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Hideki is a thieving bastard. Bottle caps are important. Not having one leaves your drink naked and vulnerable.


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"The needs of the Eevee above the needs of the Coke." -Plato

and just to clarify, this is by no means dead. i've just been pumping all of my energy into Shattered Emerald so i can get that done. i'm only a handful of chapters away from finishing it, then i just need to beat the Elite Four and then this will be my main project again, with a suprise collab with Tamoria as a sidejob.


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I am absolutely certain that Plato said that at some point.

And it just now occured to me that I have never actually commented in this thread. Seriously, how have I not done that yet? I mean, I know I've already commented on everything on DA, but still, gotta show some love for the OT at some point, right? So let me just say again that I am really really really enjoying reading this, and that I just can't wait for the cast to hit the zombie-infested road again!

And I'm still really looking forward to that E4 stream for Shattered Emerald. That will be all kinds of awesome.


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i was a fan since chp.1. granted i was afraid of the zombies and what not but now i know its missingo and pokerus im not so scared. i freakin loved this story keep them coming plz!


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kyubi81 at October 27, 2011 at 1:34 PM

i was a fan since chp.1. granted i was afraid of the zombies and what not but now i know its missingo and pokerus im not so scared. i freakin loved this story keep them coming plz!

Wow, wasn't exactly expecting any more feedback on this. Thank you for reading, joining, and commenting, but I'm sorry you came along so late =/ This was a cool place not too long ago.


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Finish this glorious piece of literature and I will totally help in the 5th Annual PR Revival ;)


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B "Diddy" M at August 3, 2013 at 10:04 PM

Finish this glorious piece of literature and I will totally help in the 5th Annual PR Revival ;)

It's a deal.

Forgive me if I continue to work on other things in the meantime; I have a lot of momentum built up at the moment into finishing Shattered Emerald Version and a rewrite of my first LeafGreen run. I hadn't actually planned to work on this at all until I finished those two at least, but with the news from X just now, I can't afford not to have you back, Diddy. I WILL get back to work on this, and I'll get another chapter out as soon as I can without hindering the quality.

PR needs you. I need you. Please help, old friend.


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Chapter 26

Harmony stayed under the hot water for a long time. She was relieved to finally get a shower; she needed one worse than anyone in the group with all the time she'd lost to her injury. Hideki had washed her hair for her a day or two ago when she just couldn't stand the grease anymore, but it felt nice now that her leg had healed to the point at which she could stand under the water alone and scrub her whole body clean for the first time in days. Just being able to stand unaided was a great feeling too, though she had appreciated all the opportunities her injury had given her to be close to Hideki. She thought a lot about that as she rinsed herself off for the third time; without that injury and her loopiness that followed, they might not even be together now. Having been open with him for a few days now, she couldn't even imagine why she had been so scared about telling him. It sure felt better now that they were finally honest with each other, though.

A couple of light raps on the door to the shower room interrupted her thoughts. "Harmony?" a muffled voice called, "Are you about done in there?"

She didn't want to leave until she noticed how wrinkled her fingers had gotten. "Wow, yeah, and then some…"



Harmony grabbed a towel to cover herself and opened the door to greet Hideki. "Hey there," she said with a warm smile. Hideki's face turned red as he instinctively looked away from her.

Harmony giggled. "You can't always be THIS shy around me, you know."

"S-still…" was all a flustered Hideki could say.

Harmony sighed. "Ever the gentleman, aren't you?" she said as she leaned in to peck him on the cheek.

"Feeling better?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Yes, much! Ugh, that's something I'm definitely going to miss when we hit the road again…"

"Well, your clothes are still in the wash, so I brought you these for now," he said, pulling out a set of blue medical scrubs. "It's all Blaine had around here. I had to guess on your size…"

Harmony couldn't help but laugh a little at Hideki's apologetics. She liked how nicely he was treating her now, but sometimes it was clear he was trying too hard. Harmony just happened to find these times adorable.

"I'm sure they'll fit fine, gimme just a sec!" she said, taking the scrubs excitedly and retreating back to the shower room behind her.

"Anyway, Vi wanted me to ask you to stop by the battle arena in a little bit," Hideki said through the door, "said she had something to show us."

He heard nothing from the other side of the door for a few seconds. "Harmon-"

Without warning, the door flew open and Harmony, now in her scrubs, leapt out and pounced Hideki, wrapping her arms tightly around his shoulders. Her damp hair splashed his face a little; it was oddly refreshing.

"Hey, what was that for?" he asked with a small chuckle.

"No reason! Do I need one?" she replied, finally letting him go but returning his warmth. Hideki just smiled. Harmony grabbed his hand.

"Shall we go see what Vi wants to show us?"


Hideki and Harmony sat down in the spectator's section, per Vi's request. This wasn't another training session. She'd sparred a couple of times each with Hideki, Harmony, and Xerxes over the past few days, though she also requested a lot of spare time alone with her Pokémon.

"Think she wants to show us some new moves?" Xerxes asked, looking at the young girl in the trainer's box below.

"She seems really… stern, for Vi…" Harmony said.

"Seems almost like she's prepping for-"

The squeaking doors cut Hideki off. Blaine emerged from the entrance at the opposite end of the arena from Vi.

"Sorry to have taken so long, I was-" Blaine cut himself off after analyzing his surroundings. He looked at Vi standing alone on the battlefield, then at the three older trainers in the stands, then finally back to Vi. He let out a laugh. "I think I know already, but Vi!" At the mention of her name, the young girl jumped. "Why did you ask to meet me here?"

Vi took a deep breath. "M-Master- Leader…" After stammering around for a moment, she stamped her foot down defiantly. "Blaine! I challenge you to an official Pokémon League battle for the right to hold the Volcano Badge!"

Blaine laughed again, much more heartily this time. "I knew this side of you was in there somewhere, lass! But tell me, why do you want my badge?"

His question seemed to catch Vi off-guard. Why wouldn't she want his badge? Regardless, she thought for a moment before she replied.

"I- I was on the Indigo League challenge before… all of this… and… and it was my dream to collect all eight of Kanto's Gym Badges and challenge the Elite Four. But… But now… I've been training really hard with my Pokémon, and with only the three badges I have now, they won't respect me for too much longer… and then I can't fight… and I can't even Surf on my own now… and… and…"

"But WHY do you want the badge, lass?"

"I want the badge… I want the badge so I can be useful!" Vi yelled, her voice cracking. "So I can help Harmony, and Hideki, and Xerxes, who saved me before… I want the badge so I can stop being a burden!"

Blaine just smiled. He had found what he was looking for. "Normally, the Volcano Badge is the seventh badge challengers earn in Kanto. But, obviously, these are some… unique times. You're very young, Vi; even under these circumstances, I'd not normally accept the challenge of one with no more badges than you have. But I've noticed how hard you've been working these past few days, and I know you have three excellent coaches who've worked hard with you. And I know you wouldn't challenge me carelessly. Vi…" Blaine paused and himself took a deep breath before adjusting his glasses and retrieving a PokéBall from his belt.

"I accept your challenge!"


Blaine threw the ball, releasing his first Pokémon, a Rapidash.

"I will use three Pokémon, but you may use as many as six. I may not withdraw any of my Pokémon until they have been deemed unable to battle by…" Blaine looked to the three trainers in the stands. "Which of you has the most experience with Pokémon battles?"

All three looked at each other. "I think that's me…" Xerxes said.

"Come on down here then! We need a referee." With that, Xerxes nodded and hopped down onto the field, standing beside the white line that divided the arena in two.

"As I was saying, I may not withdraw my Pokémon unless they are deemed unfit for battle by our referee, Xerxes. You may switch yours at will, Vi. Item use would normally be permitted, but considering our need to ration supplies, neither of us shall use items during battle. Are these terms acceptable, Vi?"

"Yes, Leader." Vi said with a small bow.

"Very well! As you can see, I have chosen Rapidash as my first Pokémon. Who do you choose?"

"I choose… Frosting!"

With a flash, Vi's Dewgong emerged from its PokéBall, eager to fight.

"A wise choice! We both appear to be ready…" Blaine looked at Xerxes.

"Hm? Oh! Uh… Battle Begin!"


"Okay, Frosting-"


With amazing speed, Blaine's Rapidash ran right at Vi's Dewgong and kicked it hard, knocking it back a few feet.

"You can't afford to hesitate!" Hideki yelled from the stands. "Lead with confidence, you know what to do!"

Vi nodded. "Frosting, use Surf!"

The Dewgong clapped its flippers together and summoned a massive wall of water from behind. Although she'd never gotten the chance to find it on her own, Vi had borrowed Harmony's HM03 to teach the move to her Dewgong. She couldn't use it to ride her Dewgong across the sea without higher-leveled badges, but it at least gave her sea lion a devastating Water move.

The wave crashed down upon Blaine's steed with great force. Rapidash fought hard to resist the current, but eventually fell to its knees. Its grand fiery mane shrunk dangerously short.

"HOLD!" Xerxes yelled. At his word, the Surf subsided. Xerxes took a moment to examine the Rapidash before holding both arms in the air.

"Blaine's Rapidash is unable to battle! The winner is Vi's Dewgong!" At this, Blaine nodded and withdrew his Pokémon.

"Way to go, Vi!" Harmony cheered. Hideki stayed seated, arms folded, watching intently. Vi's expression remained unchanged, her focus on the field.

"Nicely played indeed," remarked Blaine as he clutched his next PokéBall. "Go, Magmar!"

Magmar emerged with a quick flash of flame. Its appearance was somehow unsettling to Vi.

"Frosting, Surf again!"

"Fire Blast, Magmar!"

It was no fault of Vi's that Blaine's Pokémon struck first again; Blaine had trained Magmar well in Speed. The oddly-shaped mass of flames struck Frosting before it could muster up another wave. A creature of the deep sea, Dewgong had a natural resistance to both extreme heat and extreme cold. Unfortunately for Vi, hers wasn't strong enough to resist the powerful blast plus the hoof strike of the Rapidash before. Frosting hit the floor hard.

"Vi's Dewgong is unable to battle!" Xerxes announced. "The winner is Blaine's Magmar!"

"Frosting…" Vi said with concern as she recalled Frosting. She had hoped he could Surf away at least two of Blaine's Pokémon before she had to go to another member of her team; but with Hideki as one of her biggest influences now, she knew she had to have a backup plan in place in case things fell apart.

"Let's go, Dugout!"

Vi's second PokéBall opened to reveal her Dugtrio. "Use Dig!"

"Fire Blast!"

Speedy as Blaine's was, no Magmar could hope to outspeed a decently trained Dugtrio, and Vi's more than qualified as decently trained. It had spent the better part of the past week dodging streams of water from Hideki's Starmie and Harmony's Lapras. Dugout had vanished underground well before Magmar's flames could reach it.

"Not much we can do here, Magmar… Brace yourself."

No sooner than the words left Blaine's mouth did Vi's Dugtrio burst out from underneath the Magmar, knocking it out cold in one blow.

"Blaine's Magmar is unable to battle! Vi's Dugtrio is the winner!"

Vi let out a tiny sigh. She was so close already! Not very many things in the Kanto region were faster than a Dugtrio, and with its type advantage over Blaine, Vi was brimming with confidence.


"Nice work, Vi…" Blaine said calmly as he readjusted his glasses once again. "You've certainly proven yourself worthy of this battle with the second-strongest Gym Leader in Kanto. But whether or not you're worthy of my badge… My last Pokémon will be the judge of that!"

With his third and final battler, Blaine proved he wasn't holding back on Vi at all; he had chosen his mighty Arcanine.

"I remember you…" Hideki said of the great dog.

"I don't…" said Harmony, "Blaine didn't use it against me. But I can feel its power from here…"

"Helena was well set up by the time he sent it out against her, so she got it in one shot. But… part of me always wanted to see it on a level playing field."

The beast howled mightily in the direction of Vi and her Dugtrio. The latter seemed to shrink a little, visibly intimidated by Arcanine's power.

"Go Dugout, use Magnitude!"

Dugout struck the ground from below, sending a powerful tremor through the floor of the gym. Arcanine staggered for a moment, but quickly regained its balance. Vi's eyes widened. That hadn't done nearly what she'd expected.

Blaine just smiled. "Flame Wheel!"

With amazing speed, Arcanine disappeared in a fiery vortex and charged hard at Dugout. Vi's Pokémon held on, but barely.

"One more Magnitude, Dug-"


For a moment, it seemed as though nothing had happened at all. Neither Arcanine nor Dugout seemed to move after Blaine's last command. It wasn't until Vi's Dugtrio slouched and began to sink down into its tunnel that any of them, save for Blaine and his mighty Arcanine, knew what had happened.

"No way…" whispered Harmony. "'Extreme'speed is right…" Hideki managed.

"Um… Dugout is- is unable to battle. The winner is Blaine's Arcanine…"


Now Vi was worried. Though only one foe remained, and one who had taken a super-effective hit at that, Vi wasn't sure any of her remaining fighters could stand to even place one more hit on Arcanine.

"Nana, let's go!" Vi said, hoping her Primeape could do the trick.

"Based on speed alone, Nana's a pretty fair match for Arcanine," Harmony said with a bit of desperation.

"So Blaine will probably go with-"


Again, the mighty dog didn't even seem to move after its master's command. This time though, Vi's Primeape visibly recoiled, having seemingly been hit by an invisible object. Nana was in pain, but not quite exhausted.

"T-Try a Brick Break!"

Nana charged at Arcanine and gave it a mighty chop to the head, causing it, too, to stagger.

"That was a nice hit!" Harmony cheered.

"But how much will it matter…" Hideki said, quietly. He had thought a few moves further ahead. He knew Nana wouldn't take another Extremespeed, and, knowing the rest of Vi's team, he already saw a sweep.

"Extremespeed one more time, Arcanine!"

"Don't give up Nana, use-"

But her Primeape had hit the ground before she could even issue a command.

"Vi's Primeape is unable to battle! The winner is Blaine's Arcanine!"


Vi hesitantly pulled another PokéBall from her belt. Though she had three remaining, she was now starting to foresee the match playing out the same way Hideki did.

"Katie, try a Sleep Powder!"

Vi's Butterfree emerged and attempted to spread a fine tranquilizing pollen across the battlefield to buy a little more time. One more Arcanine Extremespeed quelled this plan before it could even begin.

"Vi's Butterfree is unable to battle… The winner is Blaine's Arcanine!" Xerxes announced with increasing trepidation.

"Then… then go, Razor…"

Vi released her starter, now a fully-evolved Venusaur. But she knew it wouldn't have even as much of a chance as the three that had fallen before it; its speed didn't necessitate an Extremespeed from Blaine's end, and its Grass-typing meant it wouldn't stand up to anything else it might use.

"Fire Blast!" Blaine called loudly.

"Razor Leaf…" Vi called in vain.

Both Razor and its projectiles were consumed by the flames. Vi's first Pokémon collapsed to the ground in defeat.

"Razor- Vi's Venusaur is unable to battle," called Xerxes, more quietly than ever. "The winner is Blaine's Arcanine. And, knowing your team, Vi… I think that means the match goes to-"

"Wait!" Vi cried, looking first at Xerxes, then at Blaine's exhausted Arcanine, then finally down to a Ball in her hand, as though she was trying to make a very taxing decision.

"She can't…" Harmony said under her breath.

"She has to," Hideki replied.

"Please… I need you, Casey!"


Vi's young Eevee emerged as her last hope. The small creature was a mix of emotions upon its release; first joy at being called out, then fear at the sight of the Arcanine, and finally a silent resolve as she realized her trainer needed her.

"This is what we trained for, Casey… Quick Attack!"


With a howl from the great beast and a squeal from the tiny fox, both combatants collided in midair. Strong as Casey's Quick Attack was, the Arcanine outclassed her in every way. Arcanine staggered; the blow hurt, and by now it was just about spent. But Vi's Eevee lay on the ground, seemingly lacking the energy to even move.

"E-Eevee is unable-"

"Vui! VUI!" A sharp cry from the Eevee cut Xerxes off. Slowly, with great difficulty, Casey stood back up.

"One more, Casey, just one more… Please! I BELIEVE IN YOU!"


A bright flash filled the room, followed by something, a shadow, slowly devouring the light, almost like a miniature eclipse. When the trainers could once again see the battlefield, not one of them had the words to respond. Harmony and Xerxes each let out a small gasp. Hideki stood from his seat. Blaine just closed his eyes. Vi's began to fill with tears.

"Casey… you… you evolved… just for me…"

"Umbreon!!" The new creature proclaimed proudly.

"Thank you… Thank you! Now, one last Quick Attack, Casey!!"

Casey the Umbreon readied for a moment before flinging herself head-on at the Arcanine.

"She's done it." Hideki said, calmly.

"But… Blaine just has to use one more Extremespeed…" Harmony noted, dejected.

"He can't," Hideki replied. Looking at Blaine and his refusal to give a command and the silent resolve on both his and his Pokémon's faces told him they had realized the same thing he had.

"He's out."

Casey struck Arcanine with all of her strength. Finally, the great beast fell.

"Blaine's Arcanine… is unable to battle! The winner is Vi's Umbreon! The match and the badge go to the challenger, Vi!"

Vi fell to her knees, where she remained until she was soundly pounced by her newly-evolved companion. Harmony, too, ran down to the field to congratulate her. Hideki and Xerxes remained where they stood, still soaking in what they'd just seen.


"That was a truly excellent battle, Vi." Blaine said, before pausing. He had to wait another moment for Casey and Harmony to stop smothering her. "You have clearly learned well, and just as importantly, you have shown an inner strength and a battle style that is all your own. Vi… It is my honor to present you with the Volcano Badge."

"Thank you," Vi said with a long bow before accepting the badge. When she finally did, she stayed there and admired it for a long time. Now she could Surf. Now she could grow even stronger. And now… No one could call her a burden on the team now.

Least of all herself.

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YES! RESURRECTION! And quite the awesome battle to boot. Having trained an Arcanine with Extremespeed in White 2, I can attest to how much of a force to be reckoned with they can be. Mine nearly swept both my wifes and Gonzos team. Gonzo ended up destroying me with Skill Link Cinccino though...haxy sonofabitch.


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An Arcanine was one of my strongest members in W2 as well. If you can believe it, it was the first time I had ever seriously used one, in-game or competitively. I love what they did with it in those games; up til then, Arcanine felt like it had way too shallow of a movepool for my taste.

Bah, I'm off-topic.

Arcanine has always been the Pokémon I most associated with Blaine, but as I did the research for this chapter, I realized I have no idea why. In the games, the Pokémon most associated with Blaine is Rapidash (he has one in every Gen, while he only has an Arcanine in Red/Blue and the remakes; hence the reference to Hideki having faced it while Harmony, who ran Crystal, hadn't). In the anime, it was Magmar. But I had already painted Arcanine as "this" Blaine's strongest in Chapter 20 (where it roasted Hideki's infected Fearow), and I like the way the battle script turned out with it as his team's anchor.


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