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Yeah, sorry about my lack of activity in PR...its just, I'm not a battle, and my computer can't handle most of the other games.  However, once Portal 2, Dragon Age 2, L.A. Noire, and other games come out, I'll be posting more, trying to get conversations going about those games.

And I have to agree with CJ and Ashley about the chapter ting.  Post when you are ready.  I check this site nearly every day for an update, but it doesn't bother me when there isn't one.



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I... don't know what to put here, for it seems all the words have been stolen from my mind and placed in the above posts. And so I present this:
That is all


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Chapter 11

Hideki was the first to wake up the next morning, but he didn't move for about 20 minutes afterwards for fear of waking Harmony. The day before had been just as stressful on her, so he wanted her to get as much rest as she possibly could. It wasn't like there was any real rush anyway; sure, the longer they waited the further the infection could theoretically spread, but Hideki felt pretty confident that with the sealing of Mt. Moon, it wasn't going to be doing any more spreading.

But what if Misty had missed something? What if an infected Pokemon had gotten loose east of Mt. Moon? For that matter, while immune, he was sure her Starmie had been infected as well. He wasn't quite sure where exactly she ran off to so how could he be sure she wasn't spreading it to other Pokemon right now? No, she's smarter than that. She was able to figure out on her own that Starmie was immune, so she had to know better than to let it contact other Pokemon. His natural distrust, he decided, was the cause of his unease, and he spent the rest of the time trying to convince himself of Misty's competence.


Suddenly, Harmony convulsed next to him; this unexpected movement in turn startled Hideki and caused him to jolt, resulting in him banging his arm against the machine he sat next to. This collision caused a loud clang that seemed to echo all throughout the facility.

"Eheheh... sorry..." Harmony said, sheepishly, "I had one of those falling dreams..."

Hideki laughed. "You're too high-strung for your own good."

"Hey, you jumped too..."

"Is everything alright in here?"

Hideki and Harmony looked up to find Xerxes standing in the entranceway to their room, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

"Yeah, I just... woke up kind of suddenly," Hideki said.

"The hell made that noise?"

Hideki again struck the strange machine, on purpose this time, replicating the sound.

"Ah," Xerxes said with an annoyed look on his face before turning and walking back into his room.

"See, look what you did. You woke up X. Good job, loser," Hideki said.

"What!? You're the one who made the noise!"

"But you made me make the noise."

"I was asleep! It was a reflex! You've got to be kidding me..."

"Yeah. I am."

Harmony paused, then laughed. The laughter was more an expression of her happiness regarding Hideki's new attitude. She got more pleasure out of the fact that he was making jokes again than she got out of the joke itself. She was beginning to see more of the boy she used to admire in him.


The three gathered in Xerxes' room to eat a light breakfast of trail mix and granola bars. As she worked her way through a bag of trail mix, Harmony dumped off every raisin she came across onto Hideki's side of the table.



"The raisins..."

"Oh. You know I hate raisins."

"Yeah but you take those out and it's basically just nuts."

"AND the little chocolate candies!" she said, cheerily. "Which they NEVER give you enough of, I might add."

Hideki sighed as he threw all of Harmony's raisins into his mouth at once. He didn't particularly like raisins either, but he didn't want them to go to waste.

Xerxes chuckled.

"What?" Hideki asked, almost defensively.

"Nothing... just you two. You're certainly the liveliest traveling companions I've ever had."

Hideki found this statement odd; he wasn't sure there was ever a time in which he would have used the word "lively" to describe himself. He hadn't noticed any difference in himself since the night before, but something felt lighter inside. He was hiding out from a swarm of zombified Pokemon in a former criminal organization's secret base, he had just watched two of his oldest friends die, and he had spent the night sleeping on the floor. But in a way, this was the best he'd felt in quite some time.


"Is it just me or are we losing our light?" Xerxes asked.

Hideki and Harmony hadn't noticed the dimming lights until Xerxes pointed it out, but he was right; the generator was losing its charge.

"Guess it's time to give it another t-bolt," Hideki said as he started to stand up to charge the generator.

"Hold on," Xerxes said, standing himself, "J-Dog's done enough. We're a team, we may as well act like one."

"If you don't mind, Xerxes, that'd be great," Hideki agreed, sitting back down. "I'd like to keep J-Dog as fresh as possible."

"Me and Gamzee can handle this, can't we, buddy?" he said as he threw a ball and released his Magneton. "We'll be right back."


"Hey, Harm? Do something for me?" Hideki asked.

"What's that?"

"Do you think... you could bring Shadow out for a minute?"

Harmony smiled. She knew what he was up to. "Of course!"

Shadow the Espeon let out a rather large yawn upon its release from its Pokeball. Hideki picked up the creature and sat it in his lap.

"Shadow..." he said softly as he began to scratch Shadow behind its ears, "I know what you did for me yesterday. Thank you."

The Espeon began purring loudly and snuggled in closer to Hideki.

"Awww..." said Harmony, "Hideki, that's amazing!"


"Espeon are known for their inability to bond with anyone but their trainer... you know how much love it takes to get an Eevee to evolve into one, right? I had to pamper this guy nonstop for days before he trusted me," she said, now reaching a hand in to stroke Shadow on the head. "But he looks so happy with you..."

"I think we both know this guy's no ordinary Espeon."

"But still-"

Harmony froze as she heard a muffled crash and the two were surrounded by darkness.

"Did... Xerxes just didn't reach the generator in time, right? That's why the lights all went out?"

"No, I don't like this, Harm. Call Shadow back and take my hand." Harmony did so, and the red light from the Pokeball offered her vision for just long enough to reacquaint herself with her surroundings.

"Where'd you leave my jacket?" he asked.

"Um... back in the other room, I guess. Where we were sleeping."

The two stood up and worked their way over to the room they had camped out in the night before. Feeling around the room, Hideki first stumbled upon their backpacks, both of which he grabbed. "Put your backpack on, just in case..."

"'Just in case' what? Hideki, you're scaring me..."

"Don't be scared, Harm. It's just best to be prepared."

After a few more seconds of fumbling around in the darkness, Harmony located Hideki's jacket. She pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and pressed a button, illuminating the screen and providing them with enough light to see each other.

The two used their newfound light source to work their way through the facility. Hideki grabbed Xerxes' belongings as they went; he wasn't going to volunteer this idea to Harmony, for he didn't want to scare her, but his mind was already racing to figure out how the base could have possibly been breached.


"Hey! Heeey!" a voice called out in a whisper.

Hideki moved the light from his phone around until he found Xerxes sitting against a wall in the hallway.

"Xerxes! What the hell happened here?"

"Shhh!" Xerxes whispered, "We have to be quiet! They're here. They could be anywhere..."



A knot formed in Hideki's stomach. Diglett's Cave. He had completely forgotten about Diglett's Cave. The infection could have easily spread from Viridian Forest through the cave, and from there it could quite literally go anywhere. What terrified him the most at the moment though was the prospect of being trapped in an underground hideout with a potentially limitless supply of bloodthirsty Digletts.

"EEP!" Harmony exclaimed, startled. "What is that thing???" She said frantically, pointing to a faint shadow over Xerxes' shoulder.

"Calm down, that's just Myon."

It wasn't until Xerxes introduced his Mismagius that she realized it was a Pokemon, and a friendly one at that.

"This is the only thing I have that I'm fairly sure is immune. Seeing as how ghosts have no physical form... I hope so anyway."

"What about your Magneton?" Hideki asked, "It's inorganic. It should be-"

"They... they got him."


"No Magneton stands a chance against a ground-type... but there's no way I could've seen this coming... they just... came through the wall and right through the generator... I couldn't..."

"Xerxes, I'm sorry..." Harmony said.

"It's alright... I've lost my fair share of Pokes over the years. I think we have more important things to worry about at the moment..."

"Like how we're gonna get out of here..." Hideki added.

"Right. Look, I know one thing: no power means those annoying spinning tiles won't function. We should be able to just sprint on out of here."


"Okay guys, that's the plan: we're just gonna run out of here as fast as we can," Hideki said as he released his Starmie from its Pokeball, "I'll take the lead, and Starwho here will Surf away any Diglett in front of us. Xerxes, you and Myon pick off the ones behind us. We'll have to be extra diligent in staying close to one another in a group."

"Hideki," Harmony interjected, "I think you're forgetting-"

"I didn't forget you, Harmony. We're pretty sure Starwho and Myon are immune to the virus. I'm not confident that any of your Pokemon are."

She did a quick runthrough of her team in her head; he was right, she didn't expect any of them to have the same immunity.

"So much for that line about needing me..."

Hideki firmly grabbed her by the shoulders. "I DO need you. But not here. Not in close quarters. This is for your and your Pokemon's safety. Please, Harm. Just say close to me."

Harmony nodded her understanding.

"Whenever you're ready..."


The three didn't encounter any Diglett on the way out of the Rocket Hideout. Xerxes had managed to escape before any of the zombified Diglett that had wrecked the generator had noticed him. His Magneton was an obstacle, but inorganic, so the Diglett were never tipped off to the presence of any potential prey lurking in the facility. They had gotten lucky. Still, they had established that virtually nowhere was safe now that infected Diglett roamed free under their feet everywhere they went.

They were all shocked by the sight that met their eyes upon reaching the surface. Celadon City looked like a warzone. Bodies of all descriptions, human and Pokemon, man and woman, children and the eldery, littered the streets. Some buildings had been severely damaged, others virtually demolished. The city hadn't been abandoned before, but the infected Pokemon sought out and slaughtered everyone in hiding.

"Hideki..." Harmony said, shellshocked by what she was seeing, "what now?"

"I... don't know."

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Zombified Digletts. That sent chills down my bones dude. *shudders*


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i really hope you guys like this one... i've stared at it so long i don't even know how to judge if it's good anymore. i think i can get back in a rhythm now though.


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This was a very good chapter! I liked all the twists. Especially how it's known now that being inorganic doesn't mean you are safe.. shit's going down! I have to mimic CJ.. Zombified Digletts are terrifying. I wonder how Hideki is going to end up.. he's personality is beginning to lighten up but how long will it last I wonder...


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i'm pleased with the way the story is heading... what concerns me is, i can't put my finger on it, but the writing feels sub-par. oh well. i'd rather have a good story written poorly in places than a bad story written eloquently throughout.


i'll get better guys, i promise.


and i'm glad to see everyone is as horrified by zombie digletts as i was hoping they'd be =D

EDIT: after conversing with some friends about the latest chapter, i have come to the conclusion that i do not suck. thanks for sticking by me though guys; Diddy, CJ, even Del had some words of encouragement. this has been a tough week on me for sure but it's over now, and i'm ready to get back on this like i was before. i can't believe how positive the response has been so far and i'm gonna do my best to live up to expectations. your character will be introduced soon! won't be long now until everything is set up...


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on a related note, Leroyjenkins (as she's known on here) has drawn me a wonderful piece of fanart relating to this story. is there anyone living in fairly close proximity to me who has a scanner i could use? i'd love to show it to you guys.


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so i just took a picture of it with my phone. it doesnt quite do the picture justice, but it's probably about as good as a scanner would do anyway. go HERE to see it!


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That picture was pretty awesome.  HIdeki was spot on with the image in my head, which was awesome.  Harmony wasn't so close to my own image, but every person imagines every character different, and doesn't make that picture any less full of win.  

Basically, what I am saying, if that picture could be liquified, it would be EpicJuice.


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Crimson DESTR0YA
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i had personally imagined Harmony to look a little more... innocent, i guess, but i think part of that is Leroy's style, which still went far and above doing my characters justice.

btw, i think saying that something would be EpicJuice if it were liquified must be the ultimate compliment.


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I thought so.  BTW, are you rich and famous off of EpicJuice yet?


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hang on, lemme check my bank account... hm... no, not rich. as for the fame, that's debatable, as i've recently discovered that a butt-ton of people are following this story, even non-PR members.

btw guys, chapter 12 will be posted later tonight


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okay, Chapter 12 is done, but it needs to be workshopped. i'm super happy with it; it's my longest chapter yet and a LOT happens. but it is very late and i've been at this for several hours straight now, so i just have to make sure it really is as good as i think it is. and the only way to know that is to look at it again tomorrow, when i'm not desperate for sleep.

so look for chapter 12 to be posted tomorrow, anytime from the afternoon to early evening.

thanks for your patience, guys.


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Lol I felt like that posting the last of my Platnium Nuzlocke. Looking forward to it!


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Chapter 12

Hideki, Harmony, and Xerxes spent the next half hour combing through the ravaged city, looking for anything of use. Even Hideki wasn't completely comfortable doing this, but all three knew they had to seize the opportunity to restock while the town was still devoid of zombies. Because of the now ever-present threat of Diglett, they made sure to have one Pokemon out and ready for battle at all times. Xerxes stuck with Myon, Hideki with Starwho, and Harmony with Shadow, who'd taken to sitting on her shoulder for safety.

They raided the Department Store, picking up some of the more high-end items such as Full Restores and Max Potions, until their bags were completely full.

"Let's make sure everyone has at least one Escape Rope too," Hideki suggested, "in case we get separated in a cave or something."


As they left the building, Xerxes posed the question weighing on everyone's mind.

"Well guys... where to now?"

"Cinnabar Island is the only place left that makes sense," Hideki said.

"That's a long flight... everyone up to it?"

"I have two that can fly," Hideki said, "Harm has one too."

"I can teach fly to my 'Nite in a pinch, if anything happens to Remilia."

"Hold on, you have a Dragonite?"

"Heh. Yeah. I'd rather not use him unless I have to though. He's completely physical... too dangerous to use against the infected."

"Hold on, guys..." Harmony interjected, "is Cinnabar really the best place to go? There's nothing there now that the volcano erupted."

"Blaine has already rebuilt his gym," Hideki said, "plus, I'll tell you what else isn't there: infected Pokemon. The people haven't moved back either. It should just be us and Blaine on the entire island."

"You're assuming nothing comes at us from the water..." Harmony said.

"Or the air..." Xerxes added.

"I'm not too concerned about the water Pokemon, we can easily fortify the island's perimeter with a wall of some sort. Rocky should be able to handle that, with all the volcanic rock the eruption created."

"Hey, now that's some good thinking!" Harmony said. She had always been impressed with his ability to form complex, intricate plans instantly, on the spot. He had taught her how to think like that to an extent, but she decided long ago that it must be one of those skills you have to be born with to truly master.

"As for things coming from the air... there are no Wingull or Pelliper in Kanto. And I doubt the other birds would fly that far out to sea. These things are driven by hunger; they'd have no reason to fly miles and miles offshore to find an island no wild Pidgey or Spearow has ever even-"

"Excuse me..." said a voice, quietly.


The three turned around to look at the young girl standing behind them. She looked like she couldn't be more than twelve or thirteen years old. Her hair was very light blonde, almost white even, and tied up into two small pigtails high up on her head. Her outfit consisted entirely of the colors white and pink; a short blouse over knee-high socks, and simple white shoes. The shoes looked dirtied and worn, as though she had been walking on them for several days now. She held what appeared to be a very young Eevee in her arms.

"Well hi there!" Harmony said happily but gently. She was truly happy to find another person alive, at the same time, she could only imagine what kind of horrible things the girl had had to live through.

A curious look came across the girl's face after Harmony spoke.

"You're the champion, aren't you? You're Harmony."

"Yeah," she said with a smile, "what's your name?"

"I'm Vi," the young girl replied, "I really... you're a very good trainer..."

"Aw... thank you!" Harmony said, as she smiled even broader.

Vi gave a small smile when she saw the reaction her compliment elicited out of the trainer she idolized.

"Are you from here?" Hideki asked.

Vi looked down at her Eevee and remained silent. She seemed uncomfortable with either the question or Hideki's presence, he couldn't tell which. Harmony moved in closer to the young girl.

"Here, let me introduce you to my friends. The tall one there is Xerxes, and that's Hideki over there in the red."

"Hello, Vi." Xerxes offered. Hideki just nodded.

"Hi..." she replied, weakly.

"Now, Vi," asked Harmony, "what on earth are you doing at a place like this? Do you live here?"

"No... I'm from Pallet Town."

"Really?" Hideki thought. This girl shared his hometown and he had never even seen her before. "I should probably get out more..."

"I started my very first adventure about a week ago. I managed to make my way here when... they..."

"It's a miracle she-" Xerxes started before quickly ending his statement. "You've... been through a lot, haven't you, Vi?"

Again, Vi seemed uncomfortable with Xerxes but she addressed him this time. "I was staying in the hotel night before last... then all this happened and I just ran and I hid in that tall building over there and I just waited for it to go away..." Again, she looked at her Eevee. "I found this little Eevee at the very top floor in a Pokeball. I think she belonged to somebody but it looks like she was abandoned..."

"What are you going to do now?" Harmony asked.

"I... don't know..."

"Look, as adorable as this is, we really need to get moving," Hideki said abruptly. "We can't stay in one place too long. We've been out here almost an hour."

"Vi, do you have any Pokemon?" asked Harmony. "Other than your buddy there," she said, pointing at the Eevee in her arms.

"Mm-hm," she said, nodding, "I have a whole team. They're not very strong though..."

"Would you like to come with us to Cinnabar Island?"

"You've got to be kidding," Hideki said. "You're not seriously thinking of dragging this kid along are you?"

"Hideki!" she said, shooting a glare at him, "She can hear you, you know."

"We're lucky we've made it as far as we have, and we're some of the strongest trainers in the country. How do you like our odds once we add a fourth member, and one as weak as she is?"

"Excuse me, Vi..." Harmony said as she stormed off, violently grabbing Hideki by the arm as she went.


The two got into a heated argument as soon as they were confident they were out of earshot.

"What do you suggest then? You wanna leave her here?"

"Yeah. I do."

"Alright. Fine. YOU go tell that little girl she has to die because she's too big a burden on us."

"Okay," Hideki said as he started walking toward Vi.

"Hideki!" Harmony almost yelled, again grabbing his arm and stopping him, "How could you!?"

"This is a matter of survival, Harm. I don't want that girl to die any more than you do. But it's not worth her life to risk yours."

Harmony paused, touched by his sentiment, in spite of herself. "Is that... really how you feel?"

"You know it is. You are always the very first thing on my mind whenever one of these outbreaks happens. And I'm going to make sure you're safe no matter what. But..." he paused as he turned his head slightly to glance at Vi and Xerxes in the distance, "she'll do nothing but slow us down. Maybe we can make it to Cinnabar with her just fine. But shit happens. And if that shit happens while we also have to babysit her..."

The two stayed silent for a few seconds.

"I understand..."

"You can stay here..." Hideki said, "I'll... go tell her."

He started off back towards them again, but again stopped when he felt Harmony's hand on his shoulder.

"I'm... I'm not okay with this, Hideki." Tears were now slowly streaming down her cheeks.


"I understand what you're saying and I totally respect it. But I could never forgive myself if I agreed to this. We can't leave her here. We just can't."

"I'm only looking out for you-"

"If you really care about me, you'll do this..." she reached out and clutched Hideki's hand in both of hers. "This will haunt me forever if we abandon her. Maybe you don't care about her, that's fine. Then do it for me."

Hideki sighed before slowly walking back to the group.


"Vi, listen..." Hideki began, "I'm sorry for what I said earlier. Would you like to come with us to Cinnabar Island?"

"I don't think you really want me to come along..."

"I know what I said was insensitive before, but I didn't mean it. I'm sorry. Alright?"

Vi looked up at Harmony.

"He really is sorry," Harmony offered.

"I think he's just lying because it's what you want," she said bluntly.

Hideki and Harmony were both taken aback by the girl's astute and mature understanding of the situation.

"Yeah, you're right," Hideki finally said.


"No, Harm... this girl is obviously smart. There's no use lying to her. Listen, kid..." he said to Vi as he approached Harmony and wrapped an arm around her, "I promised to protect this girl with everything I got. That's the whole reason I was against you coming with us. Because adding you makes things more difficult by default. It's nothing against you. Do you understand?"


"But she doesn't think like I do. Harmony insisted on bringing you along. She's just that kind of person. It means a lot to her and... I'm going to respect her wish."

"Hideki..." Harmony said, quietly.

He walked up to Vi and extended his hand.

"My name's Hideki. It's nice to meet you."

Vi stared at his hand for a long time before finally reaching out and meekly grabbing it.


"Guys, I feel like I'm always the one pointing out the obvious here," Xerxes said, "but we really should head off if we're going to leave."

"Right," Harmony said, "Vi, do you have anything that knows Fly?"


"That's... going to be a problem..." Hideki noted.

"Hideki, would you mind if she rode with you and BIg Bird?" Harmony asked. "I brought Birdo along, I'll be fine by myself."

He wasn't quite sure what she meant by "being fine by herself," but Hideki and Vi both (reluctantly) agreed to the plan.


The four trainers took off to the south; Xerxes on Remilia, Harmony on Birdo, and Hideki and Vi on Big Bird. The three Pokemon flew far enough apart from each other that the trainers couldn't comfortably speak with one another, and Hideki missed conversing with Harmony like they had on their previous flights. Both he and Vi were extremely quiet by nature, so the majority of the trip was spent in silence. Hideki would occasionally glance over at Harmony to make sure she was doing alright; each time he looked she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts.

"You like her a lot, don't you?" Vi finally asked.

Hideki sighed. "I promised I'd look out for her. I'm going to keep that promise."

"It's okay. I can tell you do. It's really sweet how you want to protect her so bad. I think you're really genuine with that. It's sweet."

Hideki was again baffled by the girl's acute understanding of his and Harmony's relationship, but then he realized she was probably messing with him.

"Thank you," Vi said.

"'Thank you?'"

"For changing your mind. Even if it was just for Miss Harmony."

Again, Hideki stayed silent.

"Is she as nice as everyone says she is?"

"Nicer," Hideki replied instantly. "You'll never meet a better... don't you have an iPod you could be listening to, or something?"

Vi let out a small giggle. "I like you. I thought you were mean at first but now I think you're just weird."


"HIDEKI!" Xerxes yelled. Hideki looked over to see him pointing at a black cloud to their right. It took him a few seconds to realize the mass was no cloud after all. A massive flock of bird Pokemon of all descriptions flew towards them. Hideki estimated there must have been at least two to three hundred Pokemon in the swarm.

"Success! Use Thunder!"

Hideki released his Zapdos, who let out a shriek and let loose a large bolt of lighting on the flock. Xerxes also had his Mismagius chip in with its own Thunder, although as a non-electric-type, its bolts were significantly smaller in size than Success'.

Each lightning strike resulted in the destruction of about twenty birds, but before long, both Success and Myon were running dangerously low on power for the move.

"Vi," Hideki said, "we're going to have to land. There's too many of them. As soon as we hit the ground, join Harmony and find somewhere to hide. I'll keep them off us as long as I can."

At this point, birds were closing in on the group from all sides. Hideki secretly doubted their ability to even land safely before being overcome, but he wasn't about to throw Vi in an unnecessary panic.

But again, Hideki had underestimated the girl's mental wherewithal, for she had a full grasp of the dire circumstances. Her gratitude toward the trainers who had taken her in, her admiration of Harmony and her newfound respect for Hideki drove her to make the sacrifice for the team.

"Voltage, use Selfdestruct!"

She threw a Pokeball high in the air as she gave this command, releasing a Voltorb. The Pokemon immediately glowed with a brilliant light before violently exploding, pushing the three trainers' flying Pokemon further and faster toward the ground, and pushing the surrounding swarm of birds in every other direction.

As his Fearow collided with the ground, Hideki felt himself become jarred from his Pokemon's back before sliding a ways until he abruptly crashed head-first into something hard; a tree perhaps, or a large rock. His vision quickly began to fail him, but the last thing he saw was his loyal Pokemon's body crumpled in a heap on the ground.

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I have now decided to rank up from lurker to troll. And for my inaugural post I would just like to say:



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Why did I know from the name it was you?  WHY!?

Anyway, hey Captain.  Welcome.


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If you couldn't guess who I was by the name then you aren't near as awesome as I thought. But you did so all is good. But now is not the time nor the place for greetings. It is however the exact time and place for:


So says the Captain.

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