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"A clean get-away." I said smirking as we walked.

Buddy looked at me disdainfully.

"Well I couldn't just stay till she woke up! That would have been awkward!"

"Uwahh!" He shouted back.

"Don't you get that tone with me!" I scolded playfully. "We have to focus on getting Badges. She was just a bump in the road. " A HOT bump in the road.

Buddy sighed and shook his head.

"Oh come on, I got needs unlike you."

Buddy snorted, obviously disagreeing.

"It’s not like Pokemon mate or anything!"

Buddy stopped walking and started at me, mouth agape as if he couldn't believe what I was saying.

I looked away. "Well I've never HEARD of Pokemon mating."

Buddy shook his head and started to walk again, no longer wanting to deal with my ignorance.

Truthfully I had more than one reason for running from Misty, the badge excuse was just the easiest to justify to Buddy.

I frowned, Misty's voice echoing in my head.

"That was fun! Ah... It's been so long since I got to be with someone."

"Really? A Hot piece like you doesn't get action much?" I asked.

"I don't get to get out anymore because of my secret." She whispered.

"Secret?" I said getting intrigued.

She giggled coyly. "If I didn't know you were from a backend... I mean, remote town like Pallet I wouldn't be saying anything but," She leaned in close "I trust you."

My blood turned to ice.

Misty looked up at me with her big eyes. "I'm part of an underground team dedicated to fighting the Indigo Plateau. I use my position as a Gym Leader to hide that."

She... trusted me?

Misty wrapped her arms around my chest and laid her head on my stomach pretending to sleep.

"But you wouldn't tell on me would you? It’s hard for a girl to find a trustable man these days."

Jackdamnit she said it again!



Vermillion was a small port town, only a little more populated than Pewter. It was still so early in the morning that only a few Sailors were up and about, stumbling back home after the night's revelries. I took out my town map in one of the back-alleys and studied it.

"Hmm... It says there is a Gym here but the’s so faded I can't read it."

"Huzzat?" A drunkard asked popping out of a cardboard box.

Oops. I forgot I put Buddy back in his Pokeball to let him rest and now I was talking aloud to no-one.

"I was talking to my Pokemon old man." I said quickly.

"Whut Pok-e-mon?" He asked.

Great, I ran into a perceptive hobo.

I picked one of my Pokeballs and threw it out. I didn't want to look stupid, but I also didn't want to be alone with homeless Jo here.

"My..." I said looking at the Pokemon I released. "Abra. That's who I was talking to. Now go back to sleep or bugger off!"


"I just told you, My Abra Ezel here." I said, pointing in Ezel's direction but not looking that way. I was too preoccupied trying to discern the Gym Leader's name.


I froze realizing the voice from before was not coming from the hobo.

I looked at Ezel who was sitting on an oil drum completely still. I looked back at the hobo thinking maybe it was him, but the Hobo was fast asleep.

"Who's talking to me?" I asked looking around.


I became strangely chilled by the disembodied voice that was talking to me. Maybe it was Cecil?

"Where are you? Come out!" I asked, surveying the alley which was uninhabited.



I spun around to face Ezel scarcely believing what I was about to think.

"Is... that you? Ezel?"


Ezel didn't move. The voice seemed to emanate from everywhere and nowhere at once making finding whoever was talking impossible.

I narrowed my eyes and slowly advanced on my Abra.

"If it is Ezel talking now, prove it."

"head." The voice said.

"Head? What in the hell does that.... GAHHH!"

Something had dropped down on my neck. I floundered about until I grasped something that felt cool and smooth.

I was being ridden by an Abra!

I grabbed Ezel and pulled him off my back and held him out in front of me.

"You can TALK?!" I asked.


"Well, why the hell did you wait till now to say something?"


I stopped, realizing I was holding Ezel rather roughly. I gently set him down on the Oil Drum he was previously on.

"So... you can talk? But because you were in the Pokeball you couldn't?" I asked incredulously.


I glared at him.

"Can you say more than one-word sentences?"


Of course. Okay so my Abra wasn't as useless as I had originally thought, but only one-word sentences?

I scratched my head.


"Train? No we aren't near any trains." I said, bothered he was interrupting my thoughts.

" train."

"Wait.. you want me to train you? But that Vi kid said you don't know any moves!"


The voice, or Ezel I guess, was starting to sound smug.

"Before that, can you tell me what this says?" I said pointing to the faded name of the Vermillion Gym Leader.

Ezel's body took on a purple glow. Then briefly his eyes opened to reveal two shining purple orbs. In a flash they closed.


"Surge? What does that mean?"


"Agh." I said throwing my hands in the air. I was tired of fighting with the strange voice of Ezel and his one word sentences.

"Fine, I'll train you. But once we get done you are going to explain what you meant."


I grumbled and returned Ezel to his Pokeball. I had no idea how I was going to train a helpless Pokemon, but I knew I first had to find some trainers.


“Well it’s not like I could get to the Gym Leader anyway! There is a damn tree in the way!” I shouted. Frustrated, I kicked the smallest tree that blocked me from reaching the Gym.

Aveline sighed and rolled her eyes at me.

“It might have worked!” I said defensively.

Aveline made a “psssh” sound and then scattered off towards the docks.

“Hey! Wait Aveline where are you going?”

But the Rattata only kept running on.

I took a look back at the Gym and then headed after her. When she finally stopped we were in the docks on a pier near a very large boat.

“Welcome to the S.S. Anne!” a sailor heartily shouted. “Do you have a ticket?”

“Why did you bring me here Aveline?” I asked, ignoring the Sailor.

Aveline pointed her nose at the boat… no, to a sign next to the boat.

“S.S. Anne maiden Voyage to Olivine City. Pokemon Battle extravaganza! Master of Cut also onboard!”

“Oh!” I said. “A place to battle. Brilliant Ave!”

Aveline only shrugged.

“Are you here for the S.S. Anne trainer?” The sailor asked, sounding a bit perturbed.

“Uh.. yeah. Isn’t it obvious? Why are you blocking the way? Let me in already!”

“You need a ticket.” The Sailor said with a glare.

“Oh darn…” I said, faking a search through my pockets “I must have left the darn thing at home.”

The Sailor did not budge.

“Look man, just let me on. I won’t even stay long. I just want to have some Pokemon Battles.” I pleaded.


I looked down trying to figure out how I was going to get past the sailor when I caught sight of Aveline. She was hunkered down right behind the Sailor’s foot. She looked up and me and winked.

“So uhh… Sorry.”I said. I pushed the Sailor who tripped on Aveline and tumbled into the ocean with a “Waah!”

Both Aveline and I rushed to the door of the vessel and closed it quickly.

“Good thinking Ave. As long as we are careful we can have a couple of battles, see this ‘Cut Master’, and get out.” I said reaching down to stroke my Rattata.

Aveline squirmed until she broke free of my grasp, but she did smile back at me proudly.



The S.S. Anne was a nice boat. They had a 4 Star Buffet, luxurious cabins, and easy trainers. I had decided to attempt and train Ezel by example. I would throw him out in battle, then bring out Aveline and let her do the real fighting, to show him how it was done. I couldn’t tell if it was working or not however, because he would always just sit and watch, unmoving. Finally I said something.


“You asked me to train you and here I am doing the best I can Ezel. But sometime you are going to need to learn a move and fight for yourself. I can’t ask Aveline to fight all your battles for you!”

“more.” Ezel’s voice said in my head.

Aveline bared her teeth. She had just defeated a particularly tough Ponyta and yet Ezel did nothing.

“Oooh a trainer!” Shouted a Lass walking up to me.

“Back up sister, we’re having a discussion here.” I said extending my hand to stop her.

“A… conversation? You mean with yourself right?” she said, looking at my Pokemon confused.

“No, between me and my Abra.” Geeze, how dumb could you be?

“Haha. Your Abra is talking? Man you are a strange trainer. Abra don’t talk!” she said with a sticky, nauseating cuteness.

“more.” Ezel stated.

“See! “ I said pointing to my Abra. “He does too talk!”

The lass looked at me like I was crazy. “I have no idea what you are talking about trainer.”

I glared at no one in particular trying to gather my thoughts.

“You hear him don’t you Aveline?” I asked.

Aveline looked at me questioningly. She shook her head ‘no’.

I looked back at Ezel. “Why can’t anyone else hear you?”

“more” was all he responded.

I pulled at my hairs. I’m not crazy! This is just getting frustrating.

“Sooo…. Wanna battle?” The lass asked again.

I nearly snapped on her then, but caught myself.

“Sure.” I said, losing my energy to fight. I looked back at Ezel. “Pay good attention this time, this is your last shot.”

“Wheee!” The lass shouted, releasing her Pokemon, a Nidoran male.

“Go on Ave. Take it out!” I said. Aveline and I had been battling so long she already knew what my tactics were.

With a battle cry, Aveline launched herself at the Nidoran jaws wide open. With a crunch she bit down hard on the Nidoran’s skull, careful not to puncture the skin while still doing maximum damage.

Without a fight the Nidoran fell over out of the battle.

“Good Job---Whoa!” I started, but I was overcome by Aveline becoming shrouded in the white light of Evolution.

When the light faded I saw something far from the Aveline I knew. She was now twice as big as before and tan instead of purple. Her fangs reached a cruel length and curved slightly inward. Most notably was how her fur matted up into a Faux Hawk from her tail to her Head.

“Whoa Aveline. You look… really awesome!.”

Aveline showed me a both innocent and devious smile, on account of her new fangs.

“so that is how it is done.” Ezel’s voice said in my head.

“Ezel.. you just…!” I started to say, but then he too was wrapped in the White light of evolution.

Oh… he didn’t need more experience. He needed to see how to evolve. Which means he was saying ‘more’ for Aveline...

The resulting Pokemon Ezel became looked very alike to his old form, yet very alien. It was still covered in the same slick yellow armour, but it also had a long, fluffy moustache and an even longer, fluffier tail. More so, this new Ezel stood on his legs and held his eyes open.

“Damn Ezel, you look a lot more intimidating.” I said, despite myself.

“And as you behoove, I have learned an attacking move.” His voice echoed in my mind.

“Really? I said, taken aback by Ezel’s strange wording.

“It is as you said, no more must I be led.”

“You were a big meanie!” The Lass interrupted. “You hurt poor Niddokinz.”

“Once again, I am having a conversation. Go off and play or something!” I said coarsely.

“Fine!” she said, sticking her tongue out at me. “Have one-sided conversations with your Pokemon!”

The lass stormed off.

“She can’t hear you Ezel?” I asked. If he was able to talk in complete sentences now then there was no reason to hold back.

“My mind links only with one, that of my trainer and the son.”

“Huh?” I asked. He wasn’t making any sense. “Could you skip this weird rhyming bit and talk normal? Why can’t the lass hear you?”

Ezel looked about, trying to find a new way to phrase his sentence.

“It is not something anyone can do, I can only talk this way with you.” He finally echoed in my head.

“Huh. Less confusing, but still full of rhymes. Can you not talk straight? “ I asked.

My conversation with Ezel was interrupted yet again, this time by Aveline letting out a loud hiss.

“What is it girl?” I asked. I followed her eyes that were venomously trained down the Hall.

“Jivide?” Cecil asked.

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lol at the Kadabra!

Very nice chapter, I really enjoyed it.  I still feel a bit of Cecil in Jivide, but maybe thats the way you wanted it.  I always pictured someone like Jivide would be a tid bit more aggressive with his Pokemon, so maybe I'm just viewing Jivide wrong.  Maybe I'm just overlooking the fact that Jivide and Cecil treat their Pokemon the same.

Or maybe the thing that really seperates the two hasn't happened yet.  Either way, great work, and I am definately interested in more.


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“What are you doing here Cecil?” Jivide asked with a hint of annoyance.

“I’m sorry!” I burst out.

Jivide looked at me with an apprehensive glare. “What?”

“I’m sorry. For Admiral. I meant to tell you before but, you would never talk with me. You would always keep me at a distance and I wanted you to know, for what it is worth, that I’m… I’m sorry.” I spewed out. I knew I couldn’t let Jivide slip by another time without telling him how I felt, without trying to repair our friendship.

Jivide only met my emotional outburst with a cold stare. It made me uneasy.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” I pleaded. Something about the way he was looking at me just wasn’t right. I was trying to be as honest as possible, did I say something wrong?

Slowly, deliberately, his face contorted from a blank stare to a livid glare.

“You’re sorry for Admiral. That’s it?” He growled.

“I-I Yes I am but, I-I…” I stuttered. Why was Jivide getting so angry?

“You aren’t sorry for all the trouble you’ve been causing me?”

“Trouble? I-no, I mean yes! But, what trouble?” I said bewildered.

“No I suppose you wouldn’t think of it as trouble would you?” He spat. “You wouldn’t think your constant hounding my every step as trouble. You wouldn’t THINK that defeating me at every turn would demolish my confidence, make me dread EVERY encounter because I fear it might end up like our first!”

Hounding his every step? Defeating him at every turn? I didn’t plan these things!

“What are you getting angry about Jivide!” I exclaimed. “We were supposed to be traveling together you know! And I’m not the one challenging you to those battles!”

“Don’t you see? You aren’t supposed to be here! This is SUPPOSED to be MY Legacy, not yours!” he bellowed. “I’m the one who is supposed to be defeating the Gym Leaders! I’m supposed to be on the grand adventure to collect the badges for Gramps!”

“But Oak told me to--”

“NO! You had to play HERO. You had to go and bring yourself into MY world with you stupid stunt.”

Jivide clenched his fist and for a brief second and I thought he was about to walk over and hit me, but he stayed where he was and continued yelling at me.

“Now I can’t go anywhere without you following me! It is a never-ending Nightmare.”

“I’m sorry Jivide!” I said, instantly regretting it.

“Sorry!” he mocked. “Well sorry doesn’t fix it! It won’t fix Admiral’s beak, it won’t fix my confidence. So you can KEEP your “sorry”, I don’t want it.”

Never in all the years that I had known him had I seen Jivide so angry. It was like something in him just broke and I couldn’t help but think that it was all because of me.

“Send out your Pokemon.” He said through gritted teeth.

I looked at him, terrified and did not move.

“I said… Send out your Pokemon.” He threatened once again.

“Stop this Jivide!” Vi yelled. “You’re scaring me.”

Jivide however, did not react. “I’m going to defeat you and your Pokemon once and for all, Right here. Then you are going to go back to Pallet Town and never come back. Then I can go about this without hesitation.”

Vi gasped. I tensed up.

“No Jivide. I won’t battle you.” I said defiantly.

Jivide drew a Pokeball and released his Raticate. “Defend yourself, I will beat you.”

I looked back at Vi who was shaking with fear. My hands tightly gripped the first Pokeball at my belt, Regal, who I had just evolved into a Nidoqueen this morning.

“Stop this Jivide.” I said drawing up a confidence within me that I didn’t even know I possessed, as if something was inserting the words into my mouth for me. “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Send them out,” Was all he said.

My arm, acting on its own, grasped Regal’s Pokeball and threw it out, releasing my Nidoqueen.

Regal stepped in between me, the Raticate, and the hostile Jivide protectively, flexing her muscles.

Jivide grinned a sinister smile. “Excellent.”

Aveline looked at her master confused, but Jivide paid her no attention.

“Quick Attack Aveline.” He ordered.

Aveline nodded, hunkered down, and then raced at Regal smashing into her full-force.

Regal barely had any time to block the Raticate with her arms before Aveline launched another blow at her side.

Aveline’s speed was monstrous, especially compared to my Nidoqueen.

“Mega Punch!” I shouted.

Regal swung her massive fist at the Raticate who nimbly dodged the blow and replied back with a sharp bite.

“That’s it Aveline, keep it up!” Jivide shouted.

Mega Punch was Regal’s most powerful move, but it just wasn’t fast enough to hit the quick Raticate, and all of her other moves wouldn’t be powerful enough to stop her. Regal couldn’t keep up with Aveline and neither could I. In a few attacks Regal would fall. She had to hit with a Mega Punch, but it had to be perfectly timed.

“Finish her Aveline, HYPER FANG!” Jivide roared.

Aveline opened her jaws wide and shot up at Regal’s head.

That time was now.

“Mega Punch!”

All my senses became hyperactive. I took in a deep breath and held it in unconsciously, knowing that this would be Regal’s last chance. Her well-being depended on this blow connecting. Every detail was clear in my eyes, the angle of her arm, the trajectory of her punch, and the dashing movement of Jivide’s Raticate.

Regal jabbed her fist upward straight into the Raticate’s jaw with all the force she could muster. The boat echoed with a *SNAP* as the blow connected and Aveline flew into the wall, shaking the boat with a second, hollow thud.

Aveline toppled to the ground a mess of blood and fur, and did not get back up.

The world around me began to dissolve away until it felt as if I was made of nothing more than two floating eyes, a silent observer. I felt nothing, not as an absence of feeling but as a dark creation in its own right; like a black mirthless mist of dark energy that weighed like a lump of lead but floated through my veins as easily as my own blood.

Jivide sank to his knees as all the anger bled out of him. His shaking hands inched towards Aveline’s body. Gingerly he touched her forehead with his index finger and then caressed it with his palm, bringing her close to his chest and painting his arms and shirt with red. Hot tears spilled out onto her fur, but they did nothing to change her situation. No amount of wishful tears could do that.

No one spoke and the silence was smothering.

She was dead.

I've had this chapter for days, re-writing it and thining about it. At this point I'm just frusterated and posting it so I don't have to dwell on it anymore. So sorry if it is terrible. (I know it is short)


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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ah yes, the dead Raticate. ever since that creepypasta, that Raticate has become a legend among underground circles of pokemon fandom.

but damn, if their rivalry is already this intense... i'd be interested to see how you grow it, as it lasts throughout the adventure.


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I know right? Thing is, since i am sticking to canon she had to either be boxed, released, or killed. o/ Aveline was too loyal for the first 2 to make sense. I kinda wrote myself into a corner here...

It only goes downhhill from here. (Or is it uphill? It only gets worse from here. >( )


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”Come back Scwibbles!” I shouted chasing after my old friend.

The Ratatta stopped long enough to give me a playful smile. I took that opportunity and lunged at his tail, but he was too quick. At the last second his tail flicked away and I crashed into the ground.

I got up and dusted myself off. “You are so qwuick Scwibbles.” I said sticking my tongue out at him. “I don’t want to play wiff you anymore.”

I sat down, crossed my arms, and scrunched my face up into the “pouty face.” “You’re a meanie.”

Scribbles chuckled and brushed up against my side apologetically, nearly knocking me over.

I kept my composure. I was mad and I was determined to stay that way.

Scribbles saw through me however, flipping on his belly and pawing at my face.

“No.” I said defiantly. “I am mad at you.”

Scribbles let out a whine and flipped upright. He put his paws on my leg and licked my face.

“Stawwop!” I whined, but it was too late. His tongue was washing away all my resolve. Within seconds I was giggling and petting him like nothing was wrong.

Scribbles, encouraged by my giggling, knocked me over and stood on my chest covering my face with licks. I was giggling so hard that I had to close my eyes.

“Jivide!” Mother called. “Come in. And bring Scribbles too!”

I laughed. “Come on Scribbles lets… AGH!”

It was no longer Scribbles on my chest but some brown creature. The face was smashed in and disfigured. Its tongue lolled out from the shattered jaw in between broken teeth and copious amounts of blood poured out from its mouth across my chest and hands.

I screeched and backpedaled frantically pushing the corpse off of me.

“Mommy, Daddy!” I cried pushing myself further and further away.

“Why?” The Pokemon croaked, its tongue fishing around as if it was still trying to lick me.

I jolted awake, the image of Aveline’s corpse still trying to lick me fresh in my mind. I shuddered in my cold sweat, both out of fear and the temperature. Shaking I rooted around for my watch.

“3:24 AM”

I decided two hours of sleep was enough and got up to get my stuff ready to leave, accidentally waking Buddy as I did.

“Uwah?” He cried looking up at me with bloodshot eyes.

“Looks like you didn’t sleep either.” I said.

He nodded.

“Come on then. Help me get ready to leave.” I said gesturing to the others.

Buddy nodded and began rousing my other Pokemon. Soundlessly the all awoke.

I fumbled about at my belt to find each of their Pokeballs and accidentally speared myself on the Cascade Badge. I didn’t yell out; I just lifted my finger to eye level and watched the blood slowly run down my finger and stain the Badge.

I took the bloody Cascade Badge and pinned it to my Polo in reverence of Aveline and Sniper.


‘”I’m sorry for you loss.” The Nurse said mechanically. I got the feeling that dead Pokemon were commonplace around here, but maybe she was just at being empathetic.

Regardless her false-sympathy did nothing to make me feel better. I turned to leave but not before she spoke again.

“There is a Pokemon Cemetery in Lavender Town, if you didn’t know.”

I didn’t stop walking. I didn’t know that, but I also didn’t want to stick around in this town any longer.

I stepped outside the Pokemon Center and smelled the sickly aroma of the seaside. My stomach felt a little bit sick, but I brushed it off and started walking, out past the docks, onto Route 11. I don’t know if it was something about my demeanor or the fact that I wasn’t walking with one of my Pokemon out, but none of the trainers along the Route challenged me to battle.

It was interesting walking without anyone at my side. It was lonely, true, but it also allowed me to avoid their stares. While both my fault, Sniper could be attributed my naïveté as a trainer. But Aveline… it was something different altogether. I couldn’t face my Pokemon right now.

“I shouldn’t have fought him.” I said aloud. “That was a stupid thing to do.”

I reached the end of the Route 11 without incident and, after passing the gate, entered onto a series of poorly constructed docks along the shoreline. The path then split two directions, one going north and the other going south.

“<-- To Lavender -- To Fuchsia -->” The sign read.

I turned and headed south, to Fuchsia. “I’m not prepared… yet.” I said gripping Aveline’s Pokeball tightly.

“Are you prepared for a battle then?” A male voice called out.

I froze and looked around for the source of the voice. A Jr. Trainer was sitting smugly on a low post on the pier.

I narrowed my eyes. “No kid. Beat it.” I growled

The Trainer laughed. “No you have to battle me. It says so in the Trainer Handbook.” He said, pulling out and flipping through a massive, black and yellow book.

“Ah, yes here. Page 34 section 3b. ‘All Gym Leaders must accept any challenger regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and Pokemon team.’” He said shutting his book and looking at me proudly.

“Well I hate to collapse your Diglett tunnel, but I’m not a Gym Leader. So shove off!”

“Then what is that?” He said leering and pointing to my chest.

I looked down and saw the rust-red Cascade Badge on my Polo.

“Screw you kid, I won this from a Gym Leader.” I said with disgust.

“Exactly.” He said matter-of-factly. “Meaning you now have the authority to give away Cascade badges, since you are stronger than Misty. Therefore, since you have a badge that I don’t have annnd you obviously have Pokemon with you, “he pointed to the Pokeball in my hand “then I can challenge you for that badge.”

As if to further enrage me, he pushed his glasses up against his forehead with his index finger.

I gripped Aveline’s Pokeball tightly. “I don’t care for your goddamn rules anymore. You aren’t taking this badge from me. You aren’t having a Pokemon battle with me. You are going to step out of my way or I am going to beat you senseless.”

The Jr. Trainer stepped back slightly, but quickly recovered and threw his Pokemon out.

“Help me Nidorino!” he said cringing behind the Pokemon.

The Nidorino adopted a challenging posture and snorted my way. Now there was no way I was getting across the pier.

I shook my head. “You are going to regret this kid.” I spat.

I gingerly placed Aveline’s Pokeball on my belt and then drew Ezel’s and let him free.

The Jr. Trainer gasped. “Psychic is super-effective against Poison.”

Is something wrong Master, I sense your pulse is faster?? Ezel asked.

“No talking. Confusion!” I shouted.

Ezel nodded and drew in his Psychic power, causing his eyes to glow Purple. In one fluid motion he brought his hands into the air and simultaneously the Nidorino rose off the pier.

The Nidorino flailed about in the air, but he was caught by Ezel’s psychic power.

“Good, now finish him.” I said.

Ezel nodded and dropped the Nidorino on the ground with a *crash*.

“Nidorino!” The Jr. Trainer shouted running over to his fainted partner.

I walked up casually. “I suggest you move before I have him attack you next.” I said my voice dripping with anger.

The Jr. Trainer gave me one frightened look before returning his Pokemon and scurrying off to Vermillion.

You wouldn’t have me attack the boy. My power is not a toy.” Ezel chided.

“I would have if he wouldn’t have moved.” I said walking on down the Route.

Why are you acting this way? That is not a kind thing to say!” he said angrily.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said dismissing him.

There is no need, your mind I can read.

“Still doesn’t mean I want to talk with you about it.” I said, my anger flaring up again.

Ezel fell silent, even though my mind did not.

Feeling a bit of remorse I added, “I’m just not ready.”

“If by tonight your nightmares fail to end, call to me and them I will try to mend.” He said soothingly.

I didn’t answer.


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hey now, come on. well all know i have the market cornered when it comes to heartless, overly-introspective protagonists.

i do not, however, have a Pokemon that speaks in rhyme. that is awesome. major flashbacks of Gruntilda the witch going on right now.

oh and by the way, Jivide's dream? disturbing as hell. scarred me for life. in other words, beautiful. the part of me that drew heavy influence from Charles Baudelaire salutes you. the other part doesn't want to go to sleep tonight.


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I know man, but Jivide has to head down this path somewhat so he can become the Rival I need him to be!

Not sure who Gruntilda the Witch is. What is she from?

DUDE! I have yet to meet anyone who knows who Charles Baudalaire is! I studied him in my Mastery of Western Lit class and since then can't stop reading him!
Would it scar you more when I tell you that the rough draft was even worse? I toned it down so I wouldn't have to add a Grimdark Tag to my work.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Grunty was the evil witch in Banjo-Kazooie; every single line of dialogue she had throughout the game was in rhyme.

that's freaking amazing man, he's one of my biggest influences as a writer. i wish i knew french just because i've been told that a lot of his voice is lost in translation. that and if i'd taken it in high school i wouldn't have to take it now. ASU-B doesn't recognize the fact that i was a straight-A student in japanese for 3 years, but if i'd taken spanish or french, i'd be set. FUCK THE SYSTEM


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Ah. Never played Banjo-Kazooie.

Fuck the System indeed. I've had the pleasure of Reading his Poems in French since I took about a years worth, but I've never "understood" them in French. So pretty much the same boat.

Have you read the Bio on the guy? Its no wonder he was so macbre.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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WHAT that game is a classic man! it's actually available now on XBL arcade for like 1200 points or something, you should totally check it out.

oh yes, i'm quite aware. i'm a huge Baudelaire fan; i'd have to put him in my top-three list of influences, right up there with Sir Elton John and My Chemical Romance.

fun fact: Harmony was actually named after an Elton John song. i've made various allusions to that in my stories, including in my latest chapter of Shattered Emerald.


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I know it is, but I never had that console as a child. *shrug* I missed a lot of stuff. 

I wouldn't have caught that. I don't listen to Elton John much either.


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“It wasn’t your fault.” Vi chimed for the fifteenth time.

I still wasn’t listening to her though. I couldn’t cry, but I acted like I was: Completely unresponsive with the occasional full-body shudder. I felt awful.

Regal was in the corner of the room we took shelter in. She, like me, hadn’t moved since the battle. She looked worse than I did even. She was squatting on the ground all curled into the corner, squeezing herself in as far as she could, all the while stroking her massive tail idly.

Another bout of shudders overtook me.

“I never…” I stumbled out.

Vi rolled her eyes. She had heard me say this twice already.

“I never intended to kill her. I was just trying to protect…”

My self-loathing was interrupted by Vi’s palm colliding with my face.

I jolted back from the weak, but firm blow, wide-eyed.

Calmly, Vi looked me directly in the eyes.

“Stop it Cecil. Stop this now. Can’t you see how unnecessary this is? Nothing you can do will bring her back. All your self-loathing is doing is harming Regal further. You are her Trainer, she looks to you for guidance! You have to let it go, for her sake.” She said with conviction.

I was shocked into silence. I had never seen Vi so passively angry.

“I believe this is all happening for a reason.” She added when I failed to respond.

Vi was right. I couldn’t fight her logic. Damn me for being so selfish! I stood up and stifled my feelings.

“I’m sorry Vi.” I said.

“That is another thing.” She chided. “Stop apologizing. You have to be strong now.”

I nodded, unsure of what else I could say besides apologizing for apologizing too much.

“Come on Regal.” I said walking over to my cringing Nidoqueen.

Regal whimpered and attempted to scoot away from me, but I stopped her by placing a firm hand on her shoulder.

“Let’s go meet the captain of the Ship and then we’ll go do something with both like.” I said.

Regal looked up at me through her teary eyes quizzically.

I smiled. “We’re going to catch a new friend.”



The Ship Captain was a man who was trained in distant lands in the art of cutting things. He said something about chasing two Farfetch’d, but I mostly tuned him out.

To the East of Vermillion there was a large cave that the Local’s called “Diglett’s Cave” and that is where Regal and I went to see about getting a new party member.


“Are you sure you don’t want to come in? It looks pretty well lit.” I asked Vi, calling out from my place at the cave entrance.

20ft away Vi replied with a polite “No.”

I shrugged and walked in with Regal in tow. The inside of the Cave was similar to Mt. Moon’s making me wonder if they were carved by the same Pokemon. Unlike Mt. Moon however, it was devoid of Zubats, much to my relief.

“Heewoo?” something called out.

Both Regal and I looked about frantically for the source of the sound. but to no avail.

“Heewoo!” It called again.

“Where is that sound coming from?” I said to Regal who responded by shrugging.

“HEEWOO!!” The cave shook with the sound of the Angry Pokemon. My eyes darted down to the ground in front of me where I spied a tiny little brown Pokemon.

“Oh there you are little guy.” I cooed. The Pokemon was very cute with his two little eyes and large pink nose.

“Hmpf” he snorted.

I raised an eyebrow. “I know you are upset little guy, but I was hoping to ask for your help.”

The Pokemon growled at Regal assuring us he wanted a fight first, maybe to prove that he was stronger than he looked.

“Very well.” I said rolling up my sleeves. “Go on Regal, give him a Scratch.”

Regal nodded and she tentatively walked out and weakly clawed at the Diglett.

In the blink of an eye it disappeared from view and reappeared in the ground a foot away, easily dodging her attack.

“Fast little…” I grumbled. “This time faster Regal! Scratch!”

Regal lunged out at the Diglett and only narrowly landed her blow on the fleeing Pokemon. When it re-appeared it was nursing a small bruise on its forehead.

With a cry the Diglett shot back into the ground and re-appeared at Regal’s side, lunging out with a scratch of its own. Although it was a weak blow, the Diglett was so fast that it was able to dish out two scratches before Regal could even launch one.

Although she wasn’t in any real danger, Regal was going to be completely worn out before she could do enough damage to make the Diglett catchable.

I rifled through my bags looking for something to give me an edge and spied a Great Ball. Vi had told me when I found it that a Great Ball was more-likely to catch a Pokemon than a Pokeball was. I grabbed it.

“Hey!” I called out getting the Diglett’s attention. “Catch!”

I threw the Great Ball at the Diglett who was so surprised that it hit him dead-on.

The Ball wiggled feverously, but never re-opened. I had caught the Diglett!

“Come on out Tiny (Chiisai)!” I said releasing the Diglett.

Tiny looked at me and frowned. He still looked like he wanted to fight.

I squatted down so that I would be closer to his height.

“You have a lot of Spirit which is something my team is lacking in right now. Would you use that to help us? I have a big fight today.” I said, trying to smile reassuringly even though the thought of another Gym was frightening.

My speech seemed to win him over, for his frown faded and he chirped in agreement.

I smiled and returned both of my Pokemon to their Pokeballs.

“Hey Vi! Guess what?” I called out, walking back to the entrance.


After training a little bit, Tiny and I traveled to the Vermillion Gym. We had to cut down some large trees to get to the door, which I found very odd. I guess the Gardener was off on Holiday.

Unlike the Gyms in Pewter and Cerulean, Vermillions was plain-looking, with no ominous columns or pools of water outside.

Of course, the inside was completely different.

The Walls were decorated with Barbed-wire peppered with ripped pieces of cameo fabric. Around the edges of the room there were display cases and display stands; all containing weapons of every shape and size. Even more bizarre was the center of the room which contained 30-something trash-cans all arranged in a box. Past the Trash-cans there were two electric generators that were powering an electric fence which separated me from the man who, I assumed, was the Gym Leader.

“My Arceus…” Vi whispered.

I wanted to be timid and back away, but Vi’s pep-talk egged me on. I attempted, rather poorly, to walk calmly up to the electric fence.

“Are you the Gym Leader?” I asked the Blond, imposing figure on the other side.

He sneered underneath his Sunglasses. “I am, little man. What are you supposed to be?”

I swallowed hard. “I am a Challenger.”

The Man broke out into a rancorous laugh. “You are here to Challenge ME? HA! You and your puny power and puny Pokemon?”

I stood my ground even though my resolve was fading quickly.

“Well little boy, if you can get past my defenses I’ll send your Pokemon to their graves for you.” He said pointing to the trash cans behind me.

Shaking, I turned around and walked back to Vi.

“What do you think he means?” I whispered.

Vi shook her head. “I don’t know. Maybe there is something in the trash cans?”

I shrugged and turned back to the trash-cans. I walked over to the closest one and peered inside. It was filled with crumpled paper, but nothing else.

My curiosity getting the better of me, I reached down into the can and pulled out a piece of paper uncovering a red button at the bottom.

“Oh. That must be it.” I said pressing the switch. I heard a click as one of the generators shut off.

There must be two switches then. I mused.

Before tossing the paper back in the can however, I un-crumpled it like I was planning to before discovering the switch.

“Sanjiro.” Was all it read.

My stomach flipped over. Of course, this gym leader was just as sick as the others, but unlike the Gyms in Pewter and Cerulean where the names of the fallen had a certain reverence to them, in this one they Pokemon names were thrown away like trash.

My stomach pain began to be replaced by a new feeling, one that was hot and frantic. I began to get dizzy. This isn’t right! Pokemon deserve better than this if they fall!”

I rushed to the nearest trash-can and clawed at the paper searching for the next button, which was luckily right next to the first. The second generator clicked and the electric fence swung open. The path to the Gym Leader was clear!

“Wahah! Looks like this tyke got through my defenses. No matter, I’ll show you why I became Lieutenant Surge! My Electric Pokemon ZAPPED my foes in the war, just like they’ll do to you!” He roared.

My rage was slowly consuming me and I could no longer think straight. I let fly Tiny’s Pokeball.

“Go Voltorb!” Lt. Surge shouted letting out an orb-pokemon that looked very similar to a Pokeball.

“Alright Voltorb! Let’s bring the pain! SonicBOOM!” Surge shouted.

“Dig!” I yelled without thinking.

Tiny cried and shot underground and avoided the sonic shock-wave. Moments later he reappeared below the voltorb sending the Pokemon flying through the air. It crashed to the ground and remained still, a One-Hit K.O.!

Lt. Surge let out a low bestial growl and returned his Pokemon. He reached to his belt and ripped out another Pokeball.

“Go Magnemite! Use Thundershock!”

The Magnemite shuddered, releasing a stream of electric energy at Tiny. The attack however, struck Tiny for no damage.

“Good Job Cecil! Ground Types are immune to Electric attacks!” Vi cheered.

“Another Dig!” I said.

Tiny burrowed into the ground and repeated the punishing that he unleashed on the voltorb moments before, with the same effect.

I was too determined to beat Lt. Surge to cheer on Tiny, but he was fighting bravely.

“Heh, maybe I misjudged you kid. But now you get to see FULL POWER!” Surge said throwing out his last Pokemon.

It looked similar to Robot, but it was much bigger and had a darker coat. It growled menacingly at Tiny who retorted with a chirp.

Lt. Surge took his Sunglasses off. “End of the line kid. My Raichu will destroy you and your Pokemon.” He gloated.

I gritted my teeth. “We’ll see about that. Tiny, another Dig! That seems to be working on his Pokemon best.”

“NOT SO FAST!” Surge Shouted. “Thunder WAVE!”

The Raichu quickly struck its cheeks and shot a blue wave of electric energy out at Tiny which… did absolutely nothing.

Both Tiny and I cocked our heads, confused.

“Just what was that supposed to accomplish Surge?” I growled.

Lt. Surge looked about frantically. “That’s always worked before!”

“Your Raichu only knows Electric attacks, doesn’t it Surge?” Vi said chuckling. “Wow! What a Gym Leader you are!”

Surge took a step back. “But that has always saved me in the past…”

“Surrender Surge!” I shouted, trying to sound intimidating. “I don’t want to have to hurt your Raichu!”

“There is no surrender in war!” Lt. Surge retorted.

“You keep speaking of this war, but we don’t know what you are talking about!” Vi interjected.

“Hehe. I suppose you are both two young to remember.” He said.

“Then tell us.” I said trying to be threatening.

Lt. Surge grinned. “Defeat me first.”

I looked down to the Raichu at his side. Even with the scowl on its face, I couldn’t justify hurting it needlessly.

“Stand down Tiny.” I ordered.

Tiny looked up at me, confused.

I nodded at him. I wasn’t going to bring needless pain, not for anything.

Tiny backed off away from the Gym Leader.

“Wahaha!” Surge laughed. “And here I thought you were growing some balls kid. Fine, here.”

Lt. Surge tossed something shiny my direction, which I barely caught. I looked down in my hands at the yellow badge, so very different than the one I took from Misty.

“League rules make me give that too you, but nothing else. If you ever get the nerve for REAL war come back, if you can beat me I’ll tell you what you want to know.” He said with a sneer.

I turned around and walked out with Vi silently. Once outside she turned to me, angry.

“Why didn’t you pressure him into talking? We could have LEARNED something about this “war”. I didn’t like Surge any more than you did but…”

“I couldn’t do it Vi. What if Tiny killed that helpless Raichu? I don’t think I could handle that!” I argued.

“Cecil, that Raichu was EVIL. That Trainer was EVIL. That Raichu wouldn’t have been helpless against any other Pokemon!”

“I know Vi, but I just couldn’t do it. Aveline taught me something; that accidents happen. And that accident almost ruined me. I can’t bear to think of what would happen if I did it on purpose.”

Vi didn’t respond after that, going back to her quiet, brooding, self.

I pinned the Thunder Badge to the inside of my vest, next to the Cascade Badge. Two down, six to go.


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Hey, it's good to see you writing again!

Anyway, love the reference to the classic Nuzlocke line by Vi there in the beginning. I never get tired of that quote.

I like that Regal got some characterization, I was wondering how she would be dealing with accidently killing Aveline. And, as you know, I love the Nido evo line, so there's that, too.

I would have liked to see that Diglett use Scratch. Digletts are so confusing...

Good development with Cecil in this chapter. It looks like he might be getting some confidence. And I like his choice in not finishing off the Raichu.

As always, I'm still interested to figure out what's up with this war everyone's mentioning.


I got a little chill from reading his name. Thanks for the reference. It made me really want to see Surge pay, so your flawless victory there was very satisfying.


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Ah yeah. It is funny, when I was writing Cecil this time and I decided to have Vi slap him the first thing I thought was "About damn time."
My own character. o'(

I figured you would read this on DA first so my apology to Sanjiro is in my comments there. Heh.

Glad you caught all that! I am so very grateful for your continued readership! It really makes my day(s).


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I took my time to Fuchsia City and finally arrived there around 4, Ezel in tow. I had wished that the long route would have given me more time to arrange my thoughts, but instead I just focused on the road ahead and not much else. So when I finally arrived I was mentally exhausted. I would have just gotten a room for the night and called it a day, if I didn’t fear my dreams so much. I knew that I would have to help myself somehow and I decided that getting the Fuchsia City Badge was how I would do it.

I stopped only briefly in the Pokemon Center and healed my Pokemon, but then immediately left and walked over to the Gym, only to find it was locked.

Before I was even able to ask, a nearby person answered: “Koga has gone to the Safari Zone on an emergency. He won’t be back.”

“What is going on? Where is this Safari Zone?” I asked.

“Don’t know what’s going on. The Warden just started talking about needing a Strong Trainer. If you wanna take a look head on over there. Straight North from here, can’t miss it.” He said pointing behind him.

I thanked him and drew out Admiral’s Pokeball, but did not release him, and hurried off to the Safari Zone.


The Zone itself was a mess. Pokemon were scurrying about frantically from a commotion in the Center of the place where dark rainclouds had formed. These clouds spiraled out and away across the otherwise cloudless sky, bringing torrential rain and gusty winds. There, in the center of the lake, some Giant Blue Pokemon was rampaging about. The lake swelled as the Pokemon fought, spilling huge waves onto the onlookers who had gathered around. One man, dressed differently from the rest, was commanding a Pokemon to try and fight it the Blue Pokemon. I assumed this was the Gym Leader, Koga.

I approached slowly to this cataclysmic scene and brandished my PokeDex.

“Gyarados: Rarely seen in the Wild. Huge and vicious, it is capable of destroying entire cities in a rage.”

“Don’t give up now Weezing! Sludge!” The Koga commanded his Pokemon.

The purple behemoth spewed out a stream of gunk at the Gyarados which only barely fazed the creature. The Gyarados returned the attack with a slap from its tail that, not only knocked the Weezing straight into the water, but also sent a wave onto the crowed so large that some of the spray hit me 50ft away.

“D-damn.” I couldn’t help but utter. This was a tough Pokemon!

“I need assistance!” Koga cried returning his Pokemon and sending out something new; a purple, winged insect.

I thought quickly. If Admiral and I were diligent here, maybe we could best this Gyarados, with the help of the Gym Leader, and then catch it!

I gripped Admira’s Pokeball tightly and ran into the fray.

“Go Admiral!” I shouted releasing him.

I ran over to Koga’s side to let him know he had my support.

“Thank you trainer!” he shouted above the wind. “I’ll have my Venomoth try to put the Gyarados to sleep, can your Pidgeotto distract him?”

I looked up at Admiral who somersaulted in mid-air letting me know; he could do that.

“Alright! Go for a Wing Attack!”

Admiral circled above the Rampaging Gyarados and then swooped down at it, letting out a cry to try and intimidate it.

The Gyarados looked back and forth looking for Admiral, only looking up when it was too late, taking a hit to the head. Admiral’s blow sent it reeling backward making it splash back into the lake, spraying us all with water. The lake swallowed the large Pokemon whole, and for a second all was still. Then, like an angry volcano, the Gyarados erupted from the lake and lunged at Admiral in an attempt to swallow him.

Admiral only narrowly dodged the blow and the Gyarados went crashing back down into the lake spraying us all again with water. By now I was thoroughly soaked, as was everyone else.

“You said your Pokemon could put the Gyarados to sleep right?” I asked Koga.

He nodded.

“Sleep him when it comes up again for Admiral. I’m going to ready a Pokeball.” I said reaching into my coat.

Koga looked at me like I was crazy, but didn’t argue. “Prepare a Sleep Powder Venomoth!” he ordered.

“Alright Admiral, goad him one more time!” I shouted. Admiral zipped through the air till he was at the place where the Gyarados was last seen and let out a call.

A low rumble shook the ground as the Gyarados tensed itself beneath the waves. With a roar it shot out of the water, straight at Admiral. I let my Pokeball fly just as Venomoth blew colorful scales from its wings into the air. In one fluid motion the scales hit the Gyarados and its eyes closed and then my Pokeball hit it, encapsulating it just before it slammed into Admiral.

With a *plop* the ball fell into the lake and disappeared. We all waited tensely to see if the Gyarados would erupt out of the water again or not. Then the clouds broke and the sun shone back again, heating my wet clothes. It was an uplifting sign and we all let it show by letting out our held breaths.

Koga turned and put a wet hand on my shoulder. “That was good work trainer. I am very thankful for your timely intervention, without it I was worried that the town would suffer.”

Although I kept my face a perfect still, I was admittedly surprised. Koga didn’t seem anything like Brock. Although neither did Misty, but I just assumed that because she was into me.

“Well, I had to make sure I could challenge you for your Gym Badge.” I admitted.

Admiral swirled around and landed on my shoulder and began to preen himself.

“Oh.” Koga’s face turned darker as his eyebrows creased. He looked very troubled.

“Another foolish trainer taking the Gym Challenge? I have to admit, I expected better of someone as talented as you.” He said with a frown.

Disappointed? That was a first. I thought the Gym Challenge was the best way for a strong trainer to get even stronger.

“I don’t-“ I started, but Koga cut me off.

“If you want to challenge me come back in the evening. I imagine we both could do with some warm food; and clothes.” He added with a chuckle.

Koga took his hand off my shoulder and started walking back, his Pokemon following in line behind him. The other villagers moved off along their own way too until it was just Admiral and I.

I too turned to go until I felt Admiral bite my ear.

“Ow! Hey what was that for!” I chided.

Admiral barked at me and then pointed with his wing to the lake. I had almost forgotten my Pokemon!

I cautiously walked up to the lake’s edge and peered in. The water was murky, probably because of all the dirt the Gyarados stirred up. Finding the Pokeball would be difficult.

I scratched my head idly trying to think. I gripped Ezel’s Pokeball and released him.

“Hey Ezel, I lost a Pokeball. Can you find it with your Psychic powers?” I asked the stone-faced Kadabra.

”To find an object lost in the lake, memories from your mind I must take. As powerful as I may be, the object I must see.” he explained.

“Yeah sure, go ahead.” I said with a shrug. I wasn’t even sure why he had to ask.

Ezel nodded and brought out a spoon he had found on our way to Fuchsia. He placed the spoon in front of him and closed his eyes, causing a purple glow to surround his body.

At first I felt nothing. Then there was this… warm spot in the back of my mind, like if someone spilled hot water on the floor and you stepped in it in your socks or that lingering feeling when you sit in a seat occupied by another person just recently. It was very soothing… it reminded me of my Mother’s fingers; very soft and strong, very long and protective.

This warm euphoria progressed all the way from the tiny pinprick in the back of my mind all the way to the back of my eyes, then faded away as if it got caught by a breeze.

Ezel winced, but then his eyes opened and his face returned to normal. Without a word he lifted his arms into the air and the Pokeball lifted out of the water. It floated across the water into my awaiting hands.

”There is our newest friend, still distressed. Now if you could return me I would like to rest.”

“Sure thing.” I said adding Ezel back to his Pokeball.

I went back to looking at the new Pokeball. I was almost afraid to let the Gyarados out, especially after what Ezel said, but it needed a name.

“Come on out!” I shouted opening the Pokeball.

The Gyarados, looking much more peaceful, appeared in the lake and glared at me, unmoving.

“Welcome to the Team.” I said trying to be amiable. “I thought that, before anything we should get to know each other a little.”

The Gyarados didn’t move and instead just continued to glare at me.

Unsettled I winced a little. “So my first question is if you are a Girl or Boy. I can’t really tell.”

The Gyarados snorted at me and opened its mouth showing me its impressive array of fangs.

Not sure what that meant I decided on trying to find a gender neutral name.

“How about Reagan?” I asked.

The Gyarados snorted and closed its maw, which was as best a “yes” I expected to come to.

“Okay Reagan.” I said with a smile. “Come on back, I’m sure you need some rest.”

“And I need some new clothes.” I added as I squished back to Fuchsia.


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(Two-parter!, Don't miss either part!)


After getting a meal and buying a new pair of clothes from the Mart I decided it was time to get the badge from Koga.

I stepped in the Gym and was greeted by an array of surprising features. Ceremonial swords dotted the edges of the ornate Gym, each resting in its own shrine. Elaborate paintings of legendary Pokemon of old wrapped along the expanse of the walls, showing off brilliant golds, reds, and greens as they circled in battle with one another. Koga himself was seated on his knees behind a table at the far end of the gym and was talking with another man dressed entirely in black.

“So should I tell him the signal was a success?” the man asked, wringing his hands nervously.

“Yes. Tell him right away.” Koga said with a nod. He then waved his hand, signaling for the man in black to go, and then pointed to me.

“Ah the Trainer who assisted me in the Safari Zone. I had hoped you would have wizened up and decided to quit this road.”

I stepped forward, my hand wrapped around Aveline’s Pokeball.

“That is twice now you’ve told me to abandon the Gym Challenge. Why?” I asked.

Koga smiled. “Answer me this first; Would anything I say change your mind?”

I thought for a second, the question taking me aback. Why was I doing this anyway? Because Gramps told me to?

No, it is something more than that. It’s Cecil. I gripped Aveline’s Pokeball even more tightly. I have to get all the badges before he does. Become Champion so I can prove, without a doubt, that I am the best trainer.

I shook my head. “No, Koga. I have to get your badge.”

“Then we shall battle first. Then I shall answer your questions.” He said solemnly.

With lightning-fast speed his hand reached to his belt and pulled out a Pokeball.

“The battle with Gyarados left many of my Pokemon beaten, so this will be a one on one match. You will face my Venomoth.” On “Venomoth” his wrist flicked forward and the Bug I had fought alongside earlier appeared fluttering in front of me.

“Choose your Pokemon wisely. Brute Force will not save you this battle.” He added.

I touched each of the Pokeballs along my belt. I couldn’t use Reagan or Admiral because they were tired from the battle earlier. It was either Ezel or Buddy.

“Alright Ezel, go!” I shouted bringing out my Kadabra.

“Interesting Choice trainer.” Koga said with a sly smile. “If not a little risky.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. I had only chosen Ezel because of the skill he displayed against that trainer’s Nidorino back on the Route to Fuchsia.

“Risky, because while your Kadabra is strong against my Venomoth, the reverse is also true. This battle will all be about offense.” He said motioning between the Pokemon. “I will allow you the first move.”

I clenched my fist. “Okay Ezel, let’s see a Confusion!”

Ezel unfurled his hands and began to glow a purple hue, assaulting the Venomoth with his Psychic Powers.

The Venomoth raised into the air enveloped by the power and cried out in pain. Koga remained calm however.

“Beat your wings Venomoth!” He commanded.

Struggling in Ezel’s psychic grip the Venomoth was barely able to move, but it managed to frantically whip its wings through the air. The resulting gust hit Ezel and broke his concentration. With his power broken the Venomoth flew free again.

“Now Toxic!” Koga yelled.

The Venomoth flew at Ezel with a screech, a purple liquid oozing from its mouth. It alighted on Ezel and delivered a bite then immediately went aloft again and flew back to its side of the Gym.

Ezel rubbed the bite and winced in pain.

”This bite is something fell, for I... I do not feel well.” he said looking back at me.

“What did you do?” I asked my voice breaking with concern.

Koga sighed. “It is a secret technique passed down throughout my family. Toxic is a poison that steadily intensifies. In a few minutes, your Kadabra will die.”

Shock and horror overtook me. Here I thought that Koga was unlike Brock, but no, he too was out to kill my Pokemon.

“You! How could you do that!” I growled.

Koga shrugged. “This is what battling is. There are no winners, only the living and the dead.”

Ezel stumbled, his feet giving out under him.

I slowly retreated into myself, not Ezel too! I couldn’t lose him as well!

“If… if..” I said, my words stumbling to come out. “If I have to lose Ezel then you have to lose as well!” Is shouted at the top of my lungs

“EZEL! CONFUSION!” I screeched.

Koga’s didn’t flinch as Ezel raised his hand and brought forth more Psychic energy on the already weakened Venomoth. He didn’t react as the hit criticaled and sent the Venomoth spiraling down to the ground, unmoving. He just watched.

After the attack Ezel fell to the floor and began to twitch, his body shutting down from the toxins.

I rushed to his side and caught him in my arms, trying to ease his pain in any way I could, but I didn’t know what to do! It wasn’t like Aveline’s death, this… this made me feel powerless. Like I could stop it somehow.

Ezel looked back at me, the pain in his eyes creating tears, and I couldn’t help crying myself.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Koga leaned down over me and sprayed Ezel with an item. Within seconds the pain faded from Ezel’s eyes and he closed them, peacefully.

I looked up at Koga, who hadn’t changed expression since his Venomoth’s death, very confused.

“That is the Antidote to Toxic, one of my creations. Your Kadabra will live.”

With that, he walked away and back to his cushion and sat down at the table again, looking just as solemn.

After the news sunk in that Ezel wasn’t going to die, I spoke.

“Why?” I croaked out.

Koga remained silent, deep in thought.

“Because you made that choice.” He finally answered.

“I don’t understand.”

Koga looked at me finally, his eyes taking on a dead look. “In war, just like in Pokemon battles, there is no winner; only those who live, and those who die. I was the superior force, but you choose to be the one who kills, unlike me.”

I slowly lowered Ezel’s head off of my lap and set him onto the floor. His breathing was now steady.

“Come,” Koga said motioning to a seat next to him. “We shall talk.”

I followed his hand and sat myself down next to him sullenly.

“This world we live in now, it was supposed to be a world without Death. At least, that is what we agreed upon at the end of the war…” Koga began wistfully.

“War? What war?” I asked I didn’t want to interrupt, but I had never heard of a war.

Koga sighed, his eyes glazed over.

“It was a long time ago you weren’t even born…”


Back then I was just a young man. My hair was full, my opinions were fierce, and my convictions were strong. I had only just been released from my father’s dojo as a full-fledged Ninja.

There had always been conflict before this war, but it was always a minor thing. Johto always resented Kanto’s superiority after Kanto conquered them not fifty years ago, of course they weren’t called Johto at the time; but New Kanto.

Back then, there was no Elite Four to keep the peace, no Champion, no Gym Leaders. Kanto’s military force, the Kanto Federation Army, ruled everyone, including the resentful New Kantonians.

I too resented the military authority. I believed, like many at my time, that we humans could live like Pokemon did, as equals. At first, young revolutionaries like me were few and far between. We could only communicate through Pidgey Messengers.

But slowly, our numbers grew, sparked by incidents within the Kanto Federation Army.

First was the assassination of the leader of the Federation, Greigor Stone.

The Federation placed blame on New Kantonian fanatics, but the truth is that it was more likely the power-hungry Magnius, Greigor’s understudy.

Whatever the reason, the citizenry was outraged.

From there on, Magnius proved to be an awful Leader. Not a month into his reign he passed a bill that required the forced introduction of the indigenous species of Kanto into New Kanto. This threw many exclusionists, conservationist, and trainers into rage. The New Kanto food web was destroyed as more hardy species, like Rattata, overwhelmed the locals and drove them out, some even to extinction.

This also had an adverse effect on trainers in Kanto, who often beat New Kanto trainers with their superior Pokemon. Now Kanto trainers had to contend with their native species being used against them outside of Kanto.

Then came the rumors of the Kanto Federation Army’s secret weapon. A creature of impossible skill and power that would exterminate all those who opposed Magnius’s rule.

The seeds of revolution grew and spread. Finally we had decided it was time. Revolutionists, like myself, rose up against Magnius and the Kanto Federation on both sides of the mountains. Together we overthrew his reign, but many Pokemon and people were lost in the fighting.

It was the worst experience of my life. Despite being trained in the ways of the Ninja, I had never once killed a person or ordered my Pokemon to kill another. We got our revolution, but at a grave cost.

The Kanto Federation Army was dissolved and a new government was decided to be put in place. A government that wasn’t controlled by the most powerful trainer, but by the majority as represented by elected officials. We sought to call this “The Pokemon Republic”.

But it was never to be. New Kantonians wanted freedom from Kanto, not an equal seat in government.

And so the second war began. Having distinguished myself on the battlefield during the first war, I fought as a General for Kanto against the New Kanto separatists. The war was even longer than the revolution before it, twice as many lives, both human and Pokemon, were taken. Whole generations of trainers were lost in the brutal fighting.

And the fighting never ceased. With both sides being bled dry, a compromise was finally reached ten years ago.

The New Kantonians got their freedom and became known as Johto. The Republic idea was scrapped and a Gym Leader model was adopted. Eight of the most distinguished generals from both sides were placed as guardians of the remaining towns; four in Kanto and four in Johto. These Gym Leaders were to keep the peace, but their role became corrupted. It was announced that the next leader of both Kanto and Johto would be the first trainer to conquer all Gym Leaders in their area. Ever since, trainers from both Johto and Kanto have challenged the Gyms trying to become the next leader of our world. The current Elite Four lead Tohjo, the name for both Kanto and Johto, but just as the Gym Leaders have been bested, they too will fall and others will take their place until more corruption is introduced and we repeat the bloody mistakes of our past.

It is only a matter of time until another Magnius becomes Champion. Until then we are right back to where we began; the world is just as dangerous and Pokemon and people still die.

“But all of that will change soon.” Koga finished, placing his hands together in prayer.

I licked my lips in a vain attempt at reviving my dry mouth. “How are you so sure?” I asked.

Koga looked at me and smiled. “My Master has found the Lost Federation War Prototype. With it, we can force this system to change. “



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Sorry it took me so long to read this CJ,  but this is pretty awesome.  Is it just me, or do I feel a hint of Black/White with wanting to change the way the world works?


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 Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Helen Keller (1880 - 1968  

Although we had defeated Lt. Surge, I was feeling restless. So instead of spending the rest of the day in Vermillion, Vi and I both agreed to set off for the next Gym City; Saffron. Unfortunately however, the Guard to Saffron told us that no one was allowed inside because there was currently an “unknown hostile situation” inside. Vi suggested then that we travel to Celadon City, which involved a long, roundabout road that passed through a place called Rock Tunnel and then into Lavender town. Only then could we take an underground passageway that would lead to Celadon City.

The road to Rock Tunnel was a winding mess of trainers, cliffs, and wild grass. I noticed that, despite the fact I was easily overcoming these obstacles and rarely asking Vi questions like I normally did, Vi was becoming increasingly nervous.

“Do you know anything about the Gym Leader in Celadon?” I asked, trying to ease the tension.

Vi shook her head.

“What about Lavender Town, know anything about it?” I tried again.

Vi still said nothing, only shaking her head in ‘no’.

After Robot and I chased off another Wild Pokemon blocking the way I stopped and began with the big question.

“Alright, what is wrong?” I asked.

Vi refused to look me in the eye and only kicked at the ground.

“Come on Vi, it’s me Cecil. What’s wrong?” I asked.

Vi let out a shaky breath. “I’m… just thinking about something.” She finally said.

“What something?” I asked getting slightly annoyed.

“Lots of things.” She said.

I put my hands on my hips in disapproval. “Talk.”

“Well for starters… how come we have never heard of this War? You, you’ve come from a sheltered life. But me…” Vi’s face looked like a dam about to break, a frown crawling across her face until she broke into tears.

I was taken aback. Vi was… crying?

I hurried over and offered her my shoulder, which she quickly took.

“I’m… sorry.” She said through sobs. “I just…miss them.”

Although I didn’t have much experience with interpersonal relationships, I knew enough not to press her for more questions yet, despite thinking of quite a few. Instead I just let her cry.

As Vi’s sobs became quieter and quieter I finally ventured one of my questions.

“Where are your parents Vi?” I asked.

Vi left my shoulder and sat down roughly on the ground, still looking very distraught.

“They’re gone.” She said while picking at the dirt.

“What happened?” I asked tentatively, joining Vi on the ground.

Vi crossed her arms. “Team Rocket…” she whispered.

I clenched my fist in anger as Vi continued.

“They came up so fast, demanding our Pokemon. Dad tried to fight them, so did Mom. I would have too but, she told me to run.” She said tears again returning to her eyes.

“And that’s what I did. I ran, and left Ashley and Mom and Dad behind.”

Vi was shaking now just to try and keep the tears back. I reached over and put my hand on her shoulder as a gesture of understanding.

Vi took a breath to steady herself and finished her story. “I ran away and stayed in the Pewter City Pokemon Center for about a week. I figured that when they got away, if they got away, they would meet me there. Ashley showed up after three days, she got away.”

“But your parents…” I said.

“My parents never did.” She finished.

“I’m so sorry Vi.” I said moving closer so I could hug her. Vi accepted my embrace without a second thought.

”You’re being watched.”

I slowly raised my head off Vi’s shoulders and looked around.

“What did you say Vi?” I asked.

Vi pulled away from me and cocked her head. “I didn’t say anything.” She muttered.

“Then what…?” I started to ask, and then a rustling in the leaves directed my attention to two figures moving towards us.

I pulled away from Vi and stood up, the hairs on my neck standing alert.

“You!” the shadows shouted angrily.

“Who comes?” I shouted back drawing Muu’s Pokeball.

The figures stepped into the light and revealed themselves to be two Team Rocket members.

“Those are the ones who were running from Bill’s house.” One of them said to the other.



I grabbed Vi by the hand and took off down the route, dragging her behind me.

“I knew we got ourselves into something big at Bill’s house!” I shouted, crashing through the trees and out into the plains. It was a straight line to the Rock Tunnel, Vi and I were almost there.

By now Vi had grasped the situation and was running alongside me.

“What do we do?” she asked, fear obvious in her eyes.

“We gotta try and loose them in the cave.” I said through heaving breaths.

The Team Rocket members quickly overcame our head-start and were now exiting the woods at a surprising speed.

“Get that Boy!” one of them shouted.

The cave entrance was fast approaching, but the Team Rocket members were quickly closing the distance between us. By the time we reached the cave Vi and I wouldn’t have a chance to hide.

Nearly at the cave, Vi stopped and turned around to face the Rockets, her arms spread wide.

I hit the cave mouth and spun around.

“What are you doing Vi?” I hissed.

Vi drew her Pokealls and released her Eevee and Zubat.

“I’m buying you time. They want you, not me. NOW GO!” she shouted.

The Rockets, seeing her Pokemon out, slowed down and fumbled for their own Pokeballs. Even when chasing someone they couldn’t resist stopping to have a Pokemon Battle.

Not thinking, I dashed inside the cave following Vi’s orders. A little bit of the way in I stopped.

What are you doing! Vi can’t battle, those Rockets will beat her Pokemon easily!

I turned back around and drew Muu’s Pokeball again, ready to help Vi fight the Rockets, when a rockslide thundered and caved-in the entryway blocking all the light from outside and making the cave pitch-dark. They battle must have caused it!

“Vi!” I shouted stumbling towards the direction I thought the entrance was, but the only sound I heard was my body crashing to the floor when I stumbled on a rock.

I was alone, stupidly alone.


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The darkness of the cave was suffocating. I couldn’t see anything, not even my own hands. I felt like I had been banished to the insides of my mind, because my imagination was the only thing that populated Rock Tunnel. I fumbled about for what seemed close to an hour before I even thought of letting out one of my Pokemon.


“Tiny?” I asked the darkness, letting out my Diglett.


“Hgha?” he called out, sounding just as confused as I was.


“Tiny I’m stuck in a cave and I can’t see anything.” I explained patting the ground trying to find him with my hands.


I let out a sigh of relief as I felt his smooth brown fur brush up against my hand.


“Oh Tiny. I was worried… nevermind. Tiny can you help me? You used to live in a Cave right?” I asked.


Tiny chirped and popped into the ground and resurfaced near my hand, cuddling in close. It was a great relief.


Tiny chirped again and then disappeared underground. I moved me head in the direction I heard him resurfacing.


“Dig-gu!” he called.


Slowly I unlatched myself from the wall and got on my hands and knees, crawling towards Tiny’s voice. Tiny let out an encouraging cry when I reached the spot he must have been at.


Using Tiny’s game of “Marco, Polo” I crawled my way through Rock Tunnel on my hands and knees. Although I couldn’t see, I could feel blood oozing out of my palms. My jeans were ripped and I had dirt all over me, but I was moving.


Hours later, my muscles were heaving from the exertion of crawling across the cave floor. I was sweat-encrusted and now not only were my hands bleeding, but so were my shins through the holes in my jeans. Tiny didn’t let me quit however. Only once did I stop crawling, but when I did he appeared at my cheek and pushed at me until I started moving again.


Soon after Tiny refreshed me, I began to faintly hear something. My heart fluttered both out of fear and curiosity. It sounded like the crackling of a fire.


I must have rounded a corner because not right after determining the sound I spotted a fire in the middle of the cave. Its beautiful flames lit up the cavern so well that I felt confident, for the first time in hours, to try and stand up and walk. I winced as I put pressure on my bleeding hands to stand up and, once I was standing, I nearly fell over again so foreign was the sensation. Like one of the living dead, I stumbled towards the light and its keeper. He was a very large fellow with a scraggly beard. His back was covered with all the essentials for travel. A Hiker, here of all places.


My jubilation was cut short however, as I looked more closely at the situation before me. The Hiker wasn’t sitting down calmly at the fire but instead was leaning against a corner of the wall. By his posture alone it looked as if he had been caught stealing because his back was all arched, knees bent, and hands outstretched like he had been grabbing for something.


“Sir?” I croaked, stumbling forward into the light of the campfire.


The Hiker didn’t turn around but did reply with a bark.


“Whoever you are, hold still!”


Something about the urgency of his voice caused my body to obey without conscious thought.


“Don’t move.” He added pulling his hand behind his back and pointing a finger at me. “Look around you, do you see him?” he asked.


I turned my head slowly to look around the cave. I couldn’t see anything past the gentle glow of the fire.


“Wh-what am I looking for?” I whispered.


The Hiker’s finger reached around and pointed off to his right into the darkness.


I peered that direction again and finally saw what must have caught the Hiker. I could barely make out the shadowy silhouette of a Graveler staring back at me through some red-glowing eyes.


“Tell me son, are you a Trainer?” the Hiker asked with his back still to me.


I nodded and then, realizing he couldn’t see me, whispered out a “Yes.”


The hiker breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank Arceus.”


“Alright trainer, listen to me closely.” He said moving his hand to point at the Graveler again. “That Graveler over there is primed to explode.”


“Explode??” I said with a gasp.


“Yes. I must have angered it with the fire. That doesn’t matter now though.” He said shaking his head. “If either of us move he’ll Explode and kill us both either from the initial blast or from the resulting cave-in.”


I stifled a chocking sob. Tiny and I had already come so far, now this was how it was going to end?


“What I need you to do is grab one of your Pokemon, do you have a water type?”


“A Wartortle.”


“Fantastic. Let your Wartortle out son. He won’t explode on your Pokemon, us humans are the one he is mad at.”


I slowly inched my hand into my belt and drew out Muu’s Pokeball. I hesitated in releasing him though, fearful now for both his and my own safety.


“Are you sure?” I asked holding Muu’s Pokeball in my palm.


“Positive. I sent my Zubat to get help a little while ago; he let it go right by.” The Hiker reassured.


I grimaced and swallowed the bile in my mouth. I gently tapped Muu’s Pokeball with the inside of my palm to release him.


Muu appeared next to Tiny and crowed happily. His smile faded immediately upon seeing me however.


“Alright good.” The Hiker said. “Now have him kill that Graveler. A bubble-beam should do it.”


“Kill it?” I asked horrified.


“Of course!” The Hiker barked, again.


Muu looked up at me expectantly but I faltered.


“Isn’t there another way? We could calm it down…” I stuttered out.


“Are you crazy son?” the Hiker asked. “We are in a life or death situation and you want to spare the Pokemon? Just order your Wartotle to kill it before it goes off!”


I looked back the Graveler enveloped in the darkness. Before when I looked I thought I saw malice in its eyes, but looking now I wasn’t so sure. What if that Graveler was a trainer’s Pokemon?


I started to tear up out of frustration. Could I, in good faith, order Muu to Bubble-beam the Graveler like I had him do to Brock’s Onix?


Muu kept looking at me expectantly, waiting for my orders.


“I can’t do it. There must be another way.” I said.


The Hiker’s voice cracked with concern. “What are you planning on doing?”


I took in a deep breath before responding.


“I’m going to try and clam it down.” I said taking a tentative step forward.


The Graveler’s eyes darted to look at me as I inched forward with my hands out and palms opened.


I took another step towards the Graveler, scarcely breathing out of fear.


The Hiker, who I was now beside, whirled on me, fear easily visible in his eyes.


“What are you--!”


He was cut off by a bright light. The following sound was so loud that I only heard it for a second and then my ears shut off.


The brilliant white light blinded me and knocked me backwards into the cave wall. White blended into black as all my senses were overwhelmed and then shut off.




I woke up to the ringing in my ears. My eyes felt like they were open but I couldn’t see anything, it was all blackness. Panic overtook me. I tried to move my arms but even they wouldn’t work for me. All I could feel was the sharp ringing in my ears.


I couldn’t tell you how long I laid there just listing to the ringing. As painful as it was, I was grateful because pain meant I was alive, somehow.


My vision began to fill in then. At first it was like being in a dark tunnel. All I could see was a bit of light very far away. These pinpricks of light slowly filled in and I began to see the world again. It was bright out for some reason. Wasn’t I in a cave?


With the lighting revitalizing me my thoughts came easier. I began to remember what must have happened.


Muu and Tiny!


I struggled against my dead limbs to move and search for my Pokemon. My worry was so strong that I actually felt my thumb move out of pure will. With it came a racing pain, like liquid fire was running in my veins. Although the pain itself was so intense that it threatened to knock me out again, I began to move my arm and search, vainly, for my Pokemon.


“Muu? Tiny?” I croaked out.


But there was no answer.

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