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I talk a lot about Pokémon here, but it's mostly in a competitive context. Here I'm going to try something a little different. I've recently gotten Casey into the Pokémon Special manga, and renewed my own interest by extention, and it's got me in a lot more lighthearted mood where the series in concerned.

I'm going to go through the generations and make my own personal team for each one, based on likes, favorites, and things I've had good experiences using. I'm not going to worry about how well they all mesh together as a battling unit but instead just gather my favorite guys from each region into a group I'd love to just be a trainer with. Feel free to jump in with your own team in the same spirit, and if you'd like to start another Gen rather than waiting on me to get to it, by all means start up "PokeFuns: Gen _" on your own. So, let's get good old Kanto out of the way first:


My very first Pokémon, I'm sure it was many of yours' too. Charizard is the reason I can't tap too heavily from my childhood here; my first run of Pokémon Red was basically mono-Zard. I couldn't beat the Elite Four not because they had stronger Pokémon than I, but because I'd always run out of PP for Flamethrower too early. Yep, my first Charizard (which I didn't name) basically WAS my first run of Pokémon. Based on that alone it's my starter pick for Kanto, even though I also adore Blastoise and Venusaur.


Always a huge favorite of mine. It's just a big, purple, awesome behemoth that's easy to get and yet still rocks with solid stats in every category and the ability to learn just about any move. I've used so many Nidokings over the years and yet each one feels new to me. Stiff competition from Rhydon as Kanto's coolest hornmonster, but the Neato-King wins out in my heart. And big ups to the Queen, if you prefer a little more defense.


I really had to think about this one, but I finally settled on Lapras as my favorite Kanto starter. It's one of the few things other than Charizard I actually remember having on my team in my first run, and it's literally a ferry Pokémon so it's a fantastic Surfer for those water routes. I also really considered Dewgong here, and in recent years I've grown to adore Slowbro, but more for competitive reasons. It's also a researched and documented fact that Gyarados is a baller.


It's always a hard time in a young trainer's life when he learns about BSTs and realizes that Onix is a terrible Pokémon. Gen 2 would help make up for that with a new evolution and ORAS would even more make up for it with a Mega for that evolution, but even with his dismal stats in absolutely everything except defense, Onix will always be a favorite Pokémon of mine. As a Charmander trainer, Brock's impossible-to-kill Onix earned my respect early on, and... Am I seriously trying to defend the coolness of a thirty-foot rock snake? It's flat-out awesome, even if it really isn't any good.


Always was my favorite of the original Legendary trio. Yes, hands-down Zapdos is the king of these birds, but there's something about the grace and mystique of Articuno that won me over from a design standpoint. Plus there is absolutely no such thing as too much ice in Gen 1. I'd probably alternate Flying on this and my Zard.


Alright, I know how meta this is. But honestly? Longing for a Mew was a huge part of my childhood. I live in nowhere, and it used to make me so mad when I'd hear about a Mew distribution in New York or Dallas or somewhere. My parents actually got me my first cheating device for Christmas so I could finally have a Mew, but I didn't get my first legit Mew until 2005 at a mass Toys R Us giveaway. I wanted one so badly for so long, it was truly a joy to finally get a real one. After discovering the "Mew glitch" I've been able to have a lot more fun with in-game Mews in the Gen 1 games as well, but this little pink cat has its own special place in my heart and I'd have to insist on having one on my team. I'd probably take advantage of its ability to learn any move and give it the lulziest moveset I can come up with, and possibly have it Fly me around as well. That's what's so great about Mew I guess: the possibilities are endless.


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