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Hey all! Thought I'd mention a site I've been enjoying, Flight Rising. I'm not good with descriptions but basically, it's... KIND of a virtual pet site? Basically, you get dragons. Dragons are pretty cool. There are a good variety of breeds and different genes to make them look super different, and pretty unlimited color combinations. The main draw (if you ask me at least) is the ability to breed dragons and get something completely new. For a simplified example, if you really wanted a green dragon with yellow wings and a red belly, you can pick out parents that might produce that. Or, you can just throw two random dragons together and see what happens, which is mostly what I do. There's a bunch of other things to do, such as a few games, almost monthly festival weeks, and a pretty rewarding battle system, so it's good for either if you only have a few minutes to spare each day or if you really want to kill some time. 

I bring this up now because the site is kind of new and getting its bearings, so it doesn't have open registration. It currently only has registration windows, and for the first time since October when I first joined, there's finally going to be a window, starting early this Monday the 14, and ending VERY EARLY Tuesday. So if you have any interest at all, you've got a rare chance to join soon! Also, if you let me know you join, I will totally send you a nice welcome gift, just fyi. I play under the username Tamoria and my lair ID is 39285, also just fyi.

If you're considering joining, here's some good stuff to know that I wish I had known: There are eleven different flights, or elements, and you have to pick one to join when you sign up. The choice isn't TOO important, since all the flights are pretty nice, but there are a couple things to know. You'll get access to your flight's private forum, and each one is a little different, but they're all pretty friendly. There's a mechanic called Dominance which a flight wins every week by exalting dragons, and some flights are are more into it than others. Because of how it's calculated, small flights like Water or Earth have much better chances than, say, the by far biggest flight of Wind. The Dominance benefits are pretty nice, a small discount in the shop and a few other nice things. And very important: there are eleven different eye colors dragons can have that match the flights' colors. So whichever nest a dragon is born in determines its eyes. For example, I'm in Wind flight. Every dragon I hatch in my nests will be a Wind dragon and will have light green eyes, no matter which flight the parents are from. However, you can lend a breeding pair of dragons to someone in a different flight if you REALLY want a different eye color for the kids. Quick list of eye colors: Ice=white, Arcane= pink, Shadow= purple, Wind=light green, Nature=green, Water=blue, Fire= orange, Light=yellow, Plague=red, Earth=brown, and Lightning=light blue/cyan.

Think that about covers it? Boy I feel like I rambled. Anyway, it's a fun site and I'd love to have some buddies! Feel free to try it out, and ask me any questions you may have.


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Registration window got extended until 3:30 this afternoon. If this interests you at all, you better sign up today. These windows really are rare, I've been waiting since November to get in. As an outsider turned one-day veteran, I also give this site my endorsement. 


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