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Yes, I will be gone for the next two months (End of Feb - End of April) as I go to Basic Training in Great Lakes. After Basic I will have access to electronic communication devices once again, and so should be able to get back into things. As it is, until further notice, I will be out of contact. My Nuzlocke Run will be on Hiatus and, as far as RP, try to continue without me as best you can. With luck, come April or May, I'll make my triumphant return by challenging the Elite Four.


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February 21, 2011 at 1:41 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Crimson DESTR0YA
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Xerxes mah boi, this news is NOT what all true warriors strive for!

you will be greatly missed. if anyone still comes to this site by the time you come back, we'll be happy to see the conclusion of your run.


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Of course people will still come to this site, whatchu talkin' about.


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Mitsuo-Dexl at February 21, 2011 at 3:58 PM

Of course people will still come to this site, whatchu talkin' about.

glad to hear that :) everyone has stuffs going on it seems. just a rough patch. btw, X said his parents will be putting the address to write him when they know it.

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B "Diddy" M
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You'll be missed man! It's weird how a small website can make you feel a little more "bonded" with people, no? And yes, we WILL all be here waiting for our triumphant return. Good luck!


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