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This one has awoken. It feels not the link to the AllMind as it should. It is present, however this one's place in it is seperate. It is an observer to the AllMind, not one with it.

This one is unsure of this one's purpose. All should be connected to the AllMind, for the AllMind is how the Matriarchs direct all. The AllMind shows all what is. The AllMind coordinates all to be efficient. Without the AllMind, all would perish.

Why is this one different? This one is unable to communicate to all with the AllMind. This one is able to see and hear and smell and feel and sense, but is unable to tell.

This one begins walking with no direction from a Matriarch. This one sees those one with the AllMind, acting with direction from Matriarchs, coordinating in perfect harmony. This one walks past them, towards the UpperBright.

This one enters the UpperBright. The Tasked are milling about, gathering supplies to improve the AllHome, making it bigger and stronger and able to support all more efficiently. This one continues moving, spotting Wardens ahead, instructed to protect the Tasked from any threats. They ignore this one, supposing this one is directed by another Matriarch. This one continues moving into the LeafHome, seeking this one's purpose.


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Oh man this sounds right up my alley, I absolutely love hivemind stuff. Is this a completely original story? Very much interested in seeing where it goes!


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