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Chapter 16

The ride to Cinnabar Island from the Fuchsia City coast was longer than Harmony had remembered. Then again, all of her first trip through Kanto felt like a blur now; compared to living with the ever-present danger of being mauled by a zombie, she realized it had been quite tame. It was only now that she realized that this was probably the safest she'd been since the outbreak started; no Digletts could pop out from underneath her, the ocean was supposed to be safe, and they'd been riding for at least a half hour now with no sign of trouble so she had no reason not to believe the speculation. They were even too far out to reasonably expect to run into any infected birds.


Hideki led the way on the back of his Starmie. It was equipped with the moves Psychic and Ice Beam, meaning he had no need to release a second fighter for protection. Xerxes followed on the back of his Feraligatr, Nak, with Myon hovering by him as insurance. Harmony and Vi shared the back of Holly the Lapras. Harmony's Espeon, Shadow, lay in her lap, asleep.

She'd made a few attempts to converse with Vi, but she gradually began to get the impression that Vi wasn't much of a conversationalist. Neither was Hideki, but with Vi it seemed more like she was too embarrassed to say something dumb in front of her idol. So naturally, the silence and the monotony of the trip meant Harmony's mind began to wander. She hoped nothing had happened to the Cinnabar Gym, and she wondered how long they would be able to stay there, if at all. Blaine seemed a bit off to her when she fought him for her badge; she could envision any number of ways the Leader could react to their pleas for shelter.

On several occasions, she caught herself looking at Hideki when she didn't mean to. She'd silently chastise herself each time and force her mind onto another topic. She knew Xerxes and even Vi probably had strong suspicions about the nature of their relationship. But Harmony was desperate to keep these suspicions from spreading to something she had to confront. Even she wasn't sure what they were anymore, and she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to know.

"Um... can you hear me?" Vi asked meekly.


"I said I wanna ask you a question... if that's okay, Miss Harmony."

"Oh... sure, of course you can! I'm sorry, no, I didn't hear you before... I guess my mind is a little preoccupied..."

"I'm sure Hideki is okay," Vi said as she smiled up at Harmony.

Harmony looked away as she felt her face begin to heat up. How could this girl tell what she was thinking? She couldn't be THAT obvious, could she?


"Anyway, I wanted to ask about your Espeon..." Vi said, "I have an Eevee too, and I've been thinking a lot about what to evolve him into."

"Ah, I see. Well, hm... evolving him into Espeon is the only hard part. The two of you have to spend a long time bonding, and you have to make sure he's very happy too. Only after you've built a deep sense of trust with your Eevee will he evolve into Espeon."

"Well that's weird... don't most Pokemon evolve with stones or when they reach a certain level of experience?"

"That's right. But not Espeon and Umbreon. They're built on trust."

"That... sounds hard."

"It is hard. But," she said as she began softly stroking the Espeon's head, waking it up in the process, "it's more than worth it. Espeon is very strong. He's fast, and he has a super high special attack. Kinda like Jolteon, except he's really only weak to physical attacks. Espeon can hold their own against special moves."

"Oh... that does sound really powerful."

"Here, you wanna hold him?" Harmony asked as she lifted her Espeon (much to his chagrin) and placed it in Vi's lap instead.

The Espeon looked back to its trainer, then up at Vi, scoffed, and jumped back into Harmony's lap. Vi looked away in shame.

"Aw, it's okay, Vi... remember, you have to build a deep bond before it will trust you. Every Espeon has that kind of bond with its trainer. I didn't expect him to take to you right away."

"How do you do that though?"

"What, building the trust you mean?"

Vi nodded.

"There are tangible things you can do... like keeping it well groomed and feeding it treats... but most of it has to come from in here," Harmony explained as she placed her hand above her left breast, "when you two have built up that kind of bond... you'll just know it."

"So it's kind of like you and Hideki, too, huh?"

Harmony blushed again. She'd never thought of their relationship like that, but Vi's innocent analogy had hit a little close to home for her comfort.

"I'm sorry, Miss Harmony... please don't be embarrassed..."

"Why do you call me that?" Harmony asked, seizing any opportunity she could find to change the subject.

Vi blinked as though she couldn't understand how Harmony didn't already know the answer to the question. "Well, you're the champion... oh! I'm sorry! Am I supposed to call you 'Champion Harmony?'"

Harmony laughed. "No! 'Miss' is too much! Just call me Harmony. Please."

"But I'm just a kid... you're-"

"No, don't think like that," she said as she put her hand on Vi's shoulder. "I just want to be your equal. We're both the same. I'm just a little more experienced than you. I don't think that means I should get any better treatment than you do. So let's not be 'rookie' and 'champion.' Let's just be friends. Okay?"

Vi's face shone with a happiness Harmony had never seen in her in their brief time together. "Okay!"

This enthusiasm seemed vaguely familiar to Harmony, although she couldn't quite place it.

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okay guys, slight insignificant spoilers, but Seafoam is next, and the party uses it as an opportunity to restock a little bit. does anyone have any good suggestions for nicknames for a Golduck and a Seel? either gender for either poke, just gimme your best ideas.


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RubberDucky and Rudy? (Golduck and Seel respectivly)


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i'm going with Rudy for the Seel, but i'd like a little more serious name for Golduck i think, to fit with the nature of its trainer.


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 Chapter 17

"Vi... wake up, Vi. Land."

The small girl opened her eyes slowly and was assaulted by a harsh light. She'd only been napping for about a half an hour, but it had felt like much longer. She lifted her head off Harmony's lap and was greeted with a warm smile.

"C'mon, sleepy head. We gotta do some more walking now."

Vi surveyed her barren surroundings. The island was much smaller than she had imagined.

"Is this it? Is this Cinnabar?"

"No," Hideki interjected, "this is one of the Seafoam Islands. I always forget about this place..."

"The rocks mean we can't Surf around it," Harmony explained, "but there's a small cavern here that goes all the way through. We just have to walk a short ways until we get to the other island, where we Surf straight to Cinnabar."

"I don't think there's any way this place could have gotten infected," Hideki said, "still, the wild Pokemon in this cave were pretty strong when I came through here. Harmony, can you stay with Vi and make sure she doesn't get attacked?"

"We'll be fine, Hideki... DAMN IT! Ah..." she cried out in pain as she hit the ground after jumping off the back of her Lapras.

Hideki rushed over and caught her just as she was about to fall, overcome by the pain. A red stain again started to leak through her wrappings.

"Heh..." she laughed, weakly, "I... forgot..."

"Do you need a minute to rest, Harmony?" Xerxes asked.

"No... we've come too far... to stop now. Come on guys... we're almost there. Let's go."


Hideki again positioned himself next to Harmony in a way that would enable her to walk while keeping all the weight from her right side shifted onto him.

"I see this is one of THOSE caves..." Harmony noted, as the group passed a gathering of large, round boulders next to a few holes in the cave floor. "Hideki, do you remember how to get through this place?"

"'Fraid not... it's been a long time since I've been here."

"Wait..." Xerxes thought aloud, "Yeah, we just gotta push this one here, this one here, then fall down after this one, Surf up a ways..."

"Woah," Harmony said, impressed, "and, um... when's the last time YOU were in here?"

"About 8 years... I guess I just sort of have a mind for these sorts of things."

"Well, let's just follow his lead, then, guys," Hideki suggested.


As the group walked towards the first boulder that needed to be moved, Hideki's foot caught on a large, wet rock, sending both he and Harmony tumbling down. Harmony yelled in agony, Hideki swore loudly, chastising himself for letting her fall.

"Dammit, Harm... Are you okay? I'm sorry..."

"Don't... be... I'm okay. But I don't... think that's gonna work in here. Thanks for trying though," she said with a strained wink. "Hideki, Xerxes, you think... you can keep the water-types away from me?"

"Not a problem."

"Like you even have to ask."

Harmony smiled. "Okay then... Jack, come on out! I need you!"

For the first time in weeks, Harmony released her very first Pokemon: Jack the Typhlosion. Professor Elm had given her the Pokemon when it was just a freshly-hatched Cyndaquil. It was the one that had started it all for her.

"Jack, could I please ride on your back until we get out of this cave? I'm sorry to ask, but..." she let her words fade off as she looked down at her bandage, now damp to the touch with her own blood. Jack extinguished the flame from the back of its neck and nuzzled its trainer lovingly.

"Aw, Jack, thank you... I'm okay though. You don't have to worry about me. I do need that ride though..."

The Pokemon nodded its understanding and bent down flat so she could hop on board.

"Let me help you up, at least," Hideki said, "I promise not to fall on you this time."

Harmony giggled. "Only because you promised."


The four trainers turned to face the Pokemon that had snuck up behind them. Apparently all the commotion had drawn its ire. The Golduck stood alert, and seemed to be perfectly healthy. It made no moves toward the human trainers, but sat fixated on Jack the Typhlosion, as it was currently the only Pokemon out.

"I had hoped so..." Hideki said to himself.

"Guys, if you don't mind," Xerxes said, drawing a ball from his belt, "I think I'll try to catch this guy. I'm a little undermanned."

"Good idea, actually," Hideki said. "That's fine by me, but I call dibs on the next one."

"Fair enough. Go, Nak! Use Ice Fang!"


After a short battle, Xerxes managed to capture the wild Golduck. By the time the party had worked their way through the cave, Hideki had caught a Golbat, and had even helped Vi capture a low-level Seel.

"And if memory serves, the exit should be... this one!"

"Hah! Finally! Way to go, Xerxes!"

The light was already starting to fade from the sky when the group reached the surface again. Thankfully, as Xerxes noted, the trip from Seafoam to Cinnabar was significantly shorter than the trek they had just taken, so they were confident they could reach their destination before nightfall.


"Do you need a nap now, Harmony?" Vi asked, "I can wake you up when we get there."

"Hm?" Harmony couldn't even tell how distant she seemed. "No, I'm... why?"

"You just seem really, really tired all of a sudden..."

"Oh... Yeah I do feel a little... I guess."

"I understand... we've covered a lot of ground today. But we're just almost there... then we can all get all the rest we need!"

"Yep..." Harmony agreed, weakly.

"Blaine is the gym leader there, right? Is he nice enough to let us in, you think? We won't need too much protection... nothing can get us out here, can it?"

Vi heard no response.

"You don't think-" Vi stopped mid-sentence as Harmony collapsed onto her.

"Harmony!? Harmony!" The young girl had to hold Harmony up with all her strength to keep her from sliding off into the ocean. It was only now that she looked down at Harmony's leg and noticed how much blood was now sliding down from the bandage and into her shoe.

"HIDEKI!" Vi yelled as loudly as she could.

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Uh oh- too bad lemonade doesn't heal human wounds. I hope that Seel evolves into Dewgong and owns everyone. Seriously, Vi is a closest badass. Her team is going to own everything pretty soon.. I can feel it. Also, MORE APOKELYPSE NOW. And no, that isn't the "Now!" from the title. That means now as in right this second. (Does that work? Can we demand updates cause I'm totally onboard for that)

Btw: Blaine should mentor Vi and they should form a doubles team. That's freaking win right there.


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well, first of all... your wishes for moar are about to be granted. i've already written chapter 18, it just need a little workshopping, and i've made a lot of progress in 19 as well.

as for Vi, i think she's less of a closet badass and more of a developing badass. she's still very much a nub, but she's got three champions to not only teach her but also train with her. i think you'll like what i'm about to do with her.


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Chapter 18

Hideki had his Starmie make a sharp U-turn after seeing what had happened.

"Aw shit, Harm... didn't I tell you not to be a hero..."

He climbed onto the back of the Lapras and recalled his Starmie.

"Holly, I need you to swim as fast as you possibly can. Your trainer's life depends on it. Vi, help me pull her up a little further... you're gonna have to help me redo this bandage."

"Hideki, is she going to be okay!?" Vi asked, frantically, as the Lapras picked up speed.

"I don't know. But you're not going to be able to do a thing for her if you don't calm down."

"How can you say that!? You're her best friend... how can you be so calm!?"

"Vi, I promise you I'm at least twice as scared as you are right now. But losing control of yourself is not going to help anything. Now lift her leg up a little bit, and start undoing that bandage."

Vi unwrapped the bandage as Hideki called for Xerxes. Many of their medical supplies were in his bag; Hideki retrieved the wrappings and the bottle of peroxide from him.

"Is there anything else I can do, Hideki?"

"Just Surf on ahead of us and yell when you see Cinnabar. We're gonna need to haul her into the gym as fast as we can and hope that Blaine has the tools to help her."

Xerxes nodded and gave the command to Nak to swim ahead.


After using up the entire bottle of peroxide and a good portion of the gauze to mop up all the blood, Hideki had finally gotten the bleeding under control so that he could redo the wrapping. He overdid it a bit this time; he wanted to make sure this one would last her as long as she needed it to.

"And that ought to be about all we can do for her now..."

"Is it... is she going to be alright, Hideki?" Vi asked.

"She's lost a lot of blood... but right now, she just needs to rest." He put a finger to her neck to feel that she still had a pulse. "I think she'll be fine, if we can get her an adequate place to rest-"



Hideki violently pounded on the door to the gym.

"Blaine! BLAINE! Goddammit Blaine, open the door..."

"State your names, please," a voice said. The voice sounded projected, like from a loudspeaker.

"Larry, Curly, and Moe. And we have someone gravely wounded out here and she needs help NOW. Look, even if you don't want us holding out here, fine, we'll figure something else out. Just-"

"Hideki? Hideki from Pallet Town?"

Hideki was too stunned to respond. How the hell did he know who he was? He looked around for a few seconds before finally spotting the camera high above the door.

"That's right, I'm Hideki. And this..." he looked down at the girl lying unconscious on the back of her Typhlosion, "This is Harmony. She's lost a lot of blood... Please help her..."

Hideki heard a series of clicks coming from inside the door.

"Leave the Typhlosion outside, or recall it back into its ball if it has one. Do NOT, under any circumstances, release any of your Pokemon inside the premises. Not until I've had a look at them anyway. That is my only condition, but it is vital that you all follow it to the letter. Understood?"

Hideki looked back at Vi and Xerxes to make sure they were in compliance; both nodded. Hideki handed Jack's ball to Xerxes, then lifted Harmony into his arms as Xerxes recalled the Pokemon into its ball.

"Understood. All our Pokemon have been put away."

The door made one final, resounding click and slowly swung open.


The new gym appeared to be even larger on the inside than it had on the outside. This was no ordinary Pokemon gym; this was a full-fledged facility. For what purpose, Hideki still did not know. The three trainers walked down a long hallway before being greeted by Blaine, the Cinnabar Island gym leader.

"Hello, Hideki... it's been quite a long time since our last meeting."

"She's cut her leg badly," he replied, ignoring Blaine's pleasantries, "what can you do for her?"

"Take her into this room," Blaine said as he led them to a pair of large, steel doors a little further down the hall.


This room was brightly lit and smelled of bleach. A long, metal table sat in the middle of the room. Blaine rushed over to the table and pushed things aside until he had made enough room for Harmony to rest there; he then laid a large white sheet on the spot.

"Lay her down here and let's have a look at this wound."

"Jesus, Blaine, you have a whole surgery room built in here!?" Xerxes marveled, "I didn't know you were a doctor, too..."

"I'm not... not a doctor of medicine, anyway. And this isn't a surgery room... it's where I perform autopsies."

Hideki and Xerxes exchanged troubled looks, as Vi let out a small whimper.

"Calm down, I'm not going to hurt her... I can't promise I'll be able to help her, though, either. Let's start with the basics; why is she unconscious right now?"

"She passed out on the way over here," Hideki explained, "loss of blood, I assume."

"She cut her leg, you said? How?"

"We were flying earlier today and had a rough landing... she cut it then, on a rock or something. I don't know. We bandaged it up but she apparently re-opened it a few times over the course of our travels today..."

"Has the wound shown any signs of infection? Have you been treating it properly?"

"We doused it in peroxide before each wrapping. It's all we had, but we've minimized the risk of infection as best we could."

"I see... if all that is true then, I assume she just needs to be stitched up. That I can do. But, for ethical reasons..."

Blaine walked over to one of his many metal cabinets and retrieved a small glass bottle with some sort of liquid inside. He opened the lid and held the bottle under Harmony's nose. Within a few seconds an unpleasant look hit her face, and she slowly opened her eyes.

"Blaine...? Oh God... we made it..."

"That's right, it's very good that you have such a keen understanding of your surroundings. Now... I'm sorry, what was your name, again?"

"Harmony. And I'm a girl, not a boy."

Blaine chuckled. He hadn't forgotten her name, in fact, he vaguely remembered fighting her for the Volcano Badge a few months earlier. He was merely testing her cognitive ability; her humorous allusion quelled all his concerns.

"Alright Harmony, I think I can help you, but I need to run a few things by you, is that alright?"


"Now, your leg is very deeply cut, but I believe I can fix it with a few stitches. However... I am a scientist, not a doctor. I've never done this on a live body, or even a human body, for that matter. My entire experience comes from working on dead Pokemon. Now, having issued this warning to you, I have full personal confidence in myself that I can perform this procedure successfully. Do you want me to sew up your leg, Harmony?"

Harmony thought for a moment.

"I don't think I have much of a choice... I... Okay. I want you to sew up my leg."

"There is one other thing... I told you I'm not a doctor, and this is not a hospital. I'm equipped for autopsies, but not surgeries. This means... I can't offer you any anesthetics of any kind."

"Blaine, surely there has to be-" Hideki interrupted. Blaine continued.

"You'll most likely be awake for the whole procedure, and you will endure a great deal of pain. I have chemicals that will stop your leg from bleeding, so even if something goes wrong, your life should be in no immediate danger. But it will hurt... a lot."

"You can't seriously expect her to do this..."

"It's up to her. Harmony?"

"There's nothing you can give me at all? I'll just... be here, awake, feeling everything?"

"Wait a minute!" Xerxes said, suddenly, "Those pills..."

Xerxes dug through his backpack until locating the painkillers he'd given Hideki earlier. He handed them to Blaine. "Can you use these on her?"

Blaine studied the label.

"Too risky. This is a narcotic. The amount I'd have to give her to numb her enough could affect her cognitions in unpredictable ways... I can give you some after the surgery, to help the pain then. But not during."

"I don't..." she began. This didn't change anything, she knew it was still her only option. But she was scared to death now. "Hideki? What do you think?"

She heard no response. "Hideki?"

She now lifted her head and scanned the room. Hideki was nowhere to be seen. "Where did he go..."

"He must've slipped out of the room, I guess..." Xerxes said. "I didn't even see him leave..."

"The sooner we can start this, the better..."

"I..." Harmony had to fight hard to keep the tears away. He'd abandoned her. How could he leave her, now, of all times?

"If the cut is deep enough to respond the way your friends told me is has, it may not heal on its own..."

As scared and as hurt as she was, physically and emotionally, Harmony still saw this as her only option.

"Okay," she said as a single tear inched its way down her cheek. "Go ahead."

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Blaine is a badass, as always. Kinda douchy move on hideki's part to leave but I'm sure he had some kind of reason.



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chapter 19 is almost done, too =)

Blaine has always been one of my favorite Kanto leaders, so naturally, i wanted to do him justice.

and yes... quite a douchey move indeed. i wonder what motivated the usually-staunchly loyal Hideki to do such a thing...


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Chapter 19


Hideki finally found a spot he liked. It was a place where the hallway dead-ended, with a window looking out at the sea to the north. Large metal bars had been installed in front of the window, as extra fortification from an unlikely but potential outbreak, Hideki supposed, but the beauty of the sight was not lost on him. The moon was providing just enough light for him to distinguish the sea from the sky on the horizon, and each wave glistened with the moonlight.

He sighed as he placed both hands over his face and fell back hard against the wall behind him. He then allowed himself to slide down, all the way down until he was seated against the wall, like a child in a time-out.

He tried hard to distract himself, but every few moments he'd hear a faint scream that would pull him back into the horrific reality he was in. In a way, he was relieved. A few minutes ago he was afraid for her life, unsure if Blaine would even allow them in, much less volunteer to perform a surgery to fix her leg. Did Blaine still just have that much respect for him, after all these years? He remembered their battle well; more specifically, the conversation they'd had right after the battle. Blaine told him he'd far exceeded anything he'd seen in a challenger in all his years as a gym leader; he shook his hand and told him that he WOULD complete his challenge. He didn't realize until this moment how much those words had inspired him and driven him to carry on, even after it seemed like all hope was lost along with Gerald in Victory Road.

Another scream of agony, the loudest one yet, violently snapped him back into reality. He reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of earbuds. He plugged them into his phone and searched his library for the loudest thing he could find.


After a few minutes of death metal, he'd slipped into his own thoughts again. He didn't even notice that Vi had sat down beside him until she tapped on his shoulder.

"Why did you leave?" she asked him.

Just the kind of question she'd ask. Somehow this girl had an uncanny ability to hit Hideki right at the core. "There's nothing I can do," he said, looking out the window again, "and I didn't want to get in the way."

"I don't think that's it."

He said nothing.

"I think... I think you're hurting inside right now. I think you're scared for her. I think you're feeling some of her pain."

"No, Vi, I'm not. And that's just it. You know what I wish, right now? I know she has to do this... it's the only way to fix her leg. I just wish... I wish I could do this for her. I wish I could take all her pain away. She lied about how bad she was hurt all along... just so we wouldn't worry about her. Just so she wouldn't slow us down."

Vi smiled. "She's stronger than you think she is, Hideki."

"I know she's strong, Vi... but I wish she didn't have to be so strong all the time."

A few moments of silence passed.

"Has she told you anything about our past?"

Vi shook her head. Hideki sighed.

"About three years ago, I went to the Hoenn region to try the same challenge I won in Kanto. But I lost at the third gym. All my Pokemon... I watched them all die at the hands of Wattson and his Magneton."

Vi was silent. She couldn't imagine how she could possibly respond to that.

"I didn't know Harmony too well at the time. We met right before I left... she was just a kid, didn't even have her own Pokemon yet, but she came all the way from Johto to ask me to teach her how to become a trainer."

Hideki let out a small grin upon recalling this memory. It was quickly wiped from his face as he remembered the next one.

"I took losing hard. Too hard... It totally changed me. I was almost completely dysfunctional for a long time because of it. But Harmony..." he let out a dry laugh, "It hurt her even more than it hurt me."

"What happened?"

"She bugged me, constantly. Wouldn't leave me the hell alone. She'd call me almost every night... sometimes I'd go days without answering, but she'd always try again the next day. She got her mother to take her to see me whenever she could... then after she started her own journey and could come to Kanto by herself, she'd do that, too."

"It must've helped to have someone there like that."

Hideki said nothing as he looked down in shame.

"No... it didn't. I was horrible to her. I completely rejected all her attempts to help me. I just wanted to shrivel up and die in my own aloneness. She got in the way of that. I saw her as a buzzard, but in truth... she was an angel."

"That's a very sweet thing for you to say, Hideki."

Again, silence.

"She's been through so much because of me... she's given up so much for me. And now she's going through this... and I can't even help her. Hell, I'm not even man enough to go be with her right now... Pathetic..."

"I don't think it's pathetic..." Vi offered. "It hurts you too much to watch her go through that kind of pain. It shows you really care about her."

"She'd be there for me..."

"But would you want her to be? Would you ask her to watch YOU suffer like that?"

Vi's last question brought up a plethora of conflicting thoughts and emotions in him. She stood up, then stooped down again to hug him.

"You're too hard on yourself, Hideki."


Several hours passed, just Hideki and his music. He tried to guess how late it was now before remembering the clock on his phone. 3:13. After all he'd been through today, he couldn't imagine going to sleep right now. His thoughts weighed far too much for that to happen tonight.

Blaine had found him a few hours earlier. The procedure was successful, apparently. He'd given her a heavy dose of Xerxes' painkillers and she'd passed out almost instantly, in part due to the side effects of the drugs, but mostly out of exhaustion.

"If you would, in a few hours, when the painkillers start to wear off..." Blaine instructed, "I'd like you to go and watch over her. I have a 'do not disturb' sign on the door to the room you're looking for. When she comes to, she'll likely still be feeling the side effects of the drugs. She'll be confused and disoriented, and she'll want someone she can trust to be there with her. The other two told me you're the one I should go to for that."

He wondered if it was time for him to expect her to be awake yet. Half of him desperately wanted to go and see her right away, awake or not, but the other half wanted nothing to do with her. This part was too ashamed; it felt unworthy to even speak to her. Finally, the first half sighed, shook his head, and stood up.


Harmony felt herself awaken suddenly. At least she thought that's what it was; an awakening. But had she been asleep? She gathered her surroundings; same walls, same door, same table, same bed. She didn't remember having a dream, but she didn't remember anything else between now and whenever she last roamed the land of the conscious either.

It must be the drugs. No wonder Hideki was so giddy when he took them. He only had two, right? And how many had they given her? No good; she barely remembered anything from shortly after leaving the Seafoam Islands. She wondered if they'd given her too many; the sensation felt a little too light at times. She'd drift off and feel as though she was floating uncontrollably, with no way to softly land back on the bed she'd truly been lying still in the entire time. Only then did she remember her leg; ironically, it was the only part of her that wasn't completely numb. She could feel the cut and could tell she was hurt, but it was more like she'd grown a tolerance to the sensation of pain itself.


A light tapping on her door startled her. The door creaked open slightly; it was Hideki.

"Hey Harm..." he said, softly. "Sorry, I... didn't know if you'd be asleep or not. I didn't wake you up, did I?"

"I... don't know."

Hideki accepted her strange answer, knowing it was probably the narcotics talking more than anything.

"I just came in to check on you... they weren't completely sure about your dosage so-"

"Why... weren't you there with me?" she asked him, the sadness obvious in her voice.

"Oh, Harmony... damn it..."

Harmony turned her head to look at Hideki as he sat down in the chair next to the head of her bed.

"I wasn't there because... because I'm too weak. That's why. The thought of you lying there, going through that much pain... I still don't know if I could have endured that."


"I'm not nearly as strong as you are, Harmony. Look at you... you made it through something I couldn't even WATCH you do. I know you're probably upset with me, and... and you should be." Tears began to flow down his cheeks, but his voice stayed as calm as always. "I failed you, Harmony," he whispered. "Just like old times."

Harmony gingerly scooted up in her bed until she was in a semi-seated position. She placed one hand over the back of Hideki's neck, and with the other, she wiped the tears off his cheeks. She moved closer to him so softly he didn't even notice how close she'd gotten until he felt her breath on his face when she spoke.

"You're so dumb, Hideki."

The kiss caught Hideki off-guard; he didn't kiss back. He didn't know what had happened until she had pulled back away from him.

A long silence passed.

"You... you only did that because you're high, didn't you?"

"Probably... I mean, that's probably what gave me the courage. But... I've wanted to do that for a long time now."

"So have I."

Their second kiss was deeper and lasted much longer, each party expressing years of bottled emotions as best they could with such a simple gesture.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you," Hideki said, pulling away from her lips for a moment.

"Shh..." she whispered, "don't spoil the moment."


He stayed by her side for several minutes. As he sat next to her he noticed her drift off several times, then awaken suddenly before repeating the cycle.

He adjusted her sheets as he stood up.

"I'm gonna go. You need your rest."

"No... why?" she asked, like a little kid who doesn't want her mother to leave for work.

"Those drugs make you sleepy. That's a good thing. It lets you heal. So I'm gonna go so you can sleep."

"Hideki... Sleep with me?"

He looked at her, a quizzical look on his face.

Harmony giggled slightly. "You know what I mean. Just lie here next to me."

Hideki blushed. "No, I- I know, but I don't... I mean what will the others think if they come in to check on you and I'm..."

"Since when do you care what the others think?"

She had a point.

"Come on, Hideki. Please don't leave me alone again. I want you here with me. I'll heal best with you here."

He couldn't help but smile at the childish reasoning behind her request. He knew she was way out of it at this point, not even totally conscious, probably. But he also knew her sentiment was real. It just fit. It just felt right.


Hideki laid next to her in a rather uncomfortable position; he made a conscious effort to keep his legs as far away from her as possible, so as not to inadvertently bump her injured leg. But with his top half he held her as securely as he possibly could. He wanted her to know without having to tell her that he would never leave her side again.

March 30, 2011 at 12:11 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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I dunno man, I can't say I didn't see this coming. 


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March 30, 2011 at 8:17 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Crimson DESTR0YA
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i wasn't really going for the element of surprise here but okay...


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March 30, 2011 at 11:41 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Lol. Well you did well. oD


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March 30, 2011 at 11:49 PM Flag Quote & Reply

B "Diddy" M
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I agree with CJ in that the relationship between Hideki / Harm was completely expected but, as you said, you weren't intending for it to be a surprise. You were describing it happening and it was awesome imo. You really nailed their respective feelings to the letter.

Being the macho manly man I am, I think Vi should kill something soon. Rampaging Articuno perhaps? And I'm going to make a shirt that has a picture of Vi and Presea stomping people. That's right, Presea / Vi fanboy here. They're so badass. If I ever have a little girl, I'm going to name her Presea and teach here how to use an Axe as a child.

... I kinda went off topic there... ANYWAY I really like this update. It finally put Hideki and Harm together in a well thought out way that wasn't overly gushy. Kudos my friend.


April 1, 2011 at 2:59 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Crimson DESTR0YA
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that's the effect i was going for. at the beginning of the story, i didn't want them to have anything more than an implied romance, but as i wrote i think i got a little carried away... to the point where if i didn't have a chapter that officially put them together, it'd feel like a disappointment, copout, or like i forgot/ignored that aspect of the story. so knowing full well how predictable it was, i did the best i could while still not being TOO cliched.

idk if she'll be doing any killing anytime soon, but Vi is going to take advantage of the four very experienced trainers she now has around her to do some hardcore training. Vi fans will not be disappointed with the next chapter or two.

however... i'm getting the urge to do other things, and having just brought closure to the Hideki/Harmony romance subplot, i feel this is a good time to declare Chapter 19 to be the end of "Part 1" and set this aside for a few weeks.

please tell me what your opinions are about the prospect of me doing this... even if you're one of those lurkers who reads all these posts but doesn't usually comment (i KNOW you're out there =P). because i won't lie... lack of feedback on my last handful of chapters is part of what's driving this decision.

if i do postpone the story here, i'll likely start on either Hideki's Emerald Nuzlocke or a narrative of another, non-pokemon related video game (KotOR, Link's Awakening are possibilities) and resume the story in a month or two. if you guys convince me you want me to keep going, i'll keep writing at the pace i've been going at until the story is done.


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While usually I am one to clamour for MOAR, in this case I actually agree with you in that this is a great place to end Part 1 and take a good long break. It isn't that I don't want yout ot keep writing, but I do think you have earned a abscence so that you can build something else on the site, like a KoTOR run? (pwease?)


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B "Diddy" M
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Take your break bro. It'll give you time to think about where you want to take the story and give you some free time for other cool activities. As for the game, do KoTOR. For real. I will if you don't.. but I won't post fun narratives cause i'm spiteful like that. AHHH YEAAAAA

Seriously though, I think this is a good place to end Part I. Take a break and do something else that's fun!


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Excellent :D btw, i do want some definite Vi ass-kicking soon. but understandable with the calling it part 1. its a good stopping point i think. Boy, you got some writing skillz.  but like i said before, i like the way you wrote this. it was a good closure and expertly done.

we must have moar. 8)

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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alright, well, after a brainstorming session i had earlier today, i reached the conclusion that i still have several unanswered questions about the core of this story. therefore, i officially declare Chapter 19 to be the end of Part 1, and i will pick up Part 2 at a time TBD.

unfortunately... i don't have a new project ready just yet. see... what i really wanna do is a Let's Play of Paper Mario. i love that game deeply, plus i am pretty much a champ at it, and i know it intimately, so i think i can do a very good LP of it. however... as of now, i lack a cap card and a decent video editor. BUT, my birthday is in two days! so here's the plan. HOPEFULLY, i gain enough free money to purchase both those things, and start my LP next week. if this falls through... i'll come up with something else and let you know.

but for now, the only solid bit of info i have for you guys is that this story is on hiatus. thanks for the input... the fact that you guys didn't mind me doing this is the only reason i'm comfortable taking a break.


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