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As some of you may know, and others may not (or even care), I have a 5 month old. Which means that I do not have the luxuries I once had in regards to gaming. Soooo....Netflix has become my best friend. Since that (and random shit I see on FB) is the only thing I can currently have some conversation about besides spewing about how my son is the cutest and smartest and coolest baby you've ever seen...what are you guys/gals into these days? As my list goes: Sons of anarchy just ended and my life is over. I don't know how I'm going to go on. Yes I'm perfectly aware that I'm being melodramatic. I don't care. It was the shiznit. Shameless (US) will be coming back on soonish. It's hilarious if you haven't seen it. No, I haven't checked out the UK version yet. It's on my list of "Stuff to watch whenever you're done with the other 20 shows you're magically juggling." GoT. No comment needed. Arrow. Amell is an excellent Oliver Queen. Awesome show...check it out. Once Upon A Time (because its a neat twist on all our childhood stories and because I'm a girl so stfu) Vikings. It's Vikings. Who doesn't like them? I have a lot of others that I like and watch a little bit of every now and then, but these are my current favorites. Sorry if this post sucks, typing with one finger can be difficult. Anywho! Post away
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Vesicant Lemur
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School, friends, and loads of other bull have kept me pretty busy, so I've not watched a whole lot of what's going on right now. Some of the things I watched over the past year though, in no particular order:


   Yes, I know the tumblr girls just cream themselves over Cumberbatch's weird alien face, but this was actually a pretty cool show. It could get a little "All according to keikaku" at times, and Sherlock's mental powers seem to get crazier as the show goes on, but it's a fun watch.

-Adventure Time

   I had never seen any significant amount Adventure Time until recently. I was bedridden sick, a little delirious, and bored, so I "acquired" the first 5 seasons and marathoned them. I am a believer now. Cartoons are not dead, they are alive and well. I'd even say better than ever.

-Knight's of Sidonia

   The 3d animation can be a little jarring at times, but what I've seen of this show so far is worth overlooking the clunky 3d for.

-Bob's Burgers

   Watched it on a whim and loved it! Deadpan humor is my favorite form of delivery, and these characters, while certainly exagerrated, feel like they could be real people? Like, the whole thing feels like someone reminiscing about their weird childhood. I really hope future shows learn from this one, instead of Family Guy. (I hate Family Guy. Not gonna apologize for that one.)

-Orange is the New Black

   Laura Prepon naked in the first 2 mins? I'm sold.

But seriously, it's not just about lesbian sex. The characters are great and their conflicts, external and internal, really sell it for me. And it reminds me why I fear prison more than death. Seriously America, why you gotta be a prison state?

And an honourable mention to


   For being the absolute worst piece of shit movie I've seen since Battleship. I could write a 10 page paper about how and why this movie is so bad. Every second I spent watching it, I grew to hate it a  little more, until at some point, I think it wrapped back around to love? I love to hate this movie. I hate-love it so much, I'm going to see the second one when it comes out. I hope it doesn't disappoint me by just being medicore, like Twilight did.

(All opinions expressed in this post are just that: opinions. Chill out folks :P)


Life is Absurd. Chill out. Don't give a fuck.

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Crimson DESTR0YA
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I hardly watch TV at all anymore. I won't go all Buzz Killington on this thread and explain why, just that I really don't like the television "experience," I suppose.

When I do watch things though it's pretty much just cartoons. Casey and I have also started experiencing Adventure Time together, it's been awhile though, I think we're midway through season four? But yes, count us in as believers as well.

Also, Steven Universe. Casey is obsessed, no other way to describe it, but I really enjoy it too. Good feels and surprisingly deep. I'll let her go into more detail if she sees this thread.

Then there's anime but that probably warrants its own thread.


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Oh Sherlock. How could I forget Sherlock. I love how they follow a lot of the actual stories, but just make theme fit modern day. I think it's the best rendition thus far. I've only seen S1 of Orange is the New Black, but it's pretty good. (Don't ruin S2 for me!!). I haven't watched Adventure Time. Sadly Dish got rid of CN because of a disagreement with Turner. Anime does warrant it's own thread lol. There's so many @[email protected]
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I think I remember hearing Dish got CN back but I could be wrong. I certainly hope it's back because Adventure Time certainly is fun and I've been enjoying the watchthrough with Nick, but as he said, I am absolutely pretty obsessed with Steven Universe. It's such a feel-good and sincere show, like honestly one of the biggest driving points of it is how much the characters care for each other. Plus the style is fantastic, beautiful backgrounds, really great characterization, and it's just genuinly interesting and funny. If I could only recommend one show it would be Steven Universe, I really suggest checking it out if you can!! My only complaint about it is why the heck couldn't I have had this cartoon when I was a kid, I needed this man. Better late than never though!

As far as other shows I've been watching:

Parks and Recreation:

Has definitely changed my life for the better, another big feel good show that is one of the funniest things out there. Takes a couple of seasons to really figure out what it wants to be but it's fantastic.


Another version of classic Sherlock and Watson, but hey, Lucy Liu makes everything better if you ask me. It's got great cases, the partnership between Sherlock and Joan is fantastically well developed, there are plenty of interesting characters, and some really neat cases.

Legend of Korra:

Okay. Wow. As comparred to the old Avatar: the Last Airbender, the first couple of seasons of LoK are literally just a slap in the face with a hand that only has a middle finger. Literally. But the third season was everything the show SHOULD have been and the last season is shaping up nicely so far. So it deserves a mention.

Brooklyn Nine Nine:

I was pretty worried when this started that it would be that tired "this guy is a complete asshole that disrespects everyone he works with but hey HE'S GOOD AT HIS JOB SO WE LOVE HIM" crap that's so prevalent on a lot of popular shows, but it really ended up surprising me. Main character really does care about the people he works with and shows it well and he actually learns from his mistakes, and the characters are diverse and well developed. Plus this show is freaking hilarious, it has a ton of incredible comedic talent working on it and it SHOWS. 

I'm gonna throw my endorsement behind Bob's Burgers too, the characters are really out there but also very real at the same time and it is genuinly funny, I hope the kind of humor it has becomes more of a trend than the kind of stuff from Family Guy and the like.


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I need to check out Adventure Time apparently :people And Dish did get CN back. I didn't know until you told me so thank you :)
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Thalia May
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The Vampire Diaries

Once Upon A Time


The Originals

Faking It



Doctor Who

Orange is the New Black

and so many more...

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