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I can't do it. This project and my style are proving to be incompatible. When I first suggested it, I didn't realize what a difficult project this was. Turns out when I have to focus on more than one or two characters at a time, I completely spiral out of control. I don't know X or CJ very well outside of PR, not enough to really capture them as anything more than accessories, and I have far too much respect for them both to do that to them. I'm also not sure I can capture mine and Tamoria's relationship without giving it too much focus or making it seem obvious that I'm just skimming over it to be polite. While my intimate familiarity with the game would have made the skeleton of the story a breeze (nearly 400 hours on PC, and god, at least twice that on Xbox over the past 4 years), the details and interactions are just not going to come together in an acceptable way.

If anyone else would like to write this, you have my blessing. I still love this idea and would still love to see it come to life. But it isn't for me. I'm sorry for getting everyone's hopes up. I didn't think this through as thoroughly as I should have before suggesting it.


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That is understandable man. I saw this as being a problem. Not that I imagine X or I would mind if you misrepresented us. I mean, I know it is a character of myself. You couldn't possibly know me as well as me anyway, that is just the nature of existence.


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