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Crimson DESTR0YA
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hey everyone! it's been quite awhile, hasn't it?

most of you know me, some of you may not. so, hi! i'm Harmony, two-time winner of the Nuzlocke Challenge! i live in Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region. at least, for the next few hours i will anyway.

for those of you who haven't heard from me since the end of my last adventure (and hey, that's not MY fault... i didn't receive one single letter or email or anything from any of you! just saying), things are still just the same as they were last time. Twinleaf Town is basically my own pokemon ranch now, filled with everyone from both my Sinnoh and Johto adventures (special shout out to Cecil for that one!)

i feel so much better now than i did just a few months ago when i became champion of this region. all this time alone with just me and my mom and my pokemon (and Mickey, on occasion...) has been wonderful for me. i feel totally at peace. too much so, if anything...

you see, lately i've gotten very, very bored. don't get me wrong, i love all my pokemon and i love spending time with them. but my life is a little TOO perfect right now. a little too simple. it's like this... you know how Hideki's never satisfied? he HAS to dominate everything or he's never happy, right? well, i'm kind of just like him... except maybe a little less hardcore. i think i'm happiest when i'm adventuring too. but... that boy has no limits, i swear... he's never going to get tired of The Challenge. i honestly don't think he'll stop until he's beaten every region. he wants to be the best and if you ask me, he deserves it. but as for me... i still feel the same way about that as i did last time. this sounds silly coming from someone who's beaten it twice but... i'm just not built for The Challenge. i'm not that kind of person. it hurts me inside to lose a friend like all the friends i lost in my Challenges. Hideki's a general, i'm a coach. he goes to war with them... but deep down, i guess... i just wanna play with them.

at first, i thought i meant that in the way i'm playing with them now. taking it easy, living the simple life, doing whatever we want. but now i'm learning that i need to play a slightly harder game. not Nuzlocke; i'm retired. no, what i need is somewhere in the middle.


i'm going to Unova!

yep. that new place. the place with like 150 brand-new pokemon that no one here has ever even heard of before. it'll truly be like i'm just a little kid learning about pokemon for the first time.

so, today i got ready. i packed a bag with everything i'll need, then i remembered it'd be kinda broken to start a new adventure with a bag stuffed with full restores and max revives, so i unpacked everything i had packed and went with an empty bag -.- wasted like 20 minutes on that.

once i realized i wouldn't need to bring any stuff with me, i spent the rest of the day playing with my pokemon. i brought all of them out at once, we played tag, hide-and-seek, we raced, anything you can think of we probably did. i made sure i spent good quality time with every single one of them. i wanted to send them off with a happy last day. after this, we won't be able to play for awhile.

once it started to get dark, i biked over to Professor Rowan's lab and dropped all of my pokemon off with him, with explicit instructions not to let Lucas anywhere NEAR them. nope. do not trust him.

and then i went home and went to bed.


or i tried. but i can't sleep! i'm too excited. in just a few hours i'll be on a plane to Unova, and then i'll be starting my brand new adventure, with no limit on what i can catch, no limit on what items i can use, no fear of getting anyone killed...

just pure, fun, Pokemon.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i woke up wayyy too early this morning to catch the plane to Unova. hm, what's that? outfit? ugh. ok, let me explain.

see, a couple years ago when i still lived in Johto, my mom took me to the beach at Olivine City. this was back when we didn't have a lot of money, and i didn't have a swimsuit, so i just cut up an old pair of tattered jean shorts and wore those. well... guess what was the ONLY thing clean i had to wear today -.- can't believe i forgot to do laundry. and my clothes weren't just dirty as in they've been worn before, like... we're talking grass stains, sweat stains, visible layers of dirt... what? i play outside with pokemon all day, don't judge me!

so now i'm stuck wearing these already super-short shorts that are now a little too small for me, but thankfully they DO cover everything up at least. barely. but honestly, i'm still more comfortable in this than i was in that Dawn skirt...

oh, and it may look like i'm wearing a pink and white hat, but i'm not. Homey don't play that. it's a Yankees hat, can't you tell? i kinda swiped it from Hideki, but he's got too many anyway. he probably doesn't even know it's missing. i've been wearing it a lot lately, i don't know why but i've just taken to wearing hats.

one other thing i noticed is how long my hair has gotten... i really hadn't thought about it but i don't guess i've gotten a haircut since i moved to Sinnoh. i might wanna look into that... eh. later. right now, i have an adventure to start!

apparently i'm one of three kids starting new adventures today. there's Bianca, she's nice but well, she's kind of like a female Mickey. kinda. not quite as dumb, probably. did i say that out loud?

then there's Cheren. which is apparently a boy's name. he's kinda cool, no-nonsense. like Hideki only not nearly as awesome.

so apparently in this region they let their women out of the kitchen and actually let them become professors! what!? like she went to school and everything? unbelievable. anyway, Professor Juniper in this region's expert pokemon researcher, and the one who gets the young 'uns started on their own journeys. Unove is so far removed from the cultures of the other regions, no one knows who i am. so i'm just gonna go with it. maybe i could get some special treatment if i told them of my credentials, but i'm kind of wanting to start fresh here. so for now, hush-hush about the whole two-time champion thing, k? k.

anyway, Juniper did something a little different than most of the professors i know; she delivered all the starter pokemon to my house, in a little wrapped box, and Bianca, Cheren and i got to choose there! it made it feel pretty special, i won't lie... i was excited to see what the starters were here!


oh. well here's the grass-type. smugleaf. i've seen him on the internet. 4chan tried to make him a meme but they failed because the internet is flooded with pokemon memes already, and ones that are frankly much funnier than an arrogant-looking lizard. get out of my face, you phony treecko.

ooh, this one must be the fire type! sounds like a solid option, when i played the games as a little kid i used to ALWAYS pick the fire type! i think i'll- wait. what the hell is this!?!?!? a pig? a fire pig? okay first of all, it looks JUST like grumpig, only orange. second, pigs are only good for one thing: bacon. and i'm pretty sure eating him would make me game over. third... tepig. that's it's name. tepig. like tepid + pig. alright Nintendo of America localization department. let me bring out the dictionary:


1. (esp. of a liquid) Only slightly warm; lukewarm.

2. Showing little enthusiasm: "tepid applause".

see there? lukewarm. pokemon aren't lukewarm! they're hot, BLAZING hot, they're supposed to burn with an intensity that sparks a flaming passion inside of you! they are NOT lukewarm. stupid. next.

guess that leaves the water type. the water type is usually okay, never the coolest but never the worst either. let's see what we got-




i never believed in love at first sight until i laid eyes on the little otter before me. his name was oshawott. not for long though. no,

he shall be Pascal

and he shall be a good man

and he shall be Pascal

in tradition with the family plan.

if you play Animal Crossing, you get the reference. you also get why it's HILARIOUS that he has a relaxed nature, because it fits the Animal Crossing Pascal to a T.

so Bianca picked tepig, leaving Cheren with smugleaf (which is who he claimed he wanted all along anyway. he WOULD want smugleaf). then Bianca got the bright idea to have a pokemon battle... right there in my room. i thought this was the stupidest idea ever, but peer pressure weighed on me so i agreed. and dominated. and wrecked my room. great. oh but it doesn't end there. Cheren wanted to have a turn next, after healing Pascal for me. wait... you're a beginner, just like me. HOW can you heal things? ugh. whatever! i need to stop trying to make sense of everything. Pascal destroyed smugleaf too, leaving me as the obvious top dog in our little class.

so after that... blah blah blah introductory garbage blah. pokedex quest, just like every other professor, show us how to catch pokemon, yeah yeah yeah. ok seriously though, this game does do a good job of getting things going. there's just no need for me to go into detail about the quest. it's the same as it always is.

that's all i'll update for now, but i'm still going and i'll have more to tell you about later tonight!


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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exhaustionnn... ugh. i think i let my drive for adventure take me a little to far at once...

but i still want more.


Last Save: Castelia City

Pascal (Dewott) lv.19

Toby (Herdier) lv.17

Birdman (Pidove) lv.19

Zoey (Blitzle) lv.11

Blue Dude (Sawk) lv.20

Victini lv.15

so yeah, guys, basically... i did all this way too fast to have a great memory of it all. but i'll do my best to recount it!

i caught lots of pokemon, but i'll only recount the ones that make significant impacts on my team. so on route 1, i found Toby the Lillipup. he's a quirky little dog, and even better he has Pickup! w00t ^.^

after Route 1, the first new city was Accumula Town, and honestly, there really wasn't much there. except it was where i got introduced to Team Plasma. they were gathered in front of the Pokemon Center giving some speech about "pokemon liberation" or whatever... it kinda sent chills down my spine because it brought back some unpleasant memories of Team Galactic back in Sinnoh =/ these guys don't scare me quite as bad though.

oh, and um... one other thing... at the pokemon center here, there was a deliveryman waiting for me. he gave me something called a Liberty Ticket. i wasn't sure of its worth but i was honest and told him i wasn't expecting anything... but he assured me it was to be delivered to me. it was meant for me, from someone. it was a little weird, i admit, but i took it and went on.

between here and the next town, i think i may have had a few insignificant battles with Cheren and Bianca, i don't exactly remember. if i did, they were insanely easy. and to think these are my rivals in this version? hey, Mickey was a pushover too, and so was Francis come to think of it... and that was Nuzlocke! guess i'd better just accept that i'll never have a decent rival *shrug*

Striaton City was next, home of the first gym. but first i did a little exploring. i went to the "Dreamyard" where some random guy gave me a fire monkey. sweet! the gym here is grass apparently for those who pick the correct starter (Oshawott, that is) so Pansear helps balance that out. the fact that he's a fire monkey reminded me of Randy Moss, so i named this one Infernape, for the lulz.

the gym was no problem, especially with my fire monkey. sadly though, this was the last time i'd really use him. his one fire move, incinerate, is pretty underpowered (never thought i'd actually miss ember...) and as you saw above, i'll soon get a better fire-type option ;)

after the gym this scientist lady walks up to me and starts talking about people living in dreams or some hippie bullcrap like that. i still don't really get it, but basically i was supposed to go back to the Dreamyard (now that i had the cut HM, which she gave me) and find something called a Munna. so i go these and i run into Bianca who's like "hurr imma find that Munna durr" but she didn't because i'm fly and i found it first. but THEN Team Plasma popped up out of nowhere and started beating the crap out of it! what the heck!? that made me mad. i wasn't gonna let it go, but it didn't matter because then they decided to pick a fight with me! wrong choice, bro. i smeared them while Bianca just looked on in awe. yeah, she's definitely reminding me of Mickey more and more.

anyway, i got that lady her dream fluff or whatever (i STILL don't get what that's all about... i really ought to learn about it soon because i think it's the gen V version of like... getting on wifi and trading with/battling people. but for now i'm like whatever) and went on my way.

oh, just by the way, before i forget... Unova TMs are SO much better than regular TMs. they don't break after one use! matter of fact, i don't think they break at all! you can use a TM as often as you want! why did they not think of this sooner??? i love this place.

well, the daycare comes early on in this region. it's on route 3, only this time it's a daycare for pokemon AND people. i felt kinda bad defeating all the toddlers with pokemon there and taking their lunch money, but in fairness, they did challenge me first. in most cases. ...don't look at me like that!

but as i leave the place, it turns out that Team Plasma stole one of the little kids' pokemon! ok, beating them in battle with my much more powerful pokemon is one thing, but THAT is just wrong! so me and Cheren (he tagged along too, and he was SO necessary -.-) had to chase them down into a cave and beat them up to steal it back. god, these guys are just flat-out annoying. as far as evil organizations go... these guys are more like the Westboro Baptist Church. the kind of annoying like when there's a fruit fly that keeps trying to fly up your nose, you know? ...what? Hideki always laughs when i try to make an analogy, but i think they're pretty good...

anyway, route 3 took me to Nacrene City, but along the way i managed to grab Birdman the Pidove (ANOTHER pigeon? really, Game Freak?) and Zoey the Blitzle. i like them both; Birdman is kinda lax, if he does in fact become my primary flyer, he's gonna be cool for taking those long journeys with. Zoey is modest, really easygoing too, if not a little shy. as you can see though, i haven't raised her a whole lot... that's something i'm going to focus on tomorrow. she's a neat electric-zebra thing; her stats don't look too impressive so i'm thinking she's like the pachirisu of Unova maybe. or something. who knows.

anyway, Nacrene City was kinda cool too. it's an older place, it has an antique feel to it. the gym is a museum, and the puzzle to the gym leader involved a book hunt, which was much more fun than it sounds.

before taking on the leader though, i stop off in the neighboring Pinwheel Forest to grab some free stuff and some new pokemon... and i manage to catch two very strong fighting-types for the upcoming normal-type gym leader: Roidz the Timburr and Blue Dude the Sawk. okay, i know that sentence made me sound totally retarded but again, blame NoA localization department, not me. all i know about Sawk is that he has a red counterpart, Throh. first of all, those names are just stupid. ridiculously stupid. so i will not call them that ever again. from now on, it's red dude and blue dude. and my dude was blue.Timburr meanwhile is basically machop; a relatively powerful fighting type that evolves into a powerhouse later on. eventually, he becomes this horrifying behemoth that uses two concrete pillars as weapons. now i know what you're thinking: DO WANT. right? me too. however, he has to his name a crazy high attack stat, we're talking unbelievably powerful here, but not much else. most of all, he's slow as dirt. whereas Blue Dude does not evolve, but is already really strong. high attack as well, but he's also fast and has decent defenses. i used a combination of the two to clear out the Nacrene gym and determine that Blue Dude is the better choice for me.

gym leader time and oh my god, what is that. is that... the gym leader? but wait, her skin... it's, like... brown. what is this? wait... could this be a... a "black person?" Hideki told me about these one time. he said he'd never seen one in person, no one in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh ever had, so they're kinda like Mew now, they're thought to be a myth. but apparently they're a special kind of person with dark skin and uncanny athletic ability, and they like to make rap music and they live off of something called "Kool-Aid." that's just what i heard anyway.

i'll admit i was uncomfortable approaching the black woman. this was uncharted territory in the world of pokemon. i didn't even know if she spoke english! fortunately though, she initiated the conversation. she spoke english and she spoke it normally... no "foo," no "nigga," not even a "what up hoe." i didn't even see her eat a single slice of watermelon the whole time! i felt kinda cheated. i think some of those stories may not be true after all.

oh, yeah, but she was totally easy. no match for Blue Dude.

after my battle though, guess who shows up to ruin everything... yeah, Team Plasma. this time they decided to steal the head of a fossilized Dragonite in the museum. no kidding. so i had to go chase it down along with this artist guy. we ran through the forest after various Plasma grunts, picking up free crap and experience as i went, until eventually getting the skull back. Blue Dude is a total monster at this point.

upon exiting the forest, i come to a place so beautiful i just stopped for a few minutes and admired it, no joke. the Skyarrow Bridge connects Castelia City with Nacrene City. it's such a vast bridge, but it's beautifully designed. the first part spirals upwards until you're a couple hundred feet above the sea below you; you can see the cars below you on the bottom part of the bridge, passing ships... it really is beautiful. i took my time across there but eventually i got to Castelia City.

this was where i was gonna stop, because by now i'd done so much walking that i was getting really, really tired. but then something caught my eye; Liberty Port. that name struck a chord with me... then i remembered. the Liberty Ticket! i pulled it out of my bag and sure enough, this was where it told me to go! my timing was perfect, the boat left right after i got on board.

it wasn't a long trip to the Liberty Garden at all, but when i got there, i ran into some more of the people i least like to see: Team Plasma. they'd taken something called a Victini and were trying to remove it from its home on the island to take its power for themselves! i, of course, would have none of that. so i had Blue Dude decimate every last grunt on the island, up until the very last guard who was trying to take Victini itself. after defeating all its oppressors, it was just me and it left in its room, the place it has supposedly been in for the past 200 years. it didn't move, but it didn't act scared of me either. i tried talking to it but i never got any response greater than a tilt of the head out of it. it was like it was studying me. finally, i thought i understood. it had seen me battle, it was perplexed at my power as a trainer. i finally asked it if it wanted a battle; its face lit up, confirming my suspicions.

it was only lv.15, so i got its HP down very easily. catching it, however, was the hard part. i have nothing that can put status conditions on it, so it took almost all of my pokeballs to get it, including my dusk and heal balls. i eventually got it in a regular pokeball, of all things.

at any rate, i'm just glad to have caught it! it's kinda cute, i think, plus its stats are impressive too. i spent a little time with it when i got back to the center and withdrew it from the PC; it seems sort of naive in nature. it's really playful, it's like a little kid. you could never tell it's been locked in a secret basement for two centuries. it's said to bring victory to its trainer, no matter what the situation... there may not be anything on the line in this adventure like my last ones, but i still hope that turns out to be true for me as i go forward tomorrow.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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it doesn't feel like i did that much today but looking back i actually did make quite a bit of progress.


Last Save: Nimbasa City

Pascal lv.25

Zoey lv.22

Blue Dude lv.24

Victini lv.23

Haterade (Krokorok) lv.29

Quetzal (Archen) lv.26

so last night, i kinda couldn't sleep and i hit the city late. i saw pretty much everything there was to see, i think; and i gotta say, i LOVE the place. Game Freak outdid themselves here. and with most locations in Unova actually. bravo.

got some free stuff, battled some people, and once i was convinced i'd been everywhere except the gym, i finally went to bed.

i ran to the gym this morning only i met the gym leader at the door; it was that goofy-looking artist guy i met when i chased down the morons who stole the Dragonite fossil. he wouldn't battle me though, not now. he said he heard a report of Team Plasma causing trouble again. turns out they'd stolen Bianca's Munna. i was expecting to have to stomp some niggaz in the nuts, but instead, i just got a cutscene giving a little more background of Team Plasma and stuff. eventually Bianca got her Munna back and i was free to challenge the gym.

and i gotta say, again, bravo on the design. the puzzle was nonexistent but i was entertained by moving through the bouncy honey walls ^.^

Birdman dominated the leader by himself, but i let Victini handle most of the cronies for the exp.

so when it was finally time to move on north, i got challenged by both Bianca and Cheren. i defeated both easily, and i got the feeling that i kinda crushed their spirits. made me feel just a little bad.

anyway, for some reason right behind the city is a desert, complete with a raging sandstorm. but i caught another great addition to my team there: Haterade the Sandile! (Sandile - crocodile - alligator - Gatorade - Haterade - because he gots mad h8rs)

using the dousing machine, i cleaned the area of all its free stuff, then proceeded northward... but first stopped off at the Desert Resort because i thought it looked like a cool place to gain extra exp/free stuff.

i was mostly right, but i was also somewhat disappointed with all the nothing that was there. except i was introduced to the worst thing ever: Sigilyph. first of all, it sounds like an STD. second, it looks like a... schizophrenic nightmare, is what it looks like. third, it's a bulky-as-hell psychic/flying type that also dishes out mad damage and learns good moves. i. HATE. it.

but i did manage to catch one, and i thought he'd become my new flying-type in the party, until...

in the relic castle (which some construction guy wouldn't let me get very far in) this woman was complaining about her backpack being too heavy... so, to lighten her load, she thought she'd GIVE ME A FREE FOSSIL. in Gen I, you and a Pokemaniac stumble upon the two fossils at the same time and fight over them. cool. Gen III, they're in quicksand and you can only grab one. not as cool, but ok. now, some woman has both, but they're TOO HEAVY? whatever. i took the Plume Fossil.

and boy am i glad i did. i ran back to Nacrene City to get it processed at the gymuseum, and the result was this awesome rock/flying thing called an Archen. here's the thing: great attack, sp.atk, and speed, and a great movepool. but, his stats plummet if he hits half HP or lower. kind of sucks, but also kind of AWESOME! just can't let him get hurt. but Quetzal has a naive nature, meaning he can outspeed most everything anyway and OHKO or close to it. meet my new flyer, guys.

so i finally get headed to where i'm actually supposed to be going, and Professor Juniper is there waiting for me with ten free ultra balls! um, NICE! great balls are still sufficient at this point, but now i get a reserve of ultra balls? this should guarantee i never miss anything in the wild again for a long time, no matter how OP'd it is.

i thought Castelia City would forever be my favorite location in the region, and it still may be, but it has stiff competition now. enter Nimbasa City. we're talking amusement park, sports arenas (yes, plural) something called a Battle Subway i still need to go see, musical theatre... this place is great!

the Day Care Man was here for some reason, and for another unknown reason two Plasma grunts were hasslin' him, so i had to stomp em in the nuts (i decided this will be the new running gag this run, similar to "threw it on the GROUND" in Crystal). but when i did, the old man thanked me... with a bike! yes! i got the bike! i held it up in the air and did the Zelda item discovery tune thing, which made the Day Care Man look at me funny but i didn't care because i was so happy i got the BIKE *squeeeeee* ^.^

anyway... the punks ran off into the amusement park and i followed them... and i was accosted by that creepy, green-haired N guy. he grabbed me from behind and forced me into the ferris wheel with him. i thought he was gonna try something bad but it turns out he just wanted to talk. huh? what a weird guy. anyway... i listened because i had to... and he flat out revealed himself as the king of Team Plasma. uh, wow, ok. when we reached ground again, he challenged me to a battle to stall for his cronies to get away. he was a cakewalk, but his whole "liberation" thing still scares me. i think i found my real rival.

i spent a few minutes exploring the city and surrounding routes, then it was gym time. Haterade basically wrecked it himself, despite lacking a good ground move.

tomorrow, i think i'll explore this place some more, then go... wherever it is i need to go!


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Crimson DESTR0YA
Posts: 1888

ok i only missed one day of updating, but at the rate i'm going that's like a lifetime -.- this'll probably be a little long but i'll do my best to keep it interesting.


Pascal lv.38

Blue Dude lv.40

Victini lv.38

Haterade lv.41

Quetzal lv.43

Gohma (Galvantula) lv.39

wow, um... it's only been two days but my memory is already a little fuzzy... what? no way i'm playing this too fast! well, maybe a little... but mostly i'm not getting enough sleep... anyway...

i left Nimbasa City to the west and crossed this big (but very pretty) bridge full of bird pokemon that drop feathers that boost your stats. um, nice! stayed here, collected a few of these, then went on to the next town.

Driftveil City was just beyond the bridge, and i gotta say i like everything about it... except the gym leader. he's an annoying American stereotype, worse, an annoying southern stereotype. he's one'a those that tawlks like this here i reckon an' it's more annoyin' than a bucket'a crawdads on a hot summer- ok, seriously, you get my point.

i just wanted to battle him and move on, but he wouldn't let me til i found Team Plasma. done. they're hiding in a frozen storage locker. badge naow, plz?

ok, it wasn't THAT easy but almost. Pascal wrecked him. u jelly, Tepigfags?

next up was one of the most awesome yet annoying dungeons in the game: Chargestone Cave. it was full of these electrically-charged rocks that floated and you had to push them and it got old after a little bit but mostly it was fun. but best of all, it had Joltiks! those adorable little yellow spiders i've been seeing? yeah, they ran wild in this cave! now normally i don't like spiders but these are fuzzy! and yellow! and... ok, shut up. just SHUT UP! do NOT judge me. i wanted one, so i GOT one. i named him Gohma and he replaced Zoey in my party as my resident electric-type.

i couldn't get out of the cave, though, without getting violated by some more of N's shadow-creepers... and N himself, of course. we battled, he was a joke. yeah, can i leave now?

Mistralton City was literally RIGHT outside the cave. like, leave the cave, then, boom, you're in the city limits. i visited the pokecenter, of course, but the most interesting place was actually right next door to the center. sadly, the heart scale fatass has been replaced by a decent young woman who doesn't even seem to be particularly obsessed with the little scales. bummer. but, the effect was all the same, so i spent two heart scales. one to make Gohma remember thunder wave, another to make Victini remember SEARING SHOT. yeah, all caps is mandatory there, because SEARING SHOT is that awesome. it has 100 base power, perfect accuracy, and a 30% burn rate. but i never get burns because everything i hit with it DIES. seriously, if you have a Victini, GO TEACH IT THIS MOVE.

i met the gym leader, but she wouldn't battle me until i climbed a tower to help an injured pokemon. god, why does everyone in this region make me jump through hoops before letting me battle them?? ugh. whatever.

so i went to Celestial Tower and climbed all the way up and by the time i got there, little miss gym leader pilot-pants had already rescued it. so i pretty much wasted my time. "oh, but now you get to ring the bell hurr durr" yeah I DON'T CARE. although it did sound pretty...

the gym itself was pretty neat, i had to keep shooting myself out of cannons to make it through. except one was calibrated wrong and it launched me into a wall... yeah... it hurt... so, i had Gohma take revenge for me by OHKOing the entire gym and oh by the way evolving into Galvantula! he's not nearly as cute now but he's twice as awesome. and still cute. i think so anyway. and that's all that matters <3

alright, so um... that's not all i did, buuut i'm tired of writing. so, i'll finish tomorrow! later.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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alright, so this is a continuation of the previous post.

after the flying gym, i had to head up this big mountain called Twist Mountain. as you can imagine, it was so named because it was basically a giant spiral. it was easily the longest and most tedious dungeon of the region so far... but even having said that, it wasn't all that bad. it was difficult though... if this was nuzlocke, i would have been SCREWED. i'm seriously thinking about how difficult this run will be to nuzlocke though... better warn Hideki. knowing him, i'm sure he'll try it someday...

anyway, other than another Plasma encounter and random free stuff, the only thing rewarding i got out of Twist Mountain was a decent Gurdurr! so, with some help from Hideki's bro, Cecil, i traded him to evolve him into Conkeldurr! and um... wow, that thing is horrifyingly awesome. it reminds me of this certain zombie from this video game Hideki and i used to play... i think you know what i'm talking about.

but, Blue Dude is my fighter, and is an all-around better option than Conkeldurr anyway. and, oh by the way, he kinda destroyed the entire ice gym in the next town by himself. not much to say there.

but, then Team Plasma showed up again to pull some stupid stunt, so i got to race to Dragonspiral Tower just in time to watch N take over this big, legendary electric dragon thing called a "Zekrom." i kinda thought he'd just go ahead an annihilate me with it, but instead he basically invited me to get my own uber dragon and defeat him. well, um, YEAH, i've demolished you without uber dragons every time before, so give us both uber dragons and i'm sure i'll win again. sorry, that sounded conceited, didn't it? didn't mean it that way...

um, yeah... so, next it was time to head out east to Opelucid City, where the masters of dragons supposedly live. along the way though i explored the moors for free stuff, had another battle with Cheren (and maybe Bianca too? wow... i... honestly don't remember... don't tell them that!) and got creeped on by those shadow plasma ninja whatever guys they have that teleport and stuff.

anyway, i get to Opelucid City and the two gym leaders there (one of them is another black person! =O) basically tell me they don't know anything. great. i have Reshiram (the other dragon) literally sitting in my bag in the form of a ball, but no one knows how to unlock it. so the only option now is to hope i stumble upon the answer soon. in the meantime, i might as well work my way to the Pokemon League because that's where N is going; he thinks by being the Champion he can convince everyone to listen to his schizophrenic theories... well, i mean... you remember how crazy everyone was over me when i beat Red... still, i'm not sure if i ever had THAT kind of influence... this was just plausible enough to be really scary.

so i have to beat Mr. Dragonbeard to get my final badge, and it was kinda hard, i won't lie. eventually though Quetzal and Haterade managed to overpower everything. i now had 8 badges!

time for Victory Road.


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March 11, 2011 at 1:33 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Crimson DESTR0YA
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i'm almost done, guys... already.


Last Save: Opelucid City

Pascal lv.45

Blue Dude lv.44

Victini lv.43

Quetzal lv.44

Gohma lv.43

1337 hax0r (Haxorus) lv.48

last time i said i was ready for Victory Road, but well, that wasn't the last thing that happened. it was kinda funny how it all worked out, actually.

Professor Juniper was waiting for me when i went up to Route 10 to head to Victory Road. i gotta say... out of every region i've been to, she is my favorite professor. why? the free stuff, silly! i've gotten like, 3 different TMs from her, those ultra balls, and just now... a Master Ball! yeah! she's the best, i don't care what any of you says.

so i thanked her for the (freakin' awesome) gift and went on my way... only i was stopped again by the gate lady. she told me a storm "not of natural origin" was raging on Route 7, thought it might be relevant to my interests. it was, but looking back, you know... assuming i'm not me, why would i possibly care about it? but being the baller that i am i had to go see what this was all about.


that's what it was all about. it. was. POURING. and of course i HAD to be wearing a white shirt. *sigh* least i had the vest over it so it wasn't TOO bad... but it was still wet and windy and cold and i didn't like it. i was just about to give up when this old lady invited me into her house for some soup. i accepted without hesitation.

the soup was delicious and it warmed me right to my core. as i sipped the hot soup and toweled myself off as best i could, the old woman told me about a legendary pokemon that was creating the storm. apparently he roamed from route to route whipping these puppies up and honestly kind of just being a nuisance. i thanked her for the soup, shelter and info and walked outside and OH MY GOD there it is like... waiting for me. sweet! i'm gonna catch it! well, no. actually it fled as soon as it saw me.


i know how this goes.

the dogs, Latias and Latios, Mesprit, Cress... i know about these guys. next time i see you, i know what i'm doing with that Master Ball of mine.

and it just so happens that the next time i saw it was on Toure 10 when i finally went there to for real advance the story. i get there and it's the same rain, same chilling winds, same downpour that turns my shirt into an open window -.- anyway... i did see it again, and i did catch it with my Master Ball! i was happy.

but then i looked at it, and well... i didn't realize just how OP'd Quetzal is. because he totally outclassed this pure-flying Tornadus (although i'm still not sure which is more awesome-looking). so, turns out i won't be using my new legend after all. still, i felt good about stuffing him in the box to make him pay for getting me all wet.

anyway, FINALLY, it's time to advance the plot. well, kind of. i get halfway through the route when Cheren and Bianca catch up to me again. Bianca gives me free stuff, but Cheren wishes me off the only way he knows how... with a battle. and i'm sad to say he still has not learned. see, Bianca's smart. she's learned her lesson. she stopped even trying. but Cheren, well... he needed one more reminder. which i gladly gave.

Victory Road wasn't as bad as i was afraid it'd be. i took all the detours, too, to make sure i got all the free stuff. caught a few interesting things, but nothing that'll impact my final party.

so this is it, apparently, but hold on... i'm not entirely sure i'm ready yet. it came to my attention that i didn't do any of the cool extra stuff i opened by getting surf. so, i went back to check out this place i couldn't get to before called Mistralton Cave. it was dark; i had to give Victini flash to see inside, but it was worth it (and had no drawbacks; i had him forget Work Up, which i can always re-teach anyway) for two reasons: one was the Axew i found. that was probably the most important reason. two, well... crap, the free stuff. there was some great free stuff in there too. ok, so three reasons. the third being a blue, fighting-steel legendary pokemon called a Cobalion. he was surprisingly easy to catch, but yet again, Blue Dude outclassed him for my fighting role, so my party remains unchanged by that.

the Axew intrigues me, however. so for now, i bump Haterade to train him.

and finally, after hours of rigorous training and exploration of every other area i'd failed to explore 100%,  that little guy went from lv.30 to lv.48 and reached his final stage; Haxorus. this was when i renamed him "1337 hax0r." that name made me think of that.

so now i'm fully confident i can take on the Elite Four, no problem. but one last thing... Cobalion is apparently part of a trio, and in Pinwheel Forest, i found another member, Virizion. no, not the cell phone company, but it's only like a letter off. it's grass-fighting, again outclassed by Blue Dude, but again, cool.

other than that, i got an egg from this guy that hatched into a baby fire-bug larvae thing. it looks really neat, but it's something i'll have to train after i save the world.

i guess... i go for it all tomorrow.


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March 11, 2011 at 2:05 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Crimson DESTR0YA
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world = saved =)


Last Save: Mah House

Pascal lv.47

Blue Dude lv.46

Queztal lv.46

Gohma lv.46

1337 hax0r lv.50

Victini lv.44/Reshiram lv.50

this elite four is a little different; you get to choose the order you fight them in. first, i did the fighting guy.

now my thinking was that Queztal could sweep the whole thing by  just being faster than everyone and OHKOing with a STAB 110 base power Acrobatics from a guy with about 150 attack. well, i was wrong. i couldn't one-shot a single thing. so i had to be a little craftier than that, but in the end it all ended well.

next i took the dark guy, who Blue Dude didn't have much trouble with. really nothing else to say there. why is it that there always seems to be one incredibly boring E4 battle in every version? oh well.

i did the ghost lady next, and after seeing that Quetzal's crunch wasn't gonna do the job, i finished her with shadow claws from hax0r.

finally, psychic chick went down to a combination of hax0r and Gohma.

so yeah... the Four themselves went down without too much trouble. yes, i did have to do plenty of healing, but i was also consistently about 5 levels lower too. i probably should have done just a bit more training... whatever.

i was a little too late, however, as i got to the Champion's podium to find that N had already defeated Alder. well crap. now he's gonna start brainwashing people. and oh by the way, he stole a page from Bowser in Paper Mario and rose his secret castle out from the underground too. cool story, bro.

after a TON of buildup, i finally climbed to the top of the castle to face N. he started talking to me about his mission and destiny and chosen ones and all that nonsense, before he finally decided to bring out his Zekrom to annihilate me. but when he did, my White Orb began to glow, until it transformed into Reshiram! well hey there, buddy! wish you coulda done that a little sooner, but whatever. oh but wait, here's the best part: i STILL had to battle him! which i did, and i caught him fairly easily. i was then asked if i wanted to send someone else in my party back to use Reshiram now. so, since i figured Victini was fire type too, and my lowest leveled pokemon, i'd send him back. that's why my party list above has both of them in the final slot.

the battle with N was an epic one, i gotta admit. i didn't use any items at all (i didn't want to because i thought it'd be the finale...) and i wound up winning with only hax0r remaining.

but then Ghetsis showed up and revealed the true nature of Team Plasma's plan... N wasn't the grand mastermind, matter of fact, he was just a pure, innocent kid, who Ghetsis had filled with his own evil intentions to take over everyone's pokemon (by the way, their family name... Harmonia... eerie similarity to my own name, eh? maybe we are bound by destiny...).

i was relieved when Clay and Cheren showed up to my rescue! ...only they didn't do ANYTHING. N healed my pokemon before the final fight, and from there i was left to do battle with the true head of this evil scheme.

this was a long, grueling battle that i was desperately unprepared for. my team got wrecked by one pokemon; Ghetsis' Hydreigon. this thing was INSANELY powerful. somehow, i managed to maneuver my max revives and stuff around just right to take it down with Reshiram... but the very end of the fight was epic. it was just his Bisharp against 1337 hax0r and Pascal. i was hoping hax0r could kill it... but sadly, he couldn't take it out, as the second dragon claw JUST missed the kill. but... Pascal knew Aqua Jet ;)

that's right! i won thanks to a priority move! if i didn't have Aqua Jet, i would have lost Pascal for sure and the world would have ended there, with a guy with a Bisharp at about 1 HP. if it'd ended like that... anyway, that doesn't matter! i beat him! Pascal, you're the BEST! <3

N proved himself in the end by seeing the light. he refused to continue with is father's twisted plan. but... i'm not exactly sure what he DID decide to do, either... he kinda just flew off on Zekrom's back.


whateva, nigga.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
Posts: 1888

i woke up the next morning back home in Nuvema Town. that's right; i'd almost forgotten i'd flown back last night. i was so exhausted i just collapsed into bed. i think i was a little TOO excited for this new adventure... the past six days i've been going gung-ho, almost nonstop even.

i laid around the house for an hour or two, eating cereal, watching cartoons, you know... just doing morning stuff. relaxing. it wasn't long before i got a visitor though.

it was this guy named Looker, a "master of disguise," who claimed to be working for the international police. he told me how the seven grand cardinal whatevers of Team Plasma got away and went into hiding... crap. i probably should have taken care of that before crashing last night... anyway, he just wanted me to promise i'd look for them, which i did. he gave me a fishing rod as his way of saying thanks. it's kinda cool i guess, but also kind of a random gift, don't you think?

i met up with Cheren and Bianca, and each detailed their plan; Cheren was going to go back through the region all over again to toughen up. i didn't bother to tell him i'd already combed the area for all its free stuff... oh, and Bianca said she's going somewhere called "Black City." sounds like an Edgar Allan Poe work. at any rate, this left me as the only one without a plan.

apparently though, a couple new routes opened up so i decided to check them out. first up was the route east of Nimbasa City. so i stumbled upon this lab, right... well, the lady there sees my eight badges and decides i'm the perfect candidate to try their new super-high distance link transfer doodad. so ok, cool, what do i have to lose, right? so i give the scientist guy some of my information and he hits some buttons and boom... i'm connected with Twinleaf Town! i got my mom on the line and we talked for a bit, and then i connected with Professor Rowan's lab and basically, he managed to transport all my pokemon over here! that's right, Jack, Shadow, Zaprong, Randy, Lady Sam... they're all here with me now! i have all my friends with me, including my new ones ^.^

oh, and then something funny happened... Dr. Park, the guy who ran the project for the poketransfer thing... he wanted to see how far the connection would go, so he wanted me to try to hook up with the Kanto region. so i called up the only Kantoian i know, and before long, to my delighted amazement, i was looking at and talking to Hideki.

he looked good... better than i remembered from the last time i saw him. it had actually been several months since the last time we talked, so we spent a few minutes catching up.

but... well, it looks to me like he's really preparing himself for a return to Hoenn. i didn't want to do this, but... he insisted i take care of all his pokemon. he doesn't want any distractions or excuses to keep him from his "latest goal." so much to the delight of Dr. Park, Hideki transferred all his pokemon over to me, except Big Bird the Fearow, for transportation reasons. when we said goodbye the magnitude of the gesture still hadn't quite hit me yet.

but, wow... the fact that he'd entrust all his prized pokemon to me just like that is flattering enough... but i think i'm more excited to think about him chasing his dream again! i've wanted this for him for awhile now... but... i'm sorry, back on track...

he sent me the pokemon he gained fame with the first time; Helena, J-Dog, Starwho?, Rochelle, SUCCESS... and a few guys i didn't know he had. he also sent me a couple alternately colored pokemon; a Breloom, a Gliscor, an Electrode, a Pikachu, and the three legendary beasts of Johto, to go along with a regular Celebi and Mew. i had plenty of new pokemon to play around with, that's for sure!

but guys, i have something to tell you... Hideki's the only one i've told, but... i have to admit, i love it here. and, well, i'm getting to the age where it's time for me to think about getting a little more independence. so i've decided that i'm going to live here in Unova permanently. of course i'll still visit my friends who are still in Twinleaf Town from time to time... and i'll definitely be back to Kanto regularly to see Hideki... and if you guys are reallllly nice to me, you might just get me to visit you too =P

but i'm gonna try it. at least for now. who knows? maybe in a few weeks, the rest of you will be living here, too.

i'll continue to update this thread with more of my adventures as i have them. but i guess this ends the "story" part of the run.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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so today i got invited to this tournament for all the best up-and-comings in the Unova region. the rules are you have to use the same six pokemon you challenged the Elite Four with, and there's also a level cap of 55. so i spent today getting all my guys to that cap, a task i just now successfully completed.

i caught some more really cool pokes too, and grabbed some sweet free stuff. i'm gonna continue exploring the eastern half of Unova now with my old pokemon, Hideki's pokemon, and maybe even a few of the new unexperienced guys i caught recently. but my E4 team has earned a well-deserved rest. until tournament time, anyway ;)


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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sooo turns out i'm not the champion this time around. even though i beat the guy who beat the champion, and THEN beat the guy who was controlling the guy who beat the champion... the pokemon league refuses to recognize my accomplishment.

meaning i have to go back AGAIN and beat them all AGAIN.

so... my point being, i want you guys to help me pick the team i'm gonna level up to the 70s to do this!

also, any opinions you can give me regarding a good Battle Subway team would be great, because i'm gonna do that soon, too.

so, here's a list of what all i'm considering using, and you all give me your best six and suggested movesets, if you please =)

Jack (Typhlosion) lv.50

Guraion (Japanese Shiny Gliscor) lv.50

Mew lv.32

Celebi lv.50

Yggdrasil (Shiny Breloom) lv.60

Volcarona (I have yet to come up with a cool name for her) lv.70

Zoroark (same as Volcarona) lv.30

Dracona (Dragonair) lv.35

Skywalker (Lucario) lv.30

DoomDragon (Hydreigon) lv.64

Sturroidz (Conkeldurr) lv.43

Braviary (GTS FTW!) lv.60

Shiny Flare Blitz Entei lv.30

Ninjask lv.45

along with all these guys, i also have both of my Nuzlocke teams, Hideki's Nuzlocke team, and the team i used earlier in this run to choose from too! although i have to hold up on raising anyone from THAT team until after the tournament. so Helena, Randy Moss, Shadow... they're all fair game too.

i can't wait to hear what you guys think i should do!


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March 22, 2011 at 4:50 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Crimson DESTR0YA
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not sure if anyone still cares about this run but... i'm gonna keep updating it anyway...

here lately i've just been going around discovering everything there is to discover in this new region. i've caught all the legendaries i can find... i'm working on overall pokedex completion too... i did a few rounds in the Battle Subway but i'm currently mad at it cause it's stupid and it's broken and it hates me and i hate it back. but... the prizes... they're so shiny... so i'll be back. guaranteed -.-

the other thing i've been doing is prepping my team to take on the Unova Elite Four for real. for the first time, now... i want to be the champion. i don't have the same street cred here yet, even after everything i've done. i miss that. maybe that says something about me... but hey, if i defeat all four, plus the champion... i deserve it, don't i? here's my team, lemme know what you think:

Jack (Typhlosion) lv.63

my very first pokemon! i've given him a bunch of new TMs, he likes to use flame charge to make up for his slight speed deficiency, then wreck stuff with a combination of ground, electric, and STAB fire moves.

Mew lv.62

this was one of the things Hideki sent me to look after... he never told me the story of how he met this Mew... its trainer tag says they had a "fateful encounter"... i wonder what that means?

Yggdrasil (Breloom) lv.63

the only thing Hideki ever told me about what happened in Hoenn was how he found this orange Shroomish. catching it ended his first challenge there, but he didn't mind starting over because of how rare alternately-colored pokemon are. he's been a great fighter for me... totally broken moveset.

Joelle (Dusclops) lv.64

i caught this while i was just goofin' around in Sinnoh after completing my challenge there. she's unevolved because with the Eviolite item, she's actually much bulkier than Dusknoir. of course, she can't attack as well, nor can she use Lefties this way... but that's what Lemonades are for, right? (btw, super cool points if you can tell me who/what she's named after)

DoomDragon (Hydreigon) lv.65

i caught her as a Deino in Victory Road, but didn't raise her until after i beat the E4 the first time. she was a PAIN to level high enough to evolve, but she's SO strong now. specially-based, unlike most dragons.

Helena (Gyarados) lv.68

Hideki's pride and joy! i feel so honored every time i use her in battle... i can definitely see why Hideki loved her so much. she's unbelievably strong. i already feel like i can't lose, just because i have her on my team!

i might be ready now, i'm not sure. i'm going to wait at least one more day though, one more round of Black City trainers and Royal Unova trainers and Cheren and stuff. but it won't be long now... that's for sure.


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March 27, 2011 at 9:34 PM Flag Quote & Reply

B "Diddy" M
Posts: 295

I haven't gone back to face the E4 again after beating them the first time, but I freaking loved the way they set it up. I hope they give all of the trainers 6 pokemon to work with instead of 4 the 2nd time around. I also liked how it felt like each trainer was a RL trainer trying to predict moves and such. I could be reading into it too much but i thought it was awesome.

Good luck on the 2nd time! That sounds like a really solid team. I'm rocking Bisharp, Zangoose, Golduck, and Braviary right now.. i don't even know if I'm going to raise them up though. Kinda getting bored of leveling grinding.. I decided against moving pokemon from other games over so I could enjoy the game for as long as possible without overpowered pokes.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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B "Diddy" M at March 28, 2011 at 4:19 PM

I haven't gone back to face the E4 again after beating them the first time, but I freaking loved the way they set it up. I hope they give all of the trainers 6 pokemon to work with instead of 4 the 2nd time around. I also liked how it felt like each trainer was a RL trainer trying to predict moves and such. I could be reading into it too much but i thought it was awesome.

Good luck on the 2nd time! That sounds like a really solid team. I'm rocking Bisharp, Zangoose, Golduck, and Braviary right now.. i don't even know if I'm going to raise them up though. Kinda getting bored of leveling grinding.. I decided against moving pokemon from other games over so I could enjoy the game for as long as possible without overpowered pokes.

you get cool points for being the first person other than me to comment on this thread. but um... i'm a little disappointed in you, Diddy, for not telling me who Joelle the Dusclops is named after. it's a very obscure reference, but it's from something i hear you really, really like...

i was gonna not use pokemon from outside Unova myself, but most of my favorites were in my original team that i can't level up anymore because of the tournament. speaking of... we gotta get that thing started.


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March 28, 2011 at 6:10 PM Flag Quote & Reply

B "Diddy" M
Posts: 295

Did you mean Joelle like.. Poe Sisters Joelle? I'll admit.. I had to think hard about that one. I literally just sat here and went through every character in that game and (finally) figured it out. I'm ashamed :'(

I feel you on the tournament pokemon. My favorites are in that too. I caught a Beehemyee (sp?) and took out Golduck / Zangoose so my team is Bisharp, Braviary, and Beehemyee. We do need to get that started!


March 29, 2011 at 1:23 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Crimson DESTR0YA
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there you go! finally got it. Hideki told me you were obsessed with that game but i was starting to have my doubts... =P

ughhh Beheeyem. yeah... that thing scares the crap outta me. maybe it's its emotionless appearance, or the creepy-high pitched cry, or the tri-colored orbs it has all over its body, or maybe i have a suppressed alien phobia, or maybe it's because i first encountered one at 2 in the morning in a foggy field, but... MAN it's so CREEPY!


i'm sorry, what were we talking about?


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