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in the original thread i made updating this (now completed) run, i started about 3 days late. so that thread only covers what happened from celadon city on. but, because it was only last week that all this took place, i will now outline what happened prior to that. here's what you missed:

i name myself Hideki and my rival Mitsuo, yes the very same Mitsuo you've seen on this site. my starter is bulbasaur, because of how he dominates the early (and most crucial) part of the game. i named him Gerald, i'm really not sure why. i just like the name Gerald. so Gerald he became and he kicked Mitsuo's charmander's ass.

i bring Oak his parcel (i still think it's drugs) and get my pokedex and balls. giggity. i don't count encounters made before this point as legitimate, so yes, i do catch something in the very first route. suck it.

it's a pidgey, sweet, what i wanted. i catch him and name him War Eagle and we are friends. i prepare to face Mitsuo on route 22, so i do a bit of grinding in an attempt to get War Eagle up there in level, with the intention of having him rape and pillage his way through the forest. well, this gay ass rattata had his own plans. he got a crit and killed my buddy. there it is; my first death. well shit.

that's ok though, i'll go grab something else. i go to route 22, but not to where the rival battle occurs, and get my own rattata. ok, that's cool, his attack's pretty high for this part of the game and STAB normal moves, well... they're better than non-STAB normal moves. ok so he kinda sucks but idc, he's my pal now. until ANOTHER gay-ass rattata decided to get ANOTHER crit and kill MouseHouse. well shit. AGAIN.

this is the part where i ragequit for an hour or two. in fact, if i had a life, the run would've ended right then and there. but i picked it back up out of sheer boredom. i decide to skip the rival battle altogether, as the experience wasn't worth the risk of losing Gerald. so i go north and catch a caterpie in front of the forest. alright, nice, butterfree is helpful for the early game. i can work with this. so i name her Butterz in anticipation of her eventual evolution into a butterfree. then i head into the forest itself and my first encounter is a pikachu! j/k. i'm not a lucky little whorebiscuit like Ashley is. no, my first encounter is ANOTHER damn caterpie. i name him AnotherOne and keep him as eventual fodder. he will only once be used in battle.

by the time i get out of the forest, Butterz is a metapod and Gerald is quite the BAMF. so i go into brock's gym and OHKO every single poke in there with vine whip. and that, my friends, is why i picked bulbasaur.

on the next route, both Butterz and Gerald evolved after the same battle. i'd never had two pokes evolve at once before, it was pretty cool. here i catch another pidgey, and this one is actually going to stay alive for a little bit. i name him Pudge because "pidgey" sounds like "pudgy." yep. that's why. now it's time for mt. moon. the pokemon center in front of mt. moon is on a different route than the one i caught Pudge on, so i'm able to buy the magikarp in the pokecenter for 500 poke-yen. 5 bucks for the most powerful killing machine known to man. crazy. i named her Helena, perhaps you've heard about her? if not, you will. you will.

mt. moon, to put it nicely, was a pain in the ass. my first encounter was not a geodude, but a zubat, who i failed to catch (and didn't want anyway). i had the foresight to buy a few escape ropes in pewter city, and i used most of them. i took out all the trainers i could at a time before needing to heal, then i escape roped out and went back through unopposed. it still took forever to get out of there. i was scared of the koffing at the end using selfdestruct on me, but it didn't. i got the helix fossil but never did anything with it.

i had nothing capable of learning mega punch or mega kick from the tutors, so i had no choice but to move on to cerulean. Gerald destroyed misty's gym almost as bad as he destroyed brock's, but the rival battle still scared the shit out of me. i had to use AnotherOne as death fodder on the pidgeotto, but he turned out to be the only one i lost.

i did the nugget bridge, i caught two bellsprouts i'd never once use, and i got the SS Ticket from bill. i then went south, and by the time i grinded (again, is that right? or is it ground? i know it's ground for like, actually physically grinding something down, but what about in this sense? and don't mock me, because of the word "fly." you know that the past tense of fly is flew right? yeah. but in baseball, when a player flies out, the past tense is "flied out." yeah. so things like that can change with context) my way to viridian city, Helena had evolved! the killing machine was in her final form, but not yet complete. i caught another pidgey and named him Moar Birds, he would only be used to fly me to the seafoam islands.

i did a bit more grinding on route 11, and i don't remember if i caught anything or not, all i remember is that it wasn't the drowzee i was hoping for. then i caught the first diglett i encountered in diglett cave, and named her Bumpy. shut up, i like the name.

i go out of my way to battle EVERYONE aboard the SS Anne, healing judiciously, focusing my attention on Bumpy. the rival battle went quite nicely, and the cut HM was mine.

lt. surge was kind of a bitch. Bumpy OHKOed his first two pokes, but the raichu managed to get up six double teams on me. HAAAAAAX!!!1!!1 if it were a wifi battle, i would've DCed. but it's not, it's a nuzlocke run. fortunately, before he got fully set up, i DID manage to get a leech seed up with Gerald. so it was slow and painful, but leech seed damage and leech seed damage alone killed the raichu.

by now, Bumpy had evolved, Pudge had evolved, and it was time to take on rock tunnel. i taught flash to Butterz, caught a spearow and something else on the way, and entered rock tunnel. here i get lucky for the first time in my ENTIRE run. my first rock tunnel encounter is a geodude! i catch her and name her Rochelle, after a Golem in Ashley's possession, and, well... i believe we are now caught up, boys and girls.

i hope you enjoyed following my run! it was a hell of a lot of fun for me. i'm still not 100% sure i'll do it again, but it definitely won't be for awhile if i do... we've got two other runs being updated here already and another one is coming, i was told. so i'll let those guys have the spotlight and wait til things die down before i hog it again.

good luck to everyone (that i like) who is attempting this run or will attempt it in the future! may you have as much fun with yours as i had with mine.

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