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I never planned on any of this going this way.

I didn't even want to be a trainer in the first place. To be honest, that's probably why I failed so early.

After losing all of my pokemon except for Firo, my Snivy, and Carol, my Azurill, in order to win Aspertia's badge, I swore off competitive battling. I couldn't stomach watching my companions die in a blood sport for cheap pieces of metal.

And yet, my mother insisted. She had spent much of her childhood training and battling pokemon, so I suppose she thought it was some sort of right of passage or something. She refused to let me come home, telling me I had to make my own way in the world now, assuming I guess that I'd figure out some way to make a living off of battling. So, I did what I had to. I left town and headed for Virbank City, hoping that I might be able to catch the next boat back to Hoenn, that dad might be more reasonable and let me stay with him in Petalburg City. Even though I knew he probably wouldn't.

The next boat to Hoenn wasn't due to leave for months, and the cost of travel was ridiculous. The only way I could make that much in such a short period of time, legally, was through battling. So, I trained up and prepared to face Roxie, the gym leader, hoping that I might make enough money that way, and that maybe it would kindle whatever feelings in me that the rest of the world has with regards to battling.

I lost. Firo asphyxiated from the smog, his leaves withered and brown. Carol died much slower, after I had actually won the badge. Roxie's Whirlipede had poisoned her nutrient supply, a condition most Nurses aren't trained to look for. For two and a half days, Carol's condition worsened, until my poor Azurill was gone.

I was distraught. Not only had I lost all of my pokemon, my friends, my companions, but all for a couple of bits of shiny metal and a few hundred bills. I couldn't return home, I had no protection. I couldn't catch anymore pokemon, I had none of my own to battle with. I had only the supplies with me and the little money I had saved from battling. I was stuck in this run down shipyard, so close to home and yet so far away.

A few weeks later, still trying to figure out a plan for getting out of Virbank, a man named John approached me, saying I would be perfect for his next movie. Of course I was suspicious, as everyone hears stories of abduction in seedier parts of the world, and the ghetto industrial port that was Virbank is about as seedy as I'd ever seen. But, after some discussion in a well lit, public location, and after reviewing the contracts and scripts, I agreed to star in his movie, The Red Fog of Terror. The horror movie was incredibly well received, quickly becoming a cult classic in the region.

By the time my ship had pulled in, I had made quite the name for myself in the area, acting in a few other movies. In most of them I needed to use pokemon to defend myself, and so the crew was kind enough to loan me some, and after some discussion I was able to convince them to let me keep some. A Charmeleon named Argorok was given to me for protection and a newly hatched Azurill at my request. I studied up on their physiology, learning everything I could about them, in hopes that I could see the warning signs and prevent a repeat of Carol's death. I knew that with them, battle was unavoidable, so I named the newborn Strife, as a constant reminder.

I left for Hoenn soon thereafter. How little did I know.


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Wow, getting to be a movie star is definitely one unique way of getting a trainer back in the game, I like that touch. And very much looking forward to seeing where this is going, I love how you write Nuzlockes!


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