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Crimson DESTR0YA
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wow, i can tell how much work went into this chapter based not only on its length but the amount of detail present throughout. i'm quite impressed at how interesting you're making Mt. Moon. also, your Vi seems to be softening up just a little =)


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Thank you! I did put a lot of time in, I'm glad it is well-appreciated!

Yes Vi is softening. And Cecil is getting better at Pokemon. They're helping each other out. o)


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 [Fun RBY Factoid: A Pokemon will never defrost on its own. You have to take it to a center, use an item, or get hit with a Fire move to defrost. ]


"There is another Gym here Buddy, did you know that?" I asked my voice slightly cracking.

Buddy looked at me questioningly.

"Over there,” I said pointing to the Cerulean City Gym, a large building on the side of town. "See that building? There is another Gym Leader there and..... judging by the pools of water next to it I am guessing they use Water Type Pokemon."

Buddy followed my finger to the twin pools of water on either side of the large building labeled GYM.

"We have the type advantage so it should be easy." I tried to sound confident but I couldn't help trailing off. We had the type advantage in Pewter too and yet we still lost someone.

Silent, Buddy and I started moving into the City. There were many ledges along the way, which Buddy and I had to jump. I couldn't tell you exactly when it happened, but our journey into the city turned into a race. All at once Buddy and I were running as fast as we could, the grass whipping past our faces, ledges blurring together as we jumped. By the time we hit the City we both were having trouble breathing. Together we collapsed on the ground in front of the Pokemon Center in a big heap, laughing.


"All your Pokemon seem to be right as rain!" the Nurse behind the counter said cheerily.

"Haven't I seen you before?" I asked bewildered. This Nurse looked the same as the one in Pewter.

"Did you come from Pewter City?" She asked.

I nodded.

"My sister works there. When in uniform we look pretty similar." she said putting on her best fake smile.

"Oh I see." I said taking my Pokeballs from her. I was suddenly worried about them being in her care.

"Goodbye!" She said smiling as I turned away and left quickly, although not quick enough to hear her cursing under her breath.

Outside the Center I let Admiral out of his Pokeball to stretch his wings. I hadn't got to use him in Mt. Moon on account of the cramped quarters.

After flying about a bit he came and landed on my shoulder to preen, giving me a good look at his fractured beak. My heart sank another level.

I wandered around the city looking for a place to train, avoiding the East end of town where the Gym loomed. After asking around the city a local told me about Cerulean Cape, a good place to go train.

"Hold on trainer! This is Nugget Bridge!" a small boy called out. He walked up to me so close that his nose was nearly touching mine. "Best us five trainers and win ...!"

I cut him off by pushing him away. “Get that close to me again kid and I'll throw you over this "Nugget Bridge"."

The small child gulped and his eyes began to water.

"Y-you wouldn't! I'm wearing shorts!"

I narrowed my eyes, unsure what he meant.

"Umm... how about a Pokemon batttle?" he managed to sputter out.

I relaxed a bit. "Now you are talking my language."

Admiral made quick work of each of the kid's Pokemon, who were underpowered by comparison. Surprisingly, Admiral began to glow and then became shrouded in white light.

“Admiral?” I asked, unsure of what was happening. It looked like what Sniper had done in Viridian Forest.

Admiral continued glowing for a minute or two. When the light retreated a new Pokemon was flying about. It was bigger and adorned with more brightly colored feathers than before, but it still had the crook beak Admiral had.

“Oh so you evolved too Admiral?

Admiral gave me a happy “caw” as he cart-wheeled through the air. I smiled and continued over the bridge.

The rest of the bridge proved uneventful with each of my Pokemon easily besting the other trainer's Pokemon.

"Congratulations trainer!" A man in a dark black coat said when I crossed over the bridge. "Here take this Nugget."

"Errr, no thanks." I said edging away. "I was happy to just get the training experience."

The man said nothing more, but pulled out a small notepad and began writing furiously while mumbling to himself.

"What is it with all the people in this town being crazy?" I asked Admiral. "Maybe there is something in the water."



After leaving the bridge behind the Route deviated to the east with the landscape making some sort of maze-like structure. Admiral and I followed the twists, turns, and ledges until we came upon a scene. Two campers, a girl and a boy were arguing, and it sounded like the girl was winning.

"I don't see why you took me to this place anyway!" she yelled.

"BECAUSE," the boy shouted. " this place is supposed to be romantic! And it would be, if you would stop trying to have a Pokemon battle with me every other second!"

"I can't help if it you are bad at Pokemon battles!" She retorted.

"This seems like my kind of girl." I whispered to Admiral, who rolled his eyes.

"Maybe I would have TIME to train if YOU weren't challenging me all the time!" the boy shouted, his anger rising.

"You know, I've had it with you. I can't stand having a weak boyfriend anyway."

I tapped Admiral on the shoulder. "I'm going in. Be my wingman okay?"

Admiral pecked my ear, unimpressed with the pun.

"For me... please? I haven't got a girl since I left with Cecil on this mad quest."

Admiral sighed and puffed out his feathers, annoyed.

"Fine! I don't want to be with you anymore either!" shouted the boy, leaving.

Before I could reveal myself however, I heard a door slam. Out strode a young-man with a slick, side swept haircut, in jeans and a shirt that looked to be covered in grease.

"Could you PLEASE take your argument off my lawn? I am on the precipice of a revolutionary scientific discovery and I CANNOT think with you two yelling out here." he said with authority.

Both girl and boy looked back at him sheepishly. "Sorry Bill. We didn't mean to disturb your research." The girl said, mollified.

Without another word the girl and boy pair walked off, oddly, hand in hand.

"Oh so it was one of THOSE kinds of couples." I said, disheartened.

Deciding that I was finally tired of the stick driving into my backside, I stepped out of the bushes.

"Hey Cousin!" I said striding towards Bill.

Bill's face was the perfect mix of awe and surprise. "Jivide? What are you doing here? In a... bush?"

"Oh.. uh..." I thought quickly. "Relieving myself." I lied.

"Uhh.. well you could have just used my bathroom." he said gesturing to his house.

"Well actually, I had no idea this was your house. I just stumbled on it by accident."

Bill opened the door and gestured inside. "You are welcome to come in."

I took him up on the offer and walked inside. The room was well-lit and covered in flashing lights and machinery. I instantly forgot was I was going to say, entranced by the activity of the room.

"Heh. I was working on something before you came by so forgive me if it is a little messy." he said, wiping his hands on a cloth. "So... what brought you this way?"

Do I tell him the truth?

"Oh... Gramps had me doing errands for him." That wasn't totally untrue.

"All the way out here?"

I flinched unsure of what else to say, but Bill didn't notice.

"Ah! I bet you are here to pick up Ezel aren't you? I'm sorry but I didn't train him as much as I promised. Science got in the way." He said pointing to the large machine in the center of the room.

"Ezel? Oh right, that was one of the things yeah." I faked. I had no idea who or what Ezel was.

"Sit tight and let me go fetch his Pokeball for you." Bill said getting up and heading to the back of the room.

"Sooo what does this machine do?" I shouted trying to keep the small talk up both to hide my ignorance of this "Ezel" and to play with a particularly bright flashing light which changed as I flipped a switch.

"Oh that? It allows you to switch brains with Pokemon! This way people could... ah here it is!" He said bringing back a Pokeball. "That way people could experience what is like as a Pokemon and maybe give us more insight into them."

Bill stopped in front of me and held out a dusty old Pokeball. I took it wordlessly in my left hand and stowed it in my bag.

"Will you be staying to see my invention come to life?" Bill asked picking up a wrench and tightening a bolt on the main machine.

I looked at my right hand which contained the lever of the switch I had been messing with that had broken off while Bill was in the back of the house."Uhh... no I really need to get going. Gramps wants Ezio back as soon as possible."

"Ezel. Ezel Barber." Bill corrected.

"Errr right, Ezel." I said slowly backing out.

"Ah well. It was nice to see you cousin. Stop by again when you are in the neighborhood hmm?" Bill said waving his wrench at me.

" I sure will!" I said giving a nice fake smile while opening the door.

"Alright Clefairy, come on out." I heard Bill say as I closed the door.

I took back out Ezel's Pokeball and looked at it again. I noticed that three letters had been carved into the back.

"SBO. That mean anything to you Admiral?" I asked.

Admiral shook his head.

"Yeah, me neither." I shrugged and put the Pokeball back in my belt.



The sun was threatening to set as I walked back down Nugget Bridge. Therefore it shone down brightly to the West, where I saw 3 figures emerge from Mt. Moon.

I wonder if one of them is Cecil?

I hurried down the bridge so I could reach the Pokemon Center before those 3 did. Once there I tried to collect myself. I leaned up against the Wall and tried to look nonchalant.

"Jivide?" Cecil called out as the figures came into view. "Jivide come here and help!"

I squinted at the three backlit figures trying to get a good view. Cecil was accompanied by a small girl and a nerdy-looking kid who had been beaten badly. I broke composure and ran over to them taking the other side of the nerd from the little girl. Together Cecil and I brought him inside the Center and laid him out on a couch.

"What happened?" I asked.

"We came upon him being beat up by Team Rocket in Mt. Moon." the little girl said plainly, waving a Nurse over.

"Yeah, and then Muu and I rescued him." Cecil said proud of himself.

"Whoa, whoa ,whoa. YOU rescued him from Team Rocket?" I asked with disbelief. The Nurse pushed Cecil and me away from the kid and began to administer aid.

"Cecil took on 3 Rockets, one after the other." the little girl said walking over to his side.

I shook my head at Cecil, still unsure that could be true.

"I've gotten stronger Jivide. We've become stronger since you left us." Cecil said defensively.

I glared at him. "Oh yeah? So you are a bigshot now huh? Pokemon Master, you got a girlfriend," I pointed to the little girl "guess you COULD handle yourself after all!?"

"She isn't my girlfriend! And let’s not forget that YOU left me on that route. " he said, his voice rising/

"Because YOU nearly killed my Pokemon!"I yelled.

"BOYS!" The Nurse shouted. "I have no idea what this is about but if it is going to break into a Pokemon battle then PLEASE take it outside."

I snorted but backed down a little. Cecil too retreated back to his more timid self.

"Come on." said the little girl, taking ahold of Cecil's hand and leading him outside. "You too.' she said motioning me to follow.

"I don't want to battle him though Vi. He's the one I told you about, from back home?" Cecil muttered to the girl.

Outside, the girl Cecil called Vi positioned us apart from each other in the middle of the town.

"Listen you too. Obviously there are some issues you two need to work out. I say have a Pokemon Battle."

Cecil began to protest but she silenced him. "It'll be good for the both of you. I'll be here to judge so it won't get out of hand again. It'll be a good clean fight. Then maybe you two can work out your differences."

I readied my Pokeball. It seems the girl wanted us to fight and I was happy to oblige.

I grinned. I know what'll set Cecil's mind on edge. What if I use Admiral first?

"Come on out Admiral!" I shouted releasing the Pokeball.

I could tell Cecil immediately flinched at seeing my maimed bird. Still he aimed a Pokeball and sent it to the field.

"Go Robot!" he said with little enthusiasm.

The Pikachu and Pidgeotto squared off. Although I was at a type advantage I knew I had Cecil by the balls by using Admiral against him. With that bit of Psychological firepower, I decided not to switch.

"Alright Admiral! " I shouted as loud as I could. "Let's see a Gust!"

Admiral swooped through the air, beating his wings. The torrent of air easily lifted the Pikachu off the ground, where Admiral held him suspended just as we practiced.

"Th-thundershock Robot." Cecil mumbled, barely audible above the wind.

The Pikachu twisted through the air, but managed to fire off a weak jolt from its cheek pouches. The blow struck Admiral with minimal damage, but it was enough to disrupt his gust. As we planned it, this was worse for the Pikachu than Admiral, who took a severe tumble down to the ground since he no longer had the air to hold him up.

"Cecil, you better return Robot." Vi advised.

"Hey! No helpers!" I shouted, upset.

"I'm not doing anything for Cecil I wouldn't do for you." The girl said matter-of-factly. "I said I would keep this battle from getting out of hand, and that is what I am doing."

"Alright Robot, come back and rest.” Cecil looked feverishly over his remaining Pokeballs. Finally he choose one and released the Pokeball. It was the Squirtle from before.

Suddenly I was the one with whom the mind games were being played. I couldn't help but see the stream of bubbles that erupted from that thing's mouth, the marks they left on Admiral.

I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts.

"Alright Admiral! Let's see a Quick Attack!"

Admiral let out a shrill cry and dove at the Squirtle striking it hard with his beak.

Unfazed the squirtle took a deep breath inward and expelled a stream of water at Admiral which struck him mid-flight.

With a crash Admiral hit the ground soaking wet but otherwise only roughed up.

"You better return Admiral Jivide." Vi called out.

I grimaced looking at Admiral. He did look too beat up to continue fighting, but now I was down a Pokemon. I looked back at the Squirtle, then to my team.

"You did good Muu." I heard Cecil call out. "But I am going to take you out of the fight and let someone else go, okay?" The squirtle let out a plaintive whine but obeyed.

Okay. I put Buddy's ball back on my belt. Now who should I...? Ah Aveline. Yes of course.

"Come on Aveline!" I shouted bringing out my Ratatta.

Cecil made no noise but threw out a Nidorina. The Nidorina snorted trying to intimidate Aveline, but Aveline only gave it a lazy grin back.

"Come on Aveline. Let's show Cecil your power! Give that Nidorina a bite!"

Aveline's grin quickly disappeared as she rushed at the Nidorina giving it a quick nip.

"Don't let that Ratatta get to you Regal! Just like in Mt. Moon, Double Kick!" Cecil's spirit had quickly risen since Admiral's departure from the field, and now he was shouting with the same enthusiasm as I was.

The Nidorina swiftly dealt a kick to Aveline's stomach which knocked her a couple of feet away. Aveline quickly rose back up and spit defiantly, unimpressed.

I smiled. "Close the distance Aveline, Quick Attack!"

Aveline dove at the Nidorina, fangs bared, slamming into it with considerable force for a Ratatta of her size. The Nidorina stumbled but held its ground.

"Scratch!" Cecil called out.

The Nidorina swung its massive paws at Aveline clapping her in the head and knocking her back down.

This time Aveline took more time getting back up.

"You might want to return your Ratatta Jivide." Vi called out.

Aveline pouted. I could tell she wanted to fight more. I could also tell how much effort it took her to keep her balance.

"Come on back Aveline. There will be another time." I sighed.

"You too Regal. Come on back." Cecil said motioning to his Nidorina. "Are you ready to talk yet Jivide? I could stop battling now."

Something about how Cecil said those last few words really got my blood to boil.

"No I am not ready yet! I still got some fight left in me. I'm not going to pussy out." I snapped back. "Besides, you haven't seen my new Pokemon yet. He is super-powerful."

I looked at the Pokeball Bill gave me and said a silent prayer.

"Come on out Ezel!" I shouted releasing the Pokemon.

All three of us were silent as we gazed at the Pokemon.

"An.... Abra?" Vi finally said. "You want to fight with your Abra?"

I looked at my Pokemon. It looked like he was sleeping just by how still he was. Still he looked capable.

"You do know that Abra doesn't know any attacking moves right?" Vi asked.

I looked back at Ezel. What a useless Pokemon. It doesn't know attack moves?

"I think you better call that Abra back. Cecil will only hurt it." Vi said flatly.

I grumbled and returned the Abra. I'm going to deal with you later.

"Do you have any more Pokemon?" Vi asked.

I looked down at my belt. All that was left was Buddy and I didn't want to risk him.

"You know," I said putting on my best mask of indifference "I didn't really want to battle anyway. So fine Cecil, you win. I need to go prepare for the Gym Leader anyway."

Cecil didn't argue. He just made those dejected growlith eyes like back when I left him on Route 1.

"Then I declare this battle to be over. The winner...." Vi began to announce.

I was already walking away however, towards the Mart. I needed to think a bit before I challenged the Gym Leader.



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If you have wondered why the posts have lost their color as of late, it is because I am making the chapters too long. Sorry, I am working on it. Believe me when I say I don't want to write so much either. xD

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I just realized that I said "Squirtle" several times in the above chapter when I should have said Wartortle. Muu has not de-evolved. xD


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I actually think you could have played off the mistake as a psychological mistake on Jivide's part.  Maybe he viewed the Wartortle as a Squirtle because it was what traumatized him at first, when it nearly killed Admiral.  Maybe he just plain didn't see the the Wartortle, but he saw the "demon" that nearly killed his first friend.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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Mitsuo-Dexl at May 15, 2011 at 9:38 PM

I actually think you could have played off the mistake as a psychological mistake on Jivide's part.  Maybe he viewed the Wartortle as a Squirtle because it was what traumatized him at first, when it nearly killed Admiral.  Maybe he just plain didn't see the the Wartortle, but he saw the "demon" that nearly killed his first friend.

i like this idea a lot. regardless, if you wish, CJ, i can seek and destroy these mistakes (assuming it lets me edit the post, being over-limit and all).


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Damn. That is pretty good. I kinda wish I didn't catch the mistake and edit it out on DevinatArt now.
I say leave it. We'll just have a split world from here on out.


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B "Diddy" M
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Great progress on the story bro. I love all of this narrative. It's great stuff, no joke. I'm glad you spread it to DeviantArt too. People need to read this!


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Thank you for all your kind words everyone!


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[RBY Factoid of the day: Even 100% accurate moves miss 1/255 % of the time. This is because of some strange programming they use to tally critical hits. Attacks first roll their Accuracy, then they roll a number between 1 and 255. If you hit 255 you miss. This also means that moves with less than perfect accuracy have their accuracy lowered as well, by 1/255th % )

"Do you want to talk about it?" Vi asked with a hint of concern.

I looked down unsure. 
"It is just, we’ve been friends since childhood. I thought that the next time that I saw him he would at least let me apologize."
Vi came over and sat next to me. "Maybe he has changed. There isn't any point in beating yourself up about it anymore, he's gone."
As always, Vi was right. I would just have to try again next time I saw him.
I stood up. "Let's explore a bit and learn more about the Gym Leader. Maybe I can find a new friend as well."
Vi joined me standing and smiled. "That is oddly logistical of you Cecil."
"Yeah well, I blame you for that." I said striding out of the Pokemon Center.
Outside I looked about the citizens of Cerulean City. They didn't seem as fearful or morose as the people in Pewter, but they weren't especially lively either.
"Excuse me sir." I said picking a person out of the crowd. "What could you tell me about the Gym Leader here?"
"I... Uhh.. me?" the man asked pointing to himself.
"Yes. Do you know anything?" 
"I... uh." The man motioned for me to come in closer.
"It really isn't safe to talk about her in the open like this. If you really want to learn more, go to the house on Route 25 and talk to Bill."
My mind swam with questions, but the man didn't let me ask any more. He pulled away from me and called out loudly "No I don't know if Magikarp can learn TM moves or not. You should talk to someone else."
With a wink and a nod, he blended back into the crowd.
"What did he say to you?" Vi asked returning to my side.
"We need to go see a man named Bill." I said looking around for a sign for Route 25. My Curiosity had been piqued.

I found a sign that read "Nuget Brige" (it looked like it was scrawled by an 8 year old.) and took it, seeing no other way out of the City. The bridge was full of trainers, most of them young children like Vi, who proved little challenge to my team. Everything was normal up until the end of the bridge.
"Congratulations Trainer! You win this Nugget!" A man in a black trench-coat said, offering me the hunk of gold. 
I walked over, unsure, and took the nugget.
"By the way, would you like to join Team Rocket? We're a team of Pokemon gangsters. A trainer as skilled as you could easily climb our ranks quickly." He asked.
I was taken aback by such a obvious recruitment effort. I figured criminal gangs would be more subtle.
"Hell no!" Vi answered before me, with considerable anger in her voice.
"I wasn't offering the position to you, girl." He snapped back.
"Hey! Don't talk to her that way!" I said raising my voice. "And she's right. I wouldn't join Team Rocket!"
The Team Rocket recruiter backed down slightly. "Hmp. I saw how you battle. Why don't we both do each other a favor and walk away?"
Not wanting to risk my Pokemon, I walked away and left the Rocket alone. 
After we were a good distance away Vi began to rant. 
"The gall of those people! Openly recruiting for their foul causes like that. They might be indoctrinating innocent children with the promise of Gold! Why aren't the Authorities on this?"
"Breathe Vi." I said, trying to comfort her.
"I just don't understand how criminals like them could exist. To misuse Pokemon like they do.. it's just... just..." Vi continued until she broke into tears. "Cruel!"
"Vi...?" I asked, surprised. "Are you.. crying?"
Vi brought a hand to her cheek and wiped away the wetness, looking about a surprised as I was.
"Do you want to...?" I began to ask, but Vi cut me off. 
"No. Look the grass over there is wiggling."
I followed her finger with me eyes. Some knee-high grass was wiggling ever so slightly. I looked back at Vi unsure if I should try to catch it or deal with her problems, but she refused to meet my gaze.
I sighed and released Pea.
"Let's see what that Pokemon is Pea." I said nodding in the direction of the moving grass.
Pea fluttered gracefully over and used his Psychic power to pull the struggling Pokemon out.
It looked like a plant. Its head was bell-shaped with two beady little eyes. It flailed about in the air with two leaf-like "arms" and two root-like "legs". I pulled out my PokeDex which named it a Bellsprout.
"Hey there little guy." I said easing my way toward the struggling Pokemon. The Bellsprout lashed out at me, unaffected by my cooing.
"Ouch!" I screeched retracting my bleeding finger. 
Pea shook his head and chittered.
"Put it down Pea, it looks like it wants to battle."
The Bellsprout hit the ground with a *thud*, but picked itself back up quickly, unafraid.
I was surprised by the Bellsprout's tenacity. All the Pokemon I had met before were docile.
"Alright Pea, let's see a.." I started to say, but the Bellsprout already began to attack, slinging its roots at Pea like whips.
"Evade!" I shouted.
Pea took a hit or two and then flew into the air, out of the Bellsprout's reach. 
I smiled, my plan had worked.
The Bellsprout however, had other plans. Seeing that it couldn't hit Pea with Vine Whip, it began throwing hardened leaves at Pea, which hit with surprising force.
I looked back to Vi, unsure what to do. She still refused to look at me.
I'm on my own.
"Pea, go for a Sleep Powder!" I shouted.
Pea, busy dodging the Leaves, stopped and began to blow the dust off his wings onto the ferocious Bellsprout. 
The Bellsprout seemed unaffected, only pausing slightly in its onslaught.
I frowned and Pea returned to dodging Leaves.
"Pea, I have a new idea. Use Confusion to hold him and then use Sleep Powder to sedate it!"
I had never given my Pokemon such a complicated order before, but Pea pulled it off with aplomb. 
His eyes took on the characteristic Purple Glow and the Bellsprout lifted into the air. Then he flew overhead and scattered more of the sleeping dust onto the Bellsprout.
It promptly fell asleep, and Pea gently lowered it to the ground so I could catch it.
I picked out my finest Pokeball and threw it at the Bellsprout.
After what seemed like an eternity the Bellsprout finally caught. I tentatively picked up the Pokeball, not ready to trust the Pokemon was truly caught after the ordeal we had catching it. When it didn't immediately pop out of the Pokeball, I relaxed a little.
I looked at Pea. "Be ready to protect me, in case it is still holding a grudge." Pea nodded and his eyes took on the purple hue, but did not glow.
I released the Bellsprout who was already awake. I looked up at me, arms crossed and frowning.
"Uhh... Hi!" I said nervously. 
The Bellsprout only sat there, unmoving.
"Welcome to the team. My name is Cecil and this here is Pea." I said pointing to my Butterfree.
The Bellsrpout did not waver.
"I suppose you need a name don't you?" I mused trying to diffuse the tension.
"How about... Derrick? That is a good name for a spirited boy like you."
The Bellsprout shook its head. 
"You don't like Derrick? Okay how about..."
The Bellsprout walked over and kicked me in the shins.
The Bellsprout pointed over to Vi, then back to itself.
Slowly I understood.
"Oh. You are a girl."
The Bellsprout folded its arms and nodded.
"Uhh... then how about Midori (Green. Also a girl’s name)?" 
The Bellsprout pondered that for a bit, and then nodded "yes".
Whew. Glad that is over.
I returned Pea and got down on Midori's level. 
"You are very strong Midori. Would you help me get to Bill's house?"
The Bellsprout took the flattery well. Midori grinned and grabbed my nose, tugging me towards the house in the distance.

I decided to keep it short today. I was prompted by a DeviantArt reader that I should have a Jivide vs. Misty gym battle. Originally I was going to skip his battle and just cover Cecil's but the more I thought about it the more I relized how many options I was missing if I did. So I slowed down Cecil's chapter (Which orignally would have cut straight to Bill's house, then covered the Gym battle) so that Jivide had a chance to fight Misty before Cecil showed up. 
What are your opinions on this change?
Another question, I presented another subplot in this chapter with Vi. Have I been introducing too many of these subplots, or do you think it is fine as it is?

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It is fine as it is, in my opinion.  I don't feel like you are overdoing the subplots at all, as to me subplots help liven the regular plot.

I think that it doesn't matter too muich who fights the gym battle, but I can see why having Jivide go first could be interesting.  It might be something you should do for all gyms, always having Cecil come in at the end of Jivide's fights, like Jivide is leading Cecil on the whole way.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i love this chapter. you needed a short, light chapter after the marathons the last two have been.


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Crimson DESTR0YA at May 17, 2011 at 10:05 PM

i love this chapter. you needed a short, light chapter after the marathons the last two have been.

Well now that I ahve 3 different people saying that, I am inclined to believe you guys.

Jivide vs. Misty is definately a go. It'll be just as short I imagine, but this time more lively.

@Mitsuo: I'm gla dyou don't think I am overloading it. I don't want any subplots to be forgotten, but at the same time I don't want to leave a character flat (Like Vi mostly has been She warmed up in Mt. Moon but she could progress a lot more imo).


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[Fun RBY Fact! Your Rival in this game is the most badass one in the whole series.]

Buddy and I were standing in front of the Cerulean City Gym. I knew next to nothing about the Gym Leader this time and the thought that it might be our downfall constantly nipped at the back of my brain. Still, we had to fight the Gym now so I had time to escape from Cecil.

"Uwaah!" Buddy said, impatient. He had pulled at my clothes non-stop in the Mart, he was very eager to fight.

I paid his cry no attention though. I was still trying my hardest to procrastinate.

"What do you suppose these pools of water are for?" I asked him, indicating the Twin pools of water on either side of the gym entrance. Earlier in Pewter there were Giant Stone columns, one covered in the names of the deceased and the other with trainers who had successfully beaten the Gym.

But these pools seemed to serve a different purpose. They were ornate, edged in a fine white marble and filled with crystal clear water. The water itself only went down a foot or so and at the bottom there were tiny glittering circles that looked like coins.

Buddy sighed and whipped out his vines and thrust them into the water. He then withdrew them and threw something at my feet. It was one of those shiny coins.

I picked it up to see that the only decoration on it was a word. I quickly threw the coin back into the pond, my heart racing.

Wishing Wells. They were Wishing Wells. Just like the damned columns before. The right pool held names of Pokemon, while the left had names of People.

After a pause I asked Buddy; "Are you sure you want to take this Challenge?"

Buddy nodded and gave me an eager smile. I wasn't sure where he was pulling all his happiness from, but it warmed my heart not to see him as nervous as I was.

I eased open the White Marble doors and walked in, with Buddy at my heels.

"Welcome." called out a Seductive voice.



"Am I in the right place? Are you the Gym Leader?" I asked the red-haired beauty at the end of the pool.

"I am." She said, sitting up in her Beach-chair. "And you are?"

"In need of a Paralyze Heal, because you babe, are stunning." I said with gusto. Just seconds ago I was terrified of what laid inside the Gym, but all that faded away when I glimpsed her sweet face.

The girl raised an eyebrow. "I haven't heard that one before."

"Really? Cuz' a girl like you is so hot I bet everyone calls you Char.."

"Stop." She said, cutting me off. "Just because I haven't heard it before doesn't mean I want to hear more. Besides," She stood up. "I use Water Pokemon, so it is almost an insult to compare me to a Fire Pokemon."

With a *Splash* she dove into the pool, giving me time to recover. Girls usually loved ALL my Pick-up lines.

The Gym-hotty surfaced in front of my and clambered out of the pool, soaking wet. The water had slicked down her hair and bathing suit and it made her tanned muscles glisten. She had an exceptional ass.

Originally I was thinking she was only about a 7.5 but now my mind quickly re-adjusted her to a firm 8.8.

"Water Pokemon huh? Well want to see my Poli-wag? Because I would love to ride you like a Horsea." I said, flashing a wide smile.

She quickly smiled back, a shy honest smile that told me my lines were working. She was all mine.

"What are you here for?" she asked, grabbing a towel to dry herself. I made sure to look her over completely once the towel went over her head. The tightness of her swimsuit to her skin caused me to re-examine my number again; 9.0

I licked my dry lips. "I was hoping you would come back to MY gym and have a naked battle with me?"

Her eyes glittered. I had her like a Magikarp; hook, line, and sinker.

"So, you are here to Battle then?" She asked giving me a slight smile.

I decided to reel it back a little. There was no use in using all my lines on her now that she was so hooked. "It’s hard to battle someone when you don't know their name."

She began to work her wet hair into a side-ponytail, although it was so short that it barely made anything. "Misty is my name. And you are?" she said after she finished the ponytail.

I grinned. "Misty, what a lovely name. People call me Jivide, but I'll let you call my anything you want." I said, giving her a wink.

Misty rolled her eyes in a playful manner but said nothing.

"Uwahh!" Buddy called, getting bored with my flirting.

"Aww! Is that cutie there your Pokemon?" Misty asked, kneeling down to pet Buddy.

"Errr... yes." I said, glaring at Buddy for stealing the spotlight.

“Alright I’ll battle you.” She said popping back up.

“But just because you are cute doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you!” She said, smiling wryly.



“Go Staryu!” Misty shouted, releasing her Pokeball.

“Ha-ya!” Shouted the Staryu eagerly.

I looked at Buddy and nodded my head in the direction of the Staryu. Buddy proudly walked out onto the field.

“Alright Staryu! Let’s show this Bulbasaur how we do things around here! Let me see a Tackle!”

The Staryu lunged at Buddy spinning wildly.

By now though, Buddy and I had so much experience with the move tackle that I didn’t need to say anything to have him doge it.

“Come on hotness! Tell me there if more to you than just a pretty face! “I said, half-serious and half-joking.

Misty growled playfully. “Fine! Let’s see you avoid a Swift!”

The Staryu landed gracefully and ceased spinning. Not a moment after, it launched a barrage of silvery star-shaped rays at Buddy. Adroitly Buddy whipped them aside with his Vines.

“Good job!” I said eagerly.

However the Rays did something very strange. Although they had been knocked every which way by Buddy’s vines, they stopped mid-air and turned around, aimed back at the little Bulbasaur.

Buddy’s eyes grew wide as the stars he had just deflected raced back at him and spattered him across the face. It was a weak hit, but the fact that Misty had a move that couldn’t miss put me on edge.

“Time to go on the offensive Buddy!” I shouted with just a hint of worry. “Vine Whip!”

Buddy lashed out at the Staryu with his vines, raking them across the gem at its center. It was an instant Knockout. Staryu’s core dimmed and the Pokemon slumped to the ground unable to fight.

I silently said a prayer thanking Arceus that Buddy didn’t kill it. Misty would never have let me close after that.

“So is that all you got sweet cheeks?” I taunted.

Misty didn’t respond but instead returned her Stayu and brought a new Pokeball out.

“This one won’t be as easy!”

Misty let the Pokeball fly and out popped an almost identical replica of Stayu, although this Pokemon was Purple and had more “arms”.

I let out a hearty laugh. “I thought you said this wouldn’t be as easy? It looks the same as the one before! Buddy, let’s see if it goes down the same as the other, Vine Whip!”

Buddy drew his vines back out and attempted to lash them across the new Pokemon, but seconds before impact they stopped short in a Purple Glow.

Misty giggled. “It’s not so easy with Starmie! Starmie has Psychic powers to protect it from meager attacks like that, you’d best try something else!”

Starmie’s central core glowed with an inner power and it tossed the confused Buddy on his side through his own vines!

I gritted my teeth. I can’t use Vine Whip? I had never encountered a Pokemon with Psychic Power before, except Ezel and he was useless.

“Bubblebeam!” Misty sang to her Starmie.

Bub… Bubble… Beam?

My heart raced. There was a more powerful move than Bubble?

The Starmie began to spout a stream of bubbles from its top arm, which approached Buddy at an alarming rate.

What can I do to stop them? I knew I couldn’t let those Bubbles hit Buddy, but even with my mind racing and making time ‘slow down’, I couldn’t formulate a strategy!

I watched as the first Bubbles stung Buddy repeatedly disappearing as they struck his skin. Then the true cloud enveloped him obscuring him from sight.

For a few fearful seconds all I could hear was my own heart threatening to burst out of my chest.

Then slowly the cloud lifted. Buddy… Buddy was… fine! He looked better than fine actually.

I was amazed. Not only did Buddy look unharmed, something about him had changed. The Bulb on his back had opened revealing a pink flower that had yet to bloom. Two ferns extended out from his sides and he looked a tad larger.

“Buddy?” I called out, unsure what had happened.

Buddy opened his eyes and looked about. He saw me and smiled. Yep it was Buddy alright!

Misty groaned at the other end of the gym. “So stupid! How could I have made that mistake, I just watered him!”

I looked back at her confused. “What do you mean?”

Misty pointed back to Buddy. “I forgot that Bulbasaur were seed-bearing Pokemon. Water plus Bulbasaur at the proper level causes him to evolve.”

I looked back at the New Buddy. I had wondered if he could evolve or not, since he was the highest level in my Party.

“I don’t want to fight you anymore.” Misty said. “Your Ivysaur could beat Starmie easily now.”

Slowly it dawned on me. I had won, and I didn’t even have to do anything!

“Come here.” Misty said gesturing me to stand next to her.

I trotted up drunk off our win, my thoughts now drifting to what Misty and I could do next.

“This here,” Misty said, reaching into a bag “Is an Official League Badge, the Cascade badge.”

Misty opened my hand, he soft fingers brushing across my palm, and planted a small medal, shaped like a water-droplet, in it.

I looked down at the medal. So this is What Gramps had me out searching for? I don’t understand, what is so special about them?

“Jivide are you even listening?” Misty asked looking perturbed.

“Huh… what?” I asked. Had I zoned out that much?

“I asked you if you were ready to have another battle… at my place?” She smiled mischievously.

Oh Hell Yes!


This was a very different chapter for me to write. I hope you all still like it!

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Short, but good, and doesn't skimp on the details.



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"So tell me again; why you were a Clefairy?" I asked , stirring the tea Bill had brought me. It went cold almost an hour before, but I kept stirring it and sipping from it so as to ease the tension.

"Ah, that." Bill winced. "I'm not quite sure really."

Bill, Vi, and I sat there awkwardly. It was an all-around uncomfortable situation.

I walked up to Bill's house, as the man in Cerulean had suggested, but when I arrived the house was empty save for a lone Clefairy. The Clefairy explained to me that he was Bill and he only looked like a Clefairy because of a terrible experiment gone awry.

So of course Vi and I agreed to help him. It’s just... I guess we expected him to come out of the machine wearing clothes.


Vi sipped her tea. Whatever she had been feeling outside of Bill’s was now replaced by shock; I could see it plainly on her face.

"So.. uh.." Bill said attempting to ease our troubled faces "I never did thank you for that. Here, take my two tickets to the S.S. Ann maiden voyage party.” He said handing me the tickets.

I took them silently, unsure what else to do.

“So…What brought you two out to see me?"

I looked around, still bothered. My eyes fell on basket of fruit in the middle of the table, particularly the Nanab between the two Lum berries.

Bad idea.

I jerked my head up to look Bill in the eyes.

Also a Bad idea.

I closed my eyes and decided to just concentrate on my words. "I wanted to know more about the Gym Leader Misty. Someone in Cerulean told me you were the person to talk to."

I opened my eyes slowly and caught Bill frowning.

"I see. Well, that would make sense. Her sending you to Me." he paused "Were you followed here?"

The hairs on the back of my neck slowly rose. What had I gotten myself into this time? I had only wanted to know about the Gym Leader so I could be better prepared for the battle.

"No. We didn't see anything." Vi mumbled and then, catching her mistake, corrected "I mean, no one saw us." She grumbled and put her head in her arms.

“You’re sure?” Bill asked.

“I’m sure.” Vi said through her folded arms and, what sounded like, gritted teeth.

Bill nodded. "What did you say your names where again?"

"Oh I couldn't, I mean I didn't, I mean. " I flustered "My name is Cecil and this here is Vi." I said indicating to Vi, who still looked like she still wasn't enjoying herself. I was careful not to make eye contact with Bill.

Bill nodded satisfied with the answers I gave him.

"It’s not every day I get trainers sent to me directly like this, but you both look like trustable youth.” Bill said turning his chair around and straddling it backwards. “You have to understand that Misty still has plenty of enemies, even in this time of peace."

My ears perked up, curiosity and fear mingling together in one indescribable emotion.

"What do you mean?"

Bill leaned in close, as if he was afraid someone would overhear, even though the only persons in the room was VI and I. I could easily smell the grease on his shirt.

“Well you see… Misty fought on the other side during the War. If anyone was to know that she would be in BIG trouble! Hell, our whole movement might be lost.”

“Wait, War? Other side? Movement? I don’t know what you are talking about!” I said. I could scarcely believe what I was hearing. “Wait, you don’t know about us? I thought you said…”

Bill words were interrupted by a loud knocking at the door.

“BILL! WE KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE. WE NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU.” The voice was so loud Vi fell out of her chair.

Bill’s face broke into a look of pure fear mixed with venom. “Who told you to come here? WHO TOLD YOU?!?” he said, grabbing me by the collar.

I looked about frantically, the stress of the current situation causing my mind to blank out.

“Some Man did. We don’t know who!” Vi answered for me.

Bill let go of me and turned on her. “It wasn’t Cindy at the Pokemon Mart?!?”


“Honest! We don’t know anything. “ Vi said beginning to cry.

Bill’s face softened a bit. It looked like something inside him broke. I couldn’t tell if it was because of Vi or something else.

“Both of you go to my room. Under my floorboards there is a passage. Get out of here now!”

Vi nodded and quickly went where he indicated. I turned to follow but Bill caught my arm.

“Go to Misty, tell her what happened and get the Badge.” I nodded and attempted to leave again, but Bill still held me firm.

Bill looked straight into my eyes. “Don’t disappoint me.”

I met his gaze and nodded. I would not disappoint him.

Bill’s grip slacked and I took off after Vi.

“Alright guys, I’m coming! Don’t break the door down!” Bill said advancing to the doorway.

“In here.” Vi said propping open the trapdoor. There was a Rope ladder that led straight down into the maw of the earth.

Without looking back I climbed down with Vi following straight behind me.


“I don’t understand! Who were those men?” Vi asked.

I continued running down the path, too concerned with putting some distance between us and Bill’s house than answering Vi’s questions.

We ran until we hit the outskirts of town. I motioned for Vi to slow down with me. I grabbed her roughly and drew her close.

“Let’s try to be as inconspicuous as possible. We’ll go see Misty, tell her what’s happened, and then get out of town.” I whispered in her ear.

Vi shook me off. “You don’t have to tell me twice!”

Vi and I strode into town. I was conscious of every person we came across. It felt like each of them was probing my brain, wondering if I was there at Bill’s house.

I never thought I would be so happy to see a Gym.

Vi and I scuttled over to the Gym. I pushed open the Marble doors but no one was inside. I turned to Vi.

“The Gym Leader isn’t here!”

Vi stepped inside to join me. Together we quickly searched the place, but there was no sign of anyone.

“I found the Badge.” Vi said, bringing me what looked like a little metal Teardrop.

I took it in my hand. “Are you sure?”

Vi gestured to the marble arches over the door. The same Teardrop could be seen engraved onto the surface.

That was enough evidence for me.

“But what about Misty? Bill said to warn her.” I said.

“Well obviously she isn’t here. Maybe she already got the memo?”

I knew Vi wasn’t right, but I didn’t want to risk her safety or my Pokemon’s any longer. So I nodded.

“Yeah that must be it. Let’s go!”

Vi and I were careful to exit the Gym and close the door behind us without being seen.

Hurriedly we headed to the edge of town and jumped the low fence. It wasn’t the normal way to exit the City, but it would have to do.

A sign near us read “Route 5 to Saffron closed. Please take the Underground Tunnel.”

Now that we were out of the City I let my guard down enough to think.

“I don’t know who those Men were Vi.” I said finally answering her question. “I don’t know what any of this means. Do you?”

Vi shook her head. “No. I have no idea what is going on.”

“What have we gotten ourselves mixed up in?”

Vi stayed silent, hiding something from me again no doubt.

I was too tired to fight with her though. I wanted to reach the underground and then the Next City. I could only hope I would meet someone there who could help me make more sense of what was going on.

I took out the Cascade Badge and fiddled with it as we walked.

“Why are you so important?” I whispered.


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I've never read a Pokemon story that used the original formula and made it so interesting.  I am wondering what is up with Bill, Misty, and the Gym Badges.  Keep up the good work, I'm sad I didn't keep up with this earlier!


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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good work again, CJ. the part with the fruit basket made me lawl, hard.

i too, am curiously wondering what you've got cooking here.


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Thank you guys! Your comments are what keepme going! oD


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