term. I named him Astaroth; hopefully he'll last long enough to live up to that name. Now just to keep him away from fighting, ground, and water...


"Steven Stone?"

The lone figure turned around upon the mentioning of his name. This chamber of the cave was fully lit, oddly enough. I pulled the letter out of my pocket and handed it to him. "It's from your father. Don't ask why I'm delivering it."

Steven looked at me for a long time before taking the letter. I guess he hadn't planned on asking me anything.

"I was told there would be some sort of reward for delivering this?" I lied.

Steven reached into his bag before pulling out a grey TM from his TM case. The label read "Steel Wing." Of course, I currently HAD no Pokemon with wings, but free shit is free shit, and this didnt seem like the kind of guy I wanted to pick a fight with.

Looking up to send my regards, I noticed Steven had already gone. Must've used an Escape Rope; not a bad idea. I pulled out a Rope of my own and made my way back into town. It'd be time to get my second badge soon.




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You say neither of them are useful now, but Tentacool is. Poision resists Fighting? 

May has large breasts? oD


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