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B "Diddy" M
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Bethesda (largely known for HUGE sandbox games with more glitches and bugs than pedifiles at the national care bear convention) recently released an update to New Vegas that has apparently gotten rid of a lot of the bugs that render gameplay impossibly frustrating. I never let the bugs bother me personally (unless I made the mistake of going 3+ hours w/o saving which I commonly do) but this is a welcome change. I'll more than likely be devoting 20% of my time to this great game (with the other 80% going to el lady, school, some pokemon, borderlands, some Plants v. Zombies, eating, sleeping, and posts on PR) and I'm pretty excited. On a more "discussable" note since this is a forum and all, who has / wants to / is playing New Vegas?? And was I the only one who that the T-Rex souveniers were the coolest things ever?

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DUDE I missed this somehow. Dunno if you'll ever be on to read it but I gotta comment anyway. 

Bethesda games are some of my favorites, and New Vegas is top of the line. It has a very well-polished mechanics that makes me want to play every angle of every character. I love the setting and the game so much.

And yes, I think those T-Rex figuries are awesome! I love all the little junk things they throw in the game. They always end up decorating my houses.


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I am part of the minority, because I hate Bethesda games.  They are either sub-par, or as Diddy said full of glitches.  I have a problem with games as full as glitches as most Bethesda games as I feel any game I pay $60 for should have as few glitches as possible, and testing should be thorough enough to catch a lot of them.

A lot of glitches in Bethesda games are near impossible to miss, so I don't see how they don't find them.  Unless they just don't test, which is possible.  I would rather have to wait a few more months for a game then pay $60 just to find out the game is often times unplayable.

BioWare games, like KotOR (number II especially) and Dragon Age hit some of the same problems, but I find them not to be as troublesome or occur way less often then Bethesda games.  (I mean, a common glitch in BioWare's Dragon Age was that heads would appear detatched from the body.  A common glitch in New Vegas was that quests would be uncompleteable if you didn't know not to follow a certain dialogue chain in advanced)

Despite actuallly liking New Vegas, I was forced to put it down and forget about it...the glitches just irked me.  I mean, I pay top dollar for good, enjoyable games, and I expect them to be glitch free.  Its like paying to watch a movie in which every few seconds all the actors start twitching uncontrolably because the producers didnt bother to rewatch what they filmed and the camera messed it up.  Its annoying to me.


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B "Diddy" M
Posts: 295

Oh don't get me wrong, I love New Vegas a lot. I just can't get past the overwhelming amount of bugs Bethesda releases in their games. Sure, it comes with massive sandbox games but come on- I can barely play my copy sometimes!


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