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Yeah, I'm on a Fire Emblem kick.

Which class would you want to be if you were a character in the Fire Emblem series? Any class, from any game in the series. Let's open it up to non-playable classes too. Deep down have you always felt like a Draco Zombie trapped in a man's body? Then let it out, brother!

As for me... I know my answer is probably THE most meta answer possible, but honestly? Tactician/Grandmaster. The player's character in Awakening gave my ideal class form. In RPGs that give you the freedom to do so, I favor blending the mage with the warrior. My first Skyrim character was just so. Then you add in the fact that his role is to plot out the battle and you have the icing on the cake. I don't know, I'm really into that sort of thing, even though I'm not always great at it. Blending the spell, the blade, the tactics, the character's propensity for books, and really you have the character I'd design myself.

If we're counting that out because it is SO boring and obvious, man, I'll never forget how awesomely CJ portrayed me as a Hero in his FE chapter of Adventures of PR's Members. I'm inclined to go with that as my backup just for that reason, but also fits my playstyle pretty well. If I'm not a leader, just a soldier, then I want to tank. Heroes do just that while retaining some versatility and quickness. I could also see myself as a Great Knight or General, though I've never ridden a horse/I don't think I'd like lugging around that much armor. I want to be the tank, not the fortress.

Also hi. I'm posting things and I'm the worst admin ever. Argle bargle psychiatric treatment herp derp yeah but really I suck for abandoning this. Again.


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