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Thank you both for those kind words. It spurs me to even greater heights in my writing!


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I am bone tired right now. This week has nearly been non-stop work. Be assured, a new Chapter is on the way. I haven't forgotten!


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(RBY Fun Fact! Your critical chance was based on your Base Speed. So Pokemon like Jolteon would crit more often then say, Muk would. Go figure)

I camped out in the grass there instead of going into Viridian, just in case I ran into Jivide. I was afraid of what I would find. My heart just froze in my chest just thinking about what might have happened. Luckly that morning as I started on my journey again I did not run into him. I did run into a Caterpie however,  which I named Pii (Pea), outside of the Viridian Forest. Joy slowly crept back into my subconscious as I traveled on with my newfound friends. What's more, I found a strange Electric Rat thing within the Forest and managed to capture it as well naming him Robotto (Robot)! With Muu at my side I began to smile more, and I began to forget about the disaster we wrecked on Jivide's Pidgey. 
Muu and I trained along side each other in the forest, for there were whispers of a powerful force in the next city. A Gym Leader; one of the most powerful forces in Kanto. Trainers from around the world would come by to battle against these foes. Winners were presented with a badge, but as to why they were given these badges no one was sure.

Pewter City, as it was called, was a sprawling town. Although it stretched far and wide, there were few inhabitants. A Single central building dominated the townscape; It looked as if it had been assembled by rolling thousands of Large Boulders together and then laying the brick around it. Two Rocky towers rose on either side of the giant stone double-doors. The Towers were made of rocks stacked on top of each other and seemed to serve no purpose except as to make the entryway even more intimidating. One thing that struck me as odd was how the Right tower had dark streaks across it making it, from this distance, almost another color. The Building itself was more than 40 ft tall, dome shaped with some sort of statuette at the top. I squinted my eyes at the statuette but couldn't make out anything more about it. 
"Admiring Brock's Gym?" a little girl asked. I looked over at the little voice to see a girl of small stature with pierceing eyes. They way she looked at me seemed as if she was peering straight through my soul to the very core of my being. 
"Uhh." I stammered thrown off by the girl's gaze. "Is that the Gym Leader's name, Brock?"
"Yes it is." She said blatently. "I've just started my adventure and I know that." She said not so much as smug but as matter-of-fact.
"You need a tour don't you? Someone to inform you." I was taken aback by how well she could asses what I needed.
"I could use a guide yes." 
"Follow me then." She said motioning me to follow. "I am called Vi by the way."
I fell into step behind the girl called Vi. It struck me as a little funny that she didn't ask for my name.
"That big building is Brock's. He is the Gym Leader of this town. There are lots of Gym Leaders in Kanto. Each Gym looks a little different and is tailored to fit their type." she said waving her hands in the direction of the Gym.
"So does Brock use Dirt Pokemon?" I asked, shooting in the dark.
Vi stopped and turned to look at me. I couldn't tell if her face was that of disgust or of pity. After a moment she spoke "Dirt isn't a Pokemon type. So no, Brock doesn't use dirt. He uses Rock Pokemon."
"Ah..' I said going silent in hopes she would forget my naivety.
"How long ago did you start as a Pokemon Trainer?" She asked.
"Well I was kinda thrust into it about 4 days ago."
Vi sat ther thinking before resuming the tour. Apparently the conversation has ended.
"Those two big pillars are where names are engraved. The Left one is the names of the Trainers who have successfully defeated the Gym Leader. As you can see it is mostly bare."
It was jsut as Vi said it, the Left Pillar was almost completely unadorned. Only a handful of names were etched into the surface. As I peered at the Pillar the only name I could pick out was "Lance". 
"The Right Pillar." Vi continued. " Is for the names of the Pokemon who didn't survive the Gym Battle. It is..." Vi said drifting off.
She didn't need to say anything however. As we approached the Pillar I was suddenly aware that the darkened lines I had seen earlier were names of Pokemon. They littered the rockface in a disorganized pattern that looked as if each were carved by a different hand. 
"Niles, Gerald, Shelby, Yellowmusk, Sparkle, Umber, Felix..." The names just continued on.
Both Vi and I just stood there in silence. My hairs were standing on end and my stomach would not stop flipping over itself. 
After what seemed like an eternity Vi spoke. "Well that is all I have to tell you about the Gym. I am going to go train my Pokemon some more. See you around!"
Without a backwards glance Vi walked off leaving me alone in front of the Stone double-doors. I swallowed hard to try and relieve my dry throat, but to no avail. I tenativley stepped forward and opened those looming stone doors, unprepared to face the Gym Leader. I couldn't help but thinking though: "What choice do I have?"

(Firstly, to whomever owns the Character Vi, I hope you weren't offended by her cameo here. I really needed someone to help out Cecil in Pewter and she seemed to fit the bill quite well with her powers of observation.) 

So my loyal readers. I have been musing about this for a while and I decided that Cecil really needs a mentor to lead him along. Someone to travel with for a little while in this Nuzlocke so he can get his bearings and really start to become the powerful trainer he needs to be. I need your help however, because I can't decide who it should be. Could I get some suggestions for trainers that should assist Cecil? It can be anyone, fictional or Cannon in the Pokemon universe, so long as they are generally agreeable and knowledgeable in the art of Pokemon. 

Thanks so much! Stay tuned tomorrow for the double feature as my heros clash against their first Gym Leader, Brock!

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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excellent addition CJ! you continue to masterfully wield the art of description.

i can't claim full ownership of Vi, but her personality was entirely my creation, and as such i was thrilled with how you wrote her! you captured her awkward blunt innocence with perfection.

and, well, seeing how well you did that... i trust you to do justice to my other characters, too. therefore, if you so wish, you have my permission to use Hideki and/or Harmony as this "guide" you mentioned. since Vi just started, it fits with my canonical flow of occurring after both their adventures. Hideki would know Kanto better than Harmony, but both journeyed through the region and would know it better than the rookie Cecil anyway. i imagine Harmony would better fit the whole "generally agreeable" description, plus Hideki is still kind of a depressed lump so he'd be extremely cold during this time, and i'm not sure why he'd agree to join Cecil in that capacity. for Harmony, you'd have to come up with some motivation to keep her in Kanto, as she still lives in Johto during this time (to escape the celebrity hype?). anyway, if you can come up with a way to fit either in, and if you even want to, you have my blessing to use them.

Xerxes would be another good option, i think, as much of his backstory is still unexplained, plus he has the experience you're looking for. he is Xelakian's character however, but like Vi, i really invented everything but the name (and physical description, in his case). so if you're that concerned about character permissions, it'll be about another month i gather before he returns. but i'm sure he wouldn't mind.

i kind of like the idea of continuing with Vi for that role too. since aPokelypse is non-canon, you don't have to worry about the fact that she never made it past Celadon in that story. you seem to have her character pinpointed as it is, so that's another good option.

hope some of that was helpful! i can't wait to see what you ultimately end up doing!


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Thanks! oD I would very well like to use your characters, but I'll hold the vote open a bit longer so others have a chance to throw in their opinions. 


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Sorry I know I said I was going to write but it just hasn't come to me yet. I will be posting when I can, but this next chapter is going to need editing and all sorts of stuff so I make sure it is good.


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Better to write nothing at all than to write less than your best. That's why I've taken so long on many an occasion.

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(Fun RBY Fact! Ghost did no damage to Psychic, despite what thetype chats said. Somehow the game got glitched so that the Super-effective move became no damage at all.)

"Light Years measures distance, not time kid." I said disdainfully to the trainer Buddy and I just decimated. Silent and scratching his head the boy stepped back into line. With him out of the way I looked across the Pewter Gym. Ground and gravel covered the floor, the finest of it making a path that lead to a Rocky Throne sitting at the end of the Gym. On that Throne the Gym Leader was perched, Brock. 
"Are you ready to face me?" he bellowed at me.
Fear poked at the back of my mind ever so slightly. Brock was rumored to be a fierce opponent. It is said that one time his Onix literally crushed a challenger's Pokemon to a bloddy puddle. That story alone set chills down my spine and fear for my partners, much less any of the other stories I had heard while training. 
I did not say anything to Brock, but instead walked with as much confidence my wobbly legs would allow to stand at my end of the Gym floor.
"Heh" Brock snickered, probably seeing my shaking body. "Another funeral." he whispered, throwing a Pokeball out onto the field of battle.
The Pokeball exploded with a flash and revealed a Rocky Geodude. Unlike many of the Geodude I had already fought in this Gym, this one had a strange fire in its eyes that caused me to break into a cold sweat.
"Buddy!" I screeched, partly to bring my confidence back, and motioned to Buddy to take the field.
Buddy trotted from my side to face the Geodude with much more confidence than I could muster. I heard him let out a low growl.
"Let's begin this thrashing shall we?" said Brock lazily. "Go Geodude! Hit that Bulbasaur with a tackle!"
The Geodude screeched and flung itself at Buddy. Buddy jumped quickly out of the way and the Geodude careened into the rocks sending gravel everywhere.
"Good Job Buddy!" I shouted. "Hit it with a Vine Whip!"
Buddy nodded at me and sent forth tangling vines from his sides to entangle the Geodude.
The Move hit with Full Force, Super-Effective! The vines struck the Geodude hard and with a loud CRACK blew apart half its back and removed one of its arms.
"Ha! Good Job Buddy! That'll cripple him!" I yelled.
Brock only began to laugh, which instantly caused my smile to dissapear.
"You really don't know much about Geodude do you?" Brock said with a sneer.
I shook my head, I had never seen Geodude before this Gym.
Brock nodded in his Geodude's direction. "Geodude are made of pure rock! They can be healed by fusing old rock together."
Before my very eyes I watched as Brock's Geodude began to stuff Rocks on its back which melded into the skin replacing what was lost.
"How...?" I said reeling.
The Geodude turned back to look at Buddy completely renewed.
Brock began to laugh, a cold dark laugh that sent the cold sweat right back onto me.
"Now that we are through playing with them Geodude, how about a Rock Throw? GO!"
The Geodude grinned evilly, hefting a heavy rock and throwing it at Buddy.
Buddy must have been just as surprised as me, because he didn't even attempt to dodge the rock which slammed straight into him sending him reeling.
"Buddy!" I shouted as I watched my best friend get shoved into the ground by a rock. 
"Don't just stop!" Brock shouted at his Geodude.
The Geodude hefted another Rock and aimed it at Buddy.
Not again! This is just like what happened with Cecil. I have got to think fast, come on Buddy, let me know you hear me!
Like a watching a miracle unfold, I saw Buddy poke his head out from the rubble and look straight at me.
"Vine Whip!" I screamed.
Buddy's vines shot out of his side straight at the Rock the Geodude had thrown and split it striaght in half sending sand and gravel across the field blanketing the two Pokemon from my view.
I waited, tense, as the dust settled so I could see what happened to my Bulbasaur. The dirt around the Geodude unvieled first, and I saw that his eyes had been punctured through by the Vine Whip, which lay limp coming out the Geodude's back. The dust continued to clear as my eyes traced along the Vines hoping Buddy was still alive at the other end.
"Uh-waaaa!" Buddy cried as our eyes locked. through the haze.
I leap forward and rushed to his side. Buddy was sufficently bruised, and cuts covered his entire body, all of them leaking blood. One of his eyes had been blacked shut. Other than that though, he looked perfect. I grabbed and embraced him thanking Arceus above that he was alive.
We stayed that way until Brock broke the silence."Huh. Impressive."
I glared back at Brock tenderly holding Buddy.
Brock sent me a wide grin. "You know we aren't done right?"
"How can you still think of battling??" I shouted at him. "Look at what your Geodude did to Buddy! Look at your Geodude!"
"Weren't you even listening before?" Brock stated calmly. "Geodude can regenerate themselves with Rocks. He's fine."
I looked back at the Geodude. It looked dead with it's eyes punctured out. Hearing Brock's voice however, it moved a little "looking" his way despite now lacking eyes. It fumbled around in the ground until it found two round stones and then thrust them into the dead eye sockets. The stone melted straight into the skull and the eyes suddenly returned.
Brock snickered. "See the power of Rock Types?"
I gave him a silent stare.
"Return Geodude." he said thrusting his Pokeball out. "So are you ready for round two? I still have another Pokemon."
I looked back at Buddy, all bruised and cut. "You need rest my friend." i whispered returning him to his ball.
I took out the Pokeballs containing the rest of my team. Admiral and Sniper. Neither of them were fit for Battling Brock's Pokemon, but one of them had too.
"Alright Sniper, I am counting on you!" I said releasing my Kakuna.
"Alll-right! This is what I like, a foolhardy trainer who doens't know when to give in! Go ONIX!"
The Pokemon that Brock released was unfathomingly big. It looked like a weedle, but created by a mad scientist out of Rock and Earth and 2 stories tall, complete with a spiny horn on top. 

"Alright Onix, let's squash this little bug! Tackle!"
The Onix let out a terrifying Roar and coiled itself and sprung at Sniper.
Poor Sniper, so confined to her shell as she was, couldn't dodge the monster snake and took the blow full force and was smashed into a rock on her back.
"Grab that Kakuna, use Bind!" Shouted Brock.
The Onix lashed out at Sniper with his tail, grabbing her up, threatining to crush her.
"Harden Sniper!" I shouted, in a moment of brilliance.
Sniper stiffened as the Onix wrapped itself around her. It roared and pushed with all it's might on the bug, but Sniper held firm. The Onix continued it's squeezing, and I began to notice the strain it put on the creature, but still Sniper did not give way.
"Enough Onix!" Brock said with clear irritation in his voice.
Crisis averted. I thought, breathing a sigh of relief. 
Sniper fell to the ground released from the Onix's grip no worse for wear.
"Alright Sniper, time to strike back! Poison Sting!" 
Sniper stuck her tiny stinger out and let loose a barrage of needles at the Onix, who was so big he couldn't avoid a single one. The Onix Screeched in pain as the needles stung his rocky flesh. The Onix slunk back away from Sniper in pain and I became aware of a strange purple pulsing happening lightly across his skin. 
Brock let out a low growl, noticing the same glow as I did.
"Keep at it Sniper!" I shouted. Sniper let loose another barrage of Poisinous needles and the Onix again screeched.
"Enough!" Brock Roared standing up from his Throne. "Crush that Kakuna, Rock Throw!"
Even under the barrage of needles, the Onix managed to heft a rather large rock with its tail and launch it at Sniper, but I was prepared.
"Harden Sniper!" I shouted. 
Time slowed to a standstill. The Rock flew at Sniper as she retreated her stinger into her shell. Her muscles began to stiffen at the oncoming projectile, but miliseconds too late. The Rock struck the Kakuna with full force and split her shell, causing a green juice to fly into the air and all about the Gym Floor.
"NO!" I shouted my breath coming fast.
I watched as ever so slowly Sniper's body fell to the floor spraying the goo everywhere. 
With a cry the Onix too fell to the floor with a thunder as it's loong serpentine body fell out from under it. 
I didn't notice however, I was already rushing headlong into Gym to see Sniper.
She was on the ground looking just like an angel, very serene and holy. A Large crack stretched from her right eye all the way down to her stinger and it pulsed out a green goo.
"Sniper." I cried over her body. "Sniper I am so sorry. I wasn't... I wasn't quick enough." Despite every hope in my being, Sniper did not wake as I cried for her.
It was there covered in Sniper's green blood, crying with a giant Onix fallen around me, that the door to the Gym Opened and I saw Cecil tenatively step in.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i can't wait to see Cecil's battle!


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B "Diddy" M
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I like the double story telling going on here. This stuff is intense.. very graphic!

I can't wait to see Cecil's battle either. That's going to be awesome.


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I have Decided to name this Story Beware Tall Grass? Is there a chance I can change the Topic to reflect this?


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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done. not sure when the side bar will change but yeah


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Thank you very much! This makes me very excited with a official title now. Plus I put it on my Deviantart in hopes of getting more readers.


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i gotta get a Deviantart... i have a few friends with established accounts who could help promote my shit, in turn promoting PR as a whole.


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(Fun RBY Fact: The AI is so simpley commanded that it chooses moves randomly unless it can hit your super-effectivly, in which case it picks the SE option. The strange part... It counts the types of moves that do no damage. So you can best Lance's Dragonite with a lv.2 Zubat with Toxic because it will keep using Agility trying to kill you.)

The Gym was a mess. A Giant Stone Snake Pokemon was laid out all across the Gym floor stretching from end to end. What's more, a green goo was spread all about the center of the floor. In the middle of the goo I spied a figure who stood up, holding something, and then dashed out the backdoor.
I stepped a little further into the Gym and called out. "Is this a Bad time? I could come back."
A dark-skinned man stepped out from behind the Rocky Pokemon upon hearing my voice.
"Are you another challenger?" he called out, ignoring my question.
"Yes.." So you must be Brock.
"No, no need to leave it'll just take me a second here. ONIX!" he shouted.
The Rock Snake Pokemon shuddered and then slowly rose from the ground to face it's master, but not without great effort on its part. 
"Here Onix." Brock cooed pulling out a spray-bottle and squirting it's contents on the Pokemon. The Onix breathed a sigh of relief as the potion took effect. 
"There you go. Take a rest, I'll need you soon enough." he said returning the Onix to it's Pokeball.
Brock then turned to me looking defiant. He raised an eyebrow at me. "Two challengers in one day is uncommon. You did say you were here to challange the Gym right?"
I nodded.
"Ha! You look like you are even less-powerful than the challenger before. This should be a cakewalk."
I bristled at being called "less powerful", though I don't know why.
"Shall we?" Brock said motioning for me to take a side on the Gym as he waltzed to a position far at the end.
I stumbled up to the box drawn in the floor of the Gym where Brock pointed me to. "Aren't you going to clean up this green stuff before we battle?" I asked.
"I don't think so. I like battling on the blood of the recently fallen. Gives my Pokemon a confidence boost."
Blood of the Fallen? My eyes grew wide. That Green goo is... Pokemon blood? My veins turned to icewater as I thought about how easily it could be my team who coats the Gym floor next.
Brock sent an evil smile my way, noticing my nervousness.
I attempted to steady my breath as my shaking hand headed to my belt.
"Come on out Muu! I whispered throwing my PokeBall onto the field.
"Go Geodude!" Brock yelled with Conviction.
The Rocky Geodude glared at Muu and I got the feeling he had seen many Squirtle before him.
Resorting to the tactics that had gotten me through every battle before I shouted "Bubble Muu!"
Muu took in a deep breath and arched his back, before expelling a swath of bubbles at the Geodude.
"Defense Curl!" Brock quickly shouted. The Geodude responded, equally fast , by curling it's arms into it's body. The Bubbles hit the Geodude directly but instead of cutting the Rock they recocheted off.
Both Muu and I couldn't help but look puzzled.
"Good Defense Geodude. Now time for offense, TACKLE!" The Geodude, still rolled into a ball, launched itself at Muu. The Tackle hit Muu directly in the head knocking him over. 
"You rely to much on Offense trainer. A Defensive Pokemon like Geodude will easily sweep you." Brock lectured.
Muu stumbled up from the ground, dizzy from the hit.
The Geodude launched itself at Muu again and again, I could tell it took every bit of concentration for Muu to dodge and deflect the attacks. Soon he would make a mistake and then get hit again.
What can I do? My mind rushed trying to think of some way to help Muu. I need to break that Defense curl so he can bubble the Geodude.
"Use Tail Whip." A voice called out to me.
I whipped around to face the namless voice. The girl from before, Vi, was standing in the Gym Doorway.
"Hurry!" She shouted to me, pointing behind me to Muu.
"Uhh.." I said turning back to the fight. "Muu, get the Geodude with Tail Whip!"
Muu nodded, his eyes locked on the Geodude. Muu jumped in the air to avoid the next Tackle and swirled around, letting his tail strike the Geodude squarely on the back. The Gym shook as a loud *CRACK* followed. The Geodude's arms flew out from around his body and he careened into a rockface
With grace Muu landed and let loose another round of bubbles. Undefended, the bubbles blew into the Geodude sending chunks of rocks flying. 
"Hold!" Brock commanded, to which Muu stopped Bubbling.
Without a word Brock returned his Geodude.
Muu's face broke into a great big smile and he ran at me giving me a hug.  Smiling myself I pciked him up and held him close.
"Thanks for that advice Vi." I said turning to face my savior.
 Vi was now sitting on a bench to the left of me. "You seriously need to learn your Pokemon's moves." she said bluntly.
I looked at Vi, puzzled.
"It isn't that hard. Pokemon know 4 moves that they can use in battle. You knew this right?" Vi asked.
"Uhh..." I did not know that.
"Agh, you are hopeless." she said planting her hand on her forehead. "Just.. finish the battle."
"There is more...?" I turned back to the battlefield, still puzzled, and came face-to-face with the Onix before and a perturbed Brock.
Muu struggled in my grasp eager to fight the Onix.
I didn't let him go though. I still could see the green goo covering the floor, and I remembered that it was there along with Brock's Onix, meaning it probably caused it.
"I like battling on the blood of the recently fallen. Gives my Pokemon a confidence boost."
I shuddered and buried my face in the back of Muu's neck.
"Be careful okay?" I asked him quietly. Muu locked his Big eyes win mine and we stayed that way for what seems eternity. Muu patted me gently on the forehead, reassuring me.
I gently set Muu down and he strode out onto the battlefield again.

"Alright Onix, let's put this Squirtle down! Tackle!"
The Onix let out a Roar so loud it hurt my ears, before lurching at Muu. Adroitly Muu dodged the blow.
I turned quickly to Vi. "What other moves does Muu know?"
"Tackle, Bubble, and Withdraw. Unless you have taught him something." She said blandly.
I turned back to the battlefield. "Okay Muu, let loose a Bubble!"
Muu's mouth began to froth again, but this time Brock interrupted with a yell. "Onix, Bind the Squirtle quick!"
Before Muu could Bubble the Onix it grabbed him with its tail Muu struggled against the Onix's grip but to no avail. I watched soundlessly as it squeezed my friend. Muu cried out in pain, the most ear-pierceing, heart-wrenching noise I had ever heard in my life.
I felt the blood rush towards my head and I felt as if I lost all control of my body. "Withdraw!" I shouted, despite having not having told my body to do so.
Muu retreated into his shell which took the brunt of the squeezing. With a Roar the Onix began to squeeze harder trying to crush Muu in his shell. 
"Bubble!" my voice called out again despite my mind never telling myself to do so.
Muu began to spew bubbles from inside his shell, which spilled out water along the edges onto the Onix. With one final push the Onix squeezed Muu again, but this time Muu shot out into the air.The water that his bubbles had generated greased his shell up so that the Onix lost controll!
Muu's orange shell shot through the air, but like the acrobat he is, Muu landed on a rock without a scartch on him.
"Bubble again!" I called out once more.
Muu puffed himself up to as full as he could possibly become before letting out a cloud of bubbles so thick I lost sight of him. The bubbles headed straight to the bewildered Onix and struck it like a sack of bricks. The Onix let out a scream as it's rocky flesh was torn from it's body by the angry bubbles. 
"Stop, stop STOP!" Brock shouted, but even as Muu stopped his outpour the bubbles let out before shredded the Onix. When the cloud finally disperced there was only a bleached-white skeleton left behind.
The silence that followed might as well have lasted eternity.
Brock just sat there stunned looking at what was once his Onix. No one moved except little Muu, who crawled off his rock to stand at my side.
Finally Vi spoke. "Are you... okay Brock?"
Brock turned at Vi slowly as if he was still processing her simple statement.
"Get out of my Gym." He whispered.
"But League rules dictate that you..." Vi started before getting interrupted by Brock screaming this time: "GET OUT OF MY GYM!!!!"
Both Vi and I took one look at each other and then scurried out of the Gym. 

Vi and I headed to the Pokemon Center. We were both silent for a long time until it was her who broke the silence again.
"Maybe there is a reason why no one told you about how to use Pokemon."
I was holding my head in my hand when she said this, so... bluntly.
"What happened there?" I asked.
Vi thought for a moment before answering. "I have no idea. What I do know is you are going to need help. Maybe if I teach you how to use Pokemon you can hold yourself back... you know, like knowing your limits?"
"Are you offerring...?" I started to ask but VI cut me off.
"What is your name trainer?"
"C-cecil. This here is Muu." I said pointing to the sleeping Squirtle.
"Alright Cecil, let's travel together for now."

(End of Part 1!)

There isn't going to be a Hiatus though, just letting you know how I am grouping this story up.
So funny thing happened while writing this. When I wrote '"This here is Muu. I said pointing to the sleeping Squirtle"' Sephiroth's Theme started playing on my iTunes and I must say, after writing that fight with the Onix it made my lawl. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this Chapter! Jivide, Cecil, and Vi strike out for Route 3 and Mt. Moon next!

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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another good chapter. i'm curious to find out what's up with Cecil's over-the-top power


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Amazingly enough, I actually have a plan for that. So, provided I don't loose my Nuzlocke, it will all reach a nice fruition.

Thanks for commenting BTW. We'll be checking in with Jivide tonight!


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Beware Tall Grass is becoming popular (Well, relatively) on DeviantArt, but don't fret! You'll get a Chapter here a week before they do.

Speaking of, update tonight. For Reelz this time.


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"You realize that, just as Pokemon will come to protect you, you too must protect your Pokemon?" Oak lectured from behind his lab-counter, a place he rarely left after he learned that Mom and Dad passed.

"Of cour..!" I started to answer.

"Jivide! You must be prepared to lay down your LIFE for a Pokemon. Any less of a bond will get you both killed. It is just the kind of world we live in."

Oak turned back away from me, visibly shaking.

I shrunk away trying not to upset him again. He had been very irritable and at the time, I didn't know why.

"When..?" I started to ask for the umpteenth time.

"Never Jivide." Oak said defeated, already knowing what I was going to ask. "They are never coming back." Without so much as a glance back at me Oak began working with Test tubes again.

"Go out and play. I have work to do."


I was about 7 I think...



"Are you alright?" Asked a kindy voice behind my shoulder. I looked over at the middle-aged woman who had spoken to me.

"Yea. Just thinking."

"I was just curious. You hadn't moved since I came in the Mart here oh about.... 10 minutes ago. " She said it so casually, 10 minutes. 10 minutes was a long time. 10 minutes was enough time to eat a meal, to get to 2nd base with a hot girl, to save...

No no Jivide, not there again. It is over now, she is dead. Let her be in peace.

"Son?" chimed the woman again sounding more concerned and reaching a hand out to my shoulder.

"I'm FINE alright?!" I said getting angry at her fake concern. "Good grief! Now leave me be!"

The woman retracted her hand and scrurried off mumbling to herself about "moody youth".

Buddy tugged at my pant-leg again, like he had been since I came to the Mart, indicating he was ready to go.

I stood up from the stool at the counter of the Mart and turned to head out, much to the shopkeeper's delight.

"Next time take your problems to a bar or somethin' k kid?"

I couldn't think of a good comeback, so I just glared as I left.


Route 3 provided a good distraction for my heavy mind. For one, I was finally able to remove Admiral's bandages. Although he was still missing tufts of feathers, his overall body looked helathy and chipper. It was his beak that had sustained the most damage, just as the Nurse had told me. His beak was no longer smooth but rough and fractured. The top of it looked as if it had a huge chunk blown out of it, most likely when he fell and hit the ground. All in all his beak looked like a mess and looking at it made my heart sink. Admiral himself didn't seem to notice his disfigurement, for he tumbled about the sky happily when I finally let him go.

"We're going to need to train you some. I need you to be stronger."

What happened to you with Cecil CAN'T happen again. To anyone.

Admiral met my call to train with a happy coo.

I scanned the grass nearby to find a battle to train Admiral in. Providence was with me then, because the grass began to rustle and a Ratatta strolled out lazely.

"Ready Admiral?" I said gesturing to the Ratatta. Admiral responded only with a nod and then swooped at the Ratatta startling it.

"Let's see a Gust!"

Admiral let out a shrill cry and whipped up a ferocious wind on the wild Ratatta, which picked it up and slammed it into a tree.

"Very good, but how about your Quick Attack?"

Admiral did a quick somersault to let me know he heard me, and then dashed at the Ratatta. The one-two punch proved too much for the frail little Rat, who did not get up to counter-attack.

Admiral flew back to me and landed on my shoulder.

"Good going pal." I said patting him. "Seems like you haven't atrophied at all!"

Admiral cooed an agreement as I brought him back into his Pokeball.

I readied an empty ball and lobbed it at the Ratatta hitting it squarely in the head.

Despite how little of a fight the Ratatta put up with Admiral, it did not get caught immedeatly. Just when I feared the Ratatta was about to burst out the ball the capsule locked.

"Heh" I smirked strolling over to my new Ratatta.

Grinning I looked at the Pokeball. "Welcome to the team...." I paused thinking about the nickname I wanted to give to this paritcular Ratatta.

"Welcome to the team Aveline." Aveline, a good strong name.

"Now Aveline, let's train. We have some work to do so that you fit into this team." I said releasing the Pokemon.

And train we did.


Aveline proved to be a fierce combatant, despite her lazy appearance. Aveline and I trained all the rest of the day, until both of us were drenched in sweat.

Sitting on a hill overlooking the setting Sun I turned to Aveline.

"Can I tell you something?"

Aveline gave me a wide-eyed look, and cocked her head.

"My Father once had a Ratatta. He named him.. Scribbles I think."

Aveline kept up the confused look, still wondering what I was talking about.

I began playing with the grass at my feet. "I used to play with Scribbles all the time. Actually, come to think of it, some of my first memories are of playing with him... Both of use playing chase or..." A scratching sound broke my story. I looked over and Aveline was digging in the grass looking for seeds, no longer paying attention.

Ah well. Finishing that story would have just brought me back to my feelings this morning.

I continued to watch Aveline scratch the dirt, relieved the day was finally ending. I was ready to move on, to move past.

I took out my Pokeballs and looked into each, admiring my friends.

"Aww shit. I haven't been this sentimental in 14 years." I whispered, tears beginning to fall down my cheeks.

First Mom and Dad, now Sniper. I will always remember today as the worst day of the year.

Yes I know that was a terrible ending. I am sorry but I couldn't think of a better way to stop it, but I knew that I didn't want to follow Jivide into Mt. Moon. That is for Cecil to do.

In other news, we have caught up to my game finally! The story will now progress faster, but size should not dwindle any. 

I love writing Moody Jivide. It is how I always wanted to write as a teen.


Ask me about my waifus

"I'm happy to report that my inner child is still ageless". James Broughton

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"So where are we heading next?" I asked Vi as she was leading me out of Pewter City.

"Well Cerulian City would be the city with the next Gym. To get there though we have to head through Mt. Moon first. It's a good place to train."

I fell into step behind Vi, unexcited to head into another city with another Gym Leader.

Why am I fighting these Gym Leaders anyway? All they seem to want to do is hurt my friends.

"Are you a Pokemon Trainer Vi?" I asked as we trudged through Route 3 towards Mt. Moon.

"Yes. Like I told you, I just started my Adventure only two days ago... well three days ago now."

"Do you have a Pokemon?" . Despite claiming to be a trainer she had never talked about her Pokemon.

"Well..." Vi trailed off, it was the first time I had ever made her uncomfortable.

I waited as she organized her thoughts.

Finally she spoke. "I do have a Pokemon, an Eevee named Ashley. She isn't very well trained though. I... I..." She stuttered. "I am bad at battling. I mean... I know a lot about how to battle but, I'm nowhere near as skilled as your are."

"I may be skilled, but so far it has brought me nothing but trouble. You can have my skill for all I care."

Vi didn't respond after that. I couldn't tell if it was something I said or just her stopping the conversation flat, like she had done so many times before.


The Route had opened up while we were talking and now Vi and I were nearing the maw of the cave known as Mt. Moon.

Vi stopped at the cave entrance. "Will you... take the leade now Cecil?" Vi asked tenatively.

"Is something wrong?" I asked. I didn't think it was in Vi to be scared.

Vi stepped away from the cave nervously. "I don't like the Darkness."

Despite myself, I chuckled a bit. Jivide had always been afraid of the dark too. It was one of the few things I could boast about that he couldn't.

"Sure." I said strolling to the entrance of the cave. "Are you ready?"

Vi slowly nodded.

I strode into the cave confidently. It wasn't nearly as dark as I had expected. I could still make out the faces of other trainers who were wandering about.

"Great, more battles." I swore under my breath.

I gathered up my confidence and turned to face the first trainer, a young Lass. However as I stepped forward something slammed into my side hard and knocked me over.

"Gahh!" I screamed tumbling over. I quickly righted myself and looked for my attacker. Vi began to snicker.

"Honestly Cecil. How did you get knocked over by a Zubat? They only weigh about 17 pounds."

"Hwah? What is a Zubat?"

"That." Vi said pointing to a swarm of creatures fluttering about the top of the cave.

My eyes grew wide. Hundreds of Zubat flew all about the top of the cave, far from our reach.

"Did you not notice them before?"

I shook my head no. I hadn't thought to look up since I was in a cave.

Vi giggled again and offered me a hand up, which I took.

"So.. ready to get moving?" Vi asked.

"Yes." I said turning back to the Lass and taking a step forward.

"Eeeek!" shouted something below me, scaring my already fried wits.

I let out another yell and tumbled backwards, startled from whatever had made sounds under me.

"Oh you poor thing!" Vi said rushing down to me.

Except Vi didn't comfort me at all. Instead she headed to where my foot met the ground and picked up a distraught looking Zubat.

"You stepped on him!" She shouted, almost teasing. "There there, I'll keep you form that klutz." she whispered into the Zubat's ear.

"Hey! I'm not a klutz! It is just dark in here! And.. he was below me! What I have to look up AND down before going anywhere in this cave?!"

Vi paid me no attention and continued to sweet-talk the Zubat. I picked myself up and, while taking careful consideration of my surroundings, took another step forward.

"Eeek!" Shouted a Zubat above me, flying into my face.

I brushed it off with a flail.

"This is going to be a long cave." I sighed.



"So why are you still carrying that Zubat Vi?" I asked climbing down the umpteenth rope ladder.

Vi looked at the Zubat that had fallen asleep in her arms like a small baby. "I dunno. I guess I kinda like him. He's cute!"

I had never seen Vi so enthusiastic about Pokemon before. She must love Pokemon, even if she isn't good with them.

"Hey, I have a bright idea!" I said turning to Vi. "Why don't you catch that Zubat? Then you won't have to get rid of him when we leave the cave."

Vi's smile instantly dimmed. "C-catch the Zubat? I don't know Cecil..."

"Just try Vi." I said smiling. "He already likes you. If you are so concerned why don't you ask him?"

Vi looked longingly at the Zubat sprawled out in her arms. After a while she gently rocked him until he awoke.

"Zubat? Would you like to travel with us? With me...?"

The Zubat looked lazily at Vi, still groggy. He answered with a lazy nod "yes".

Vi grinned from war to ear. "Okay so when should we battle?"

The Zubat looked at Vi still groggy and shook it's head "no".

"You... don't want to battle?" The Zubat nodded yes.

"But... you also want to travel with us... right?" The Zubat nodded again yes.

I motioned to grab a ball from her bag and touch it to the Zubat. If I had learned anything in the past few days, it was how to catch Pokemon.

Vi nodded and reached into her bag and pulled out a Pokeball. She gingerly touched it to the yawning Zubat who put up no fight to be caught.

Vi stared at the now-filled Pokeball with wonder.

"Good going Vi! Your first caught Pokemon right?"

"Yes!" Vi shouted excitedly. "Aww but now I miss having Edward in my arms."

"Edward?" I asked with great hesitation.

Vi looked over and me and smiled. "Yah Edward, that is what I am calling him. Why, do you not like it?"

"I... I don't know but something in me screams that it is a terrible nickname. I have no idea why."

Vi pouted at me, releasing the Zubat who was still conked-out back into her arms.

"Well I like it and that is what I am calling him!"

"Oookay." I said turning back around to continue through the cave.



"So how long is this damned cave?" I asked Vi as I climbed yet another Rope ladder.

"If you don't like this you should see Dark Tun..."

"HELP HELP!" screamed a man running from the exit of the tunnel. He spotted us and dove for me clawing at my shirt.

"PLEASE YOU MUST HELP ME TRAINER!!" he said screaming in my face.

"SLOW DOWN!" I shouted prying his fingers from my jacket collar. "What in the Hell is going on?"

The man backed down giving me a sheepish look. "T-team Rocket. They s-s-stole my Pokemon!" You have to help me get..!"

"Who is Team Rocket?" I asked interrupting him.

Vi's eyes grew wide. "I thought you would have at least heard of them Cecil!"

I looked over at Vi confused. "Who are they?"

Vi looked troubled as she spoke. "Team Rocket is a gang of Pokemon theives. They steal people's Pokemon and use them for crime. I-I've heard some terrible stories about how little they care for other people's Pokemon. They work them to death, sometime use them as hoastages..." Vi drifted off afraid to say more.

"That is why you have to help me trainer!" The man said. "They have my poor Cubone!"

I gritted my teeth. I was unsure I wanted to risk my friends to these "Team Rocket" folks, but I also couldn't bear to be that man, loosing his one friend to a bunch of bullies.

"Okay. Where are they?" I asked readying Regal's Pokeball.

"Oh thank you, bless you sir! They are just ahead bullying a nerd out of some Pokemon fossils." He said pointing behind him. "I'll just stay here until you have cleaned them out."

I released Regal and motioned Vi to follow inching ahead to where the Man pointed.

The cave opened up towards the end and looked big enough to be a hangar. Three men dressed entirely in black where beating up a young black-haired man with glasses.

"Hey!" I shouted, more bodly than I felt. "L-leave him alone!"

The three men turned to look at me. Each had a long and unshaven face, very little hair, and a gaze that would curdle milk.

"Looks like we got another martyr boys. Another Ratatta who can't keep his nose out of other people's buisness." said one of the ugliest ones in a thick accent which caused most of his words to run together.

"But hey boss, he's got a Pokemon. A Nidoran. Those things carry a nasty poison." said another, the largest of the group, in a slow and stylized accent which made him seem very dull-witted.

"No worries Rogan." hissed the third, a stickly man whose nosehairs stuck out so far I could pick them out from where I was standing. "My Ratatta will take care of him."

The lanky Rocket walked into battleing range with me and released his Ratatta. The Ratatta itself looked sickly, and also strangely like its master.

"Scale back your attacks a little Regal. I don't want you to hurt this Ratatta more than you have to." I cautioned.

Regal nodded and hunkered down awaiting the Ratatta's attack. It was a tactic we worked on while in the cave, under Vi's direction, since Regal was a bit slow.

"All right Mouser! Get ready to put that Nidoran in a world of pain! Focus Energy!"

The Ratatta grolwed and began to dance about, moving it's head all about like a beatboxer.

I turned back to Vi about to ask a question but she already had the answer coming.

"Focus Energy ups the Ratatta's critical chance. He's spending a turn just finding the pressure-points on your Pokemon."

Then we need to take him out quickly.

"Alright Regal, get him with a double kick!"

Regal let forth a battle cry and spun around delivering a fierce kick to the Ratatta's side taking it out.

The Rocket just sat there stunned. "Well there goes my master plan!" he hissed returning his Ratatta and moving behind his friends.

"Don't worry Regi." the Rocket called Rogan said clapping the other Rocket on the shoulder. "I'll get him with my Pokemon."

Slowly Rogan walked in front of his friends. "I don't like you. Messing with my fun. Messing with my brother Rocket. My Pokemon will pound you He he!" Rogan threw out a Pokeball revealing a sludgelike Pokemon. It looked like a purple puddle of goo with eyes.

"Alright Ergrim. Pound that Nidoran!"

The Grimer took one look at Regal and then dissolved into the ground reappearing behind her back and socking her with a lump of the goo.

Regal lurched forward and fell into the dirt but appeared otherwise unharmed.

"Give him a good scratching Regal!" I shouted.

Regal picked herself back up and took a swipe at the goo. The attack didn't connect however, as the sludge Pokemon just dissapeared back into the earth and re-appeared behind Regal, slugging her again.

"This may be a good time to use Pea." Vi whispered behind me.

"Alright Regal, come back!" I said returning the perturbed Nidoran.

"Aww look! He's runnin' away!" Rogan laughed.

"Come out Pea!" I shouted. The Pokeball burst and my magnificent Butterfree appeared. Pea and I had trained for a long time in the Cave with Vi until he evolved into this new form.

The Rockets however, were not impressed. They howled with laughter at Pea.

"What he's gonna get us with a Bug?" "Aww look at the cute little wings! They look so scary!" "What a freak!"

Pea's eyes narrowed and his wings fluttered in anger.

I smiled slyly. "How about showing them your Confusion?" I asked Pea knowing full well he was ready to zap them.

Pea didn't even bother to let me know he heard me, instead his eyes glossed over with a purple haze. The Rockets stopped laughing as the pebbles around Pea took on a Purple glow and rose slightly from the ground.

The sludge Pokemon, seeing Pea prepare to attack, shrunk back into the ground only to be pulled back up by Pea's Psychic power. Pea raised the goo Pokemon all the way to eye-level with him before dropping it to the ground fainted.

"Ergrim!" Shouted Rogan returning his Pokemon."You!" he growled raising a fist at me. Pea looked over at the Rocket and glared. Very quickly Rogan dropped his clenched fist and retreated back behind the other Rockets.

"Look at you sniveling idiots! First getting beaten by a little Nidoran and then by a Bug with some magic tricks! And you call yourselves Rockets!" Growled the ugly one.

"Let me show you how to do it, come out Raticate!"

The final Rocket's Pokemon looked related to Ratatta, but it was much bigger and more muscular, with thick incisors.

The Rocket grinned showing off his rotting teeth.

"Pea! Hit that Raticate with a Confusion!"

Pea's eyes glossed over again with their purple hue.

"Not so fast!" Growled the Rocket. "Quick Attack!"

Before Pea could fire off the Confusion the Raticate lurched forward and slammed into Pea knocking him to the ground with a hard-hitting blow.

The Raticate, now on top of Pea, reared up showing its sharp fangs intent on bringing them down on the fragile bug. Pea however, finished his Confusion and blew the Raticate off of him into the air, but before it hit the ground the Raticate righted itself and landed perfectly fine.

"Ugh." I growled looking at the mostly undamaged Raticate verses Pea in his poor condition.

"Return Pea!" I said bring the beaten Butterfree back into its ball.

I looked across my team trying to think who could best beat this beastly Raticate.

I grinned. "Come on out Muu!"

Muu popped out from his Pokeball chipper as ever.

"Bah! What is that thing? It looks ridiculous!" Shouted the Rocket.

I paid him no attention.

"Let's try a Water Gun!"

Muu gathered himself inhaling deeply, before squirting out a shot of water.

The Raticate, caught unaware, was struck by the powerfull torrent and knocked into a rock, defeated instantly.

"Wow Muu, you have become really powerful!" I said walking over to congratulate my friend.

"Wait Cecil!" Vi shouted. I turned to look at her questioningly.

"Look!" She said pointing to Muu.

Muu was clothed in a glowing white light. I could scarely believe it! Not only had Pea evolved in this cave, but Muu was as well!

A wiggling in my belt distracted me from Muu's transformation. Regal's Pokeball was violently shaking back and forth and then released itself.

Regal too was cloaked in the same white glow as Muu!

"They're both.." "Evolving!" Vi and I shouted looking at the glowing white forms.

"Oh SHIT!" Yelled the Rockets. Scarmbling away.

The cave lit up with a brilliant flash. As I adjusted my eyes agian to the dimmness of the cave I saw Muu and Regal in their new forms.

"What are they Vi?" I asked with wonder.

"Muu is now something called Wartortle. And Regal is a Nidorina." she stated, also in a state of wonder.

What if Muu's personality changed with his evolution?

No sooner had I asked then Muu came over to me and nuzzled up close to my leg.


"So did you get my Cubone back?" asked the man coming out of hiding.

I broke from my embrace with Muu to look back at the haggard man.

"Cecil, where is Team Rocket?" Vi asked looking around.

"They're gone." called another voice. I looked over to see the long-haired kid from before.

"I saw them leaving as your Pokemon evolved.

"Oh! My Poor Cubone!" Shouted the man. Without another word her ran out of the cave in pursuit.

"Oh no. All that work..." Vi said distressed.

"We can't worry about it now." I said trying to be pragmatic. "Are you alright?" I asked the kid with glasses who was bleeding profusely from his nose.

"Ugh.." he said coughing up blood. "If you could escort me to the Pokemon Center I would appreciate it.

"Of course we will." Vi said taking a hold of the kid to steady him.

I walked over and took the kid's shoulder in my arms to help him walk and then the five of us staggered out of Mt. Moon.

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