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"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."

For ten long years, has this been my adage.

Content in that time to live in silence whilst I watched and waited as others weaved their own undoing.

Waiting for the moment to speak but a word and spring my trap.

A trap that developed from a lifetime of sloth and deceit.

A trap that became perfected due to clever manipulation.

A trap that worked far too well.

But the time for silence and trapmaking was long ago.

The time for cleverness is past.

For not all problems can be out thought.

Now is the time for strength and speech.

Now is the time for words.

Now is the time to ask the questions.

Now is the time to stop it all.

One would think to speak when spoken to a simple task.

But after becoming as well versed in the language of silence as I,

It becomes far easier to be caught in your own perfect traps.

The trap of repeating your history,

Of trying to ensnare demons,

Forgetting the havok they've left in their wake.

You think yourself clever enough to tame the demons,

That times have changed.

Perhaps they have...

...and indeed, they have.

For the time of silence and traps was long ago.

The demons have torn these weapons from your grasp.

And now you are alone.


And it is now the time of strength and speech.

And after years of silence,

Years of building traps,

You find you struggle to even find words with which to defend yourself.

You face your demons and are stricken doubly dumb.

Your silence has lead you to this fate.

Your traps have ensnared only you.

Your cleverness is all for naught.

You have only yourself to blame,

As you once more spiral into despair.

The fool is not he who has the strength to speak.

The fool is he who chooses to remain silent,

Knowing the right answer.

Knowing what to say.


...but choosing silence because it is easier.

Knowing and choosing silence because it is familiar.

Knowing and choosing silence because he fears the alternative.


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