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Mitsuo-Dexl at February 9, 2011 at 1:49 AM

Low blow, low blow.

to what do you refer, my good man?


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Ouch. Didn't expect a Golem to be affected. Makes a certain amount of sense with the organic parts though. It would appear the shit is hitting the metaphorical fan.


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The fact that you killed off the Golem.  Man, even I wouldn't consider killing off a Trainer's Pokemon like that, especially if it was a Pokemon from a run I had grown attached too.


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Chapter 8

"Are you Hideki?"

Hideki looked at the young girl standing in his doorway. She couldn't have been more than 13 or 14 years old.

"Hello? I said-"

"Yeah, I heard you kid. I'm Hideki."

The girl's face lit up excitedly. "It is you! I knew you'd be here somewhere!"

Hideki was truly surprised. He hadn't had a visitor in weeks. A few days after the challenge had ended, people had stopped trying to find him. He wasn't much of a media darling, and he made no effort to pretend.

"You bring a pen?" he asked the girl.

"Huh? No, why would I have a pen?"

"For an autograph..." he said in an annoyed tone, as though the answer was obvious. The girl's face shone even brighter upon this remark.

"You wanna give me your autograph!? Oh wow, that's so cool! I wanted to ask you but I thought that might be rude so I decided not to..."

Hideki had no intention of retrieving a pen for her before this exchange, but now even he couldn't refuse. He had brought up the subject, after all.

Hideki sighed. "You might as well come on in."


Hideki couldn't help but smile. He didn't have much of a tolerance for other people, even those who admired him. But there was something about this girl that he liked.

"Yeah, really. I'll find you a pen and get you something to drink."

"Okay!" the girl said as she followed him inside.


After heading upstairs to his room to find a pen, Hideki sat across the table from where the girl had invited herself to sit; she was eagerly sipping on the can of orange soda he had offered her earlier.

"Got anything in particular you'd like me to sign?"

"Oh... no, not really. Anything is fine," she said with a smile.

Hideki thought about what she might like the most as a memento of the occasion. She'd apparently come all the way out here just to see him; he wanted the trip to be special.

"Hang on," he said as he went back up to his bedroom. He returned down the stairs with his trainer card; not his current one, but an old, expired one. He'd had it custom-printed by a machine in the Celadon City Game Corner during his adventure. On the back, six Pokemon were printed in a row: a Venusaur, a Pidgeotto, a Gyarados, a Golem, a Jolteon, and a Farfetch'd.

"This is kind of special to me..." said Hideki, staring at the Venusaur on the back of the card. "I had this made a long time ago, but I don't need it now."

"Oh wow... I mean, just a piece of paper would be fine..."

"To be honest, kid... I kinda feel bad you came all this way just to see me. I want you to feel like it was worth the trouble."

"How could it NOT be worth the trouble!? I'm talking to the champion of Kanto!"

Hideki laughed and smiled broadly. He could tell her enthusiasm was genuine.

"What's your name?" Hideki asked, already signing his own name across the front of the card.

"Harmony," she responded. "My name is Harmony."


Hideki handed the card to Harmony once he had finished the custom autograph.

"Technically, you've got two autographs there," he said, "I signed the front for you just now and also addressed it to you. The back, I signed long ago, when I first got it."

"Cool! I can't wait to show my mom! Thank you so much!"

Hideki found it odd that a girl as old as she was wanted to show her mom the autograph, rather than her friends.

"No problem. But let's talk business. You sounded like you came here for something in particular."

"Yeah... I did," she said, "You probably get this a lot, but... would you... can you teach me how to be a trainer?"

Woah. Hideki hadn't seen this one coming.

"Usually your mom or dad teaches you how to be a Pokemon trainer..."

"My mom doesn't know anything about Pokemon," Harmony explained, "she has a few she uses around the house but she doesn't even have the first badge. And I hear the first gym leader in Johto is super easy, too."

"Wait a minute..." Hideki interjected, "you're from Johto? You came all the way from Johto?"

"Yeah... I'm from New Bark Town."

Great. This girl came from another region to ask him to be her mentor. Then another realization came to him.

"Hold on... you're not a trainer now?"


"How'd you get all the way here from Johto without any Pokemon?"

"My mom brought me... she actually came here to see a friend who lives here... I kinda snuck away to..."

"Oh, gimme a break..."

"Huh?" Harmony asked, confused. "I'm... sorry..."

"What? Oh, no, I was just thinking out loud..."

"I'm bothering you, aren't I..."

"No, kid, you're not," Hideki said, chuckling slightly, "it's just... you're making it awfully hard to turn you down, is all."

"Stop calling me 'kid.' Please? Call me Harmony. That's my name. I'm not THAT much younger than you, you know."

This brought another smile out of Hideki. He was starting to like her more and more. She reminded him of himself in a few ways.

"Alright, Harmony," he said, "look... there's a lot you need to learn about Pokemon before you can even think about training them. You need to know about physical power versus special power. You need to know what areas each Pokemon tends to excel at and what its weaknesses are. You-"

"I know all the basic stuff," she interrupted, sounding slightly annoyed.

"You may think you do, but I bet there's still-"

"How about this: I know you beat the Elite Four with a sub-dance Gyarados set, designed around using Substitute to avoid various negative effects and status conditions while setting up attack and speed boosts for yourself, effectively creating an unstoppable attacker."

Hideki stared at her for several seconds, not saying a word.

"What the hell do you need my help with then?" he finally asked.

"I get why your Gyarados is so good," she answered, "but I just don't know HOW to come up with that on my own. You're the best around, I know that much. I want you to teach me how to think this stuff up by myself. Isn't that what being a real trainer is all about?"

Hideki was stunned. When he was her age, his knowledge of Pokemon didn't go much beyond "fire beats grass beats water beats fire." He actually wanted to mentor her now, not because he liked her, but because he felt he'd be robbing the world of its next great trainer if he didn't.

"Hold out your hand," he said. Harmony did so, and Hideki wrote a sequence of digits on her with the pen he was holding.

"That's my number. We'd probably better find your mom now, I bet she's getting worried about you. But call me when you get back home, and I'll give you your first lesson."

A look of pure joy came across the young girl's face, as she let out a squeal and hugged Hideki excitedly. "I'll be a good student, I promise! I'm gonna get my first Pokemon soon and then I'll have my own adventure! I'm gonna be just like you, Hideki!"

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Chapter 9

"Hideki! Hideki, say something..."

Reality slowly started to set in. The first thing he saw was Harmony's face. She was older now, and appeared to be on the verge of tears.

"Was I... asleep just now?"

"Oh thank God..." Harmony said, relieved. "No, you've been awake this whole time but you wouldn't say anything and you just stared into space and I didn't know what had-" the rest of her sentence was muffled by Hideki's jacket as she drew herself into him. "Hideki... I'm so sorry..."

Still confused, Hideki began to draw in his surroundings. He saw Misty and her Starmie, and he saw Xerxes and what looked like Harmony's Espeon, Shadow, all staring at him, somber looks on their faces. In the distance he saw a lifeless, shell-less Golem sprawled out against a few broken and drenched trees. He finally pieced together what had happened.



"Guys, forgive me for bringing this up again..." said Misty in a somber but serious tone, "but another wave of Pokemon could come out of the cave any minute now. Does anyone have anything else capable of sealing the exit?"

"I'm afraid I don't..." Xerxes said, "I have a few stronger Pokemon who might be able to throw a wall together of some sort but nothing with a rock-type move..."

"Harmony, does Rocky still know a rock move?" asked Hideki. Harmony was stunned at the short amount of time it took for Hideki to go from lifeless vegetable to responsive group leader again.

"Yeah, he knows Rock Throw. Not quite as fast as Rock Slide but it should get the job-" Harmony stopped herself again. "But... he's had contact with... oh God..."

"What's wrong?" asked Misty.

"When we were in Pallet Town," Hideki explained, "we had to fight off a horde of Rattata. She used her Steelix to fight them off..."

"He made contact with a few of them..." she remembered, "I had him use Strength the first time... he's probably..."

"Harmony, you don't know that," said Hideki.

"Rochelle was only exposed for a few seconds too!" she said without thinking. She immediately realized how insensitive this was to say, mere moments after Hideki had lost his old friend. "Hideki, I'm-"

"I understand," Hideki said, then he sighed deeply. "I think... she just got unlucky. Rocky is much bigger than Rochelle, meaning the germ or virus or whatever is causing this had a much longer distance to travel in order for Rocky to breathe it in than the distance from the Raticate to Rochelle. You understand?"


"Besides, Harmony..." he began, gingerly. He knew he'd have to choose his words carefully here. "If... Rocky was exposed... he's already turned. Keeping him in his ball isn't going to save him. So it's better for you to find out now rather than when you really need him later."

These words hit Harmony hard, but she understood the wisdom behind them.

"Promise me one thing, Hideki..."


"Have Helena ready... if he's turned, I don't want... I want it to be as fast as..."



"Rocky, come on out! I... need your help."

The Steelix emerged from its Pokeball, and a knot formed in Harmony's stomach as she realized it wasn't doing anything. Just like Rochelle. Then she remembered that she had yet to give it a command.

"Rocky, I need you to seal off this cave for us. Can you use Rock Throw to cover the entrance?"

The Steelix let out a roar and climbed up the mountain. It dislodged a few boulders, rolling them down the slope and moving each in front of the cave. Harmony exhaled loudly, relieved that she didn't have to face the loss of one of her oldest friends.

"I wonder why Rocky didn't turn..." Xerxes said with a puzzled look, as though he was expecting the worst. "Do you think it might have something to do with its steel-typing?"

"That might make it harder for the virus to get inside," Hideki theorized, "but Steelix is still an organic creature. I highly doubt it's immune."

It only took about five minutes for Rocky to completely cover the hole in the side of the mountain.

"Great job Rocky... thank you," Harmony said as she drew the Steelix back into its ball.

"And thank YOU, all of you," said Misty, "You've just saved Cerulean City... you might've just saved all of eastern Kanto, for that matter."

"What're you going to do now, Misty?" Xerxes asked. "The day's almost over... it's going to be dark soon."

"I have to protect my city," she said firmly, "I'm staying here. I'm gonna wait a few days until everyone can move back and we can all live normally again..."

"Hideki, Harmony, what do you guys think we should do?"

Harmony couldn't see the sun because of Mt. Moon, but the color of the sky told her Xerxes was right, the day was ending. "We need to find somewhere to stay the night," she said. "We'd better pick a secure location that we can use as a base. Just in case we're wrong and this isn't contained."

Hideki half-smiled. "I've got an idea. Let's hurry and fly back to Celadon City. I wanna check it out right now just in case this doesn't work."

"Hideki, what are you talking about..." asked a confused Xerxes.


The three said their goodbyes to Misty and took off, Hideki and Harmony on Big Bird the Fearow, Xerxes on Remilia the Crobat.

"Hideki... can I ask you something?" Harmony said once they'd gotten up into the air.

"Of course."

"Why did you ask if you were asleep before?"

It took Hideki a moment to realize what Harmony was referring to. "Oh... tell me something. Exactly how long was I... unresponsive?"

"Only about a minute or so, I think. It felt like forever though..."

"That's really weird..."

"Why's that?"

"I... had a dream while all that happened."

"A dream?" Harmony repeated. "Wait... Hideki, what's the last thing you remember before that?"

"Rochelle was charging towards me, and then I was lifted into the air. That's it."

"Was it a happy dream?"

"Huh?" the question had caught Hideki off-guard. "I don't... does it matter?"

"Hideki, please. Was it happy?"

Hideki paused. "Yeah. It was a memory, actually. I relived a memory. A good one."

"I think I know what happened there," Harmony said, smiling, but in a somber way. "They say Espeon can tap into the emotions of their trainers. I definitely believe that, I know Shadow always seems to be there for me when I'm feeling sad. Well... I think when Shadow used Psychic on you, Hideki... he could feel your pain. And I think he used his power to extract a happy memory for you to experience again, as an escape from what was really happening."

"I see..." Hideki said, pondering this idea. "Hey, why did you have Shadow use Psychic on me in the first place? Why not... attack Rochelle instead?"

"It was the first thing I could think of. In that moment, Hideki... my only thought was to make sure you didn't get killed. That was what popped in my mind."

"That brain of yours never fails to amaze me," he said, turning around slightly to playfully rub the top of her head. "You probably saved my life, Harm... thank you. I owe you."

"No you don't..." she said, blushing slightly. "You'd do the same for me."

"I hope I would... I'm just not sure I can think as fast as you did in a situation like that."

"Hideki, you TAUGHT me how to think like that. I know you would. I wasn't kidding before... I have more faith in you than anyone else I know."

He wanted to hug her, but their current position made that impossible, or at least very dangerous. Instead he reached back and placed his hand over hers. Somehow, Harmony knew what this meant. She wrapped both arms around Hideki's stomach and leaned forward against his back.

"I've got you, Hideki," she said quietly, "I've got you when you're weak. And you've got me when I'm weak. We'll always be strong together."


Hideki commanded his Fearow to land in front of the Game Corner in Celadon City; Xerxes had his Crobat follow. The town was now as empty as Cerulean had been.

The Game Corner was closed and the door was locked.

"Big Bird, use Drill Peck on the padlock!"

The Fearow drove its sharp beak into the padlock on the door with a powerful thrust, both breaking and unlocking the device.

"We're holding out in the Game Corner? This is your idea?" Xerxes asked, surprised. "There are worse places I guess..."

Hideki smirked as he walked toward a poster in the back of the room. "Am I the only one who knew about this?"

Hideki lifted the poster off the wall, revealing a large, red button. When Hideki pushed the button, the floor in the back corner of the room opened up to uncover an underground staircase.

"This was Team Rocket's first hideout," Hideki explained, "I ran them all out of here during my challenge. I guess it's been unused ever since."

"Son of a bitch..." Xerxes marveled, "This is perfect!"

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Heh, great going!

I am curious though, ever since Xerxes entered the scene, are you going to expand on his character as well? His witty comments are making me like him more and more.


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Bumping for great content and to keep it ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE


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i'll have a new chapter posted later today guys, but after chapter 10 it may be another day or two before chapter 11. i really need to decide on the roles for other characters before i can go any further. with that in mind, i'm trying to make this next one good for you.


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Chapter 10

It didn't take long for Hideki, Harmony, and Xerxes to feel right at home in their new base. The power was shut off to the entire facility, but the generator room was quickly located and one Thunderbolt from J-Dog gave the machine enough power to run for several hours before needing another.

The three set up residence in the bottommost floor of the facility; Hideki was fairly certain that no humans could possibly discover the entrance to the facility, much less a zombified Pokemon, but he also didn't believe there was any such thing as overcautiousness.

The area they had chosen to camp out in was divided into two rooms, each containing basic furniture items, such as a table and chairs. Hideki and Harmony claimed the larger of the two rooms, Xerxes took the other for himself. Xerxes' room contained a small cabinet, which they used to store some of their excess goods. Unfortunately, neither room contained any more inviting resting surface than the cold, tile floor.


"Well guys, I think I'm going to bed," Xerxes said, yawning, "and by 'bed' I mean 'floor.' Damn it."

"There's a hotel just a few blocks away if you'd prefer," Hideki replied.

"Are you always such a smartass, Hideki?"

"He can be nice, when he wants to be," Harmony said.

"That's a lie," said Hideki.

Harmony laughed quietly. She was happy to see Hideki making jokes again, even at his own expense. His sense of humor used to be one of her favorite qualities in him, and it was the one quality that seemed to fall the hardest after he came back from Hoenn.

"Well you gotta be doing something right to keep her around," said Xerxes, "no girl I know has much of a tolerance for... anything, for that matter."

"The good outweighs the bad. By far," she said, looking at him and smiling.

"Speaking of which, sometime, I'd love to hear the story of how you two met."

"What makes it seem like that's so interesting?" asked Hideki.

"Well, I just mean... two former champs, from different regions... there's gotta be some story behind how you became friends. But," he said, yawning again, "for now, I really do need to get some sleep."

"Okay, goodnight Xerxes!"


About an hour later, Hideki was the only one still awake. He sat on the floor, leaned up against a strange machine about the size of a refrigerator in one corner of the room. In another corner, Harmony lay fast asleep, clutching Hideki's jacket under her head as a sort of makeshift pillow.

It usually took Hideki quite a while to fall asleep even under normal conditions. He found himself drifting off faster than he thought he would though; he hadn't realized how tired he really was until he had actually stopped to relax. He'd been through a lot today, from watching the man who had given him his very first Pokemon being torn apart by an undead Raticate to losing one of the Pokemon that brought him his Kanto championship. Even his time with Harmony had been an emotional roller coaster, although his feelings were mostly positive now in regard to her.

His mind began to wander to the infection. He wondered how this whole zombification process worked on a biological level. Rochelle must have turned so quickly because she came in direct contact with infected bodily fluids, he decided. There's no way an airborne virus could spread so quickly with such devastating results. Even if it did, nothing with the virus could come any further east, as Mt. Moon was now completely sealed off. He still didn't feel safe... something still nagged at him. Some... thing...


He felt something peck his shoulder. He had almost completely drifted off into sleep, so this interruption startled him, and he awoke with a small jolt. Harmony was now kneeling very close to him.

"I'm sorry... I woke you up, didn't I? You were kinda moving a little, so I thought you might not be asleep..."

"It's alright," he said, groggily, "you're right, I wasn't really asleep yet. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, just... I'm a little cold. Do you mind if I sleep next to you?"

Hideki nodded once and smiled slightly, and with that she laid down on her side, leaning her head on Hideki's stomach. She draped his jacket around herself, now using it as a blanket. "Unless you want it back," she said, looking at him. He indicated that he did not.


They stayed like this for several minutes until Hideki's attempts at sleep were again interrupted by the girl's voice.



"What was the happy memory that Shadow showed you?"

Hideki paused. "Go to sleep, Harm..."

"Please... I haven't seen you happy in a really long time. I don't know what makes you happy anymore. Please tell me."

Hideki relented, unsure why he was giving in so easily.

"It was the day I met you. The day I promised to teach you how to be a great trainer."

Harmony smiled and looked up at him. "Really?"

The way she posed this question reminded him of the young girl that appeared on his doorstep all those years ago. "Really."

This seemed to satisfy the girl's curiosity for now.

"Goodnight, Hideki... thank you," she said as she finally seemed to fall asleep, a smile still on her face.


As he, too, felt himself succumb to the gravity of sleep, his mind was focused on the girl lying next to him. A heavy guilt weighed on him; he thought especially of how he had pushed her away after his return from Hoenn. He couldn't even remember all the times she'd tried to inspire him to keep going. But his pride had always gotten in the way, and it was Harmony that always seemed to get caught up in the crossfire. She was his punching bag because she was the only one he had left, and looking back now Hideki couldn't fathom what had motivated her to stay by his side, after everything he had put her through.

Hideki bent his head down slowly, so as not to wake her, and kissed her on the top of the head. "I'm sorry," he whispered into her hair.

Harmony lifted a hand out from under the jacket and gently placed a finger over his lips. "No need for that," she whispered so quietly it was barely even audible, "that's in the past now."

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I want MOAR!!!


"Why don't you tell me? I'd like to know my feelings y'know!"

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*see previous post*


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I love all of this development! I agree with everyone else.. I want more NOW!! I can't help but wonder if they're actually going to tell X the story or not.. I know Hideki normally wouldn't but ya never know. Keep it coming!


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i gotta stop working on this right before bed... i've totally started dreaming about this.


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Wow. Fucking AWESOME story. I'm with the others...MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!

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that's it. this is probably a bad idea but i am going to FORCE myself to post chapter 11 before i go to bed tonight.

i promise i have been working on it, but with the death of my grandfather, pressure from others wanting their characters juuuust right, and an overall blahness as far as where i am in the story, it has just not come to me. i'll give you guys the best i've got later tonight though, even if it's total garbage.


also, i'm strongly considering moving this to my facebook soon, in an attempt to open it up to more people and because PR has kind of lost its touch it seems. a story like this isn't best read in a forum anyway.


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we need to start advertising again :/ try to get people back.

don't post your chapter if you're not happy with it. we are capable of being patient :) you have a lot going on right now

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buahaha. i made fanart. :D

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Leroyjenkins at February 16, 2011 at 11:44 PM

buahaha. i made fanart. :D

YES you did and i can't wait to see it! ^.^

i'm so proud.


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so i am insanely tired, and have my biggest classload tomorrow, meaning no new chapter like i promised. BUT i did make major and significant progress, and i think i got over my hump. meaning i can promise a new chapter tomorrow! and by tomorrow i mean the 17th, because it's already the 17th but i haven't been to bed yet so to me... shut up, Nick.

EDIT: so apparently there's a visitation tonight no one bothered to tell me about, meaning chapter 11 will be posted very late tonight. better yet, just shoot me and you guys can finish the story. everyone just write a chapter and make it a collage kinda thing.


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I think you should only post when you are ready. As Ashley rightly said, we are capable of waiting.

And PR is not dead. I am here, X is here, Diddy and more. We're all just waiting for something to get going. I would love to have another BATTLE NIGHT sometime. (If not this weekend) I know I am mostly a Pokemon battler and my L4D is on the Xbox, but I would still enjoy attending. I have a whole box of things for lulzlettes including (but not limited to) crappy pokes like Glalie and Wormadam! (Probably a competative battle first for those guys. I may add a Ledian and Luvdisc to the mix too)

Also I have no idea what you mean about getting characters right (at least in respect to my characters) If you are going to use Cecil or Jivide by all means use them however you want. They are yours now, I don't even want to be consulted. 


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