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Seriously though, who is still here? I miss the community we've made here, and it saddens me to see it die. I relatively recently got a tumblr, hoping to find a new creative forum to post thoughts and ideas, but it feels so impersonal. Like I'm speaking to nobody in particular. Like there are thousands of people all in their little cliques and, while I share much in common with many of them, I am invisible. An outsider. Only those who seek me out find me or, more frequently, those who randomly stumble upon my works acknowledge them and move on. It is social media without the social aspect. It is social media for the socially outcast. And while to some extent that appeals to me, it sorta defeats one of the purposes of social media, which is bringing people together in this vast web we call the internet...

Regardless, I ask again, is anybody still here?

Also, if you are interested, here is a link.

And here's another Link.


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